Wednesday, November 30, 2022

5 of My Current Goals That Are Attainable

During the holiday season, I can get so busy and not take care of myself as well as I do during other portions of the year. Not only is the holiday season filled with wonderful events and visiting with family and friends but for me, it's also the busiest time of year for me for work!

I'm not a 'set goals at new years' gal. Business goals, yes, I have a yearly level goal for certain things but otherwise, I set personal goals year around as my life ebbs and flows. Recently, I've set a few personal goals to care for myself this holiday season both mentally and physically. I've noticed that these small things have really made an impact and are also so easy to do day-to-day. I thought I would share them with you all in case you need some ideas or inspiration! 

Drink Hot Water With Lemon daily
This is seriously the easiest thing to do and it's delicious. I love hot tea but this doesn't stain your teeth or have caffeine. It has the same cozy feeling that hot tea does but it tastes so refreshing because of the lemon. It not only brings me some joy but there are a ton of health benefits to doing this, too, if you want to research them on your own! I precut the lemons into small wedges and get the seeds out and all of that so I have slices on hand for a quick cup! 

Get Outside Once A Day
Henry kind of forces this goal on me but it is MISERABLE in the cold weather to go outside. I heard this saying a year or two ago 'there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear' and it has always been in the back of my mind. I ended up ordering a few things over the year or two to make going outside more palatable like gloves, hat, etc. As long as I am decently warm on our walks, I'm more likely to stay outside longer. I find that even just 15 minutes is good enough but ultimately strive for 30 minutes. I really notice a difference in my mood if I don't get outside during the day! 

Time Myself Doing A Chore
There are some chores that drive me CRAZY. I swear that I wipe down our kitchen counters 5 times a day. In my mind, doing this takes forever, but if you time yourself doing something like this, it's literally 5 minutes. Yes, it takes me 5 minutes to wipe down the kitchen counters and while it drives me nuts, by timing myself doing this and now knowing it is such a quick little task, for some reason it just seems less burdensome! 

I made a rule for myself to get rid of one item in our house every single day for the rest of the year. I put it in a bag and once it is in that bag, it's done. I'll either donate it or give it to a family/friend who wants it. I am not someone who holds on to things, I love to get rid of stuff and cannot stand clutter. I do a big declutter once or twice a year and it always feels so good but this is a nice way to do a little upkeep and makes me feel so much lighter! This takes literally 2 minutes out of my day. 

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
I have to say that I am a good eater. I like basically all foods and truly love fruits and vegetables. I don't think about eating fruits and vegetables much as I always buy them at the store. If you had asked me a few weeks ago if I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, I would say absolutely. I recently read something that was talking about how many adults in the US don't get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. I then started to really pay attention to my meals and my fruit and vegetable count at each meal. I am not a big breakfast eater so I often skip straight to lunch but for lunch, I often just have an omelet or scrambled eggs, sometimes I sautee vegetables in there but more often, I tend to just eat them plain or with cheese. Sometimes I'll have a sandwich or a wrap, no sides or any exrras. I like something quick and easy to make at home. When eating at home, we almost always have vegetables with dinner. But I did notice, overall, I could definitely increase my fruit and vegetable intake. So I've been really paying attention to both fruits and vegetables and adding as many in as possible! Throughout the day, I'll just eat a small bowl of carrots as a snack or a handful of blueberries if I'm thinking about it. It is not hard and it is delicious! This isn't a diet or anything like that, I have just done my own research and my thoughts are that adding in more fruits and vegetables is a good idea! It is always a good idea to do your own research or consult a doctor! I'm also a big gratitude person and like to think of all of the ways I am grateful every single day. Having access to fruits and vegetables and the means to buy plenty of them for myself and my husband is certainly something I am grateful for! 

These are all a work in progress for me but they are easy enough and have made a positive impact on my life!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Your Guide to Giving Tuesday: Ways to give this holiday season

'The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.' - Confucius

Now that we've surpassed Cyber Week, it's time to talk about something much more important-- and really what the entire holiday season is about and that is giving. I update this and post it each and every year and have been since 2015! 

Giving Tuesday is a nationwide day dedicated to giving. Give time, money, love--whatever you have to give. Obviously, it's great to give often, but it's a worldwide effort today to remind people to be generous with what they have.

We all know giving is important, I know you are all so incredibly giving and so I don't need to preach to you or anyone. But sometimes, and I can only speak for myself, I can get caught up in the busyness of day-to-day life and it's nice to get a gentle reminder to think of others. I also find it helpful to be reminded of ways to give. I think many don't give because it can be overwhelming and they are unsure of where to begin I also think many people think their donation of $20 is meaningless and that's just not the case! Any amount of money, time, kindness, empathy, patience- whatever you have to give- it always feels so good when you do it, right?! 

Now, as a disclaimer, I couldn't possibly share every single non-profit nor could I donate to every single one and I'm sure I'm leaving out SO many wonderful organizations. I'm also focusing mostly on the Pittsburgh area. This is meant to be a positive post to inspire you to give and potentially provide you with a jumping-off point- NOT the be-all and end-all.

When you are choosing to donate financially, it is so important to do your *own* research to make sure that the organization you are giving to is legitimate. There are, unfortunately, so many scammers out there trying to take advantage of good people so just be cautious and donate to legitimate causes close to your heart! Charity Watch is a resource that you can check out for more information on doing your research before you donate!
Give to Organizations:

Ronald McDonald House
Since I met my husband, the Ronald McDonald House has really hit home for me. My husband's brother passed away from leukemia when they were young children and although I have heard of the struggles, it's still so hard for me to fathom the loss of a sibling or having your child pass away. Life is hard and stressful even when it's going OK, the added heartbreak of having a sick child is just too much. The goal is to provide families who have sick children in the hospital with a place to stay for an extended period of time. This is so they can keep their other worries to a minimum so that they can focus on their child's health. At the house, meals are served daily, there are common rooms/playrooms for children, and the locations are very close to the hospitals, too.

This non-profit fulfills wishes for children with critical illnesses. This is where you can donate for the local PA/WV chapter. And this is where you can find your local chapter! My husband's brother made a wish when he was ill. My husband tells the story of how selfless his brother was even in this instance. He had a few wish options but his brother ultimately chose Disney World so his siblings could join him and partake in everything with him. I think that is so incredibly touching... I really can't even think about it without tearing up. In hearing about something like this first-hand, I see that the wish was not only wonderful for my husband's brother but how priceless the memories are that my husband holds onto from this. 

WFS provides behavioral healthcare services and support programs to children, adults, and families over the course of their lives so that they are empowered to reach their full potential. 

There is nothing worse than being cold during the winter and in Pittsburgh, the cold is unbearable at times. No one should ever have to be without a coat. Project Bundle-Up has helped since 1986!

This is similar to Project Bundle-Up but on a national level. I just learned about it last year. You can put in your zip code and see if there are local chapters and many of them will come and pick them up. There are tons of non-profits here in Pittsburgh that will accept the coats and pick them up. They take gently used coats, but if you don't have any of those, Costco has tons of really affordable coat options. Many are under $30. 

Shriners Hospitals for Children
The organization raises money for Shriner hospitals around the country that provide care to children at no cost to families, specifically burn care, orthopedics, cleft lip and palate, and spinal cord injury treatment and care. My dad and grandfather are both Shriners! They've helped over one 1.5 million children in need.

Pittsburgh Food Bank
Unfortunately, the need is so great here in Pittsburgh and with the cost of groceries so high right now, food banks need financial support to keep up. I imagine this is sadly a similar situation in a lot of other cities and towns across the country. Donate, donate, donate! If you are physically donating food, they have guidelines on what they accept so be sure to take a look at their website to review those.

Washington Area Humane Society
This is a no-kill 501(c)(3) animal shelter and where we saved Mac, our Australian Cattle Dog- he passed away almost 5 years ago (I can't believe it's been that long), but he was the absolute BEST. I'm a huge dog person. Tracy's Dogs, where we adopted Henry is no longer functioning but has since changed to Tracy's Paws. If I could adopt all the dogs in the world and give them safe, warm, happy homes, I would. Since I can't, and most can't do that, adopting just one dog can help! I know SO many of you have done just that this year and seeing our local shelter's adoption posts warmed my heart. If a dog is not for you, you can also donate your time or money to help! Another shelter in the Pittsburgh area is Animal Friends, which is also a no-kill.

I am a huge advocate for pet adoption. There are SO many dogs who need good homes and giving the gift of a wonderful life for a pet is so selfless and wonderful. Although, adopting Henry was the best thing I have ever done and I'm pretty sure I benefitted even more than he did. When you adopt from any organization or shelter around the world, you are actually saving 2 dogs. You save the dog you adopt and the dog that gets that open spot in a shelter. If you go through an organization like Tracy's Paws, you end up saving 3 dogs because you open a spot at the organization, too. 

Meals on Wheels
This serves older Pittsburghers and those who are unable to prepare nutritious meals for themselves. It's a great organization and you can help by donating your time, money or in-kind donations such as food and/or kitchen supplies.

Children's Hospital
One of the worst things is having something happen to one of your loved ones. It's truly heartbreaking. If you are a Pittsburgher, consider donating to Children's Hospital. There are Children's hospitals all over the country, so be sure to look up one near you if you are not in the Pittsburgh area.

Dress for Success
This promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women. I love that one of my favorite brands, Talbots, hosts a big drive for this non-profit every year.

United Way
There are so many ways that you can help the United Way of Allegheny County and there are so many ways that the United Way helps so many of the people in your local community. From children to adults to senior citizens, there are programs that support every member of the community.

The Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh
The Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh not only collect donations but also collects old cell phones that can help women who have been victims of intimate partner violence. Maybe you have an old phone sitting in a drawer somewhere that could be a big help to someone in need!

Toys for Tots
Looking back on Christmases growing up, my sister and I were so fortunate to always wake up to gifts from Santa under our tree. Many are not that fortunate. Toys for Tots provides gifts for kids that may not have otherwise received any gifts for Christmas. 

Because you want where you live to be beautiful, well-kept, and conserved! Such a wonderful way to support the area where you live. 

I learned about St. Jude through my sister who was a Tri Delta. This is their philanthropy and it supports research on childhood cancers and other illnesses as well as treats sick children and never presents the parents with a bill. They have a goal that by 2030 they will cure at least 60% of children with the most common types of cancer worldwide. 

Spread Love and Happiness...

- Pay for someone's coffee or toll ticket behind you. It's harder to pay for the toll now that EZ pass is so prevalent, but coffee is so easy to do at the drive-through at Starbucks! 

- Help the elderly by delivering their groceries to them or placing an online order for them so that they can get the items they need to be delivered safely to them. Check on your neighbors and see if they need anything. I think it can be helpful even if you just let someone know 'hey I'm placing my grocery order, do you need anything' to anyone you're close with. It's nice to save someone a trip to the store if they just need something like eggs or whatnot for a recipe they are making!

- Tip your full bill amount To me, this one is SO much fun. 

- Give someone a genuine and encouraging compliment. Whether that be on social media or in person or by text. 

- If you are not having your annual holiday party this year, in lieu of gifts ask for donations to a charity of your choice. 

- Use a local florist to send flowers to someone 'just because'. You are supporting a small business and making someone's day!

- If you pray, say a prayer.

- If you have an Amazon account, remember to shop through Amazon Smile which automatically donates to the charity/cause of your choice. This one is a no-brainer! 

- Recognize those who help you on a day-to-day basis: ex. mailmen/UPS/FedEx/etc., coaches at your local gym, your neighbors, valet, doormen, coworkers, etc. We put out the treat basket for our delivery people, we always tip our garbage men and when I lived in a doorman/valet building, I always gave them tips and gifts! If you don't have money to give, show your appreciation by writing a note of thanks! It's always nice to be appreciated for the job you do! 

- Help local businesses that you love in your community by going online and reviewing them or recommending them to your friends and family on social media. 

- Be a mentor. Whether it's professionally or personally, be someone that can help a person pursue their goals and dreams and guide them in the right direction. I have so many great mentors in my life and am so lucky to have them. I'm also a mentor to several and it is so much fun to cheer someone on while they are pursuing their dreams.

- Take on an in-kind project. For example, if you are a web designer and have some extra time, help design a struggling startup's website. Or if you're an accountant and know a family that is struggling, offer to help them create a great budget.

- Start a 'you've been jingled' chain. This happened to us during Halloween- it was 'you've been boo'd' and it was so cute. I found a holiday version, here, that explains how it works. It was so much fun to do and adorable for children!
Brands that Give Back
Brands that give back in both big and small ways are amazing and make you feel good about placing an order! I know I am missing a ton of brands so if you have any good ones, let everyone know in the comments! 

Leesa Mattresses (we LOVE our Leesa mattress!)

Bark Box (Henry loves his BarkBox toys!)

Rusi Hats (sent in by a follower whose family member started this!)

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Cyber Week Sale Roundup

This is going to act like a master list of sales for the rest of this week! I will be updating it periodically with new sales that catch my eye through Monday, November 28th. 

I will go back to the regular blog post schedule with new blog posts that are not sale-focused starting Tuesday, November 29th! 

This is a very selective list of sales where I am only including my very favorite brands and sales that I think are worthy of sharing. It's long, but I promise it's worth the scroll to browse through! If you have a sizing/quality/etc. question, please reach out to me at or via comment on this blog post or via Instagram DM! 

As a thank you to all who visit my blog, you get first dibs on this Starbucks gift card (the barcode for scanning is at the bottom of this post). It has $100 on it and is first come first serve until the card runs out. Please be honest and only get a drink and/or treat per person, I would love for as many people as possible to be able to treat themselves today!
30% off sitewide with code CYBER30
This is one of my absolute favorite athletic pullovers. I kid you not, every single time I wear it out and about, someone compliments me on it. I wear a size small. It's very roomy so you could even size down but I like how roomy it is! This sale goes through Monday 11/28.

I want to try out this Shark hair dryer so badly, I have heard so many great things! I always buy Crest Whitestrips on a big sale like this and use them to touch up my teeth throughout the year! I have the older version of this vacuum and I think it's better than my Dyson, especially for pet hair!

25% off, this is the biggest discount I have ever seen for this cream. My husband and I both use this and love it. It's outrageously pricey for a face cream, in my opinion, but it's truly worth every penny. I ordered the largest bottle in this sale and I hate myself a little for it but am also excited, ha! If it sells out there, it's also on sale, here

JINGLE15 for 15% off orders under $200, JINGLE20 for 20% off order of $200+, JINGLE25 for 25% off orders of $400+. 
This sale goes through Tuesday, November 29th. The Tilley tote and the hanging toiletry kit are on my wish list. My #1 recommendation is the Yacht Tote with zipper, you can find my review of the tote, here.  

$40 gift card for every $200 spent, no code needed, while supplies last
This is where I get my Augustinus Bader cream and Westman Atelier makeup faves! They have a loyalty program (somewhat similar to Sephora's) so if you shop with them, you get points and they add up. 100 points get you $3 off. Right now I have about 6 or 700 points so I'll get $20ish off on my next order if I use my points! They also do a referral program where I can share my link to CosBar and they will give you 15% off $150 and then, in turn, I'll also get 15% off $150! Anyone can be a part of the referral or loyalty program just by making a free account! If you sign up for their text alerts, you can get 10% off your first order. This is what I did a long time ago, I strategically waited until I needed to place a big order and then entered my number so I could get the discount! 
40% off sitewide with code DSDELIGHT. The Park Slope is my favorite style that they make! I size up to a medium!
some of my faves from their site
Up to 50% select products plus FREE GIFT with purchases over $200, you can see the select items, here

White and Warren Cashmere Wrap (25% off)// JCrew Cashmere Wrap ($89 marked down!)
50% off and an extra 10% off with code CYBER on select styles plus special Cyber Monday deals, full blog post with photos/sizing/fit/quality info

Up to 40% off sale items

In this photo, I am wearing both Kosas Rosewater lipstick and the Merit bronze balm and flush balm (all linked right below this! 
15% off under $50, 20% off $50+, 25% off $100+, no code needed, discount shown in cart

20% off sitewide
I have and love the bronze balm in clay and the flush balm in Beverly Hills. I love how creamy they are which makes it so easy to blend. Everything looks so natural. I want to try more of their products. I think they are a good alternative to Westman Atelier- similar but Merit is less costly, especially at 20% off. 

25% off SITEWIDE (discount shown in cart), up to 50% off on select styles, No Code Needed
I don't know if I have ever seen them do a sitewide sale like this before. You all know, even if you have been following me for just a second, that I LOVE my Lake Pajamas. I am a pajama gal and this is one of the best brands. My #1 top suggestion would be the cozy robe. It runs TTS, I get a small and it is roomy enough to layer over pajamas. The name describes it perfectly, it is so soft and warm and just the perfect wintertime layer! The best deal, though, is this dress which is just $59! I wore mine all summer, it was the perfect thing to wear as a swimsuit coverup, lounging around, or running errands! I got a size small. 

I love this coffee maker so much! I like black drip coffee in the mornings and what is unique about this one is that you can make a cup of coffee in many different sizes (like an 8oz cup, a tumbler-sized cup, etc.) and use your own coffee grounds- it's not a pod machine but it still makes single cups of coffee. My husband and I like different coffee grounds so this works so well for us. I love that it has a 'strong' setting, too! It has a milk frother built into it and you can make others things like lattes and espresso (though, I have to admit I almost never use those settings). Anyway, it is about $60 off right now! 

I just got these sunglasses and I love them. I have been wearing mostly Amazon sunglasses lately and while I love how inexpensive they are and how that makes it super affordable to try out new styles, I wanted a pair with really good lenses and these are just so so much nicer than a lot of the Amazon ones that I have! 
Special Black Friday deals. The one that we have is $500 off! 
You can read a full review about this TV and why I love it so much. The review contains many more photos! 

Buy 2 Shoes, Get $100 Off. Buy 3 Shoes, Get $225 Off. Buy 4 or More Shoes, Get $400 Off!
I love my Natalie flats, Perfect Pumps, and Perfect Sandals SO MUCH! These shoes are beyond comfortable and worth every penny even if only for their comfort level. Bonus that they're gorgeous and incredibly well made. 

25% off with code GRATITUDE
The sale extends through 11/30. My #1 recommendation would be this chandelier! We have it in our dining room and it's just stunning. You can check out some more of S+L blog posts that have lots of photos of items in our home: 

25% off sitewide with code HOLIDAY, some exclusions apply
The sale ends 11/28. Ferragamo vara and varina flats are included as are my favorite cashmere travel wrap in neutral shades! 

50% off one item, 40% off your entire purchase
I absolutely love these bow flats. My mom has them in black and says they are so comfortable! 

20% off Sitewide, 25% off $500+, 30% off $100+ Code: CYBER, full blog post with photos/sizing/fit/quality info

Faux fur vest is on sale and you get an extra 30% off when you use code CYBERDEAL.

These jeans are part of the Tuckernuck sale. I absolutely love them. They are high-waisted and stretchy and comfortable but flattering and have an updated silhouette. 

Up to 50% off, no code needed
I love our Nespresso. It makes delicious cappuccinos and so much more. Right now, under $200 and you get the milk frother, too! 
This gift card has been used up. I will do another like this again soon! 
Reminder, this is a $100 gift card to Starbucks. This is a first come first serve basis and can be used until it runs out. You can scan this barcode at your local Starbucks at the checkout window. I have removed the barcode number so you cannot use it online, I will remove the barcode once the card has been used up! Please only one drink and/or food item per person. I have seen this work so well in the past, please be courteous. I would like as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of this!

Thank you so much for your support not just today, but always. The internet can be a hard place but you all are a true illustration of just how many wonderful people are in this world who are spreading love and kindness. See you all after Thanksgiving and have a wonderful and safe holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Tuckernuck Cyber Week Sale

Tuckernuck's Cyber Week Sale is now live and will extend through Monday, November 28th! Here's the scoop (this is not sponsored!)...
20% off Sitewide
25% off $500+
30% off $100+


Tuckernuck Zinnia Scarf

I absolutely love all three of these pieces in this outfit. First off, the scarf is under $100, and with the minimum discount of 20% less, it becomes $70ish which I think is a great price and makes a really nice gift. I love this print but there are also 4 other beautiful prints to choose from. I love scarves and you can never have too many! You can see me wearing the scarf with a wool coat, here

This sweater is 100% cotton and has a nice chunky knit to it. For those that don't love turtlenecks, this might be one to try out because the neck is pretty loose, yet you still get that Nancy Meyers look. I think it would be really pretty for a Something's Gotta Give moment with white jeans... IYKYK. I'm wearing a size small and it runs true to size, though roomy and you could size down if you like things with a closer fit. 
Jeans (same as outfit above)
The jeans might be my favorite pair I have found in a long while and they are from a new-to-me brand. They are so stretchy. I like rigid jeans, don't get me wrong, but for everyday wear, I want something I can easily and fully, and freely move around in. They are high-waisted and slightly cropped (I'm 5'6"). These run true to size and won't stretch out like some jeans do. 

I love that Tuckernuck did so much tweed this season. I love tweed. I love the texture and how it always looks so polished and never wrinkly. This coat is really gorgeous and I don't think you can tell well in any of these photos but there is actually a beautiful camel color running through the plaid so while It's mainly navy and red, I think the camel warms it up more. You can play up the red now for the holiday season and then play up the navy or camel once the holidays have passed! I'm wearing a size small and I would say it fits roomy because I have broad shoulders so in something like this I would normally order a numerical size 4. This fits like a 4/6 so I would say either get your true size if you have broad shoulders like me but if not, size down. My mom is narrow up top and for someone like her, I would tell her to get the XS. 

Tuckernuck Rhodes Pullover

Tuckernuck Rhodes Pullover
This is such a cozy fleece pullover and I love the faux leather piping. It's nicely made, read the reviews- they are all glowing! It comes in a few pretty neutral color combos. I like this cream and black combo because it works nicely with black leggings which is what I would mostly wear something like this with! I am wearing a small and I think this runs really big. I am fine with the small for lounging around but would suggest a size down to for something that looks a little more polished. It is SO warm! 

I LOVE THIS DRESS. Seriously, that deserved to be written in all caps. I am passionate about this dress. I think if you're getting one Tuckernuck piece, it should be this! It's so classic and the tweed is nice and thick. The braided neckline is such a beautiful touch. I'm 5'6" and the length is just about perfect on me. It is not fitted like a shift dress, it has more of a swing shape to it so it doesn't really hug your body except for maybe a bit in the chest/shoulders. It runs true to size. I am wearing a size small! If anything, size down. I think you could wear this to work with ballet flats, dress up for a date night like I have in the photo above with heels, or wear it with tights in the winter months. It's. pretty much seasonless. 

I LOVE Mason Pearson brushes. They are very expensive as far as hairbrushes go but I'm telling you, you won't regret it! My husband would never spend much on a hairbrush. He used mine once and was hooked. He says it is the best brush ever (I agree) and it's so funny to me that he loves this hairbrush so much because this is just not something I'd ever think he would be so passionate about, ha! He now has a Mason Pearson brush of his own.

This runs big, I got a small which is my true size and it's very roomy but I like it that way! Big enough you could wear it as a swimsuit coverup or as a shirt! You will be so happy to have this top in your wardrobe. I wear mine all of the time in the warmer months. The collar actually stays up and the way the material drapes is so pretty! 

This dress is definitely one of my favorites because of the comfortable but cute fit. It's roomy. I am wearing a size small but if anything size down. The fabric is really nice and thick but light enough that you can wear it in the summer. I wear this so often because it's one of those things that makes getting dressed so easy. I throw this on and it looks adorable but I'm still very comfortable and I look cute whether I have sneakers or sandals or even boots on!

I recently got this Flag Sweater and love it. I LOVE a flag sweater and anything red, white, blue, Americana- it just feels so summery to me. I still wear it year-round, don't get me wrong, though! I have the cream Ralph Lauren version. I've had it for at least 10  years now. I got so much wear out of it and have always wanted the navy so I tried out this one because it's a bit different with the rolled neck and hem. I'm wearing a size small and I would say it fits true to size but very roomy so size down if you want something a little more fitted/polished looking.  I wore this sweater in our Christmas card photo

I love Blackwatch plaid. Love, love, love. To me, it's a neutral that really pairs with everything in the fall/winter! This is very nicely made and fits true to size. I am wearing a size small. I love the stand collar, the gold button detailing and the french cuffs. It's a tunic length- the same fit as the Willow top (in blue and white stripes) but different fabric.
This dress runs true to size, I am wearing a size small! The best part about it is that it looks dressy but it's stretchy so it is BEYOND comfortable! With the minimum 20% discount, it is under $140! It won't wrinkle so it's great for travel. You can mix up the look with jewelry, handbag, and shoes! 
The Dress runs true to size. I am wearing a size small. It has a detachable sash for the waist. I tied mine in a bow but it also looks great without the sash and gives the dress a bit of a more casual vibe. The fabric is lightweight so it might be the perfect thing for those of you in the south if it is still warm there! For me, as it gets even colder, I think it'll look cute with a brown or green cardigan or even a cute faux fur vest overtop! 

Love this turtleneck sweater. It has such a pretty mix of brown and taupe hues. The fair Isle pattern is also really pretty and classic. This runs true to size, a bit roomy (if you can't tell, I like my clothing roomy, not fitted unless it's like a blazer). I am wearing a small! 

Monday, November 21, 2022

J.Crew Cyber Week Sale

So today I am covering the J.Crew Cyber week sale (not sponsored) because I think they have one of the best sales every year in terms of discounts and it's one of the go-to brands that I love to wear and have loved to wear since I was in high school.
Tomorrow I will be covering two more really good sales (also not sponsored) and then I'll start a big Cyber week roundup on Wednesday and continue to update it through the rest of this week and into the weekend as I see fit so check back if you are curious! That is what you can expect from me this holiday week! 

OK, back to J.Crew. You can take 50% off full-price merchandise with code SHOPEARLY. There are some exclusions but not very many!!

Love this jacket! I got a size 4 and I am glad I did. I often get a 4 in blazers I have broad shoulders so I would say this is true to size. This can be dressed up or down! The fabric is thick but not super thick so I feel like it could work in many climates and is nice because it's thin enough you can wear it under a heavy winter coat! 

Quilted Vest
I love this vest. I have a few from over the years but got the brown this year and just love it. The fit is perfect and I love the snaps around the waist to get a more flattering fit at the waist! 

Coat (comes in 6 colors)// Shearling Boots// Leather Gloves// Velvet Pants
I am so into this coat. It's beautifully made and I think at 50% off it is an absolute steal. I read the reviews which said to size down so I got a size 2 (which is 1 size down from my normal winter coat size) and it is very roomy- it fits like a 4/6 or a medium, which is what I would normally get in a coat like this so I would have room to layer a chunky sweater underneath. I think if you live in a warmer climate where you don't have to do much layering, size down 2 sizes. 

The shearling boots are something I've had in my closet for 5ish years, maybe even longer than that. I call them my fashionable Uggs because they are basically Ugg boots but look nicer/like real winter boots. They are lined in shearling like Uggs and I just slip mine on, I don't have to tie/untie the laces. I love the bright red laces but they also come with a neutral set of laces if that is more your speed. They are SO comfortable and truly so warm. I wore them the other night to walk around Pittsburgh in 25-degree weather (it was light up night) and my feet were never once cold... we were outside for at least an hour at a time! 

I only had skinny velvet pants which I love for tucking into boots and things like that, but I got these boot-cut velvet pants to feel more 'updated' with what's in style right now. I kind of cringe writing that out, but I wore my black velvet skinny pants the other day with ballet flats and I just felt like it looked dated. These are really nice and comfortable. They are TTS! 

I really like this tartan puffer vest. I think it's a bit $$, even on sale. Don't get me wrong, I think it's well-made and stylish but I just think it is a bit pricey for what it is. It's not down-filled it's just polyester filled and I think at $300ish, I expect down. What originally made me order it is the mixed tartan lining which is SO fun but I think it would have been so cool if they made it reversible with two different plaids. I would have been more willing to spend on versatility! 

In comparison to their classic quilted vest, this is more of a true puffer- so it is bulkier! It runs true to size! This is just a quick try-on shot as I just got this order in and I am going to return this vest as I just don't know if I think it's worth the $$!  
I love a tone-on-tone moment and J.Crew makes it so easy with this outfit. It's elegant, simple, classic, and stylish all at the same time. Love them worn together but they can be worn separately as well! Both run true to size but sometimes I size up in this cashmere crewneck to a medium if I want more of a slouchy/boyfriend fit. My true size small is for looking polished and/or layering under something. I'm wearing a size small in the photos above! J.Crew updated their cashmere last year and I think it's really nice, especially for the price! 

LOVE this cardigan. I think it reminds me of a cardigan my mom wore when we were growing
 up. I also love the warm cozy colors. It gives me ski chalet vibes. This runs true to size and is roomy. I just got this in so I haven't had a change to really style it but my plan is a cream or black turtleneck underneath for a classic 90s vibe. 

This sherpa topcoat looks SO expensive. It's certainly not cheap, even on sale, but in person, it looks like something that would sell on Net-A-Porter for $1000++. It looks like real shearling (it's not) and is so beautifully made. It's lined in a silky material and I love the classic collarless neckline. I think the silhouette is elegant but also can be worn super casually as well. They knocked it out of the park with this one! Oh, and it is SO warm. It's fashionable but it's not just a fashion coat. This runs true to size. I got a 4 and I have plenty of room for layers. 

This is SO nice. It is so thick and soft. It runs roomy, I think some would say it runs big but I really like the roomy fit of it so I personally wouldn't size down. It's the perfect thing to wrap yourself in when it's really cold. It acts as a robe over pajamas and I've even worn it over dresses so it is super versatile. 

I think this cashmere wrap is very comparable to my go-to White and Warren wraps which are 3x the price. The cashmere is incredibly soft, it's lofty, and the size is large enough to use as a blanket on a flight. It comes in SO many colors. This would make such a nice gift- I think it's a steal for the price. 

This cardigan sells out SO fast. There are a few colors and sizes left but it could honestly be gone in a second, so there are no guarantees, haha! But, if you do snag one, it's amazing. One of my favorite things in my closet. I got a size small. I would say size down, it runs really big. By the time I got mine in the mail, the XS had sold out so I kept the small even though I would have preferred the XS! It feels like you are wearing a cozy sweatshirt but it looks so beautifully polished. I think they should bring this style back yearly and in other colors because this is just such a classic and a wardrobe staple, in my opinion.

What I Have My Eye On:
Cashmere Tee (not on sale but it's one of my favorites)
- Red Flats (I have been searching for a pair of bright red flats and these are only $64!)

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