Friday, October 7, 2022

Past Year's Holiday Gift Guides

Past Year's Holiday Gift Guides

On Instagram, I polled you all a few weeks ago about holiday gift guides and the timing of releasing them! I got a resounding 'the sooner the better', so we will start off *gently* today with a roundup of my guides from last year. 

I like to re-share my guides from the previous year because many of these guides include classic, timeless gifts that are still in stock to this day. I also think it will help you brainstorm some ideas for those on your list and just get your brain adjusted to the idea of the holiday season since we are still in early October! 

Below you will see the image of the gift guide and then the link will be directly below that. It will take you to that post from last year where you can access all of the links to the products! 

I am one that shops year-round for gifts. I just love giving gifts. It's one of my love languages. Whenever I see something go on sale that I know someone on my list will love, I snag it! Or if I see something little go on sale that can be added to my gift drawer, I snag that, too. So I'm usually in pretty good shape at this point. However, I know most people aren't like this and there is nothing more that I love than creating these gift guides. These are time-consuming! I put my heart and soul into these as I only include items that I absolutely love and think would make great gifts. There are never any sponsored products within my guides (not that it would make a difference, but just wanted to note that as I know some people have negative opinions toward sponsored content). 
This is not a gift guide but the post I end with each year. I think this is probably the best one out there because I think everything on this list is still in stock and I still absolutely love every single thing on this list. 

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