Monday, December 14, 2020

Simple Things I Do Weekly That Bring Me Joy

For me, in 2020, I have noticed that there are things that I have done practically every week since March that bring me true joy. It's not like ecstatic joy, but they are just things that, when I do them, I see an improvement in my mood and overall well being. They are not really all that unique or shocking, but they're all easy to do and they can all be done in the comfort of your own home!

Working Out
I am an avid Orange Theory fan and I think that really built the foundation for me to be able to handle an at-home workout. I have enjoyed doing the OTF at-home workouts, I tried out some of the Peloton floor workouts which were also great, and then I got the MYX bike (similar to Peloton) and have now really enjoyed the HIIT classes on my bike. I am longing for a treadmill and/or rower now, too! Part of me doesn't want to spend the money because in reality, the bike is plenty to get a good workout out of, but I know myself and once this is all over, I will always prefer a class setting over being at home so some days I think it doesn't make sense to invest in a bunch of machines...and then somedays I just wish I could row my little heart out!

Even though I would rather not workout at home, I find that even working out at home by myself puts me in a better mood than not working out at all and I think that's what really keeps me going! I find that by working out, my anxiety is in check, I just feel all-around better, and I sleep better at night. 

Chatting On The Phone
Whether it is with a girlfriend or my mom, I am definitely someone who likes to talk... and not just text! I feel so much better after chatting with friends or family. 

Doing Something Creative
This is something unique to 2020 for me. I've noticed that I have craved a creative outlet. I think it's partially because clothing/fashion is creative for me and when I'm more often in pajamas and leggings than anything fashionable, I think that creative outlet feels dim. So, because of that, I have been doing tablescapes and I've also been enjoying painting by numbers (haha) and I even find wrapping Christmas presents to be fun and creative!  

Giving Thanks
I wrote an entire blog post about this that you can read, here. I think this and working out are probably the top two things that keep me in check! Finding things to be grateful for every single day is the best!!! 

I personally feel better when my surroundings are organized and clean. Since March, most of our house has been organized and it is just the best feeling. I'm weird and really find joy in cleaning and organizing! The garage is the only thing really left where we need to organize and I honestly can't wait to do it!

Going Outside
I love walking Henry and I think a big part of that is just because we are outside! Even now as it is very cold, I find that it is important that we get out a little each day, even if just 15 minutes, to take in the fresh air. If I get overly anxious or feel extremely stressed, I go outside and it really helps to lessen those feelings! 

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Kelly C said...

Love these simple happies. I agree with all of the above, and I've learned how to use my embroidery machine and just last week needlepointing as a creative outlet and a way to keep my hands busy.


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