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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $25
Today I'm sharing gifts under $25. Sorry for 2 guides in a row but I am getting SO many requests for the under $25/stocking stuffer ideas so I thought I would get this up as soon as possible. These all make great stocking stuffers but many are also very appropriate to give as gifts on their own! $25 price limit is a tough one but I also think opening a stocking is the most fun part of Christmas!

Tinted Lip Balm// This is one of my favorites (get the color rose) and reminds me so much of my favorite Dior lip balm- this is just much less costly!

Wet Brush// This is a product I've been using for years. It is so great for brushing your hair in the shower or post-shower or even at the beach/pool. 

Teleties// These are my favorite coiled hair ties. They hold my super thick hair well and keep their shape. 

Olay Daily Facials// These are my ride or die when it comes to washing my face. I have been using these non-stop for years. They are great for travel, too, because they are already dry, they can never dry out and you'll always have an easy way to wash your face on hand! 

Retinol Eye Cream// This is my latest favorite skincare product. I received a jar for a sponsored post and instantly fell in love. It's SO hydrating!

Hand Cream// I love this scent and this brand is so luxurious. I have been a fan of the brand for years and their products are wonderful. You can find a large selection of Molton Brown on sale, here.

Big Apple Red Polish// This is basically the only red polish I will wear. It's that perfect, bright, classic red!

Set of Kitchen Towels// You can never have too many kitchen towels. Ours get so grungy after a year or so of use, so it's nice to retire those as 'emergency towels' and get fresh ones every so often. 

Foil Cutter// This is a must for any wine-o! We have one and love it. 

Herend-Inspired Hand Towel// How cute is this? I just love Herend and this is something fun to give a Herend-lover without breaking the bank. 

Lavender Soap// This brand is newer to me as I was gifted some of their products a few weeks ago and fell in love with their lavender scent. So soothing! 

Gift Tags// How cute are these gift tags? So fun to have on hand and an inexpensive but personalized gift. 

Lip Balm// This is my favorite lip balm. I've used it for 10+ years. It works, it's trusty and it's cheap. I keep one everywhere. 

Sleep Mask// I love sleep masks and really rely on them so I like to rotate through a few. This one is so cute and you could even be really *extra* and have it monogrammed. 

Lip Liner// You have all heard me talk about this a ton. It's the perfect 'your lips but better' color so it's perfect for everyday wear. It's a 'liner' but I never wear it like that, I fill in my entire lips. It's really matte/drying so I like to put something over top of it like a balm or gloss. 

Peel Pad// These are the best and will truly change your skin for the better. The little kit is only $17 and with only a few treatments, you will notice a difference and become hooked. They reduce your pore size, get rid of acne, keep fine lines away and more. 

Custom Playing Cards// How fun are these? When I came across these, I just realized we don't have any playing cards in our house and I'm sure others are like that, too, so it would be a fun little surprise. 

Pearl Stud Earrings// The irony is that I have both beautiful real pearls and real diamond studs and yet I choose to wear the costume jewelry more. I am always so paranoid about losing them! These are a great costume stud and you don't have to worry about losing them. 

Small Blue and White Planter// How cute is this?! It's a mini planter for things like herbs and would look so cute on a windowsill. 

Body Cream// This is my favorite body cream. It's so rich but absorbs so quickly and doesn't have a fragrance. It's a no-fuss skincare product that literally anyone can use. 

Like I said, you can take some of these stocking stuffers and group them into inexpensive but cute gifts, too! I always like to take cellophane, a big bow, and a gift tag to turn it into a festive little present! 

Make full-gifts out of the Stocking Stuffers:
Small Blue and White Planter and a planted herb like basil or rosemary or mint!

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