Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tots Toes

If only I had small feet... Why, Ralph, Why must you make these only go up to a size 5! We women would like to sport these as well!
You can find these beauties here. Someone with small feet or better yet, small children please get these! They are just too cute to pass up! Have a fabulous day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Last of the Firsts

Today is my last first day of college. I feel so weird saying that. My last year of college begins... I just hope this year doesn't go as fast as the past three!
 This picture was taken exactly three years ago to this day! It is me and my roomie and bff from freshman and sophomore year! We took this right before our first class of our college careers! Today I'll be taking my last first picture :(. Definitely bittersweet. Good luck to all who are starting their first days at school, at their job, or taking their minnies back to school! Have a great day!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

True Wind: The Regatta Tote and Discount Code

I wanted to let you all know about a discount code that True Wind is offering now through September 9. The Regatta Tote is 50% off when you enter "HALFTOTE" at checkout.
 There are two sizes available: large and small. The tote is also monogrammable! I think this would be the perfect tote to travel with and the smaller size would be perfect for toting around books and your computer around campus.
It comes in many colors such as the above, royal with yellow stripes. I think this might be my favorite color combination! I know that True Wind never offers discounts, so get this deal while you can! Remember to enter "HALFTOTE" at checkout!
Have a fabulous day!

Makeup That I love

When I ran out of mascara a few weeks ago, I stocked up on my usual Covergirl Lash Blast (orange tube). However, I saw that Maybeline Pulse Perfection was on special so I decided to give it a try. I now have a new favorite mascara! I think it was around $10 full price and it is now my go-to mascara. I have several on standy-by for when my first tube runs out. I love the applicator, love the consistency and color, and I love the pulsating wand. It distributes the perfect amount of product onto my eyes without giving me the clump look. Even better, it makes my lashes look SO long! This is a product that I definitely recommend!
The next product that I have recently switched to is the Sephora mineral powder. I'm not sure if it's still available but it's on clearance for $3 (no, that is not a typo!). I bought 15 of them when I found out. It is a great mineral powder. I have blogged previously about what make-up I use and for powder, I usually use GloMinerals but this is just as good! To give you a price comparison, BareMinerals is around $20, GloMinerals is around $40 and Sephora's is originally priced at $18 and now marked down to $3! If they are still available in your Sephora, I would suggest to stock up!

I rarely wear eye-shadow but when I do, I wear all of the above shades. I like ones with shimmer for the night and dark browns and blacks to blend for nighttime wear. Then, I love bright colors that give my eyes an "I got plenty of sleep" look for the day-time. All of these colors are functional which is really hard to find in a palette... but the best part is you'll never guess where I got them...drum roll... Forever21 for $6. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that's $1 an eyeshadow! They really are great eye shadows. I am not an eye shadow aficionado but they are easily the prettiest and nicest shadows I've used and I have Sephora brand, Lancome, Lorac, etc.

So those are my picks! What are your latest make-up pics! Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Essentials Part 8: The Party Dress and The Statement Coat

Everyone needs a dress that they wouldn't normally wear.Something out of the ordinary, out of their typical style. The dress above is my go to dress for just that. This dress is Tulle and I am in love. It is most definitely not preppy and it's a bit more revealing than I'm used to but that's what makes it fun and daring for me. This is perfect for any college gal's budget because all of Tulle's products are not too pricey at all and the quality is MUCH better than Forever21. This dress is called the Bustier Dress because the top of the dress is stitched to look like a bustier. It is currently on sale for $31.80 which is a steal. Plus, you don't want to spend a lot of money on trendier items that will go out of style in a season or two.
Here is a closer-up version of the top half of the dress so you can see the bustier detailing. The dress is fully lined and hits a little above my knee. The straps are thin and adjustable. I would say that their sizes fit on the smaller side. I ordered up and while I think I could have gone with the small, I ordered medium and it is plenty comfortable. Plus I like to size up when I am getting a more revealing piece of clothing so that it doesn't look overly revealing (tip: do this for those skimpy Halloween costumes. I order two sizes up to ensure that I don't  look like I'm wearing anything skimpy).
The back of the dress sports an exposed zipper-- another trendier aspect of this dress. This dress will be great for more casual date parties and for when I want to look out of the ordinary from what I usually wear. 
 Here is another fun party dress that I absolutely love. In fact this could double as a party dress and a day dress. Wear this dress with heels out at night and it's perfect for a party but add a turtleneck, tights, and flats and your ready for the day.
I decided to do two items in one post because I got both of these items from Tulle. I can't seem to find this exact coat on the website but it was on sale as well. Tulle is another great website to get statement coats from. I love this coat because it reminds me of something Betty Draper from Mad Men would wear or Samantha from Bewitched would wear. The coat has an intricate design on it but from far away, the design just gives the coat texture. This jacket would be perfect paired with denim, colored denim, skirts, and dresses. Dress casually but throw this coat on and your outfit is instantly kicked up a notch.
The quality of this coat is impeccable and not something that you would expect from a website with such inexpensive prices. I cannot wait to debut this jacket when the days start to get chilly. This will be perfect from late October all the way through March.
Here is another great option for a statement coat. It's a classic double breasted jacket but with a twist. The jacket is a lot more fitted than a traditional double breasted coat and the ruffles add an updated, girly touch. Not to mention the sangria color will add a punch to any outfit.

Do you have a statement jacket? Do you have a fun party dress that is a little out of your style comfort zone? Have you ever shopped Tulle before? Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fall Essentials Part 7: The Duck Boot

Another Bean product added to the fall essentials list. This time, it's the L.L. Bean boot. These are a classic boot that will get you through fall rains, winter snow, and those pesky April showers. They are rugged but have a touch of sophistication about them. I love love love that they're unisex too! It's funny to see guys and girls wearing the exact same footwear on campus. I lost my Bean mocs too! They are a little more feminine and better for fall and spring because they aren't too hot!

 Another great option for rain is the Hunter rain boot. I'm not a rain boot kind of girl. I tried to get into them freshman year and it just never worked for me. These are really popular on many college campuses. Something that I love about them is that there are so many fun liners that you can add to them. I still definitely only stick to my Bean boots and never diverge. But whatever works for you-- most importantly is that your feet stay warm and dry! Which do you prefer? The Bean boot or the Hunter wellie?
Have a fabulous day!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall Essentials Part 6: The Tervis Tumbler and Camelbak

I love my Tervis Tumblers. I really do think they are an essential part of college. Carry this reusable tumbler wherever you go. It's eco-friendly and keeps your drinks hot or cold without any condensation. You can also change the lids. They have a to-go lid and a lit with a straw. I love that they are personalized and they even have a bunch of different logos for different schools! I seriously use my Tervis every single day while I am at school. I fill it with hot coffee in the morning, diet coke or iced tea in the afternoon and then hot tea or coffee at night.

This photo is from the Tervis website. It shows all of the different shapes and sizes options. I am a HUGE coffee drinker. I like it black and I usually drink it out of my 16 oz. but I think I'm going to be drinking it out of my 24 oz. starting this winter-- in my mind, you can never have enough coffee!

Next is the Camelbak water bottle. I also use this daily. I had one that lasted me all throughout my freshman and sophomore year and now I have two that I alternate between. I keep one filled up and in the fridge and one on the go... that way I'll always have a full, cold water bottle on hand! They have a newer one called the Groove where it actually filters the water in your bottle as you drink it. Might just have to invest in one! They also have neoprene sleeves available so that the condensation doesn't get all over the place!
What do you drink your beverages out of on the go at school? Have a fabulous day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall Essentials Part 5: Things to Keep You Warm

Yes, I do realize it's only late August, but really you start to need a sweatshirt in early October and in some places even in September. However, you don't always have to reach for your sweatshirt when Jack Frost comes knocking. Pashminas are fabulous for keeping warm. I love a pashmina with a cocktail dress and then when you're done using it around your shoulders, it can double as a scarf!
This is the only picture I can find from recently but a pashmina was perfect for a spring night when I first got home from school!
Here's another shot from last summer! I have many in all different colors and prints! They also make great gifts and are a fun thing to have monogrammed! Do you love pashminas? Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Essentials Part 4: The Cocktail Dress

Everyone has their go-to cocktail dress when they want to feel "sexy", but do you have a go-to cocktail appropriate dress that you could wear to absolutely any function that requires "cocktail attire"? (Meaning not too low-cut or revealing or not seasonal). Well, the Meg dress by the Annie Griffin Collection is the perfect dress for just that.
This dress is perfect because the sleeves are 3/4 length making it seasonally appropriate for spring, summer, winter, and fall! It's also great because the fabric is perfect for any season as well. There are no gaudy embellishments added, but just a very cute but subtle bow accent on the pocket.
Who doesn't love a good bow?! The bow adds some "fun" to the dress without being too overwhelming.
The sleeves at the shoulder and towards the end of the sleeve are gathered together to create a fun and updated silhouette which is perfect for any young woman. The rest of the Meg dress has an A-line cut which is classic and flattering for most body shapes.
The dress is fully lined making it great quality that will last a long time. You could wear this to work by day and go right out at night without even changing. This is the best part of the dress: versatility. Just add some fun jewelry or heels and you're ready for a night out. Or wear it to church during the colder months with tights and flats and a strand of pearls.
Another great part about the Annie Griffin Collection? They have many dresses with classic silhouettes and colors to choose from. There's a dress for everyone, making it the 4th Fall Essential in my Fall Essentials Collection. I can't wait to feature the Meg dress in an OOTD when I get back to school. I can already envision this being worn to date functions, networking events, presentations, and out with friends! Have you shopped Annie Griffin? What is your favorite style? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fall Essentials Part 3: The Gameday Dress

If you're school is not into gameday dresses then disregard this post. Or, be unique and stand out (and very well dressed) and wear a gameday dress anyway!
I just got my gameday dress from Designs by Kara Kihm-- Kara is from Richmond, VA and has just recently started her Etsy site and I LOVE everything that she creates herself! There are 8 styles available including the Fair, Annapolis, Brooke, Amanda, Lily, McCarrick, Elizabeth Anne, and Erin. I got my gameday dress in the Erin cut and absolutely love it.
This is one of the pictures from the website. I love the color combinations in this picture! The dresses fit so perfectly as well! Kara can make any dress custom but order 2-4 weeks in advance to allow time for it to be made so you get your dress on time!
This is the front of my dress. I love the ruffle neckline and the crisp white top. The sizes run pretty true to size. I got a size four and usually wear between a 2 and 4 and the 4 fits just right. The dress is nipped right in the waist to give you a great figure and the skirt is straight making you look long and lean. The entire dress is lined and overall the dress is wonderfully made--you can tell by the seams and stitching that this dress is extremely well made.
I love the bow detail on the back waist of the dress. It adds the perfect girly touch and fun to the back. I also love that the ruffles go all the way around the collar. The back has darting in it below and above the waist to assure a great fit and clean silhouette.

Here is a close-up of the top half of the dress. The front is also darted near the bust giving the dress a great, comfortable fit. The neckline is v-neck but you can tell from the pictures on their website and from my picture above that the neckline is still conservative and not too revealing.
Designs by Kara Kihm is perfect for any woman looking for the perfect and unique gameday dress that no one else will have!
If you're not in need of a gameday dress, DBKK also has other gorgeous offerings. Think horse races, tea parties, baby showers, weddings, and any other event where a pretty dress is a must! I am obsessed with the above dresses-- The Amanda and the Lily. How perfect are both of them? I cannot wait to do an OOTD post featuring my gameday dress so you can all see how perfect it is on!!

Are you ready to do gameday in style? Don't you just love all of Kara Kihm's beautiful creations?! Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall Essentials Part 2: The Bean Tote

Whether you're 15, 21, 30, or 80, a Bean tote is for you. This tote is indestructible. Whether you use it to travel, grocery shop, or as a purse or book bag, this LLBean Boat and Tote will always do the trick. It is a classic bag that never goes out of style and with many colors and monogramming options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. I also love that they are super inexpensive meaning there's room to collect! My family and even myself alone have so many of these bags. I use them for the beach, I use them for travel, for storage, and for a handbag. How many totes do you have? What do you use them for? Have a fabulous day!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall Essentials Part 1: The Murfee Scarf

For the next week or so, I thought it'd be fun to post back to school wardrobe essentials and other essentials. I'll do an item or two a day to prepare every preppy, put-together student out there! If you'd like to share an item that you think is necessary, feel free to e-mail me at and I can add it to the list!
First on the list is the Murfee scarf.
At $118, I consider this more of an investment piece. This scarf should be worn whenever you get the chance.


There is so much you can do with this scarf. Wear it with just about anything and it will complete your outfit. I love it with a plain oxford and black denim and black boots. The scarf finishes the entire outfit with a bright punch. Dress down a neutral cocktail dress. Don't only wear your cocktail dresses just once! For a more casual occasion, try pairing one of your already worn cocktail dresses with a murfee for a less dressy feel. For a casual, warm fall day, throw on a cable sweater, khaki shorts, boat shoes, and a murfee and you are all set! It's a classic, comfortable outfit and the murfee is the show-off piece! When it gets to be coat season, use the murfee just like you would any other winter scarf! Wear it daily to brighten up any of your winter coats and jackets!
How do you wear your murfee? Which pattern do you own? Have a fabulous day!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Here We Go!

Tonight at 7:30 is the kickoff for Steelers pre-season! First up is the Washington Redskins. Even though it's only preseason, let's hope this is an easy win! I am beyond excited for football season (for a second, we could have almost not had a football season--yikes!). So HERE WE GO STEELERS! Have a fabulous weekend! I'm headed down into enemy territory today to move into my new townhouse!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taste for Tartan

 With back to school just around the corner (literally considering I'm semi-moving in tomorrow!) a college student needs a way to tote all of her stuff. Whether it be to campus, to a friends, to visit another school, to spring-break, to the mountains to ski, or to the library for an all nighter (I almost forgot about those over the summer)... Well, Ralph Lauren you really are in tune to a college student's needs- too bad if you want to be decked out in Ralph Lauren's tartan collection, it will set you back over $1000.
Something needs to tote my books and laptop around... 
My colored pens and fun markers (I swear I'm in college...) need a place to hide...
For the overnight trip, I could definitely put this to use...
I can picture all of my pretty fall sweaters snuggled all nicely inside of this beautiful duffel....
Sooo... Back to the drawing board for a more affordable back to school luggage set! Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


While on vacation one night, we took a boat ride to dinner at the yacht club and had a wonderful time. I wore a Calypso for Target dress and loved it! The color was so pretty and a perfect summer shade. It actually had a bit of a Chinoiserie feel to it because of the detail near the chest of the dress. It also had pockets (fun bonus in my book).
This is a closer up view of the dress! Just loved it and bVc and I matched with out colors--how cute! What were your favorite pieces in the Calypso St. Barth for Target line? Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sonora by Double H Maggie Boot

While on vacation in Georgia, we stopped into a new boot shop that had just opened up. I was in the market for some new cowboy boots and my luck was just right that day because I am now a proud owner of some gorgeous new boots (post on that to come!).Well, while in there, I spotted the most gorgeous pair of boots. They were even on clearance (I can't for the life of me remember the price!). But I remembered to type the brand into my phone and have literally scoured every site to try and find these boots but I can't find them for sale anywhere! They only had a size 5 and a size 6 in store and there was no way my size 8 1/2 foot was ever going to fit!
The only thing I could find out about these boots is that they are the Sonora Maggie by Double H boot. I can't really find any other information on them. I don't even know if this is a good brand. But when I felt these boots they were exceptional quality and so unique compared to any other boot in the entire store! Does anyone know about this brand of boot or is anyone the lucky owner of this boot!? I am no longer in the market for a new pair of cowboy boots, but if there is anyway I can get my hand on a pair of these, then these will be my next purchase! Aren't they gorgeous?! Have a fabulous day!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jolie and Elizabeth

 "Drawing inspiration from the heart of the deep south, New Orleans; over a pitcher of sweet tea and a messy shrimp po boy, Jolie and Elizabeth was born. Jolie & Elizabeth is comprised of two young New Orleans fashion designers, Jolie Bensen and Sarah Elizabeth Dewey." - Excerpt from Jolie and Elizabeth website
 Jolie and Elizabeth were kind enough to send me a dress and I owe them a big thank you because it is gorgeous! I recently wore it over to the country club for dinner and I was getting compliments left and right!
They sent me the Rue Royale dress and it is fit for a queen. The color is a gorgeous jewel-tone purple with light lavender accents. This dress fits like a glove! It fits just like it was made for me!
My favorite part is the big bow in the back! It adds the perfect finishing touch to the dress! Another feature I love is the pleating...
It adds for such a flattering touch along with the cinched waist from the bow... It really makes the waist take shape and will flatter most any figure!
I also love that all of their clothing is made in the United States--Another huge plus. All of their designs are classic with a fun, flirty twist!
One of my favorite pieces is this black skirt. I love the cut of the skirt and the flattering waist line. This is the perfect piece to add to any girl's wardrobe because of its' versatility!
Have you shopped Jolie and Elizabeth? What are you lusting over? Have a fabulous day!

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