Thursday, August 18, 2022


Pretty Sunset from Friday night!

Updated my chair with this new slipcover!

Has everyone had a good week so far? I am a bit all over the place as I've been trying to work ahead a bunch. We leave on our Europe trip Tuesday! 

This past weekend, I got together with some girlfriends on Friday night and then we had a double date with my best friend from high school and her husband because they moved into our neighborhood recently! Then, Sunday, we had my parents over for dinner. My husband made Ooni pizzas that were so delicious! 

On Saturday during the day, if you follow me on Instagram, then you know I picked up my dream dining room table. I could not love it more and am so glad I waited to find exactly what I wanted!

Also, our weather this week has been so mild, especially for August. I have been loving it and it has me so thrilled that fall will be here so soon. Although first, I have to go to Rome where it's 90+ degrees, ha!!! I'm stressing a bit on what to pack and how to pack it all (literal champagne problems, I realize). I don't want to be too hot and I also want shoes to be comfortable but don't want to wear sneakers daily!! 

This weekend I plan to work as much as humanly possible! Other than work, we are going to a close friend's engagement party so that will be fun! 

Wearing: I love these Faherty pieces that I was sent by the brand. They are so well-made, the fit is great, and overall they have beautiful things. 

Sale: As a reminder, because several have asked, my Palm Beach Sandals code is SYDNEY50 for $50 off making the classic sandals under $100. This code will not last long so take advantage of it now if you've had your eye on them!
Sale II: J.Crew just dropped new arrivals and they are all very fall-oriented which has me so excited!!! Get 30% off your purchase & extra 50% off sale styles. Plus, free shipping! Use code CHECKOUT.

Watching: Have you all watched anything good lately? I cannot tell you the last time I watched TV. I'll put it on in. the background when I am working but I think I've just been so busy that I haven't had time. I think I'm going to download something for the plane next week, any recs?! Movies and/or TV! 

Loving: This camel sweater coat is GORGEOUS for the price!!!! 
Lake pajamas naturalist fall collection
Loving II: Lake came out with new fall pajamas and I love them! 

Loving III: I've literally never ordered something faster. LOVE THIS DRESS!!!!!

 I feel like these shoes are not really my style but I'm really drawn to them- they're simple in a way and different at the same time. Also, from the same retailer, I just ordered this pullover. It looks so much like a Lulu pullover that I love for way less! I love this plaid shirt SO much- very fall so I wouldn't wear it until at least mid-September, but wow, love!

Amazon Rec: Did you catch my post from Monday where I shared 25 things I am loving from Amazon right now? You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

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Mary Beth said...

Blackbird on Apple TV is so good!


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