Friday, September 30, 2011

Down with the Vest

I have a serious love for my down vest. I got it as a Christmas present years and years ago and it is from Gap.I have gotten so much wear out of it. I tried looking on the Gap website to find something similar but I've had no luck. Gap has changed a lot in the past 10 years and doesn't offer a lot of quality/classic pieces any longer. However, down vests in general are perfect for the month of October. (I've also considered taking mine to the monogrammers to get monogrammed, however, I just haven't gotten around to it... It will happen eventually though because you can never have enough monograms).
Down with the Vest

The vest on the left is RL kids. If you can fit into RL kids, this is a great option. Navy is a great neutral and the patch makes it unique. The boys section of RL also has a great down vest offered in a bevy of colors. The sizes run pretty large, I usually wear a size small or size 2/4 and a size 14 in RL boys is plenty big.
The two vests to the right of the RL vest are J. Crew's Excursion Quilted Vest. Usually I find J. Crews prices to be overpriced for most items and usually only shop J. Crew sale, however, at the original price of $98, this is a really great price. Most down vests are priced over $100. Don't think you are limited to only be dressed down when you are wearing a down vest. The middle outfit is a great example of ways you can wear your vest when dressed up.
This down vest from RL Men's is another great option. A little harder to match with a lot because it is patterned and has a lot going on and definitely a little more pricier than many options; however, it is unique and definitely classic. 
If you are looking for other brands to purchase a down vest, check out: Barbour, Patagonia, Mountain Hardware, The North Face, Penfield, Columbia, etc. Most outdoor brands carry a nice down vest. How do you wear your down vest? Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

What to Wear? October Edition.

October is always that in between month. One day it will be 75 and sunny and the next it could be 45 and rainy. I know in Pittsburgh we have had snow on Halloween. However, being down south, you get more of the nicer weather and you tend to dress warmly but leave the coat at home. I've put together several outfits that are appropriate for October for a nice cool day, a cooler day, and a downright cold day.
Cool, Cooler, Coolest

Outfit #1 (left to right)
This outfit is perfect for the first week or two of October. It still shows you're not ready to fully give up summer because of the nautical sweater. The green accessories give it a pop of color but the pants and belt keep things cool and neutral. This is perfect for a 65 degree day.
Outfit #2
This outfit is perfect for temperatures more in the 50's. You could wear this outfit all winter long, but if you want to keep jacket-less for as long as possible, this is a great option. The sweater is very fall and adds a cozy touch to the black pants and cream tank. Add pearls and a gold watch to add a little more dressiness to the outfit. The "slipper" loafers are back in style and while I've always loved them, they are currently "in". Stubbs and Wooton offer, in my opinion, the best options and quality. I own a pair by Ralph Lauren in dark brown with a silver lion on the toe but the S&W's are on my wish list. When picking a slipper loafer, I would go with neutrals. While colors are fun, invest in a neutral pair first, then move onto fun colors.
These are the pair that are currently on my wish list. They are neutral with the black, but the gold heel and gold trim make them fun and different. Also, the gold allows you to really dress these up if you'd like.
Outfit #3
The third outfit is for when it is just downright cold and you can sense that winter temps are ready to arrive. This is great for late October and well into November. The black turtleneck and black leggings gives you a streamlined look making it ok to add a long chunky sweater over-top. Usually I think sweaters make people appear bulky, however, the all black underneath keeps the body slim. I probably would not wear this look to class, however, I think it's great for a Saturday or Sunday just lounging. I also envision this type of look at a ski house or lodge. I know the Uggs are a debated boot, however, they are great to wear when lounging. Add a watch to add a little shine to your outfit and a headband is a great accessory because it can make the look seem more put-together.

So what do you wear when you are unsure of temperatures? Are you ready to welcome October and the crazy ups and downs of temperatures? I sure am! Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Townhouse Closet

I get a lot of requests for me to show my closet and since I changed locations since last year, I thought I'd update you with my closet storage. Unfortunately, I have a pretty small closet, so I still utilize under-bed storage as well. Above is right when you open the door. I stacked my jeans on the shelf above for easy access, and all of my clothes are in color order by style. The monogrammed canvas storage bin at the bottom of my closet is great. It is so helpful when moving back and forth from school and it also collapses for easy storage. I have all my boots lining the floor as well as a huge plastic bin with sweats and t-shirts to the right of the monogrammed bin. To the left, there are many hooks with belts, hats, jackets, etc.
This is further back where all of my jackets/coats are stored. Next to my jeans on the shelf, you can find an extra blanket, luggage and totes.
Floor shot.
How do you try to make the best of the space you're given? Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

This summer I have welcomed a second pair of cowboy boots into my "collection". After wearing my last pair of boots to death, I have no deemed them my "frat boots" because now I wear them out to parties and don't mind if they get messy. So the above boots are my "nice" boots which I will only wear when I know they won't get messed up.
I got them in Georgia at a Cowboy store and I am in love with them. They are Dan Post brand and the quality is truly unmatched. They are very different from my other pair. They have no stitching on the foot, a pointier toe, higher stacked heel and are darker in color and shiny. Definitely a very different look but I love them!
What brand are your favorite pair of cowboy boots?
Have a fabulous day!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Finds

With fall officially upon us, I think it is now safe to say that it is time to decorate! I love fall scents such as pumpkin and love the warmth of fall colors. I also love decorating for Halloween, regardless of how tacky it is!
Here are some options for this season to turn your house to fall fab!

While a bit tacky, I think this Bath and Body Works candle would be a fun touch to a bathroom!
This Williams Sonoma wreath would look gorgeous on your front door. However, I love seeing wreaths on gates and fences as well.
 These napkins would be so great for a fall dinner party or a fun Halloween party!
This welcome mat is from Kirkland's and for $10.99, it definitely won't break the bank!
Don't forget to surprise your bff with a fun surprise Halloween card that will be sure to brighten his/her day!

Now your home is festive, but what about your wardrobe? I HATE the color orange. I don't own many orange things at all-- however, October is the month I will actually wear something orange. Here is some inspiration to add a little orange into your wardrobe!

By adding small pops of orange, it doesn't seem too obnoxious or overbearing. I love the colored blazer trend and this orange one pairs so well with nautical stripes! You'd be surprised but orange flats can make a pretty neutral shoe while still adding a pop of color to your outfit.
How do you add fall into your life, decor and wardrobe? Do you decorate for Halloween and fall? Have a fabulous day!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall!!

All images taken from Tumblr. 
Sad to say goodbye to summer but welcoming fall with open arms. Time to bring out the boots, quilted jackets, and pretty scarves! Have a fabulous fall weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monogrammed Wall Art

Please excuse my blogging absence. Hopefully my luck with technology has changed and I will have no more failed blackberrys or computers...
Sorry for the sideways picture, blogger is not letting me upload it any other way.. However, I saw this on my BlackBerry last week and freaked out. My BlackBerry software failed on me and would not accept the password that I have for my BlackBerry-- after numerous hours on the phone with Verizon and BlackBerry, there was nothing I could do. If your phone locks you out and you try your password 9 times, the 10th time you try, it will completely wipe your phone. Meaning my phone went back to factory settings. Then, a day later my computer crashed. So the lesson I have learned-- after my plan is up, I will never be buying a BlackBerry ever again. The customer service was horrendous. Also, I will never be buying a Dell ever again; I've had far too many issues with it! So Dell and BlackBerry, if you are reading this, we are no longer friends. Now, to the real post...

What do you get with some poster board, paint brushes, acrylic paint, ruler and pencil?
Someone good at art...
 Almost there...
 Voila! Some homemade wall art! 

Have you ever made something for your school room? I think it's the best kind of art because it's very personal and fun to make! Have a fabulous day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Weekend!

aRs, me, lMe, kKe, lBa, jSl out to lunch!
Last weekend I was a busy lady! Friday night was a sorority sisters 21st birthday party, and then Saturday my roommate, kKe's parents came for her 21st birthday and took us all out to lunch. We then headed to campus to tailgate the first home game, and then we headed home to get cleaned up for the first date function of the year!
 bEw and I tailgating before the first home game!
bEw and I before the date function!
kGe (my little) and I at a sorority sister's 21st!
 Last but not least, it wasn't all fun and games-- I tackled my to-do list and got most of it finished!
What are your plans for this weekend? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best Wallet. Ever.

Alicia Klein. Tour One. Seriously. I have been searching for a replacement since my senior year of high school and I have finally found the absolute perfect wallet. I have had so many wallets in the past 4 years because nothing filled the shoes of my old Louis Vuitton wallet and I am extremely picky when it comes to wallets. (I am not being paid by Alicia Klein, I purchased this wallet on my own). I hadn't seen the wallet in person but I ordered it and for $85 the quality is absolutely wonderful. It has:
  • Two zipper pockets
  • I.D. Window
  • Six credit card pockets
  • Four full-size interior pockets for cash, passport, and other travel documents
  • Pen holder 
I got the wallet in the classic brown. I was originally going to get a fun color but the brown is timeless and goes with any handbag that I have.
The wallet has many pockets because it is meant for travelers who carry multiple forms of currency, however, it just gives me more space to fill! I fit so much into this wallet. Band-aids, hair ties, shine papers, membership cards, cash, checks, notes, gum, etc.
What wallet do you use? What's your favorite brand of wallet? Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's in My Tote: Fall 2011 Edition

I did this post around this time last year and I have decided to do it again since I have been getting many requests. Not too much has changed from last year however, since I am living off campus, I usually carry around more than I did last year. I always have my rain gear on me. The weather is usually very cooperative here, however, I don't want to be stuck on campus without rain gear and have the possibility of being wet all day and not have a chance to run home and change. I also always carry my sunglasses with a pair of croakies. I have two pencil cases--they're actually supposed to be makeup brush cases, but they work just as well for pencils/pens, etc. One case has pencils and pens and then the other case has markers and twistable crayons. I know, it sounds like I'm a 5-year-old, however, I am crazy about color-coding things and it's also handy to have when class gets boring. I carry around the Kate Spade wristlet and I use this to throw in my purse. It has everything from lip gloss, to wisps, to bobby-pins and band-aids. Having all of that in one pouch makes it quick and easy to change bags. I always have some sort of snack and it's usually sugary because if I don't eat for a while, I get light headed. I usually carry fruit snacks, Mike 'n Ikes, or Nature Valley Granola Thins. I always have my planner which is a Leatherman planner. Most girls I know use Lilly Planners and while I love the look of them, I get too distracted on each page. The Leatherman option has a very clean and organized layout that I love. I also always carry sticky-notes, hand-sanitizer, orbit gum, note cards, a koozie and my wallet (which I 'll have to do a separate post on because it's the best wallet EVER).
I'm currently using a madras J. Crew tote from several years ago, however, at the end of September, I'll change to a more fall appropriate option. Several things that are not pictured include a book or magazine, my school books and folders (of course), my keys on my J. McLaughlin key chain...
This picture was actually taken this summer but how cute is the needlepoint key fob!
What do you tote to class? What are your necessities? Have a fabulous day!

Monday, September 12, 2011

OOTD: First Few Days of Classes

I only have one class on Mondays and Wednesdays and then no classes on Fridays (pretty sweet schedule, right?) so I tend to wear my nicer/cuter outfits on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Here are some I've worn so far...
I wore a Brooks Brothers button down and a Hartstrings skirt. I was hesitant to pair two patterns together but I really like the gingham with the floral. I will definitely be trying to pair patterns in the future. I've recently been pulling my hair back into a pony tail because I've decided I need to mix my hair styles up a bit more, so I'll do slick backed ponies, lots of curls, half up, or in a headband to keep it different.

I wore this downtown one night. It was a Tuesday so it was very casual. I went with a simple DKNY silk tank, BCBG skinny jeans, cowboy boots, and the scarf is a silk scarf from Calypso for Target. 
I wore this when it was colder than expected and kind of an overall bad weather day. Sweater is from Eddie Bauer, shorts, RL, Sperry boat shoes.

What have you been wearing? Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

Pray for the Families. Remember the fallen. Honor the heroes.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Keep Your Boots Up!

I know that they make a lot of contraptions to keep your boots' shape, however, I use a much simpler and free way to keep my boots shape! Just take two magazines that are pretty thick in pages...
Roll up the magazines tightly and slide them into the boots!
Voila! You're boots will be well shaped for many wears to come!

Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So Juicy

Yesterday, I blogged about my quick visit to Georgetown. Well of course, I had to shop. I went into most of the stores and fell in love with some that I had never been into before! I do have to say my favorite purchase was from Juicy Couture. I can't tell you the last time I bought something for myself from Juicy... maybe 8th grade? Well, I saw this...
This is the grosgrain and rhinestone  bracelet. This is a big trend recently where fabric/woven string is paired with rhinestones, metals, etc. and usually this look doesn't appeal to me, but this one is just so sparkly and so unique I knew I had to have it.
The bracelet comes in 3 different color combination options. I got the first one pictured, however, they did not have the one pictured above in store so I saw it after the fact and love this color combination as well!
I just had to snap a BlackBerry picture right after I got it to send to my mom because I loved it so much! Of course, the awful picture quality is compliments of my BlackBerry. If anyone remembers, this post I wrote about my BlackBerry, then just to update you all, I STILL hate my BlackBerry and cannot wait to get rid of it ASAP!
Here is a picture of it from my camera--So glamorous! So if you are like me and aren't a fan of the mixture of rhinestones, woven strings, etc., check out Juicy Couture for some really cute options!

Also, as a side-note, while I was browsing on the Juicy website, if you are looking for a cute gift for a young girl, I think that this would be such a fun gift! Most young girls are into Juicy Couture and this one is so cute. I would have definitely loved to receive this when I was a freshman in high school because it has pompoms and is kind of cheerleading themed!
Have a fabulous day!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Several weekends ago, I went to Georgetown and spotted many neat things like this Jack Wills car. It reminds me of the Lilly Jeep!
I dined at The Tombs, right near Georgetown University. Thank you to all who sent me recommendations through e-mail and Twitter-- This was a GREAT one! I loved every bite of my seared tuna salad!
The food was not the only great thing about The Tombs! The decor was very neat-- it almost looks as if it was designed by Ralph Lauren. Lots of old sporting pictures and a very varsity/ivy feel to it.
bEw got a chicken caesar salad and said it was delicious as well! Another great thing about The Tombs is that all of their wines were extremely inexpensive!
After dinner, we headed back into Georgetown to meet up with bEw's friends that he went to school with. Since bEw is a native, he made me walk down the "Exorcist" stairs as he calls them. I am embarrassed to say that I've actually never seen the movie, but he said that these stairs were made famous in the movie--pretty neat!
Georgetown was just a little better that night too because the Steelers were also in town!!! 
 I love Georgetown and am definitely keeping it on my list of possible places to work when I graduate!!! Do you love Georgetown?
Have a fabulous day!


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