Wednesday, December 11, 2019

What I'm Looking Forward To In 2020

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There are only 20 days left in 2019, can you believe that? I truly cannot. I started 2019 with a new home and being newly engaged so the year quite literally could not have started better! This year was truly filled with lots of happiness, hard work, and good fortune.

2020 is going to be a big year. Big might not even be a strong enough word!! So, I thought I would share some things I am most excited for in 2020 as they are fun to chat about but also to get you all up to speed if you are at all new to Summer Wind! 

Our Shower
Our shower will be the first thing to kick off 2019 which is crazy. I'm looking forward to celebrating our upcoming wedding with everyone. Although we've been wedding planning all year, we haven't really done anything in celebration since our engagement party in February 2019, so it will be fun!

Our Wedding Weekend 
I mean this is a big DUH, but I couldn't ignore it!! We get married in late spring 2020. We chose to have a longer engagement (over a year) so we could secure the church and venue that we wanted and with only a few months to go, I am so glad for this longer engagement period. We have been able to soak up every moment of being engaged and the wedding stress has been far reduced because we have been able to spread things out so much. 

I keep trying to picture the wedding weekend... I think about what it will be like, what things will look like, how I will feel, etc. I know it will go by like a flash! 

I will resume Wedding Wednesdays in the new year! If you are new hear and want to read past wedding Wednesdays, click here

Our Honeymoon 
This is going to be the longest trip we have both ever taken. We will be gone roughly 18 days which is a little nuts for me. I am a homebody that enjoys routine but I am SO excited for this honeymoon. It's definitely not a common honeymoon- I don't know anyone personally who has done a honeymoon like this. We actually weren't even planning on doing what we are doing. I had stumbled upon this idea and we both ended up loving it and running with it. I will share the details eventually but I think this will be a trip of a lifetime! 

Updating the Summer Wind Website 
This has been on my list for over a year now. With a big move and planning a wedding, I wanted to wait until I was able to give the updates the attention that they deserved so I put them off until 2020 after the wedding. Once that passes, I will have all of my time back! 

Turning 30 
I turn 30 on April 14th. Just typing that out is so weird. I don't think 30 sounds old, and it's not, but I don't think I feel 30 (whatever that is supposed to feel like). But, I will say ever since I turned 28, I started to feel much more like an 'adult'. This year, buying a home and being engaged has definitely made me feel as 'adult' as ever. I'm pretty sure (and hopeful) 30 is going to be a great year! 

Celebrating 1 Year In Our Home 
In April it will mark one year! I LOVE our home and I cannot believe we have been in this house for 8 months already. We are still nowhere near done with the decorating and all of that but we are slowly getting there. I am excited to finally be having our powder room wallpaper installed in January! 

Continuing My Fitness Routine 
I started Orange Theory in September and I truthfully thought it would be to just get in shape for the wedding. Before I started, I thought I would probably quit after the wedding. But no, I LOVE Orange Theory and cannot see myself stopping. It's become such a part of my daily routine and I truly feel so incredible. Not only do I feel good, but it lessens my stress and anxiety SO much. It's also amazing to see what our bodies are capable of, which sounds soooo cliché, I know. But already in just over 3 months, I've greatly increased the weight I am able to lift and the distance and speed I am able to run. I'll have an updated Orange Theory post likely in late January/early February.

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Your new house is cute, is it a single family or town-home?


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