Friday, August 3, 2018

July Favorites

July Favorites

Scarf// This scarf has been the MVP of my wardrobe since I got it in June. I find it going with so much of my wardrobe and it's so elegant and luxe. Can't get over the price and right now it is on sale. 

Talbots Jeggings// You've read many posts about these jeans and most recently, this week I posted about them!

Tuckernuck// You all know that Tuckernuck is one of my favorite online destinations for gorgeous pieces. Their curated online boutique is SO good. They always have beautiful pieces. Right now, they are having a site-wide sale. You get 25% off using code SUMMER25. This is such a good sale! You can see all of my favorite picks in the widget above... including this dress and scarf!!

Striped Cashmere// I ordered this for fall and I am absolutely in LOVE with it. It's so luxuriously soft and just all-around beautiful. A splurge but worth it!

NeuBrow// This stuff is the best. I have never had full, bushy eyebrows and as I've been using this for the past several weeks, I have noticed a major difference. I got the 2-pack set in the Anniversary sale so I'm excited to continue to use it!

2019 Calendar// This will be my 3rd year using this calendar and it is my absolute favorite. I can't believe I already had to order a 2019 calendar! This year is just flying by!

Bill's Apple Pie// If you are a Pittsburgher, I highly suggest you go to Bill's Burgers in the Westin and try their apple pie a la mode. I get takeout from there all of the time just for their apple pie. It's SO insanely good. It's served warm with Millie's vanilla ice cream! It's the most random place you would ever think to order apple pie, but just trust me on this one!

Marysia Bathing Suits// I thought the hype about these suits was over the top, but after buying one during their clearance sale, I am a convert. I absolutely LOVE it and have been keeping my eyes out for more sales. They're price but made so beautifully.

Clinique Balm// A lot of you have been asking about my lip color on Instagram. I have been wearing Clinique's balm in cherry. It's just the right amount of color for everyday wear and so silky and creamy. I love it.

The Perfect Couple// I absolutely loved this book. It's set on Nantucket and is a murder mystery of sorts. It's really quick and easy to read. Perfect for a fun summer read.

Low Carb Wrap// These wraps are SO good. I keep buying them whenever I see them in the grocery store. They have really low net carbs, are high in fiber, and all of the wraps are under 80 calories. I make sandwiches with them but are also good for tacos/burritos! It's a healthier alternative that doesn't taste 'healthy'.

Thayer's Witch Hazel Pads// I have loved Thayer's Witch Hazel for forever and always have a bottle on hand. It's a great toner. I walked by these in the store the other day and had to get them. They are perfect for lazy me who doesn't want to wet a cotton pad- these are already done!

Everlasting Treat Ball// Henry absolutely loves this. He plays with it for at least 30 minutes. The treat inside is designed to last a while and he is utterly fascinated with it!

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Laura Baker said...

I've been waiting to hear back about how you liked The Perfect Couple, I'm definitely gonna read it since you liked it!


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