Monday, September 18, 2023

Current Favorite Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those things where you can buy a simple, classic frame and wear them forever or use them as an accessory to switch up a look. With Amazon offering many inexpensive pairs, changing things is quick and easy. I have a whole post about my favorite inexpensive Amazon sunglasses!

Sunglasses are the quickest way to date an outfit since different shapes and styles go in and out so quickly, so I'm conscious of trying not to lean too trendy when selecting styles. 

I shared this post 2.5 years ago, and all of the sunglasses in that list are some that I wear today, but I definitely go in and out of favoring a few pairs over others. 

Today, I'm sharing my current favorite sunglasses that I have been reaching for. I've been collecting them for years, so I have a ridiculous amount from $10 Amazon finds to designer splurges, and they have all served me well!

Chimi is one of my favorite brands when it comes to sunglasses. It's like the bridge between budget and designer. I think all styles are under $200, and most are under $150. The quality is that of a high-end designer. The lenses are really great, too. I think they have stylish and sleek styles to choose from. These black frames with black lenses are classic and give me that 'movie start' feel with the slight curve at the top and the oversized frames. 
My sister had the Amazon version of these sunglasses, and I tried them on and ordered the Amazon ones for myself. I wore them so much that my husband surprised me with the Ray-Ban version on a whim. They're a little 'trendy,' but they work on my face well, so I like to wear them when I feel my outfit needs a modern touch. I have always been a supporter of Ray-Ban gold frames with green lenses. I think it's the most classic combo. When I want an amazing lens, Ray-Ban is always a top choice. 

These are inexpensive and supposed to look similar to the Loewe designer version. The quality reflects the price, but these are too trendy to splurge on the designer version. These feel fashionable, and I wear them with many dressier outfits because they just seem to work well with polished outfits. 

This is another Ray-Ban pair and I ended up going rogue and not getting gold with green lenses and instead got gold with gold lenses. I think the color goes well with my skin tone/hair, and they're like a modern take on aviators. I already have the gold/green Ray-Ban aviators, so I felt I needed to choose a different colorway with these. I usually prefer these with a sportier outfit, and I think they look best when I wear them with my hair up. 

This is another Chimi pair, and the quality is wonderful. These give me Wayfarer vibes with sharper angles. I really like the transparent green frames. They pair with a lot more than I thought they would, considering they are green!

We have a walk-in closet that doesn't have much wall space to hang shelves, and the rest of the closets in our home are all 'regular,' so we lack interior wall space. I am always looking for space-saving ideas, and this is a way that I like to store my sunglasses. I have two of these hanging holders. I toss most of the cases and just keep a select few. I love seeing all of my sunglasses options when getting dressed, and I also like that they are protected from dust. If I can't see it, I am less likely to wear it, so I try to keep everything in view in my closet. I just hang this on a command hook inside of a closet door! It's not pretty, but it's a great solution to save space and still be able to see all that I have.

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