Monday, February 27, 2023

February Favorites

My favorite things from the month of February 2023

I am on top of these monthly favorites lists; I am two days early! Last year I would post 10+ days late, and it's my goal to get these up right on time this year! I can't believe we are nearing March! 

Chimi 04 Sunglasses// I love Chimi sunglasses. They aren't cheap but they are also not designer priced but you get designer quality. The 04 style just seems to fit my face so well and the shape is classic- almost like wayfarers. 

Graza Olive Oil// This is the best olive oil! We have both the 'drizzle' and the 'sizzle'. We go through so much olive oil. It's the only cooking oil we have in our home. I even make brownies with olive oil! The sizzle is for coking and the drizzle is for dipping bread, putting on pizza, dressings, etc. The drizzle is SO flavorful and just absolutely delicious. I could not recommend it more! 

Leaf Coasters// These are made in several different shapes/colors. They are inexpensive and I think they are so cute. I swap mine out here and there to change it up but these lettuce ones are my top fave! 

Gold Cuff// I love this gold cuff so much I got two! They are simple and when you stack them, they really make a statement. They are such nice quality! 

Scalp Massager// I got this to help my shampoo really get down to my roots. It not only feels good, but I really think it makes a difference in how clean my hair gets when using shampoo! 

Black Dress// I am not wearing this dress this month. I got this last summer and I just saw they have it back in stock. Last summer it sold out so fast so I figured I would share it before it sells out again. I am surprised I haven't put this on a favorites list already. It's a simple black linen dress that can be both dressed up or down. I love it so much. I think it runs a bit small, especially in the bust, and I sized up one size. 

Pajama Set// Lake sent me this set a few weeks ago and I was always hesitant of this set because I thought the tie at the waist would bother me as I slept but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't at all! It's also not their pima cotton but instead a jersey material. It feels like silk it is so soft and so stretchy. I love the fabric! This is the kind of set that you wear in front of people if you are in a vacation home with other families or going to a pajama party with girlfriends! 

Lip Oil// I love this lip oil. It's so hydrating on my lips and has the prettiest sheen to it. It's almost as glossy as lipgloss but it feels like a balm. 

Handbag// J.McLaughlin just sent me this cutie little handbag and I love it. I've been carrying it nonstop, I haven't really even shared it much online yet! It's the perfect size to carry necessities like a small wallet, lip gloss, a pack of gum, and sunglasses. 

Waterford Rocks Glass Set// My husband and I were talking the other night about how much we love these glasses as we sipped margaritas out of them. In true Waterford fashion, they are just so high quality and stunning. They make drinking anything feel so special and fancy. We got these as a wedding gift and I think these make such a nice gift for that type of occasion! 

Clarifying Shampoo// I wash my hair once a week so sometimes I need something that is going to 'detox' my hair to get it really good and clean! This doe the trick. You definitely need to use a hair mask or something after to make sure you are giving your hair the moisture it needs, but it does the best job of getting my hair super clean. I use every other time I shampoo. 

Exfoliator// I love this exfoliator. It's the best I have ever used. The grains itself are like perfect balls so it doesn't cut or irritate skin. I depend on this in the winter when my skin is flaky or if I use retinol and my skin starts to get some dry patches. It gets rid of the flakiness so my makeup goes on smoothly! My code SUMMERWIND might still work for 10% off! 

2023 Monthly Favorites List:

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