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A New Favorite Hat

Orvis The Ultimate Straw Hat

Orvis The Ultimate Straw Hat

Orvis The Ultimate Straw Hat

Orvis The Ultimate Straw Hat

Orvis The Ultimate Straw Hat

Orvis The Ultimate Straw Hat

Orvis The Ultimate Straw Hat
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Coming at you this Friday with a classic old-school outfit post! I feel like I haven't done one of these in quite a while!

We are at the lake right now so I've been wearing this Floral Caftan as a swimsuit coverup. I've worn it before as an actual dress- it's the perfect thing for the heat as the fabric is lightweight and none of the fabric sticks to any part of your body so it's just really light and flowy. It's so welcome here in Georgia. We have been coming here for 25ish years and I feel like it has been much hotter and more humid now than it has been in some of the past years. Some days I don't even want to go outside! I am so not a hot weather gal- I'd much prefer 30 degrees to 90 degrees. 

As far as sizing goes, this is a caftan so it's just naturally meant to fit very roomy, keep that in mind! I am wearing a size small which is my true size. 

The real highlight of this outfit, though, is this Straw Hat. I am not a big hat person. In fact, this winter was the first time I actually ever bought a 'fashion' hat. Something about hats has always just seemed 'over accessorized' to me. I mean I wear baseball caps with athletic clothes but other than that, I've literally never worn a hat.

Then, the past few summers, I started wearing straw hats less for fashion and more to shade my face from the sun. But I've started to like them more and more. 

I tried this hat on in the store and fell in love with it. They didn't have the right size for me in the store but my parents were with me in the store and encouraged me to get it because they said it looked great on me! So I ended up ordering it online. It's actually a men's hat but there really isn't anything overly manly about it- it's just a really nicely made, classic-looking hat. I'm so happy with it and I feel so chic when I wear it! 

The sizing starts a medium and that's the size I got. It comes with little foam pads that have a sticky back and I might eventually add those in but haven't really felt the need to yet. I would say I have an average-sized head for a grown woman- honestly not sure, though! 

Anyway, I totally recommend this Straw Hat. I think you'll notice me wearing them a lot more in the months and years to come! 

Thursday, July 28, 2022


Hello from Hiawassee, Georgia! As I mentioned last week, I am at the lake right now (Lake Chatuge) with lots of family and friends. We are having a blast so I will keep this brief! 

We have been eating delicious food, spending time on the water, having fun cocktails, and just enjoying our time together. I was just thinking to myself how incredibly lucky I feel to have a job that allows me this type of flexibility. To be able to spend so much time with my family all together is truly priceless. It has been wonderful! 

This weekend, on Sunday, is our first wedding anniversary. I think that is just wild. I cannot believe it has been a full year. It sounds so cliché to say, but it really does feel like it was just yesterday. I don't want to get all gushy, but it has been the absolute best year. I've heard that the first year of marriage is often hard and I just feel so thankful that that has not been the case for us. It's been a true pleasure and I could not have asked for more. We are going to celebrate just the two of us a the Old Edwards Inn and I am so excited. We stayed there last spring and it was absolutely wonderful! 

 Love how lightweight this Mesh Racerback Tank is! Perfect for the Georgia heat/humidity but will wear to workout once home! I am wearing a size small. 
Eating: Get yourself to a Costco, stat, and buy this Fried Pickle and ranch dip. IT IS SO GOOD!!!!!! 

Drinking: I'm not a huge rosé person but this was really nice! The winery is Las Jaras out of California! 
Loving: If you don't know, Niacinimde is one of those 'magic' skincare ingredients. It evens out your skin tone, can reduce pore size, helps prevent or reverse signs of aging, and more. I learned about it many years ago when I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Proctor and Gamble headquarters and they had been doing extensive research on the ingredient. Anyway, I was sent this body serum in a PR package from Paula's Choice and I started immediately using it and have been SO impressed with it. It feels like a gel moisturizer in terms of texture and weight but I have been using it on my chest and my feet. Using it on my feet is probably something a little odd but my feet have so many scars on them- I am a klutz and am always tripping and stubbing my toe, getting terrible blisters, bug bites, etc. and I am not kidding when I say that the serum has been lessening the appearance of these things!!! Also, my chest can get really freckled in the summer months, and ever since my wedding (since my chest was shown quite a bit) I am so conscious about using skincare on my neck and chest! Anyway, I highly recommend this product, I LOVE it and will be purchasing it once this is empty! 
Sale: There are still so many things in the Lake Pajamas sale. Today is the last day!
Wanting: I want this rug for my office- I have had such awful luck with rugs. They are such a pain to return but I feel like I could get lucky with this one?! I think this navy blue dress is stunning- FINALLY, one dress under $500 (though barely) that's truly elegant, special, and stunning. Maybe this is the beginning? One can hope!! Also, love this Augua by Agua Bendita skirt. The brand is at the top of my budget, but I just cannot resist! 

Amazon Rec: This super inexpensive set of Amazon pearl clips might be one of the best things ever. They are SO cute and I am always using these to pull back my hair! Will be the cutest stocking stuffer this holiday season, too. You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Outfits I Packed For Georgia

I filmed a little try-on before I left for the lake with some of the cutest things that I brought along with me so I thought I would share those here. I'll post the videos of the outfits to my Instagram so if you use Instatgram you can check them out there! I'll also post to TikTok

I love love love Sail to Sable's tunic dresses. They have long been a summer wardrobe staple for me. Right now they are doing a tunic sale using code TUNICS50, you can get 50% off any of their classic tunic styles including the metallic linen one I'm wearing the photo above. I find their things to run true to size but often very roomy so I'll sometimes size down. On this tunic dress, though, I got my usual size small and it fits perfectly for me! 

This dress is just stunning and it's one of those things where the photo is not doing it justice. One of you actually influenced me on this dress. I had posted a phot of it on Instastories in my 'Things I Love' series and actually two of you messages me to tell me how nice of a dress this is. Let me tell you, they were not wrong. This is a thick, sweater-knit dress. It's thick and heavy in the sense that it is such high quality. The shape is a-line and reminds me so much of something Samantha Stevens might have worn. I love the tight circular crewneck. It is so hard to find a tight crewneck! 

I am wearing a size small but you could size down if needed or wanted. It's really roomy in the hips! I totally plan to wear this into the fall season. It will look so cute with a scarf or suede boots. 

I LOVE this sweater. Talk about a classic! From the cotton fabric to the rollneck, the absolute perfect shade of nay and the beautiful stitching on this, there could not be a more perfect sweater. 

I am already thinking about our Christmas card and I seriously think I might wear this sweater inr our photo! 
This dress is another LOVE for me. It's roomy but I still got my usually size small. I fell in love with the colors and print when I saw it online. I just love love love love the deep brown color in the pattern. This is another one you can start to wear in September and even October because of the coloring. I'm planning on wearing it with suede boots and a deep brown or deep olive green cardigan come fall. For summer, I'll wear it like this. I am going to wear this on our little 1 year wedding trip coming up this weekend!
Sailor Sailor is the absolute BEST for travel. The fabric doesn't wrinkle and has the best stretch to it so it is beyond comfortable. I thought this print was just too appropriate for 2 weeks at the lake!
Top// Shorts (also in peach)
I sadly think both of these pieces are sold out but the shorts are available in other colors. I saw this crop top and while a crop top is totally out of my comfort zone, when paired with high waisted shorts like this, I really love the look! 

This skirt is a lightweight gauzy material with a dainty floral print. The flowers are a lavender and blue mix. The skirt is fully lined. It has a really thick smocked waistband that I find to be so comfortable and flattering. I wore it this week already over a lavender bathing suit that I have and it was so cute! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

At The Lake!

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We got to the lake on Friday afternoon after a 9ish-hour drive! It's such a long drive but so worth it once we get here. We are here with my parents, aunt, and uncle, grammie, and 3 pups. My sister and brother-in-law were here this past weekend and then will come back in a week or so. My husband is going to meet us down here next weekend along with more family friends so we will have a house full of people which I absolutely love! 

Anyway, I had a few things sent down to the lake house that caught my eye that I thought were worth sharing with you all. Everything I'm sharing with you all is under $25. This post is in partnership with Walmart and they have so many gems both for the home and even cute clothing! 

We have been eating lunch on these adorable Blue Floral Plates. They are the perfect luncheon size and the pattern is just lovely. 

We also love this Serving Tray as it's the perfect thing for outdoor dining (it's melamine).  We have no worries about anything breaking, especially since we have so many pups all over the place! 

I think these Acrylic Tumblers are the showstoppers. They look like they would be sold elsewhere for WAY more. You can get a set of 6 for under $20. An absolute steal. I am so impressed with them!! I bought them for the boat as acrylic is a must but they are so nice we have all been using them up at the house, too! 

These White Tee + Striped Pants outfit gives me major coastal grandmother vibes. Such a classic, relaxed outfit. The tee is a great, lightweight, roomy fit. These pants are incredible. They are under $20 and I cannot believe it. Everyone here at the lake wants a pair for themselves became they are just so darling. They have a wide leg fit but the fabric is nice and thick. The quality is fantastic. 

And lastly, this White Dress is such a classic. It comes in several colors but I really love white. You do need a slip in the bottom skirt portion. I'm thinking about taking this on our Europe trip at the end of August as it can be dressed up or down and is just so simply elegant. All of the clothing I am wearing runs true to size but everything is roomy, too. 

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own! 

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Monday, July 25, 2022

Lake Pajamas Summer Sale

Lake Pajamas Summer Sale

Lake Pajamas Summer Sale

Lake Pajamas Summer Sale

You all know how much I love my Lake Pajamas. It's one of my go-to small businesses! Today at 10am EST Lake Pajamas is launching their Summer Sale! The sale will extend through Thursday, July 28th at 11:59 PM EST with up to 40% off and 400+ styles (no code needed).  Keep in mind that there will be items marked ' final sale' that you cannot return and anything else purchased on sale can only be returned for store credit! 

Things sell out quickly when they have a sale, so I would say if you want something, set your alarm for 9:59am and refresh your browser right at 10am (this post is going live at 6am EST so for those of you early bird readers, you will get a head start!). 

I seriously have over 10 sets, all of which I have purchased myself over the years or family/friends have given to me as gifts. I almost always snag mine on sale (but they rarely have sales)! I'm truly obsessed. I prefer their Pima cotton sets and really like the short sleeve with long pants combination. I have a few other lengths of tops/bottoms, but short sleeve top and long pant bottoms are what I wear year-round. 
Lake Pajamas Summer Sale

Lake Pajamas Summer Sale

Lake Pajamas Summer Sale
My mom, sister, and I wore the Pima robes in the beautiful hydrangea color for getting ready on our wedding day! The Pima robe is made of the classic Pima cotton just as the pajama sets are made. So it's great for the warmer months. I typically wear mine from about April through October and then switch to the Cozy Robe November-March! The robe you see above is hydrangea but there are many other colors on sale! 

Lake Pajamas Summer Sale

Lake Pajamas Summer Sale

This is Lake's Cozy Robe, which the brand gifted to me around the holiday season, and I was ELATED to receive it! I think it's one of my favorite things EVER. The Cozy Robe, is thicker because it is two fabrics. The outer fabric is a crazy soft jersey- not the Pima that they are known for but soooo soft. The inside is a very soft, fine, fleece material. So the robe is heavier/thicker and perfect for the colder winter months. I wear a size small in both the Pima robe and the cozy robe. Both are plenty roomy to layer pajamas, etc. underneath! 
Lake Pajamas Summer Sale

I personally really want this colorway and I'm hoping it will be included in the sale. I don't have a bright colorway like this, most of my sets are the classic pastel colors! If you're new to the Lake Pajamas world, I'd suggest your first set be the Hydrangea set in short/long. That's probably my favorite that I own- I have the shorts and the 3/4 length sleeve top for this set, too, so I can mix and match depending on the weather.

Sizing + Care
The sizing with the 100% cotton might sound tricky because they have strict washing instructions on their site but I didn't want to follow those. I made my own rules!! I wash my pajamas on hot with all of my other lights and then I put them in the dryer on the low setting. The low setting is key! They will shrink the first time you put them in the dryer. They shrink in length more than anything else. I have both small and medium pajamas and before they are dried, there's a decent difference in size, the mediums are pretty big on me. But once they are dried, there's really not all that much difference in size between the small and medium. I usually buy my sets on sale so I usually just buy whatever is in stock (small or medium) that is kind of how I make the decision, hah! 

I think Lake Pajamas make such a great gift because they are a little luxury. They're somewhat pricey for pajamas and I feel like anyone would enjoy a new set of pajamas! I did a big review post several years ago, that you can read, here. It contains a lot more information about the brand and products! They are hyped up a lot by everyone, it seems, but it's truly for good reason, they are the BEST! 

Thursday, July 21, 2022


Hope everyone is having a great week! I think this week flew by. I really didn't even do much other than do lots of work to prep for being out of town and yet it still went by so quickly! 

I'm sooooo ready for a change of scenery and a break. We haven't traveled since early June and I'm just ready to be with my family and by the water. There will be fresh content here per usual- I'm not going anywhere, I'll just be taking more time to relax and hang out! 

I'm sad my husband can't come for the full two weeks as his work schedule just doesn't allow for that since we will also be taking 2 weeks for Rome/Cruise. I will miss him, but I am so excited to bring Henry along for the full time. He absolutely thrives at the lake! My sister is coming and bringing her pup, bean, and my parent's pup Buddy will also be there so they'll all have some fun playing together. 

Anyway, today I am getting a manicure. I haven't in so long. I'm a regular manicure gal but I had to take a break after a dip manicure that I got for my sister's wedding did a number on my nails. I am so excited. I don't really mind bare nails but I just love a good manicure, I feel so much more put together with one! I'm also getting my hair highlighted which will be a nice refresh to go away with! 

Eating: I highly recommend making burrata toast. Like get up right now and go get some burrata. I made it with prosciutto the first time which was the best- I topped it with the burrata and some hot honey, olive oil, salt, pepper, and basil. It is possibly one of the best things I have ever made. The second time, I was out or prosciutto so I just used whatever I had on hand. One piece was pepperoni and the other was smoked salmon. Both were delicious, but the prosciutto was the clear winner! I usually buy my burrata at Trader Joe's. 

Drinking: Totally going to make this frozen peach bellini next week. It sounds SO good... I'm just going to omit the sugar- Georgia peaches are already so sweet enough!

Reading: I haven't read in SO long. I want to read a few books while at the lake. I like light. frivolous things or WWII books. A weird combo, I know. But I think I am going to read this

Watching: Did you all know season 2 of Only Murders In The Building is out on Hulu? We just loved season 1 and are loving season 2. I love the way it is filmed and the sets. Highly recommend! I'm also watching Southern Charm. I didn't watch the last few seasons as I got bored but this season is enough to keep me somewhat entertained. Other than that, we haven't really been watching much TV lately! 

Loving: I've been using this calming lotion when I feel like my skin has gotten too much sun. It's really lightweight and super hydrating. I feel like it helps the redness, especially on my nose fade quickly! You can use code SYDNEY for 15% off!
Loving II: I can't believe we are well over halfway through the year, can you?! Rifle Paper Co. just released their 2023 calendars. I have been using this style of their calendar for 6ish years now. It fits my lifestyle so well!! This is the wall calendar but I use it almost like a desk blotter. I keep it on my desk open to the current month and it gives me such a good look at what my month looks like. I color code each day with different things from social to work and more. I love the 'notes' section as it is the perfect size for me to keep track of current collaborations- a good quick 'at a glance' style list! I definitely use a digital calendar for some things but I will forever be a paper calendar gal. 
Wanting: I think this is the MOST PERFECT dress I have ever seen. Ever. The pearls, the textured fabric, the braided neckline, the Mod/shift silhouette. LOVE! Samantha Stevens would have 100% worn this! Ok and how about this skirt? There is nothing I love more than a voluminous, a-line skirt. I'm also thinking about ordering this travel pillow/blanket situation for our upcoming Europe trip. We are flying United and put ourselves on the upgrade list (with our points) so if we do score a lie-flat seat, I think I'll be so thankful to have this pillow. 
Amazon Rec: Love the size of this clear cosmetic case. So cute and perfect for storing lip products! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

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