Thursday, May 27, 2021


We are almost to the long weekend! I'm hoping to spend some time outside and just all around taking it easy. We will be spending time with friends and family, sleeping in, going on long walks with Henry, and enjoying some good food and cocktails.

We also got a new refrigerator in the Memorial Day weekend sales at Home Depot. My parents actually spotted it when they were in the store and told us about it. I am way too excited about it but it is now in our basement and will be our 'Costco/drink fridge'! We had to move a few things around to get it all set up, but it's all good now! I bought the appliances for our home over President's day when we were about to move in. It's so helpful to buy when they go on sale. Each time I have saved hundreds of dollars! 

We are starting to wedding plan again as we are full steam ahead and just a couple months away. FINALLY!!!! So after 15 months of doing absolutely nothing wedding-related I'm trying to get back into the swing of it all. I feel a bit fish out of the water but my goodness, get us to the darn altar!!!!! I can't wait and yet I can't believe we have waited this long!

We have had a busy few weeks and it seems as though it's only getting busier from here. My parents got a new pup, Mother's Day weekend, my grammie's 95th birthday celebration, my sister's backyard wedding, next weekend is my fiancĂ©'s birthday, Father's Day weekend, we have a beach wedding, 4th of July weekend, we have another wedding, going to the lake, our wedding, our minimoon...holy cow I am just going to end there because wow. 

Wearing: So excited about this dress! It's so lightweight and I love the way it is cut. I will be wearing this a ton all summer long! 

Eating: This past weekend at my sister's wedding, we had the most delicious salad ever. The chef from The Vandal told us the tip is to add a splash of water to any vinaigrette and that helps the vinaigrette to coat every leaf of lettuce evenly. Not that I doubted him, but I tried it this week and it worked SO well. I will forever do this! I made this vinaigrette (I added garlic to mine, which I basically always add garlc to everything) which was a new recipe for me, and WOW. I highly recommend it- it was so easy and tasted so light and fresh. 

Drinking: We just cut up our first watermelon of the season and it has me so excited for fresh watermelon martinis!! We also got cherries and those two fruits just make me feel like it is officially summertime! Yum! 

Reading: A good Chik Fil A tip!! 

Sale: A full sale guide will launch Friday! I am excited about it because I have a ton of good finds for you all! 

 I am currently watching Handmaid's Tale and Cruel Summer and am fully caught up on both. They are both SO good and sooo good right now. Is anyone else watching and all caught up?! I cannot wait for the next episodes!! 

Loving: In case you missed it, my sister got married this past weekend! Thank you all SO much for your kind and sweet words and well wishes for the newly married couple! I love my sister with all my heart and to see you all leave such lovely messages warmed my heart. My sister and the rest of the family read all of them and are also so thankful! Also, I truly cracked up at the DM's and comments about my fiancĂ© and Callie's husband being brothers! There is no relation, but they definitely look alike. I think they look more alike in photos than in person, though! 
Wanting: How cute are these champagne birthday candles? LOVE. You can find my Amazon storefront, here

Pittsburgh: Animal Friends is a local Pittsburgh animal shelter and they have an Amazon wishlist. Please consider donating. I just sent over some Nylabones and it only took a few seconds and a few dollars to do. I know how much Henry loves to chew so I hope these pups are able to enjoy just as much as Henry does! 

Traveling: If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how badly I wanted to be able to go on our minimoon to the Cloister in Sea Island in Georgia. It has been fully booked. Well, we booked for later this year just for two nights and I am so excited!!! 

Quoting: 'You cannot share your life with a dog or a cat and not know perfectly well that animals have personalities and minds and feelings.' - Jane Goodall // See more of my favorites, here.

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