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Gift Guide 2020: Splurge for Her

Gift Guide 2020: Splurge
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The 5th gift guide of the season is focused on some splurges. I own and love a lot of these items on the list so I'm sharing more information about each one below! 

Down Robe// This is a great gift for anyone that lives in a cold winter climate or a new mom or maybe someone newly retired that is planning on doing a lot more relaxing! I just got this robe and it is truly one of the coziest and most wonderful things ever. It basically feels like you are wearing a blanket around the house. It's a dream and this would make the ultimate gift. 

Ferragamo Headband// I love the Ferragamo headband I have. I think it instantly elevates any outfit I wear! 

Herend Chinese Bouquet// This is my favorite pricier china. We registered for it and for the plates we don't receive, I plan to collect them over the years. They are so incredibly beautiful and layer well with other china! 

Natalie Flats// I wear these ALL of the time.... even more than my Chanel ballet flats. I love the pointed toe, the color is the perfect neutral beige and the footbed is so incredibly comfortable. They're beautifully made and just so timeless. A splurge but this would be such a wonderful gift for someone who is on their feet for long periods of time. 

Gold Signet Ring// I have a gold signet ring and wear it every single day. It's a timeless and understated piece of jewelry that you can pass on to future generations. 

MYX Fitness Bike// I love my bike that MYX sent me a few months ago. It's directly comparable to Peloton but costs so much less. It's so convenient to have in our basement so I can just pop down there whenever I can spare even just 10 minutes. It has also become even more important to me as it gets colder and I walk less outdoors! Use code SYDNEY to get $150 off your order + free shipping ($250 value).

Vince Cashmere Sweater// This is my ride or die sweater. It's so incredibly soft and cozy and the fit is oversized but still looks polished. 

RL Cashmere Cableknit// I wrote a whole post about these great wardrobe staple, here, and my one tip for buying it for a lot less! These are just about as classic as they come! They make them for men, women, and children so there really is an option for everyone! 

Barbour Jacket// I absolutely love all of my Barbour jackets. They are beautiful but in a casually elegant way. They're made to last for years and are truly so functional. The one here has the most amazing reversible vest liner and looks a little more modern than some of the more traditional Barbour styles.  The Beadnell is always a classic and much lower in price, too. 

Cashmere Wrap// I talk about this one all of the time. I love these wraps. I use them as scarves, as a blanket, as a wrap for formal events, and more. The cashmere is so lofty and soft. I got my mom one of these for her birthday one year and she is obsessed with it. 

Weezie Towels Starter Pack// I love my Weezie towels. They are pretty pricey but I've had mine for about 2 years and they are as good as new to this day! They are absorbant, fluffy, and easy to care for. Plus I can never resist pretty monogram options. 

Gucci Princetown Mules// This is a pair of shoes I wear ALL of the time, and I've noticed myself wearing them even more this year because they are just so easy to slide right on. I've had mine for years and they have held up so perfectly. You can read my full review, here

Diamond Bangle Bracelet// I have never seen this bracelet in person, so I can't vouch for its quality, however it looks SO similar to the diamond bangle I wear almost daily. It's such a classic and subtle piece of jewelry that you can wear day in and day out. 

Diamond Necklace// The Kendra Scott team sent me this necklace to celebrate their opening in Pittsburgh (in Shadyside) and I literally haven't taken it off since. It's gorgeous. The photos online don't even do it justice. 

Garment Bag// I have this and love it. My fiancĂ© saw it and he thought it was so nice, he now wants one. It's beautifully made and holds a lot of pieces! 

Westwood Quilt// We have this quilt on our bed and absolutely love it. It's soft, warm (but not too warm), easy to care for, and has such a nice texture to it. 

Frame TV// We LOVE this TV. I did a whole blog post about it. Basically, I'm not that into TV or keeping up with the latest TV technology, so normally, I would not like a TV as a gift. However, this one is not only great in function but it's so pretty. It truly looks like a piece of art on the wall!!! Full review and info, here

t3 Curling Iron// I just got this curling iron a few months ago now from the brand and I have been loving it so much. It works SO well on my hair and I love that the settings are customized to my specific hair. The actualy materials that the curling iron is made out of are really nice and sturdy. If I compare it to my beloved Conair iron, just based on the quality of how it is made, the t3 would win by a landslide. I think in the end, you really don't need this curling iron as the Conair still certainly does the trick, but boy is this one nice!

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