Monday, September 30, 2019

Our Wedding Website

So I know it's not Wedding Wednesday but I am just so excited because this weekend we finally put the finishing touches on our wedding website and I wanted to share them with you! 

We wanted to finish it because we are about to send out our save-the-dates! Can't believe the time is finally here! We used this image from our engagement photos for the header of the website. I loved the off-center look and you can see how it looks so good with a text overlay down below.

We went with WeddingWire to create our website and it could not have been easier. They had so many personalization options so if you don't want to use a photo, you don't have to! 

We have started our registry so we were able to easily link to that (but you can also register through WeddingWire) and we were also easily able to add pages with information about our wedding weekend and lots of fun things to do in Pittsburgh for our out of town guests! 

One thing I loved, too, is that we were able to set a password for privacy. I have a very public life because of my blog and so it was important to me to password protect the information as I have not shared the date or any other specific information like that (I was able to put a random date in so the real date didn't have to be public and was sure to do the same on all of our registry pages)! I will share our registries in the coming weeks! 
Our Wedding Website wedding wire
Since it is password protected, you won't be able to view it on your own, so I'm screenshotting one of the pages so you are able to see what the design looks like (date is incorrect for privacy)! If you are looking to create a wedding website, definitely check out WeddingWire because it was so quick and easy! Thank you to WeddingWire for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are my own! 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday Shopping

Happy weekend! We are having a cozy fall weekend here in Pittsburgh. My aunt and uncle are in town so are spending time with them, spending time outdoors because the weather is beautiful, and doing some things to the house! Scroll through the widget above to see things I've been loving from this week. 

Friday, September 27, 2019

How to Style Western Boots

Boots (similar, less pricey)// Sherpa Vest (comes in 4 colors and is seriously only $10!!!)

As most of you know, I am a born and raised Pittsburgher. I headed to James Madison University in Virginia for college and while it wasn't the deep south by any means, there were a lot of new traditions I got introduced to while at JMU. 

One, in particular, being cowboy boots. I remember the first time I saw girls wearing them- during the first few weeks of school during sorority rush. So many girls were wearing these boots with sundresses and I thought it was SO weird. I specifically remember calling my mom wondering why all of these girls would wear boots with their dresses?! 
Jokes on me because by the time I graduated I owned several pairs of cowboy boots...and wore them with everything from jeans to sundresses, ha! 

That was my first foray into cowboy boots and now I have a soft spot for them. You don't really see them too much here in Pittsburgh unless you go to a country concert. I still have a few pairs of my boots- they are beautifully made and in great shape. Every once in a while I will break them out for old time's sake. 

However, I have been noticing cowboy boots trending this year. Some would say cowboy boots are about as classic Americana as you get, and while I would agree, I also think they have a time and place. 

I was recently chatting about cowboy boots because it was just this past weekend where I was in Nashville and we were passing all of these boot stores and I mentioned to someone how they don't really make sense because in the summer (my feet get too hot) and in the winter they don't have a good grip in the snow and ice (my point was that the window to wear them is slim). Someone laughed and told me that the actual purpose of cowboy boots is to protect one's feet from things like snakes, jagger bushes, manure, and for riding horses etc. OK, that makes sense.

As much as I love my true cowboy boots (and wear them fondly), the window to wear them is slim so I have been looking for something with that vibe but that would make more sense in my day-to-day lifestyle! 

Enter in these western-style booties. It's not really a cowboy boot by any means but it's more of a casual, quality leather bootie with a subtle nod to the cowboy boot! Now, this is something that makes a little more sense for my lifestyle and I love the look of them. Not only are they gorgeous, though, but the quality is also AMAZING and so comfortable and easy to slip right on and off.

Oh, and can we talk about this sherpa vest that I am wearing? It is seriously only TEN dollars. Yes, you read that right, $10. It comes in 4 color options and looks like it could be Patagonia. The quality is amazing, which is crazy because you'd never think to describe a $10 clothing item as high quality.

I see this outfit as an easy weekend look that would be perfect for activities like going to a pumpkin patch, tailgating, a cabin weekend and so much more.

My boots and vest are both from Walmart. If you haven't heard Walmart has so many cute and affordable fashion items as well as brand name items like these Frye boots.  Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

More Walmart Items I Love:

Thursday, September 26, 2019



Holy cow did this week fly. I have had SO MUCH to do. From just basic errands to meetings to tons of e-mails, plans with friends, and more. Wow, it's been a lot but all so great! It is just reminding me how crazy the rest of the year is going to be- it only gets crazier as the 4th quarter progresses both socially and with work but I honestly thrive on it!

Our save the dates have officially been approved and are good to go (woo!!) so those will be going out. I can't wait to share them. We have been engaged for 9 months and we still have so long until our wedding, so sending out the save the dates really makes things exciting! I have gotten so many new things in for fall that I can't wait to share- so much goodness. Henry got a bath this week which was so needed, and now he smells amazing! I've been continuing with Orange Theory and have gotten a lot of requests to review the class. I am going to wait to review it until I've hit 8 or 10 classes. I feel like I need to really get into it before I do an in-depth review, but it's coming!

This weekend we are going to be spending time with friends who are in town and also spending time with my aunt and uncle who will also be in town! We are getting a dining room table (!!!) and I'm having my aunt, uncle, parents, and grammie over for Sunday night dinner (so we can utilize said dining table).

Wearing: You have probably seen this sweater several times on Instagram and there is good reason... it is SO SOFT. Seriously the softest and nicest cashmere I have ever felt. That's really saying something, too, because I have a lot of cashmere. Size down because it runs really big!! I'm wearing a small and wish I had gotten an xs.

Eating: I did a Trader Joe's haul this week on instastories and I shared that I got the rosemary balsamic beef tips. We made them last night for dinner and they are SO good. A little sweeter than I was expecting, but delicious nonetheless! I served it with a sauteé of onions and Brussel sprouts. 

Reading: I started The Alice Network and I'm about 1/3 of the way through it. It was recommended a bunch after I asked for recommendations because I loved The Nightingale so much. The Alice Network also has a ton of 5-star reviews. So far I think it's just OK. Entertaining enough to keep me going but nothing spectacular! 

Sale-ing: The Shopbop Sale is happening now through Friday! Head to this post to see my favorites. 

 Have you guys seen the trailer for the Breaking Bad movie? I have been watching all of the seasons for the first time so I'm excited for the movie! 

Listening: I'm loving my Fall 2019 playlist. So many good songs. 

Loving: You guys... this. jacket. I am OBSESSED. It's very Jackie O and classic but has an updated, modern twist with the ribbed pockets and sleeves. So versatile and would dress up even the simplest of outfits. 

 So many good things out right now- I need blinders on so I don't buy too much, ha!! 

Pittsburgh-ing: I'm trying out a new restaurant in Lawrenceville tonight with some girlfriends. I will report back on how it is!! 

Traveling: We are headed to NYC and Connecticut next! I can't wait!! 

Quoting: 'Be the person that makes others feel included.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Q+A with Etiquette Expert Myka Meier

Wedding Wednesday: Q+A with Etiquette Expert Myka Meier
A few weeks ago, I shared with you all that I was going to have the amazing opportunity of interviewing Myka Meier to ask her wedding etiquette questions! I asked you all to send in your questions and Myka graciously answered (sooo many of them!!!) If you are not following Myka, she is a MUST. She is so smart, gorgeous, and brings me so much joy on Instagram. On top of that, she shares the best etiquette tips and is always so stylish.

Myka Meier is British-American based in NYC and was trained by a former member of The Queen's Household. Myka is also the author of Modern Etiquette Made Easy and the founder of Beaumont Etiquette.

Myka’s book Modern Etiquette Made Easy is available to pre-order now!

How do you dress for a wedding if a dress code is not listed?
Myka: Gosh, that’s a risky (or you could say trustworthy!) move of the couple :) Because it gives free range to come dressed however a guest would like. If no dress code is listed, while you should always “dress to impress” to show respect to the couple getting married, try matching the outfit to the venue, location and season of the wedding.

For instance, if it’s in a church in February, I would wear a conservative dress in a wintery fabric, color shade or pattern. If I were attending a beach wedding in May, I would wear a flowy dress with a bright color or summer pattern.

Black tie means floor-length gown, correct? Why do I see guests show up in cocktail dresses if the dress code is black tie?
Myka: Black tie refers to one of the most formal dressing occasions to mirror the formality of the event you will be attending. Black tie is post-6pm. For women, it means a floor-length gown and for men a tuxedo. Not always do people know what different dress codes actually mean, and while you can’t help what others wear, you can always make sure you are dressed to code.

Is it OK to wear black to a wedding? Can the MOB or MOG wear black?
Myka: It is technically okay to wear black to a wedding, however, I have to admit I never have as a guest. I think it would be more typical to see in an evening black tie wedding and less appropriate for a wedding that was a summery day wedding for instance. The MOB and the MOG may wear
black too, however, I always recommend for the parents of the couple to run by their choices ahead of time just in case the couple has a specific dress code for their bridal party or people who have roles in the wedding.

What should a man wear to a wedding that is ‘cocktail attire?
Myka: For men, I recommend a suit with a tie. The only time a tie is not recommended for cocktail attire is if the venue/location or the couple is extremely informal. Shoes should be either polished leather, suede or similar. If you don’t wear a tie but want to dress up the look a bit, try a pocket square which adds a bit of a festive look

Is there a correct method for adding a plus one? Should everyone get a plus one?
Myka: If I couple did not extend a plus one, then it’s not recommended to ask for one, as it could put them in an awkward position. Couples may not have extended a plus one due to budget or even space restraints. If you are not invited with a plus one (which will clearly state on your invitation), then it’s up to you to attend or politely decline.

If you are the bride or groom getting married and are deciding who gets a plus one, where possible, I would recommend inviting anyone who has a serious significant other, if they live in the same household with their significant other, or if it’s a destination wedding so they have someone to
travel with (and often use their valuable vacation time to attend). I do not believe the rule “no bling, no bring” should not apply to modern wedding etiquette, because people may have long term partners without being married. If you do not extend a plus one for whatever reason, make sure there are a good number of other people invited to the wedding without plus ones so there is not one or a few lone people without someone to mingle, sit or dance with.

If you are given a plus one but do not have a steady boyfriend, is it appropriate to bring a friend or should you go alone?
Myka: It’s totally up to you! If a general plus one is extended to you, it’s your choice who you bring! The couple likely gave you one because they want you to come, have fun and enjoy…no matter who it is you choose to come with! You also may decline to bring a plus one and see who else there is
to mingle with at the wedding – your call!

If you are invited to a wedding but are unable to attend, do you still have to send a gift?
Myka: Yes. A gift is a gesture of gratitude to being invited to the couple’s
special day!

If you are invited to a bridal shower but are unable to attend, do you still have to send a gift?
Myka: I always recommend sending a small gift as a gesture for being invited, as you are likely a close friend if you have been on the invite list. It will be disappointing for the bride that you are not there, so by sending a little something in advance of, or on the shower day, it will definitely bring joy!

How long do you have to write thank-you notes as a newly married couple?
Myka: You should send out a thank you note within 2 (or max 3) months from when you return from your honeymoon, assuming you go directly after your wedding; You have 2 weeks following an engagement or shower to send out thank you notes for any gifts received there

How long do you have to give a gift to a newly married couple? I’ve heard the rumor is up to a year, is that actually true?
Myka: I would never recommend waiting a year to send a wedding gift, as by that point it seems as though you have forgotten. I advise sending a wedding gift ahead of the wedding day or bringing one to the actual wedding reception.

Is it appropriate to invite your boss to your wedding if you only see each other at work and have a professional relationship?
Myka: While it’s completely up to you if you want to invite your boss, you do should not feel the need to invite a professional contact to your wedding, as it’s a very personal day. I personally would not invite a boss that I only had a professional relationship with, as they may feel awkward not knowing many people and you may not feel relaxed either. If you invite one person from work, even if it’s your superior, other people at your workplace may be offended if you don’t invite them too…so it can be a slippery slope! If it ever comes up that work colleagues were not invited, you can simply explain that you kept it very intimate and only had close family and friends. I did this at my wedding, as although I loved so many work colleagues and bosses at the time, it would have been too many people to invite them all, and I didn’t want to leave anyone out.

How do you politely respond when someone asks if they can bring a guest to your wedding when you did not give them a plus one?
Myka: Have a line prepared so you don’t get caught off guard if someone calls and asks you! You could explain in the end it was just a numbers game, for example: While we wish we had the space to allow everyone to invite a guest, unfortunately, we had restrictions that didn’t enable us to give
everyone attending a plus one. We do hope you are still able to come, and if so, we have a really fun table you will be at!”

I’ve heard a rumor that the gift you give the couple for their wedding should be similar in cost to what they have spent per head on the wedding. Is this true? If not, what is an appropriate amount to gift the bride and groom?
Myka: This is an age-old rumor that I feel should be ignored. There is no way to possibly know how much was paid per head at a wedding :) Instead, I would advise sticking to gifting a gift that mirrored your relationship with the couple. For instance, you would spend much more if you had a close
tie to the couple versus someone who was a distant friend. On average, most guests will spend between $75 and $150 on a wedding gift in America.

What should I do when I properly addressed my invitations and yet I still get RSVP cards RSVP’ing for others in the household that were not invited? Ex. Parents assuming their children are invited when they are not.
Myka: If this happens, you should contact the person directly (or have a wedding planner write an email to the person who sent the RSVP) as soon as you receive their reply. In this case, politely explain you have decided not to have children at the wedding. You could write in an email
“Dear Aunt Joanne, We are so looking forward to you and Uncle Jack coming to our wedding
in Florida and can’t wait to celebrate with you! While we miss Amy and Jess so much, sadly the wedding is adults only. We have however arranged with the hotel to supply a number to a local babysitting agency if you still plan on bringing them down for the weekend.”

Is there a way to let guests know that children are not invited? I know that you can properly address an envelope but sometimes people do not understand that.
Myka: For my wedding, we chose not to have children attend and explained up front on the wedding website which people were directed to on our Save the Dates. We wrote something along the lines of “While we love your little ones dearly, we have chosen to have an adult-only wedding and reception. If you choose to bring children for the weekend, here is a link with insured and licensed babysitters in the area XX.”

If I receive wedding gifts months before our actual wedding, should I be sending thank you notes right away or after the actual wedding?
Myka: If you have the time, yes! That being said, it’s often so hard leading up to the big day, that you may not have the time. You also just may choose to do so all in one go post-wedding. I chose to write some of mine on the 9-hour flight to my honeymoon and sent them as soon as I got home! You
should never feel pressured to send a thank you in the weeks leading up to the wedding, as everyone understands how busy you are. Just be sure to send the thank you letters within 2-3 months of the wedding date and maybe start with the ones that were sent earliest first. Writing thank you letters can feel overwhelming, so you can do them in batches!

Is it appropriate to bring a gift to the wedding? Lately, I have been noticing that everyone sends a gift beforehand and no one brings gifts to weddings anymore. What is the most appropriate option?
Myka: Avoid bringing gifts to a destination wedding or to a wedding where the couple will have to carry the gifts back a far distance. If this is the case, you can ship directly to their home and bring a card to the wedding which explains there is a wedding treat waiting back at home for them. I like to do this, as sometimes I think it’s nice to walk in with something special on the big day! Nowadays with easy shipping methods, it’s very common to send the gift direct to the home, but some people still choose to bring a gift to the actual wedding reception. There is usually a gift table set up upon entering where you can place cards and gifts.

I live in Ireland, when am I able to remove my fascinator at a wedding?
Myka: Hats and fascinators are considered to be styled as part of an outfit and therefore you can wear them indoors. You can wear your fascinator throughout the entire wedding ceremony and then take it off before you go in for the reception or once you are seated for the reception if it’s indoors…as dancing and eating is much more comfortable usually that way! Also, remember fascinators are for day attire and not to be worn past 6pm.

I’ve received a bunch of gifts for my shower and for our wedding that we have received before our actual wedding. Is it OK to use these gifts before the wedding?
Myka: Lucky you! Yes – go ahead and enjoy! Unless it’s a monogrammed gift with your new initials or marital monogram (think new hand towels), you would those gifts only use after the wedding. I received a gorgeous Kitchenaid mixer ahead of my wedding that I used endlessly until the big day!

Do you have to ask your fiancé’s sister to be a bridesmaid?
Myka: Technically speaking, you don’t have to invite any specific person to be a bridesmaid, not even your own sister if you wished not to. That being said, if you feel like it would be hurtful to your new family and sister-in-law, you may want to weigh out the pros and cons. For my wedding, I had a big wedding party and did invite my future sister-in-law, because I wanted to show unity with my new family. Now if you plain just don’t get along with your future sister-in-law, you shouldn’t feel like you have to have her standing up there next to you, at the end of the day, it’s YOUR day!

Our RSVP date has passed, and we still have not received some responses. Is it OK for us to reach out to find out if they will be attending our wedding? 
Myka:Yes! I would highly encourage you to do so, as what if someone didn’t receive the invitation as intended- eek! If the RSVP date passes, I would give it at least a week and then start. Some people send out the RSVP on the last day when they realize it’s due and it takes time to go through the mail. Just a friendly email will do “Hello Sarah! We are so excited for our big day and hoping we get to share it with you. I wanted to write to see if you were able to make it and if so, if you had any dietary restrictions? Sending love and hope to see you soon!” I don’t think you should ever point out they missed the RSVP date, as it may embarrass them and they will likely catch on when they receive your email anyway.

I know you shouldn’t wear white to a wedding, but how light of a color is OK to wear to a wedding? Example: is it OK to wear blush pink or champagne? The colors are very light, so I am always hesitant to wear anything in those colors even though I love them. What about a dress that has a white background but a lot of print/colors, so it doesn’t necessarily look white?
A: I’m with you on loving those beautiful shades, but sadly I’d recommend saving them for another occasion. Anything that could be mistaken for or even too close to white can be too risky. I stay away from anything that is even a white background. Once I had a friend who wore a light pink flowy dress to a garden wedding and in all the photographs the sun was setting and her dress looked as white as the bride. Also, some brides choose not to wear white nowadays and you could be left mortified if you wore pale pink and so did the bride.

Should I only be buying a gift off of the registry or is it OK to get creative? 
Myka: One of my favorite wedding gifts I received was a watercolor painting of the restaurant that my husband and I met at! Registries are there to give guidance and are a list of items the couple actually want or need. I try to stick to registries for that reason, but there is no etiquette rule that says
you can not go “off registry” and pick something out that you think the couple would love. Just be sure to include a gift receipt where possible.

Is it ever appropriate for a wedding guest to not give a gift?
Myka: No :) If you can’t afford a wedding gift, everyone can think of something special to gift that doesn’t cost a lot of money but is special and thoughtful. I had a friend receive a poem that a guest wrote and framed for the couple as a gift and I thought that was such a beautiful gift. Sometimes it really is just the thought that counts.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Shopbop Sale Favorites

It's that time again! The Shopbop sale is here and here are the details...

20% off purchases under $500, 25% off purchases of $500+

This sale is going on through Friday, September 27th. Even though you have a few days to shop, I'd suggest shopping sooner rather than later so you're able to get your size in the most popular items. Thinks always sell out so quickly during this sale! Keep an eye out- there are some restrictions on some items and brands but not many!

Scroll through the widget at the top of this post to see some of my tried and true favorites. This is a great time to purchase items like this cashmere travel scarf that so rarely go on sale! These items are all things you have likely heard me talk about before because I love them so much.

A few others I'd like to highlight...
- This party-ready top. Whether you have lots of fun plans this holiday season or even want to plan as far out as New Year's, this top is gorgeous and0 festive!
- This chic handbag brand that I have been coveting for a few years now.
- This silk sleep mask. I have it as does my fiancé and we love them. Makes for a great gift around the holidays for anyone.
- I have this gorgeous leather handbag and love it. It holds SO much.
- I'm wearing these blue and white pajamas on the morning of my wedding. A splurge but I'm obsessed.
- This is such a fun sweater and in my favorite navy and white colorway.

Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules Review

Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules Review

Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules Review

Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules Review

Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules Review

Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules Review

Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules Review
I'm back with another designer review and today I'm chatting about Gucci's Princetown Mules. So here are all of the questions you have asked with my answers...

Are they worth it?
I always say this, but 'worth' of any designer item is so subjective. Definitely check out my past designer reviews to read more about that (linked at the bottom of this post). But to be quite honest, no shoe is truly 'worth' $700++. And yet here I am about to tell you how much I love my Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules, ha! But I personally love them- they are a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe and have gotten SO much wear out of the past 3 years that I have had them. 

Do they go out of style or are they classic?

Gucci makes 3 styles of loafers for women that I would consider classic: Jordaan, Brixton, and the Princetown. I personally feel that the Jordaan style is the most classic and timeless... preppy, actually. The reason I ended up choosing the Princetown is that while I have tons of classic loafers in my shoe arsenal, I did not have a single pair of mules. So I went for the Princetown, which out of the three styles, I would consider the most 'trendy'. However, I use the word 'trendy' lightly because the shape and style of the shoe is classic as is the beautiful craftsmanship of the leather. and gold hardware details. I don't think you can go wrong in whichever style you choose. 

I will say the one thing I love about the Princetown mules that I love is that I can so quickly slip them on and off but the one thing that is annoying about the Princetown style is that because it's a mule, you really can't wear it when it is really cold outside. Having the entire back of my foot exposed in the winter is not ideal, so if it's really cold, I tend to choose other shoes. 

Are they durable?
Yes! After 3 years of continuous wear, they have held up so nicely. Much better than my Chanel ballet flats or Tod's loafers. In fact, I would say they hold up better than most designer shoes I have purchased. They are incredibly well-made. 

Do you like the version with fur?
I will also say, while I love the novelty styles like this embroidered pair or the fur styles, I would personally not be likely to purchase a pair like this. I typically only buy luxury goods if they are simple and classic. I don't like to spend a lot on items that are too remarkable or trendy. I like to make sure whatever I purchase will last for years to come. 

Does the leather feel stiff, how long do they take to break in?
They definitely start off stiff but most high-end leather items start off like that. The best is when they are worn in. I didn't think they took too long to break in... I would say a week or two of consistent wear and they were totally fine and then about a month or two until they were totally molded to my feet. They never gave me blisters or hurt my feet, but they were just a little stiff! 

Do they show wear? How do you care for them?
The sole is leather, so they definitely show wear on the sole. I have gotten my shoes resoled once in the past 3 years. I always prematurely resole my shoes to make sure they hold up for a long time. They do crease a bit but I think that gives them character and it's not really even that noticeable. They hold their shape well. I think in a lighter color- like white or blush would show wear quicker. Black was a really good choice because they don't get dirty! If you find the leather looking dull, you can have them polished, which I have done and is always a good idea to keep the leather looking beautiful. I always store my shoes and handbags in a dark closet (no windows) that is temperature-controlled. I keep the toes stuffed so that the shape holds up while being stored. I do this with most of my shoes- not just the Princetown loafer mules.

Are they comfortable? Do they fall off of your feet when walking?
They are SO comfortable. If you are trying them on in-store, you'll notice they are a tad stiff but after you break them in, they are like wearing slippers. The leather eventually molds to your foot (kind of like Jack Rogers sandals). They do not fall off of my feet at all. They are truly easy to walk in and I have traveled and walked a lot in these shoes with no problem. 

How is the sizing?
I normally wear a size 39 in designer shoes. I'm typically a size 8.5 in American shoes like J.Crew or Talbots. I am a size 39 in Gucci but I ended up getting a 39.5 and they were perfect. So I would suggest going up a half size in the mules because they are a little narrow.

How much do they cost? Where can I buy them?
The Princetown loafer mules in plain leather colors are currently $695. They've increased in price in the past few years. When I bought them in August 2016 from a Gucci store, they were $595. They were so popular in early 2016 that it was really hard for me to track down a pair in my size and I ended up having to wait a month or two because they were on backorder. Now, they are readily available at Gucci stores as well as major department stores, like Nordstrom

Do they go on sale? Can they be purchased second-hand?
I have never seen the classic Princetown mules or any classic style of Gucci loafer to go on sale. I have, however, seen novelty pairs like this orange lace Princetown style go on sale. You can find Gucci shoes second hand on The Real Real.
You can also find brands that are creating look-alike mules for a lot less! No need to spend on the designer if it's not in the budget or if you are just someone that doesn't like to spend on shoes- totally get that!

Would you buy them again? 
Yes, in a heartbeat. I get so much wear out of them. I've been eyeing the red pair.

More Designer Reviews:
- Goyard St. Louis Tote (the most trafficked post in Summer Wind history)

Monday, September 23, 2019

Nighttime Skincare Routine

I haven't done a skincare post in quite some time. If you didn't know, I am obsessed with skincare. Truly, it's a passion of mine and I'm so into researching different products and trying out everything that comes out! 
Because of that, my skincare routine never looks the same and it's part of why I love skincare so much. It's like a 'choose your own adventure' each morning and night depending on what your skin is like that day. I like to test products for at least a few weeks before I share them here and I typically try to stick to a product for at least an entire month to make sure I love it and it is effective. 

I really don't have any wrinkles and I do have some fine lines but they are very fine and not really noticeable unless I really look closely into a mirror. I think part of it is that I have good genes because my parents have both aged so well but I also truly think a big part of it is my great skincare routine that I am very regimented about. 

Here have been my go-to products for nighttime:

Tula Purifying Cleanser// I stick to this Tula cleanser and have been using it for years. It's just a gentle, simple cleanser that does the trick. I leave a tube in my shower and typically only use this while in the shower. 
Olay Daily Facials// If I'm not in the shower, I use these cloths instead of a gel cleanser. This is the only way I remove my makeup and I swear by these. They remove ALL of your makeup and cleanse your skin. Seriously the best. 

Exfoliating Mask// I've share this product many times before but it is one of my all-time favorite masks but I especially love it for nighttime. It's similar to Drunk Elephant's Babyfacial, but better in my opinion. This is much stronger and I can actually feel it working (it's a burning sensation). I would only use this at night because my face turns red and stays like that for about 10 minutes after I remove it. 

Biologique Recherche 1970 P50// If you click this link, it will take you to where I did a full post about this toner. It is SO good. Trust. 

Dermalogica Phyto Nature Firming Serum// This is a newer favorite that I have been using for a few weeks. It has a really nice calming lavender scent but I love that it has two separate serums and when you pump it out, the serums come out separately and you mix them in your hands. This is hydrating and I'd like to think it is keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay. 

Lancome Youth Activating Concentrate// This is the serum I was using before I got the Dermalogica serum. I would say that they are similar in texture- very hydrating!! I don't think you could go wrong with either. 

Paula's Choice Peptide Booster// This is like a gel serum that I mix in with my moisturizer at night. This would be perfect for someone who wants something low maintenance. Because you can mix it right in with your moisturizer, what would be two steps is now just one but you get the benefits of both! It's supposed to be extra hydrating and also anti-aging. It's also supposed to work on reducing fine lines and wrinkles and age spots. 

Tan-Luxe The Face// I use this in the fall/winter/springs months. You just add a few drops into your moisturizer and apply on your face and you wake up with a very natural, subtle tan. Just remember to wash your hands right after you apply.

Skinceuticals H.A. Intensifier// I have been using this one for years. I think it is somewhat similar to the Paula's Choice Peptide booster. The most important thing (besides sunscreen/sun protection) is staying moisturized to keep fine lines and wrinkles from forming so I do whatever I can to get TONS of moisture into my skin- especially at night while it has a while to soak in. This is expensive but read the reviews- everyone gives int 5-stars and for good reason!!

*note: I don't use all of these serums at once, these are just what are currently in my rotation based on how my skin is each night! 

Lancome Eye Balm// I've been using this for about 5 months now and I love it. It's very thick so it's perfect for nighttime when you want all of the moisture you can get. It does the trick and I always wake up with hydrated eyes. 

Olay Regenerist Cream// This is seriously the best night cream and it's so affordable. I put this on my face, neck, and chest. It's packed with Niacinamide which is like a power vitamin that improves the appearance of pores, hydrates the skin, gets rid of aging spots, acne, scarring, fine lines, etc. It truly hydrates my skin and is just such a nice smooth texture. It's not sticky or greasy at all.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Saturday Shopping

Happy weekend! I hope you all have a nice weekend planned! I am currently in Nashville celebrating a college roommate/sorority sister's wedding!! We have such a crazy wedding schedule this year- so much so that my fiancé is actually in a wedding this weekend in Boston so we had to split up! It's a bummer to split up but also so much fun to be able to spend time with college friends who I haven't seen in a while! 

This week I did a lot of browsing trying to find some great fall pieces. I feel like my wardrobe needs a little revamp this fall- I got rid of a lot- so I've been shopping!! 

Friday, September 20, 2019

The Best Cocktail Party Dress

I just HAD to do a post on this dress. As soon as I saw it come back in stock, I rearranged my posting schedule to let you all know! You all remember it from our engagement party, right

After I posted it, I was flooded with DM's and as I re-wore it to different events throughout the winter/spring season, I kept getting questions. It sold out pretty quickly so I know a lot of you have been on the hunt. I ended up wearing it to a rehearsal dinner and a wedding, so I got 3-wears out of it last season and I will likely get several out of it this fall/winter season, too. Which is saying something, because typically I only re-wear a cocktail dress once a season, but I got lucky with 3 totally different groups of people for last season. 

While I love the blue hue that I have, this emerald/evergreen is STUNNING. It's so deep and rich and so perfect for fall/winter. What a great Christmastime dress this would be! I know that seems far off, but I'm telling you: act fast because it will be sold out again. I'm hoping they come out with more colors this year, too! I'll keep an eye out. 

The top is stretchy and the bottom has the most beautiful metallic sheen to it. It has such a classic silhouette. It's ladylike and modest but dressy and not stuffy. I am obsessed and could not love it more. 

It's not necessarily a midi-dress but it hits me well below the knees and I am 5'6" for your reference. It runs true to size and the only thing really fully fitted is the band around the waist so if you are between sizes, you could definitely size down since the top is stretchy and the bottom has a full skirt. 

Shop Old Version via Resale:

Thursday, September 19, 2019


I cannot believe we are so far through September already. It's crazy to me. I've even started planning holiday content already and I feel like we were just celebrating the new year like yesterday!! How is this year flying by so quickly?

Tomorrow I am headed to Nashville for my sorority sister/college roommate's wedding! I am so excited. I've mentioned this before but my fiancé and I are in the thick of our friend's weddings the next few months! We have FIVE before 2020. My fiancé is actually headed to Boston this weekend because he is in a wedding- we have so many that this weekend we had to split up!! It's a bummer we won't be together but both weddings were really important to each of us so that's how we made it work! We have a wedding on October 5th, though, and I'm so excited because it's a family friend's wedding so my parents and sister and her fiancé and my fiancé will all be there. Then we have a wedding the following weekend in Connecticut and 2 more in December.

Speaking of weddings, my wedding dress already came in! It wasn't supposed to come in until December so this was such an exciting surprise. I will share more in the future, but I had my dress custom made so what I tried on was nothing like what my dress is actually like so I was extra nervous. I tried it on and it far surpassed my expectations, I am so thrilled and SO excited to wear it.

Wearing: You last saw this camel blazer in this blog post. I was styling it in a dressier/more office-appropriate look. But, I wanted to show how versatile a blazer like this is so I have styled it in a much more casual way!

Eating: If you are like me and love Nothing Bundt Cakes, you must try their pumpkin spice cake. I saw that they posted they had launched the flavor through an instagram post and literally the next day I went and got one. IT IS SO GOOD. One of the best pumpkin spice things I've ever had!

Drinking: Wow this Starbucks looks incredible. This is definitely a great example of stores going above and beyond to provide customers with an experiential experience. 

Sale-ing: I have an Acne Studios sweater from a few years ago and it is one of my favorites. It's so beautifully made and has held up so well. One of the things I love about AS sweaters is the chunky neckline. This sweater with the chunky neckline is so beautiful and classic and on major sale right now. Another great sale is Club Monaco's where they are offering an extra 30% off sale styles. 

 You guys, The Babysitters Club movie is on Amazon Prime and I had never seen it before because I was a little too young for TBC. I never really read books either. The movie came out and I think I was 4. It's so cheesy but also adorable and gives me all of the '90s feels. The neighborhood I grew up in reminds me of Stoneybrook and the neighborhood I now live in kind of reminds me of it, too. Very cute and a great movie to have on in the background if you work from home.

Watching II: OMG Freeform released a schedule of all of the times they are playing Hocus Pocus (which is 30 times, wow)!! I love love love that movie and it gets me in such a fall/Halloween spirit! 

Loving: I share this photo on Instagram stories and got many DM's about this beautiful vase! My aunt and uncle got it for my fiancé and me at our engagement party and I absolutely love it. I also would like to report that these hydrangeas are on their FIFTEENTH day. They are from Trader Joe's and I follow these tips that I wrote about a few years ago. I'm amazed. 

 Oh my goodness this Barbour jacket is BEAUTIFUL. I need to keep reminding myself not to buy it because I already have so many Barbour jackets but it's realllllly hard to resist! If you don't have a Barbour jacket, this would be a splurge, but a gorgeous one nonetheless. I am also loving these western-style suede booties. The western look is really in right now and I love it. I still have a pair of cowboy boots from my college days (because that's what we wore with dresses) and love them- they are beautiful. You better believe I am breaking them out this fall! Can we also talk about this bamboo silverware set that is seriously just $20?! So cute. 

Pittsburgh-ing: If you are a Pittsburgher, you might have heard of this awful story where 117 dogs were found in Ross Township in a hoarding situation. Reading the news articles that were coming out last week was sickening and brought tears to my eyes. I am not in the position to adopt another dog right now, but if you are, definitely consider adopting or fostering one of these pups. They are mostly Aussies which are so beautiful, sweet, and smart. Even if it is not one of these pups in the situation, adopting or fostering any of the dogs will free up more kennel space! If you are like me and can't adopt, I would highly recommend donating anything you can. I donated and can only hope it will help these poor pups live a much better life.

Pittsburgh-ing: Last year, I was SO disturbed when I heard insanely loud noises while I was watching TV at night in my apartment last year. When I took Henry out, we saw big black helicopters with no lights on and they were insanely loud and low flying and getting so close to buildings. I  legitimately called my dad freaking out because I thought we were under attack. So with that said, I'm sharing this article that is letting the public know that the SWAT team is doing exercises and practices this week. So don't be alarmed like I was! 

Smelling: Coming at you with another inexpensive Target candle find. It's 'Fireside' and it smells so cozy and manly (if you can't tell, that's what I usually lean towards in terms of fall scents). It's not overpowering but just releases a nice light scent. At $8, I highly recommend!

Traveling: Headed to Nashville, TN to see my college roommate/sorority sister tie the knot! So excited to be with my college gals! 

Quoting: 'If you can't be kind, be quiet.'// See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Black Tie Gowns

So many of you have DM'd me and e-mailed requesting that I do a fall black tie post! Whether it is a wedding or event, a lot of you are planning to go to some fun and fancy evenings this season!

I totally get it. We have 5 black-tie weddings in the next few months alone! I think if you have a ton of black-tie events coming up, you should definitely utilize Rent The Runway. You can get so many beautiful gowns and the best part is that there are so many under $100. There's no point in amassing a ton of black-tie gowns in your closet when you know you'll only wear it once! 

With that said, I'm also a firm believer in having at least one, if not two gowns in your arsenal as backups or trusty go-to's. I have this gown in black and have worn it SO much over the past several years. It's so versatile and because it's a dark solid color, it's unremarkable and I can get away with re-wearing it. 

Scroll through to see the black-tie gowns I am loving for the fall season! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How to Style Tweed Casually

Tweed Tunic// Jeans (on sale)

Is anyone else tweed obsessed?! I have been for a long time. It's such a beautiful, timeless fabric that can be worn year-round at any age. Although tweed is one of Chanel's signatures, every brand from J.Crew to Talbots makes some gorgeous tweed pieces. 

I think tweed is a great fabric because of how versatile it is. You could be wearing a tweed blazer to the office and then sporting a tweed cocktail dress at the next wedding you attend! It can be dressed up for a special event or worn every day like I have styled the Tweed Tunic above! It is polished but not stuffy!
More Tweed Pieces I Love:

Monday, September 16, 2019

Workout Style

In my opinion, there is nothing that makes me more excited to work out than knowing I have a cute outfit to wear! It's like the adult version of dressing up for the first day of school.

Now, to be honest, I do like to stick to my neutrals and go-to work out staples, which are pretty boring, but there are so many fun, seasonal, leggings, or even cute pullovers and sweats for before/after workouts. This kind of stuff makes it fun and mixes things up.

I have been browsing around for cute workout gear that you can work out in but also wear to run errands or lounge in. Scroll through the widget above to see some of my favorites.

If I am going to the gym, I typically like to wear shorts or leggings and a tank (regardless of the season). Because of that, I love tees and long sleeve tops that I can throw over my tank before/after working out and also sweatshirts/pullovers. Scroll through to see some things I am loving. I tried to link several pieces that are currently on sale.

Besides pieces I am eyeing, I thought I would round up some of my favorite work out staples.

Leggings// These are my ride or die leggings. They have a 26.5" inseam. I'm 5'6" and they hit right at my ankle so they are the perfect length. They have a super high waist so they suck you in and work out great with cropped tees or pullovers. The material is thick but doesn't make you hot. The best part though? There is a deep pocket on both outer thighs. This is so awesome if I am walking Henry on a long walk and I want to have my phone on me for music/podcasts. I also love it because it can hold my LV key pouch if I am running out on an errand. It's no wonder there are over 3000 5-star reviews.

Shorts// These are 4" so they are modest! They have an elastic waistband that always sits flat around my waist. They are comfortable and breathable. They are comparable to Lululemon's tracker short but these are better quality and more comfortable/better fitting, in my opinion.

Shorts// These are my second favorite shorts and are a much cheaper alternative to my top favorites. They're quality (not as nice as the ones above this, but still nice) and they come in some fun prints and also staples like black. They're easy to work out in or just throw on when running errands. They're also modest and comfortable.

Seamless Racerback Bra// This is for gals like me who have smaller chests. It is is not lined and seamless so it's SO comfortable. But it still provides a good amount of support. It's plenty for me, but definitely is not for someone with a larger bust! This is my second favorite- a little more comfortable but not as supportive, so it's best for long walks rather than high impact workouts. This one is a little more substantial and my favorite for super sweaty, high impact workouts!

Socks// These are low-rise and thick enough that they are nice quality, but thin enough that they are breathable and comfortable. They're super inexpensive and wash well. Highly recommend.

Sneakers// These are, by far, my favorite sneakers ever. I have been wearing them for years. No joke, I own 3 pairs and they're the only ones I work out in and I just ordered the newest pair I have linked. Adidas does a collaboration with Stella McCartney and I think those look 'cooler' but they also have the regular Ultraboost version, too, which are less pricey and equally as comfortable. 

Varley// I also wanted to highlight this brand because in the past few years it has quickly become one of my go-to brands for activewear. When items go on sale, you can usually get them for a song!

Teleties// I was on the invisibobble train for a while and then Teleties sent me some of their hair ties to try and I love them SO much more. They are so much stronger and hold better. I have tried the cheapo coiled hair ties ones from Target, the Anthropologie ones, and so many more, and teleties are my favorite. My top favorite hair ties ever are these because they hold SO well and are super stretchy BUT they leave a crease whereas the teleties don't. SO it just depends if I am washing my hair or not on which one I choose. 

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