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January Favorites 2023

January Favorites 2023

This is the first 'favorites' list of the year! If you are new here, let me give you a quick run down! I round up my favorite things at the end of each month. It can be anything from a good wine that I tried or a new lip balm I love. At the end of the year, I make a 'My Favorite Things' list, and all of the items are pulled from these lists! 

In case you missed it, here was 2022's Favorite Things list! I am quite selective with what makes it to these lists, especially on the year-end list! 

Brow Gel// This is the best brow gel I have ever used. It's tinted which I like but the best part is that it's so strong! It holds my brows in place all day long. They seriously do not budge! 

Eye Cream// I LOVE this eye cream. It is ever so slightly pigmented but when you rub it in, it doesn't provide coverage but instead reflects the light. It makes my eyes look significantly brighter on no-makeup days! 

Makeup Mirror// This makeup mirror needs a disclaimer that you will see every single blemish, fine line, etc., on your face. In many instances, this is good, but also wow. Before this mirror, I used a 6-year-old makeup mirror that was not magnifying. When I got this mirror, I didn't realize it was magnifying. I looked at myself and was like holy cow, I need a facelift. I'm exaggerating, but I was so not used to getting such an up-close look at my face!! The mirror itself is so crisp and clear, and there is an even closer mirror that is magnetic and can be placed right on the mirror...good for things like plucking your eyebrows. The light is SO strong- it's exactly like a ring light. I love it, but it all took some getting used to. I was planning on getting rid of my old makeup mirror when I got this, but I actually won't get rid of it because sometimes I need to look in a 'normal' mirror and not get such an up-close look at my face! I wish this exact mirror came with an option to not be magnified! 

Insulated Mug// I love love love this insulated mug. It does not fit in a car cupholder so keep that in mind. I don't travel with it but will drink my morning coffee out of it or my hot water with lemon in the evenings. It keeps things piping hot, which is wonderful. I like this design the most versus other brands and models because it feels and looks most like a normal coffee mug! 

Ugg Slippers// I can't believe I haven't put these on a monthly favorites list before. These are my favorite slippers. I prefer a slip-on mule style of slippers. This is my third scufette style from Ugg, and I just love them. They are so warm and cozy and comfortable. My favorite thing about these slippers, though, is that they have a thinner rubber sole so they are flexible. You could wear them briefly outside but the sole is really thin so they are really for indoor use which is exactly what I love! 

Red Schooner Wine// This is a red wine made from Argentinian Malbec grapes but made in Napa Valley! It's soooo good. I typically like cabernets and this has the depth of a cabernet with the velvety mouthfeel of a Malbec. 

Gel Powder Highlight// I have two shades of this gel highlighter and I love it. They just melt into my skin and are so glowy. 

Lip Gloss in Exposed// This lip gloss is so great. I have long used the shade Malibu but just tried this shade 'exposed'. I was sent this shade in a PR package. It is not a shade I would have picked out myself but am so glad I was able to try it out because I love it! It's like a glowy sheer gloss with barely any color but it adds the prettiest shine and hydration over top of lipstick. 

Protein Yogurt// I am not a huge yogurt person. I don't like most yogurts but I've tried a ton because for some reason I have always wanted to like yogurt. I tried this one in the mixed berry vanilla flavor on a whim because of the high protein and I LOVE it!!! It's so flavorful and I like the thinner consistency. It's not as sour as some other yogurts. I have tried other flavors but the mixed berry vanilla is really the only one I like. It's a great snack on the go and something I really enjoy after my Orange Theory classes!

Cashmere Sweater// The quality of this cashmere sweater is second to none! It's so incredibly soft and thick. I love it! It runs true to size and comes in so many colors. 

Dog Toy// I got this dog toy for Henry for Christmas and he LOVES it. I knew he would! He loves a puzzle-style toy and can ruin literally any toy but this one has stayed totally intact since we got it. It's so well made. 

Boots// I love these black booties! They are so well made and high quality. They are also very comfortable and make me feel chic and 'updated'.

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