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Gift Guide 2021: For Him

Gift Guide 2021: For Him

Another gift guide and today's is for the guys! I separated it into two separate guides as I did one for clothing and then one with everything else as I know some men do not love clothing! For my men's gift guides, I am sharing what I know based on the men in my life so lots of golf, cocktails, sports, etc. 

A few items of note... 

Cocktail Smoker// I got my dad this as a gift and he loves it! It's small and portable enough that you can bring it to things like tailgates! 

Weber Grill// My husband is truly obsessed with this grill. We eat grilled food several times every week. He even grills in the snow he loves it so much. I benefit from it so much as everything he makes on the grill is just delicious! 

Down Throw Blanket// This is *the* green blanket. I got my husband his own last year and he loves it. He is someone who runs warm so he's not a huge blanket person but absolutely loves this one. 

Leather Travel Bar// My parents gave my husband something like this one year for a holiday or birthday and it was a huge hit. We take it everywhere with us so we can mix up cocktails in a hotel or airbnb or for a tailgate! 

Garment Bag// I have one and my husband is dying for his own. It's so high quality and can be personalized in so many different ways! 

Sneakers + Suede Loafers// Two pairs of high-quality shoes my husband has and absolutely loves. 

Prada Cologne// Smells incredible. This is one my husband has worn for years. 

Massage Gun// I got my husband this for his birthday and he uses it weekly. My mom also got my dad one! I don't personally like a massage gun, but I feel like a lot of people do. For men or women- if you workout a lot or have stiff muscles, this could be really helpful. 

Tula Day and Night Cream// This is my husband's favorite skincare item. Use code SYDNEY for 15% off your purchase. 

Nintendo Switch// We bought one during the holiday season last year and honestly, I probably play it more than my husband. It's SO fun. It's like the modern version of N64. Mario Kart is my favorite game to play. But this is really fun for us to do on weekday evenings when it's too cold to do much else and can be fun when you have friends over to play this!
Gift Guide 2021: For Him

A few items of note... 

Regent Fit Shirts// These are my husband's favorite fit when it comes to sports shirts and dress shirts. It's a classic fit vs. the really slim-cut things you see everywhere these days but not a baggy fit by any means, it still looks very tailored (if that even makes sense).

Golf Shirts// My husband gave his best man a Nantucket golf shirt from this brand. I feel like this is a popular brand within the golf world. 

Mitchell and Ness NFL Gear// I find this brand to be of higher quality and offer more classic designs. My husband loves Steelers gear (and so does the enire city of Pittsburgh, myself included) but I find a lot of it to be incredibly cheap/tacky looking. This is a great brand for nicer items! 

Chino Shorts// These are the Amazon shorts I have raved about in the past. They are so inexpensive and my husband loves them. If you lay them next to a pair of J.Crew chinos you almost cannot tell the difference. 

Long Sleeve Tee// I've shared these before but we both buy these long sleeve 100% cotton tees. They are great for lounging around and are nice quality, especially for the price. Also so soft! There are tons of colors to choose from, too.

And finally, I did a big blog post this summer with gift ideas to give your groom on your wedding day. A lot of the items were more luxurious and experiential so I would definitely check that out, too, if you need to get some more ideas for guys for the holidays! 

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