Thursday, May 31, 2012

Annie Griffin Collection Revisited

Remember my post about Annie Griffin Collection last year? Remember how I wore the Meg dress for a night in DC and loved it? The Meg is a staple in my closet and looks so great on most body types... several of my sorority sisters have borrowed the dress and looked great in it! 

Well, Annie Griffin has done it again!  This Atlanta based designer creates figure flattering silhouettes with vibrant and neutral hues. I love that a lot of them are cut more on the "conservative" side but are perfect for a night out on the town. 
Out in DC this past October with MH!
Check out the Annie Griffin website because the Meg is currently half price in crimson! I think this would be such a perfect gameday dress for a 'bama, USC or UGA girl!
The Lela dress is a perfect little white dress for summer... it looks effortlessly chic. 
 I love the Elizabeth tank! Just like the model, I would pair the tank with white pants or a fun pair of lace shorts.
I really enjoy the Patton shorts. They are an updated classic and can be dressed up with wedges or down with flat sandals.

Have you shopped Annie Griffin? What are your favorites? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend Recap!

This past weekend I packed my bags and headed to bEw's beach house with him and his family. The weather was absolutely perfect and the entire weekend was a blast! Since we go to our lake house, our family doesn't go to the beach too often so it was great to be near the ocean. Here are some snap shots from the trip... 
Before we headed to Rehoboth Beach, I met bEw at his house. He took me to one of his favorite restaurants, Hard Times Cafe. It was lovely to sit out on the patio in the gorgeous weather. I wore one of my favorite Ralph Lauren sport dresses... it is one of those dresses that you can dress up or down for any occasion.
 I was a light packer and only took my Just Madras Grace Beach Bag (I mean seriously I travel everywhere with this tote... it's HUGE.. remember when I posted about it?) I also brought along my Lilly Pulitzer for Lifeguard Press cooler tote to use as a beach bag and it worked out perfectly!
I toted along a few old, unread issues of my favorite magazine, Town and Country, my favorite Three Islands coverup, Ray Bans and Just Madras croakies!
It was so nice to be able to bike and walk everywhere.. although it is not easy to bike appropriately in a dress! I loved wearing and old Lilly halter dress with scenes of the ocean... I blended in ;)
These gross little sand fleas were everywhere. The boys would stick their hands in the sand and just pull them up (side note: I love bEw's VV Chappy Trunks!). Apparently they are harmless but they creeped me out and left me with goosebumps all over!
On the last day we ate crabs and they were so delicious! Besides sushi and filet, crab is my favorite food. I am slightly allergic to them so I am always sure to pop a few Benadryl before I chow down.
I was SO excited to meet Summer Wind reader and fellow prepster, @amyclaireee out and about in Dewey. We both had our monogram necklaces on and she was as sweet as could be. She lives there in the summer--Lucky girl! 
Last but not least, the requisite beach at sunset picture. All in all it was a great weekend! What did you do for the holiday weekend? Have a fabulous day!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GiGi New York

I can't keep a secret any longer-- GiGi New York sent me the most gorgeous envelope clutch from their summer collection and I just have to share it with everyone because it is the perfect bag for a 20-something! 
This is my Pearl Envelope Clutch in Shell Croc Leather and I cannot say enough positive things about this bag. I love clutches; they compliment any outfit, however, I usually favor larger handbags because I carry a lot with me. Finding the perfect clutch is always an ordeal and am thrilled to have received this clutch. It fits:
  • My iPhone
  • My Ray Ban Aviators and case
  • Multiple lip glosses
  • A pack of  gum
  • My camera
  • My large wallet (it's still my absolute favorite, remember it from this post?)
  • My car key (with rather large Lilly Pulitzer key fob)
  • All of the above and there is still room for more.. 
This is the inside of the bag when you lift the flap. It has a large area and then a zippered area that is a must for any clutch. I use the zippered area for when I go out at night for my money and cards because I don't like to take my entire wallet out so it is important to have a zippered area for the important things. 
This is to give you an idea of the size and to show that there is another roomy pocket in the back of the clutch. This is where I keep my sunglasses for easy access.
See how big the back pocket is too?! The strap is completely removable and adjustable so it's very versatile. Plus, the pearl color is the perfect neutral color and goes with everything-- it has been my day and night purse since I received it last week! 

GiGi New York boasts incredible quality. It is a branch of Graphic Image so you can expect the best! Plus, with the high quality of the products, the prices are very reasonable... you know what makes prices even more reasonable?! A discount code just for Summer Wind readers! Shop GiGi New York using the code SUMMERWIND and you will receive 20% off your purchase!  

I think my next purchase is going to be...

The orange all in one bag. Ashley from Sweet Southern Prep reviewed it here and she has convinced me that I need it...especially because you can get your initials stamped on in gold! If you use the SUMMERWIND 20% off code, what will you be buying? Have a fabulous day!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Today we remember and honor those who have died in service to the great country we live in. We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful country, so take time out of your day off to remember all who have lost their lives.
For my day off I'm having some fun in the sun! What are your Memorial Day plans? Have a fabulous day! Yours,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Shop 'til you drop: Memorial Day Sales

It is no secret that I love to shop. Well, Memorial Day weekend boasts some pretty darn good sales... Such as...JoJo Loves You. But really, it seems as if I Love JoJo because this company has fabulous earrings and other jewelry.
I adore the mini party bling-- they are so sparkly and so much fun! With the prices so low for this sale, stock up on several pairs so you have gifts on hand for all the precious ladies in your life. I think that these also make great party favors or bridesmaids gifts. Have you ever shopped JoJo Loves You?

Next up on the sale circuit is 20% off Tuckernuck, using the code MEMORIAL20. This is a pretty good deal considering a lot of what Tuckernuck offers doesn't really go on sale often! I have my eyes on the Corrin Bracelet and the Striped Loafers!

 Have a fabulous day and a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend--stay cool and stay safe!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pack your beach bag!

With Memorial day weekend beginning tomorrow, pools are opening and people are traveling to fun locales! Memorial Day also marks the time when you break out your beach bag and stock up on essentials such as sunscreen and a big floppy hat. Here is what is in my beach bag... 
This year I am using the "cooler" tote that Lifeguard Press generously sent me. It is meant to be used as a cooler, however, I thought that this would make the perfect beach/pool bag for several reasons:
  1. The inside is lined, therefore, if sunscreen explodes or you need to throw in your wet bathing suit, nothing gets ruined. 
  2. It is meant to be a cooler so if you tote your make-up around when you go to the beach or the pool, your make-up won't melt. I especially love this because often, we go to the country club for a day of relaxing on the sun deck and then we stay there for dinner. Meaning, I shower and then need to apply my make-up after time spent by the pool. When using this, my make-up will be perfect! 
  3. It is monogrammable. I mean seriously, I love anything monogrammable. I plan on getting the pocket monogrammed but just haven't had the time to take a trip to the monogrammers. 
  4. It's large. This bag is a lot larger than I expected and at a little over $30 it is a really great deal. I can fit a change of clothes, towel, make-up, book, etc. in the tote and still have room left over. 
My must have beach products are as follows:
This is a new addition as of this week. I just ordered it from Sephora and could not love it more. It reminds me a lot of the Baby Lips, but it has a much better color and scent. Plus, it is SPF 15 which is perfect because my lips always get burnt!
Sunscreen is a necessity. Sometimes I opt for Banana Boat's SPF 15 tanning oil, but to start out, I use a stronger sunscreen such as SPF 30.
Sunglasses are definitely important. Number one reason is so I can people watch ;) and another reason is because I don't want to get wrinkles near my eyes! I recently got the classic green lense/gold frame Ray Ban aviators and I absolutely love them. I think that they will be the only sunglasses I purchase from here on out!
This Tervis water bottle will also be a recent addition to this year's beach bag. It is the perfect size and keeps things nice and cold; even in the hot sun! I like to drink Crystal Light pink lemonade but it is also perfect to use as a cocktail shaker... then you can drink right from it ;).
After-sun lotion is crucial. Lotion gives you that creamy bronze look and helps to hold your tan longer... Many have small amounts of self tanner which is a bonus! 
Add my iPhone, a good book, a nail polish (or 2,3,4), change of clothes, extra bathing suit, beach towel and cover up and I am good to go! What do you have on hand in your bag this weekend? 

Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Father of the Bride Style

If you have been reading my blog for a little while, I have expressed my love for the movie Father of the Bride many times. It is literally my favorite movie of all time. I kid you not, I probably watch it twice a month if not more. Well, remember my post about When Harry Met Sally style and how it is still very relevant today? Father of the Bride was filmed shortly after When Harry Met Sally in 1991 (I was only 1 at the time) and the styles seen in FOTB are also still relevant in today's fashion world.
 First we'll start out with a few of Annie's looks...

Annie Banks Style

I think that this is a movie that truly shows how classic a little black dress can be. Annie wears it very simply which I love. I think the headband actually dresses down the dress which helps, because in the film, there's not really a big reason for her to be so dressed up.

The next look is super casual and a bit outdated because of the denim, but can easily be updated with some more modern denim. I think this is an easy/comfortable look, and again, it is amazing how simple and elegant you can make something like this look. L.L. Bean sells my favorite turtlenecks and I chose Seven For All Mankind denim because they make my favorite boot cut/flare denim. Then I added converse sneakers but Tretorns would also work. The slip on Chuck Taylors are on my "to purchase" list because similar to a Tretorn, these last forever and never go out of style... plus they are under $50! Her watch is timeless and classic and I love that she is always rocking a headband. This Kate Spade watch looks exactly like something that Annie would have worn!
Next is Nina Banks' outfit. I can't get enough of the ensemble from this scene. It is timeless and classic and I am trying to pull together something from my own wardrobe to replicate this outfit. 

Nina Banks

This outfit is so simple and neutral and truly can be pulled off by anyone at any age. I know Nina doesn't wear them in the movie I have been dying for a pair of Varinas forever and think that they go really well with the above outfit. 
Are you a fan of FOTB? Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Haute Headbands

It is no secret that I love headbands. I often receive emails about where I find headbands. I have quite the extensive collection. My response to the headband question is that I have gathered them from over the years and some are even from when I was a child that my mother saved. However, for new headband collectors, I always direct them to Etsy because there are a lot of really neat options for very reasonable prices. 

However, it is important to own some really great quality, classic headbands and that is where L. Erickson comes in.
I love the bright and extensive color options. Personally, I like thinner headbands but it all depends on what works best with your hair. I think it is important to have black, white and brown headbands as neutral options.
This is another great addition to your headband repertoire. This classic horse bit headband will add a pop to any ensemble.  

A tortoise shell headband is another classic and must in any headband collection. They are hard to find but I have found them every once in a while in J. Crew and at Nordstrom. This is by France Luxe, a branch of L. Erickson. 
The Blair Bow headband is a classic and absolutely perfect for the summer months. I just posted about wearing an all white outfit and this would be a chic accessory to add that pop of color.
If you are looking for a more classic headband, then this is the perfect addition. I have this one and wear it constantly during the winter months. It is versatile and subtle and definitely not too childish.
Last but not least, you have to have a grosgrain ribbon headband in your collection. Those are my favorite kind of headband, however, I have yet to find a navy blue, plain grosgrain ribbon headband!

Where do you find your favorite headbands? Have a fabulous day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Giveaway: Bellevue Collection

This giveaway is just too much fun! I am so excited to introduce Bellevue Collection , a Facebook Auction page that hosts live auctions right on Facebook Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:00PM ET. I didn't understand it at first, but the Bellevue ladies spell it out for you..
"How it works for our new friends: At 8 PM EST on Monday and Wednesday evenings we post photos containing the price, quantity, and description of the jewelry. (Remember with the new timeline format to keep scrolling through our page) Quantities are limited, our prices are at wholesale levels, so if you see something you want, act quickly! To buy: comment with SOLD and your email address under the photo. Invoices go out via paypal and payment is due within 24 hours. Shipping is always free. Happy shopping! xx"
Well... One lucky winner is going to win $50 towards their next purchase of pretty baubles from Bellevue Collection. What can $50 get you? Since everything is extremely reasonably priced, you will be able to purchase 2 or 3 things with the credit!
Aren't all of these baubles adorable? The lovely ladies at Bellevue collection so generously sent me all of these pieces to check out and I cannot get enough. The turquoise at the top of the post is the cutest bracelet for summer-- I paired it with a Lilly dress on the day of my graduation!

To enter, you have to click the title of this post and then wait a few seconds for the Rafflecopter widget to load to enter. I apologize about the inconvenience but this will make it SO much easier and much more time efficient to choose a winner!
This giveaway ends Sunday May 27 at 11:59PM.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of Luck! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Scheduling with Lilly

Remember my poor experience with Gallery Leather? I used to love their planners, and truthfully still do, however, their terrible customer service has forced me to turn elsewhere. I have never used a Lilly Pulitzer planner, because in the past, the pretty drawings, cute quotes and fun stickers have distracted me a bit. However, since I am no longer a college student and don't have tests and homework, my planner has quite literally become a datebook. 
I am thinking that I now need a Lilly planner in my life. They are currently on pre-order and will be shipped in July and a little Lilly birdy told me that supplies are limited. There are two sizes: the pocket and the large. Personally I love the large because then I can fill the book with plans with room to add the fun stickers and not get too overwhelmed. 
They come in so many prints it's actually really hard to choose. My top three favorites are: See You Later, Ugotta Regatta and Gimme Some Leg. While I'm at it, I'm thinking I should add some Lilly Pulitzer croakies to the cart to protect my new RayBans as well as this absolutely adorable Susan Wallace Barnes mug... 
Adorable, I know! Plus, the real deal is that it is only $12. I think my mother would love this mug as well because my aunt sends her the calendar for her lucite easel every year. Do you love your Lilly planner? Have you ordered yours yet? What is your favorite print? Have a fabulous day!

PS... Invicta watches are on RueLaLa today! Check it out-- I might be scooping one up; Invicta is a great brand...I own several of their watches (don't be shy to shop the men's! I do all of the time!). 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grammie!

A happy, happy birthday to my wonderful Grammie! 
Doesn't she look fabulous?!
 Love you lots!!

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