Monday, April 30, 2018

April Favorites

April Favorites

Men's Fisherman Sweater// I talked about this sweater, here, and it truly is such a great find!

White Jeans// These truly are the best ever. I wrote about them, here. I've gotten friends and family of all body types into these jeans and everyone gives them rave reviews  

Long Sleeve Cotton Tee// I loved this basic find so much that I went back and ordered more colors. Great as a  pajama top or a casual lounge top, these are awesome. Size up once since they are 100% cotton and will shrink a bit in the dryer. 

Fig and Grapefruit Candle// This candle is incredible. It smells fresh but cozy and it really fills a room wonderfully! It would be great for a kitchen if you want to neutralize bad kitchen odors. 

Wellaplex// I talked about my WELLAPLEX treatment, here. It has been a few weeks and I am obsessed. I could not recommend the treatment more! My hair looks and feels so much softer and healthier. 

Sweater Shaver// I wrote about this little gadget, here. It is worth every penny and has saved some of my pilling sweaters from being thrown out!

Lake Pajamas// These are truly the BEST ever. I can't get enough. They're definitely pricey, but they're worth every penny in my book. The cotton is so soft- unlike anything I've ever felt.

Lip Balm// This balm is just $6 and I love the rose! I think it's a great calming scented balm to put on before bed!

Nantucket Tote// This tote is SO good. It has so many pockets and is big enough to carry pretty much anything I could ever need. This Barrington Gifts tote continues to be a favorite of mine. I also just got a new passport (read about that, here) and got one of their passport holders. It is SO cute! I also love this, this (want!), this, and this

Poulet Bleu// I tried this new restaurant for my birthday dinner and it did not disappoint. It's located in Lawrenceville and specializes in French fare! You can see more photos, here

Eddie V's Bar// I tried this bar and loved it. They make a wonderful French 75 and the atmosphere is upscale and chic. Plus they have live music in the lounge area!

Chik Fil A Diet Lemonade// I've always loved a CFA DL, but I've been obsessed lately. So fresh and great for summertime. 

GG Crackers// You can read more about these 'appetite control' crackers here! But basically, they really do work. (hint: don't make the GG pizza recipe- it's gross!). 

Lost in Space// I just finished this Netflix series of 10 episodes. It's a little cheesy and definitely nerdy, but something interesting and cute/lighthearted!

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Lauren said...

Chick-fil-A lemonade is the best! Love your dress!



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