Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Holiday Pajamas

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I think one of the biggest aspects that I love most about the holidays, in general, is the tradition of them. We do similar things each year for holidays like Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc. and I just love the history that carries throughout each year and things that get passed on. 

Because of these traditions, there are so many things I can look forward to and count on. I feel thankful that so many people in my life set these traditions up and stick with them year after year and I am all about starting new ones myself to carry on throughout the years. 

For example, each year on Christmas Eve, my parents throw a big Chrsitmas Eve party where friends and family attend. Once the kids started to go to college, we started playing flip cup at the end of the night. It has now turned into a huge thing that we do each year and literally everyone plays. So last year, I got a personalized trophy and I started the tradition that the flip cup winner would sign their name and put the year of their win on the trophy so that we can commemorate each winner year after year. It's silly, but also makes things even more fun! 
Holiday Pajamas
Shop the Pajamas:
I think one of my absolute favorite traditions during this holiday season, though, is our tradition of my mom, sister, and I wearing matching pajamas on Christmas morning. This has been going on for SO long! I still have most of my adult-sized pajamas and each pair reminds me of a certain Christmas. 

I've been asked by many over the years on how to start traditions and my answer is always the same 'just start'. A tradition has to start somewhere and they don't have to be anything 'big'. Even the smallest of things can end up being a special moment year after year that ends up making big memories.

Anyway, I thought I would round up some cute holiday pajamas in case you also do this tradition each year or in case you'd like to start! It's great to start if you have small children or maybe you're newly married and want to match with your husband or maybe all of the ladies in your family will want to match or maybe even your entire extended family! The world is your oyster! 

I tried to include some that are 'family' pajamas, also pajamas at all different price points, and lastly non-Christmas pajamas if you don't celebrate! From Target and Old Navy to Roller Rabbit and Lake, there really is something for everyone! 

Holiday Pajamas
This is from last year! We wore flannel pajamas from Printfresh! We haven't picked out pajamas yet for this year so hopefully this blog post also helps me to decide!

I think that holiday pajamas in things like plaids, a holiday print, or something with a little metallic thread are the most fun. But, I think you could choose something a little more 'year round' appropriate, too. We have done both and I don't necessarily prefer one over the other! 


Kelly C said...

How does your family do Christmas morning with you and your sister being married? Do you exchange gifts with your husband at home, then go to your parents? Or does everyone stay with your parents? Or just wait and exchange gifts with everyone all at once? We're engaged for this Christmas but I'm curious as to what others do. :)

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

We all sleep at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve night! At the party we have champagne and cocktails and so no one drives! We exchange gifts with each other on Christmas morning with everyone else. My sister and her husband usually exchange gifts before they come home from North Carolina to Pittsburgh so they don’t have to bring their gifts in the car with them!


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