Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ok, I admit it. I am obsessed with the Real Housewives of New York. I realize that it is just one big train wreck, but it's so hard to look away! Last Thursday was the first episode of the ladies' vacation in Morocco (and I use the term "ladies" very loosely). Well, Luanne's kaftan reminded me a lot of this littler Target (or Tarjay for the more sophisticated) number...
This is Calypso St. Barth's line for Target. I wasn't really a fan of this kaftan at all when I first saw it when the line first debuted, but after seeing this...
It reminded me a TON of the Calypso for Target line and I am now a fan... and for $50 who can resist? I'm thinking I would wear this strictly as pool/beachwear. However, many people are brave enough to pull off the kaftan look anywhere and everywhere and I think it looks great, but it's just not for me. How do you wear your kaftans? Have you purchased anything from the Calypso for Target line? Have a fabulous day!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day!

Take time to remember and thank everyone who fights or fought for our freedom, not just today, but everyday!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nantucket Noose

"We are four old family-friends from Connecticut who all grew up spending our summers on Nantucket. When two-month summer vacations became extinct for us, we were looking for a way to stay indelibly connected with the island. As we started to design, sell, and market our products, we realized that many people share our passion for this island, and fortunately, many people are still discovering it each summer."- blurb taken from the Nantucket Noose website
As soon as I saw this company, I just had to tell everyone about it! Nantucket Noose was founded in 2004 and creates products to remind people of their time spend on Nantucket. I love ALL of their products that they offer, from their men's ties to their rain boots. They are colorful and fun, and most definitely create a reminder of summertime. 
Nantucket Noose sent me their Beach Permit Flip-Flops and their Beach Permit D-ring belt! How fun are these two?! The flip-flops are so comfortable and with all of the different colors (for each color there is a different year, just like the actual beach permits!) these sandals would match just about anything! I also love the matching belt--it is most definitely unique and both are conversation starters.
Above is a close-up of their beach permit print. How cute is that!? 
I tried to get a close up of the belt as well. I love how on the very left of this picture, you can see that their logo blends right in with the belt pattern!
I wanted to get a side shot of the flip-flops to show that they aren't too thin of a sole, but aren't too thick either. Their thickness is just perfect for that comfort that is necessary in a sandal.
They also offer many other fun products...
Is there a stronger word than obsessed? This tote bag is too cute and has 4 different color options to choose from. This would be a great beach bag, but you could also use it for traveling as well!
I love the pink and green rain boots! But they also have 3 other color options as well... I'm just partial to the pink and green!
Even if you have never been to Nantucket, if you are looking to get a gift, this is the perfect place. I think it would be perfect for a couple's anniversary to give them each something from Nantucket Noose if they got married on Nantucket or even as a wedding present! This would also be a great idea to give someone that has everything because this gift would be more personal than anything else! Have you ever heard of Nantucket Noose? Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kate Middleton Inspired Frock

I'm not a huge Royal Wedding/Kate Middleton fanatic however, I do think she has a great classic style and definitely think she is a pretty woman... I'm more of a fan of Pippa, actually! However, I have posted in the past about how I have a ring that looks exactly like Kate Middleton's engagement ring.
 Well, I was also a fan of the  blue Issa London dress that she wore when the couple made their engagement announcement.
Of course this dress was ultimately sold out and I wasn't so obsessed with it that I was going to order it. Well, when I was out shopping one day, I popped into Marshalls with kJa and we spotted a Ralph Lauren dress that looked very similar to the Issa London dress that Kate wore!
 It was only $50 and just my size so I knew I had to try it on...
The dress wasn't the exact color, and I'm sure wasn't the exact material because the Ralph Lauren dress didn't have the same sheen to it as the Issa dress. Another difference is that the dress didn't have as deep of a v-neck as the Issa dress. However, it fit like a glove and I knew I just had to have it! Speaking of Marshalls, when I was in there, they had wonderful things! Lots of Lilly pajamas and other very cute pajamas along with...
I spotted this adorable black linen shift dress with fuun ruffle detail at the bottom. The brand was Taylor, which I've been seeing a lot at Marshalls in the past year or so. Most of the Taylor dresses are usually marked at $50 which is what this dress was market. Definitely a classic dress!
Then I spotted this Theory dress for I think $80, but I can't really remember. The dress was great quality and had such a pretty eyelet design at the top.
I absolutely adored this tunic. Definitely a great coverup (I'm thinking over-top of a teeny-tiny white bikini? OK, maybe not teeny-tiny, but little white bikini, with a mid-summer's tan?). For $25, who can resist?
Needless to say, my first Marshalls trip while being home from school was great, however, I just went to a differently located Marshalls in Pittsburgh and they had absolutely nothing. I guess that's the one thing that I don't like about Marshalls--sometimes it's a goldmine and other times, I leave empty handed. Have you found any great steals at your Marshalls? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Watches That Are Worth Your Time

First of all a HUGE congratulations to Hines Ward for winning Dancing With the Stars... oh yeah, and Kym too! Pittsburgh may not have won the Super Bowl, but at least Hines brought back a win to the Steel City!

Now back to regular Summer Wind posting... This weekend, a friend had on a great grosgrain watch... Of course, I had to ask about it and I couldn't believe my ears or eyes when he told me it was from Target! Of course, as soon as I got back to Pittsburgh, I rushed out to Target and got this beauty of a watch (literally, I got back on Sunday, and bought the watch on Monday).
This is the picture from Target's website. It is a men's watch (this made me even happier!) and the price...drumroll.... $12.99. I was guessing it wouldn't be too expensive just because I know that Target is not really the place to shop for watches, but $12.99! I couldn't even believe it!
This is my picture. It doesn't look that great in the picture but let me tell you, when I first saw this watch, I thought it look like a pricey timepiece. I really know my watches and this one caught me totally off guard. It is so well made and very comparable to my Brooks Brothers watch. At this price, it might even be smart to stock up and give this watch as a gift. Fathers Day is coming up very soon (June 19) and also, this would be a great gift for a high school graduate, not to mention a great gift to surprise your boyfriend or husband with as a "just because" gift!
Here it is in between a quarter and my Brooks Brothers watch. It's a thin face, but definitely large in diameter in comparison to my Brooks Brothers watch (which is actually broken due to a bit of an accident in Richmond--whoopsies! Its' next stop is to the watch doctor!) . The grosgrain strap is removable and is a bit wider than the ones that I have for my Brooks Brothers watch, however, when I put them on the Target watch, you can't really tell that they're too small. So, the point of this post is that if you're a watch person, go buy this watch, if you're not a watch person, go buy this watch, if you need a watch like you need a hole in the head (that would be me), still, go buy this watch!

Have you seen this watch or do you have this watch? Can you tell that I'm in love? I will definitely be featuring this in an OOTD very soon! have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend in Richmond

This past weekend I packed my bags and headed to Richmond, VA to visit some sorority sisters and bEw! I have been to Richmond several other times, but I never got to explore the city as much as I got to this weekend.
 I think my favorite place was definitely the Hall Tree which is an upscale consignment store. I had never been to a consignment store before, but now, I am hooked.
Total price paid for both of these skirts? The top is Lilly and the second one is Vineyard Vines... only $40! Such a deal, it felt like stealing! I also made a stop at Peter-Blair with bEw, and I fell in love. I could shop 'til I drop and they don't even have anything for women! However, they had a great selection of grosgrain watch bands...
I just had to get a pink and green one. I couldn't resist... plus, there are not many men who could rock a pink and green watchband!
I ate a whole lot of food... I kid you not. Above is jDf, lBa, bEw, me, and D at Conch Republic. It just opened up and is right on the river. It was so fun to sit outside and be able to watch the sun set.
I also ate at Carrytown Burgers which was SO good... I got the alifornia burger and it had delicious guac on it!
Above: bEw and I in the "fan". I got to learn all of the Richmond lingo as well which is a whole lot more confusing than I thought... maybe even more confusing than the Pittsburgh lingo... nahhh. Overall, I give Richmond rave reviews. Good friends, good food, good fun, and good shopping... what more could a girl ask for? What did you all do this past weekend?
Have a fabulous day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to all who entered the Smathers and Branson needlepoint headband giveaway! There were lots of entries, but unfortunately, only one can win! So, without further adieu, the winner is....
You get to pick your choice of needlepoint headband, how exciting! E-mail me at SummerWind41490@gmail.com to claim your win! Have a fabulous night!

Tin Angel Pittsburgh

 I am lucky to live in a city with incredible food. Because of the diversity in culture, Pittsburgh is lucky to offer so many different restaurants with all different types of food. Some, like Primanti Brothers, are more famous than others but nonetheless, Pittsburgh has delicious fare (you can read my post about Pittsburgh, here). Last weekend my family and I celebrated my grammie's birthday at the Tin Angel which is on Mt. Washington. I had never been to the Tin Angel before, however, regardless of the food, I love any restaurant on Mt. Washington because of the incredible view. Before dining at the Tin Angel, my favorite restaurants were The Grand Concourse which I have previously posted about, and Monterey Bay (seafood restaurant also located on Mt. Washington), but I can honestly say after the meal I had last Saturday, the Tin Angel is a new favorite.
We reserved the top room of the restaurant which is for private dining and it had a nice sized balcony with the most incredible view of the entire city.
Me and cCm on the balcony with the city to our backs! My dress is Talbots.
It was fun to watch the incline pass on its' way up and down the mountain!
My wonderful parents! Don't you just love my daddy's madras jacket (I may be a little bias)!
View from the balcony after dark. On the very right of the picture you can see into the Le Mont-- another Pittsburgh favorite. 
I added this picture to the Summer Wind Facebook page because it's just too good not to share! All of my favorite seafood on one plate! The food was absolutely delicious, just as I write this, my mouth is watering! My favorite was definitely the scallops-they were perfect!
Grammie about to blow out her candles and make a wish!
The pretty dining room from the balcony!
A fun time was had by all-- even by my cousin M, who is just 5! So if you are ever in Pittsburgh, a meal at the Tin Angel is a must! Have a fabulous day!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Obsessed: Harper Bazaars' Stripes

Harper Bazaar's April 2011 magazine featured a very well done spread of supermodel Patricia van der Vilet (who appeared on Holland's Next Top Model) photographed by fashion photographer Richard Brubridge. The entire article was about bold colors and patterns made from stripes. I loved the seeing all of the bright colors and unique pairings of patterns. But there was one thing that stood out to me in this entire magazine and that is the above (and below) dress.

I might have just saved this dress to a "want" folder on my computer, and I may peek at it every day once in a while to remind myself of its' beauty. Seriously though, the colors are great and the bold stripes, even better. I think the colors are reminiscent of Kate Spade's iconic use of bold hues with a very simple and classic cut. The variation in pleating is something that I love the most about this dress and it adds the "high fashion" element. Well, I did a little searching and the dress is made by an off shoot of MaxMara. It's an Italian based company called Sportmax. The clothes are definitely a lot trendier than I typically go for, however, some pieces have a classic cut with a twist that just calls to me.
I tried to navigate the website as best I could considering it is in Italian and je parle francais. However, I learned some new Italian vocab and made room in my virtual closet for this pretty frock!
I also made room for this shirt/skirt duo because who doesn't love that blue hue in the spring/summer and who doesn't love a fun print!
And an "accessori" (see Italian really isn't that hard, now is it) that I spied with my little eye would be this gorgeous brown clutch for clutching all of my precious euros, because you know what they say... "when in Rome".
And I think I'll need this cover-up for when I am sailing off the coast of Italy on my private yacht; because after all, that is how they do it over there, right?

So while I'm day dreaming of my jaunt to Italy to start my Sportmax collezione (that's collection for all of you Americans), I'm actually begging politely asking my father to play hooky from work for oh say about a week or 2, and whisk my mother, sister, and I all away for a shopping spree family vacation in Italy. I think I'll stick to dreaming for now!
Don't forget to enter my Smathers and Branson needlepoint headband giveaway! It ends this Sunday at midnight! You do not want to miss out! Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gracious Hosting

Ever since I can remember my mother has been hosting parties and cocktail events galore! Needless to say she has become quite the pro and since then, I have learned a lot from her. I know many of us are well versed on how to be a gracious hostess at a dinner party but sometimes we forget the important things when hosting an over-night or weekend house guest simply because we don't do it as often. So here are my simple tips to being a gracious hostess!
In your guests room have a luggage rack set out and ready for your guests luggage. If you don't have one, they aren't too pricey and you can find them at places like Bed Bath and Beyond. That way your guest will have something to rest their luggage on and stay more tidy!
Have fresh towels available for your guest. Either lay them on the end of their bed where they can easily be seen or in a basket or hanging in the bathroom.
In the bathroom, have plenty of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shave gel, etc. I think a cute idea is to gather hotel shampoos from all of your various travels and put them in a basket, that way the guest can use the shampoo you provided or they have options if they don't like the type you've provided. It's also always good to have several extra tooth brushes on hand just in case! You can never be too prepared and a guest always appreciates a gracious, well prepared host/hostess!
If you're not a drinker and your guest is, chances are you are going to have to make a stop at the liquor store. Stock up on whatever you know your guest likes to drink and make sure you have the appropriate glasses to serve the drink in. If you know your guest isn't a drinker but know they enjoy diet coke or perrier, have those and other options on hand.
Most people rely on their cell phones now-a-days to wake them up in the mornings but there is nothing that annoys me more when I'm in a room and I can't see a clock. Especially if I wake up thinking it's 10am and get out of bed to check my phone only to find out it's only 6am. Keep an alarm click where it's visible. Your guest will appreciate it.
Make breakfast. I know I am guilty of not eating usually eating breakfast, and I certainly don't cook up bacon, eggs, and pancakes every morning, but when you have guests, make that extra effort. If you know your guest doesn't get up for breakfast or doesn't care for breakfast then at least make a pot of coffee and set out some fruit, yogurt, granola, etc.
Have fresh flowers. There is something about fresh flowers that makes a house seem a little brighter and more lively!
Another fun option is that if your guest is a first time visitor, make a little gift basket for them to take home. Put things in there that will remind them of their trip and where you live. For example, Pittsburgh has Heinz Ketchup so a bottle of ketchup would go into the basket. What do you do to prepare for a house guest? Don't forget to enter my Smathers and Branson needlepoint headband giveaway! You get to choose the headband! Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I can't remember how I stumbled upon this amazing jewelry designer, Hassan Bounkit, but I am sure glad I did! These precious jewels are to-die-for! If they weren't thousands of dollars, I can assure you, I would have already placed an order! Oh but every girl can dream, can't she? Look how fabulous these sparklies are!
I am very much a studs only girl when it comes to earrings. These would be a fabulous choice when I want to give my pearls a day off. 
I am in L-O-V-E with this necklace. You could wear this with a white oxford button down to add a ton of fun sparkle, or you could add it to a strapless gown for a stunning effect.
I love this bangle. There are so many amazing color options to choose from. I love the blue and coral color the best though because it's a very interesting color combination!
What a fabulous cocktail ring. I can remember seeing Serena on Gossip Girl wearing a white ring that looked somewhat similar to this bauble. This would really pop with a tan!
Have you ever heard of Bounkit? Don't forget to enter my Smathers and Branson needlepoint headband giveaway! So perfect for keeping your hair out of your face on hot summer days! Giveaway ends Sunday! Have a fabulous day!

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