Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh So Random Thoughts of sCe

Headed to D.C. to ring in the New Year... here is a list of random thoughts...
  • Wishing I had found this sooner so I could pack it up with me. Also wishing it came in more fun colors (namely pink...a monogrammable version would be nice too). 
  • Something great about packing sparkly things? There's no need to iron them or hang them. 
  • I wish I could read while driving. I can't put down Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. 
  • If I was Harry Potter I could just apparate to D.C. instead of having to drive 4 hours... well, on the bright side, at least there's no Voldemort in this world. 
  • Other than Lady GaGa, who actually buys things like this or this.. I don't know which one is worse...

The End. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Musical Make-Up, Classy Crossbody, Pricey PJs, Wonderful Watches

Second make-up related post this week... but I just had to share as soon as I saw it!
I actually think this is kind of genius. I am usually always listening to music or watching TV whenever I am getting ready in the mornings or for a night out. Plus, for $50, you also get some Stila make-up. A friend of mine is a big fan of their lip glazes but I've never tried them. I've been looking for a new way to organize my make-up and this just might be it. This is from Urban Outfitters and you get free shipping on $50 or more.
Does anyone have this? Is the sound quality awful or decent? I am not really sure I am willing to cough up the $50 for this because it's so boring looking, but we'll see. I'm guessing it's a bit old school considering it takes 4 AA batteries to run it... who knows, who knows. 
In other news, I have been looking for ways to spend some Christmas money (who am I kidding, I am always looking for ways to spend money...bad sCe!!) I am lusting over this Lauren by Ralph Lauren bag. Cross-body bags have been "in" for a while now and I can honestly say that I only own one which is vintage Dooney and Bourke. This would be a grand addition to my nonexistent collection. 
I have also seen these pajamas floating around the blogosphere recently (clearly I've been online shopping too much recently). They are $660. Please, someone, tell me why you sleep in $660 pajamas?! I am all about luxury, but having to dry clean your pajamas is a little too extreme for me. 
I got two watches for Christmas yet I am still looking at this piece of eye candy. Maybe I'm a little late to the game, but I've never seen this Michael Kors beauty. I don't own a Michael Kors watch because at my school, literally everybody has a MK watch. Well, MK you've won me over with this beauty. My birthday is in 4 months... just sayin'. 
Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lucky Lips

This Christmas my lips got lucky. I got three new lip products that I am absolutely loving. 
Left to Right: Dior Addict Lipstick in 612 Spotlight, Tarte Lip Surgence in Flashy, Kiehl's Lip Gloss in Earth Day.
I am by no means really into beauty products. I have a strict regimen of make-up and swear by certain products. I really don't ever even try new products because I am so set in my ways. However, it is fun to receive these kinds of things as gifts because they are fun to try-- and I do tend to branch out in my lip selections from time to time. Anyways, I love each of these. 
  • I am obsessed with the Dior Addict-- It may be my new go-to lip product (I was really into lip stains before). This is glossy and adds just enough color. The guy at Dior told me that 612 Spotlight is one of the most popular shades-- It's a little deeper than a nude with just enough sparkle metallic in it to make it shine. Plus, I love that it goes on so smoothly, more like gloss than lipstick.
  • Tarte Lip Surgence is almost similar to a lip stain but much more smooth-- definitely need a mirror to apply it. "Flashy" is the color I got and it is definitely a pink. Not sure if I would have chosen this color for myself but I don't hate it. 
  • I've been a long time fan of Kiehl's products. I usually use the lip balm and had never tried the lip gloss until I received it in my stocking from Santa. It's a very light, sheer gloss. "Earth Day" is a nice neutral shade. cCm got "black raspberry" and it's a bit of a deeper sheer gloss and I love it as well. You can't go wrong with Kiehl's. 
 Top to bottom: Dior, Tarte, Kiehl's
I felt like a YouTube beauty guru snapping this pic ha! Did you get any new lip products that you are loving? Have you tried any of these lip products? Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Date Book

With 2012 days away, have you purchased your date book? I have stayed loyal to my absolute favorite date book in the entire world: Gallery Leather. The first year I had ever heard about it was 2008 and since then, it has been my go to date book. I actually found my first one at T.J. Maxx, but haven't seen them there since 2008. Thus, I've resorted to shopping online from their website. They have several different size options and many different color options and they are all bound with leather making them very durable and clean looking. The first year, the one I found at T.J. Maxx was the pocket weekly planner and in high school that was all I really needed. Now that I'm becoming a "big girl", I have been using the Large Leather Weekly Planner. This year, with me being almost on my own, and almost having my very own job (fingers crossed!!), I have decided to order the ring bound planner!
I got this in the exact color above called Orchid, but the color is much more pink in person and less deep than the color in the above picture. I've also had the violet shade which is a really deep purple which is also another great color. I've never seen any of the other colors in person but I'm sure some of them are a bit different from the pictures on the website because the above orchid looks much different in person.
Here are three from past years-- I can't seem to find the last one. Anyways, see how the orchid shade is much more pink? I've added fun stickers but for the one that I just ordered, no stickers will be added since I will have it for years.
The only thing that bugs me about the design is that it has no pockets. I had to construct make-shift pockets because I'm no good without them. I keep extra sticky notes and loose scraps of notes in these little pockets.
This is the month at a glance-- Obviously I never use this section. Seeing my month laid out in front of me is far too overwhelming.  I like to take it one week at a time.
This was a slow week for me. It has a thin silk string to hold your place but I use 2 binder clips as well and clip a to-do list on the binder clips so my to-do list doesn't clutter the pages. I love the plain set up. Nothing like the Lifeguard Press agendas that have illustrations and stickers, etc all over. Back in high school, I had a Vera Bradley Lifeguard Press agenda just like the Lilly agendas that they have today and I hated it-- It made me get ADD looking at the illustrations and all the distractions all over the pages. I personally need a clean, open design with nothing  but necessity. I also don't like date books that are organized from August to August (school year planners) because unless you are a student or teacher, the rest of the world doesn't operate by semesters so I'm trying to get myself used to January-December schedule before I graduate and move into the "real world".

I can't wait to see the ring-bound one in person (If you can't tell, I get overly excited by organization). I'll let you all know how I like it! What date book do you use? Have a fabulous day! (I was not compensated in any way for this post).

Sunday, December 25, 2011

"God Bless Us Everyone"

From ours to yours, a very Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.
God Bless,

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Years Eve: Steal the Show

What would New Years Eve be without a little glimmer in your ensemble? Whatever your plans or whatever your price range, I've compiled some sparkling inspiration to toast you into 2012. 

Max & Cleo-- In LOVE! Such a great cut, subdued shimmer and even better price.
What are you wearing New Years Eve? Have a fabulous day!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Mayflower Hotel, Washington D.C.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that after my finals ended, I high-tailed it to Washington, D.C. which is only about an hour and 45 minute drive from my school and met my parents and family friends for the weekend. We do this pretty much every year around Christmas just to sight see and shop and eat. It also gives me something to look forward to while I'm going through grueling finals week (not to brag or anything... but I did pretty darn well this semester ;)!!). Well, we usually try a different hotel every time because we want to experience each one (most my parents have been to in the past so we just rotate). Several years ago we stayed at the Mayflower. I was a lot younger and don't remember it much so I was thrilled to stay there this time around. I love looking at hotel rooms and staying in hotels. I'm not sure why--my parents think I'm crazy for it, but I really do. So if you're into the same thing as I am, this post is for you.
We stayed in one of the suites. To say it was fabulous would be an understatement. The Mayflower is a historic hotel and each room is unique which another fun part about it. Above was the sitting area.
The wet bar was a nice addition and held our beverages and cheese and crackers. I loved that there were two refrigerators (plenty of room for the champagne).
The "C" family in front of the fireplace.
Hallway snapshot. I love the colors and the simple but elegant decor and design. You can really feel the historical aspect of this hotel.
Pretty Pretty.
Tourist pose.
Typical sister picture.
Had to include this shot to show off this vest that I'm wearing. It's my mothers and I'm obsessed with it. It's actually reversible which is really neat.
The White House.
Inside the Mayflower.
If you are traveling to D.C. and thinking of a place to stay, I wholeheartedly recommend the Mayflower. Our room came with 2 breakfasts included and it was one of the most delicious breakfasts I've ever had. It is served in their main dining room and has everything from fresh fruit to pancakes, eggs benedict and smoked salmon. I don't even like breakfast foods for the most part but I felt like I was in heaven. Not to mention it's close to many attractions such as the White House. bEw and some other college friends met me at my room and we walked two blocks to a bar that a ton of my other college friends were at. I don't think we took a cab our entire stay. Have you stayed at the Mayflower before? What is your favorite part of D.C.?
More to come on my stay but I just had to highlight the wonderful accommodations.
Have a fabulous day!

I was not compensated in anyway. These thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tucker Blair: Monkey Belt

bEw's sketch
If you've been reading Summer Wind for a while now, you may remember this post asking you to vote for the monkey belt on Facebook for the Tucker Blair Belt Design Competition.  Well, bEw helped to put my imagination into play because he's the artistic one and we ending up winning! How fun. Well, 7 months later and our belt is finally born!
You can find it here.
We wanted to design something fun and something that didn't have too many colors going on so it would match with an assortment of outfits. Plus we wanted a design that was unisex because I know us girls out there like  a needlepoint belt just as much as our gents do. It's also so much fun to say, "bEw and I designed that!". Also, along with our design turning into reality we donated $250 to the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) in the name of one of bEw's very good friends who at 21 years of age was diagnosed. So stop by Tucker Blair and take a look at our fun belt (makes a super fun Christmas gift, or am I just biased?!). Have a fabulous day!

Monday, December 19, 2011

OOTD: $30

Yep, you read the title right, this outfit was only $30. I wore it on Thanksgiving and got so many compliments. Now, the $30 is only for the top and pants, not the jewelry and the shoes, etc... But still, a steal of an outfit if I must say so myself. The pants were only around $10 from Forever21 and I absolutely love them. As I write this post I am even wearing them. I really wish I would have bought at least 5 more pairs because they are extremely comfortable and can be dressed up or down and fit like a glove. I can't find the exact pair in any store or online since I purchased these 3 years ago. I am dreading for the day to come when they fall apart from getting so much wear.

In fact, the only pairs I have ever even found comparable to fit, comfort, and style are these and these and they are 10x the price which I can't bring myself to pay after getting my beloved pants for $10.  Ok, ok, I will stop rambling about the pants.

The top is also from Forever21 and I can't remember the exact price but it was somewhere around $20. It looks and feels like a much pricier upscale top. Not to mention it's fun and festive for the holiday season.
I must have had it for a while now because this picture is several years old. I've said it time and time again, Forever21 is a great place to shop for trendier items and things that you will only wear several times and for a really great price.
Do you shop Forever21? Have a fabulous day!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tipsy Skipper

Recently, Kearsley, designer and owner of Tipsy Skipper contacted me and introduced my to the brand! I am so glad she did because I am now a huge fan of the newest addition to my shoe collection:
Skipper Skimmers, Key of Sea in Shadow
Aren't they the cutest? I love all of the prints and colors but ended up choosing this pattern with this color combination because it seems the most versatile to me. The gold trim and gold heel are my favorite part-- definitely dresses-up the shoe. They are really unique and super comfortable. For sizing, they run a little big, so I would order down a size.
I am loving the matching tote! Check out the Tipsy Skipper blog which is so interesting. Kearsley designs each print herself and she even did a post on how she designs them. To a non-artistic person this was fascinating to read. Another big thing that I love about Tipsy Skipper is that all of the products are made in the USA.
Here is the owner and designer herself with the Key of Sea in Shadow clutch and flats. I think my favorite thing is that she monograms the clutches-- LOVE! I like to wear my Skimmers with simple outfits because I like this shoe to be the focal point of the outfit. Have you shopped Tipsy Skipper? What's your favorite print? Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monograms by Marley Lilly

Marley Lilly of the monogrammed scarf fame, generously sent me a monogrammed pashmina. I chose the forest green color with a gold monogram in the interlock font. I absolutely love it-- it's a fun touch to add to something so practical. This pashmina is just like any other pashmina so it's nice and big and very soft. I paired it with:
Plaid Headband: J. Crew
Black Long Sleeve T: J. Crew
Blackwatch Plaid Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Scarves and pashminas are a great thing to add to any plain outfit and I really think that the monogram adds a dressier touch. I also plan on wearing this more as a wrap over a little black dress right around Christmas. I think my next purchase will have to be the coral pink color with the key lime thread and a circle block monogram-- definitely a more summer-y mix but would be perfect to wear with a black coat to add a pop of color during the winter months (this would also coordinate with most of my summer wardrobe-- a big bonus!). 
I also have my eye on the monogram ostrich clutch. I love the brown, beige, and black--the hardest part is choosing. I'm thinking the beige would go with most everything. However, the brown looks the most luxurious and the black could be dressed up a bit. Decisions, decisions!
What are you loving from Marley Lilly? Do you have any ML on your Christmas wish list? What color combos do you have in the monogrammed pashmina/scarf? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bauble Bar Obsessed

I have recently discovered Bauble Bar and am now obsessed. I have blogged before about how I don't like spending a ton of money on costume jewelry because I always prefer my nice, real jewelry. I have also blogged about how I am not really a huge fan of the over-sized bib necklace trend and other popular jewelry trends. With Bauble Bar if I find something I like, I don't feel like I'm wasting money or purchasing something silly. The prices are amazing. Here are the pieces that I need to get my hands on (they're really that inexpensive that I'm considering purchasing several).
$38 This is my favorite! How fabulous would this look to a LBD?!
$52 Doesn't this look very similar to this Kate Spade bauble? Bauble Bar's version is $220 less and also offers free shipping.
$105 This is one of the best prices I've seen for a gold monogram necklace. This is gold-plated which is more likely to tarnish and the gold often wears off quicker than gold-filled, so keep Swell Caroline in mind if you want a longer lasting necklace, but for the price, this is still a good deal considering it has some 14k gold.
$46 To me, this is one of the best deals... what a fabulous statement piece!
Have you shopped Bauble Bar? Through December 26th, use the code PSW_Get20 to get 20% off your purchase! (I was not compensated or contacted by Bauble Bar, this is a personal find and my personal opinion). Have a fabulous day!


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