Monday, June 25, 2012

Lilly for Lifeguard Press

I received my Lilly Pulitzer date book in the mail last week, courtesy of Lifeguard Press (on national wear your Lilly day... how fitting!). It even makes planning dull things like dentist appointments a lot more fun! After my nightmare of a customer service experience with Gallery Leather, it was about time I switched to a new planner, and this type A personality has totally joined the club... club Lilly, that is.
The stickers are a cute added touch. I love the shift stickers and the pumpkin is my absolute favorite!
My favorite month is definitely October because I love the cute pink and orange pumpkins and the fun saying, "Pick Me! I'm the prettiest in the patch!" It doesn't hurt that October is one of my favorite months too (football season, cool days, pumpkin spice lattes, colorful leaves... what's not to love?!). 

I know many of you posted on Instagram/Facebook that you received your Lilly planner... what is your favorite month? Have a fabulous day!

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Portuguese Prepster said...

I used to always use Lilly planners and then I switched to Erin Condren. I have to say, I'm missing all the fun patterns in the Lilly ones!

Jess // Curating Style said...

I had been considering getting a Lilly planner this year from Lifeguard Press, and I'm leaning towards that more heavily now that I've been seeing people's photos! They look fantastic.

Lisette said...

My favourite months are always the spring ones! I love the April, May and June! I also ordered my planner but I preordered it from the Lilly site so hopefully it should be here in a few days! Funnily enough I picked the same print so your post just made me all that more excited!

Katherine said...

I love my Lilly planner. I need to buy a new one! :)

AO said...

So cute! I've been debating on getting a boring one from staples or a cute one and your post definitely sold me on Lilly!

Grace said...

Mine hasn't gotten here yet and it's driving me crazy, haha! Yours looks so adorable!

Melissa said...

I need to get my butt in gear and order my Lily planner!

Unknown said...

That is so cute! I have been debating on ordering one for a while now. I think I might just order it now!


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