Saturday, December 19, 2020

Saturday Shopping

I cannot believe we are just 6 days away from Christmas! This has been a weird holiday season but I've done my darndest to keep things festive and my spirit bright! We had a record snowfall this week- the most snow Pittsburgh has seen since 2010, which is crazy! As soon as I went outside the next morning, I definitely knew it was more snow than we have seen in a while but didn't realize it was the most in a decade! I think we got around a foot of snow! It came up to Henry's body which was SO funny to see him trudging and leaping throughout. We had to dig out an area so he could go potty, ha! It does seem like he absolutely loves snow, though!! Needless to say, we have really been enjoying it, too. The snow looks beautiful and feels so peaceful and calm. In years past, I would have enjoyed the snow for a few hours, until it was time to go out and about, then I would have become a grinch about it! But, because we are pretty much at home all the time, it's honestly really enjoyable. I am grateful for this opportunity to slow down and truly enjoy this snow.

This snow has also made me appreciate our home so much (not that I didn't before, but just appreciate it even more). It's such a cozy retreat and I am so thankful for this space that we have made into our home.  

Anyway, we have 6 days to go and I know for certain that some of you all are still shopping for gifts... many of you have even DM'd me asking for recommendations. If you didn't catch it, yesterday, I wrote a post about last-minute gift ideas. Plus, I have an Amazon page where I save all my finds and favorites and update it often. You can see links to all of my previous gift guides at the bottom of this post, too! 

And then below, you can see items I've just been loving lately... these are random items and so they are not necessarily items that will be able to arrive at your doorstep before Christmas. 

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d1miranda said...

The snowy picture is beautiful! I live in the Deep South and we rarely see any snow. Enjoy it and have a wonderful Christmas!


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