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Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers

Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers
This is my stocking that my aunt made for me for my first Christmas in 1990. I can't believe it is 30 years old! It says 'Sydney' all the way around the cuff! My favorite part of Christmas is shopping for and filling stockings and opening my own stocking. I think the little gifts are always the most fun and really show that you pay attention to the person's likes! 

We are down to the wire with gifts as we are one week away from Christmas. Gosh, it doesn't feel like it's that close, does it?! I am glad to report I am entirely done with my Christmas shopping and everything is wrapped and ready to go! I love shopping for other people but it does feel good to just be done with that- it's a big chore!! 

However, if you are like my fiancé and love a good last-minute challenge, this post is for you! I'm sharing items that you can order and *hopefully* get by Christmas... I say *hopefully*, because, between the crazy snowstorm we just had and all of the shipping delays, I just don't think anyone can guarantee anything anymore... 2020, no surprise here.

I tried to be a little broader/generic with the last-minute gift ideas so hopefully, they would please whomever you still have to buy for! I also made the stocking stuffer guide heavily Amazon-based because they have a label on each item that lets you know that you can expect to receive it before Christmas! 

Anthropologie has free shipping with orders $50+ that should arrive in time for Christmas Eve... this is the last day for it! 

Tuckernuck has the option to order up to 12/21, but you have to choose $15 expedited shipping. 

Shopbop is owned by Amazon so you can order by 12/20 if you have Prime to get everything in time for Christmas. 

Bloomingdale's is offering free shipping in time for 12/24 if you order by today. 

Williams Sonoma is allowing standard UPS orders by Christmas if you place your order by 10pm PST today! It's not on all items, though, this landing page is filled with the items that qualify. 

J.Crew you have up until tomorrow (Saturday 12/19) to get your order in time! 

Nordstrom is marking individual items in with green font that says 'arrives before Christmas'. You can use a filter to filter out anything that would arrive late which is super helpful. They also do curbside pickup! 

Another option is to order online and do curbside pickup. A ton of retailers are doing this! I've done it before and it could not be easier.

And lastly, gift cards are always 'safe', especially for local restaurants or businesses!! 
Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers
Shop Last-Minute Gifts:
Cocktail Mixing Set// This is a good idea for someone a bit younger, as the older you get, the more likely you are to have these items already. Maybe it is a newly minted college graduate who is just getting into cocktails or a couple who just got married or someone who bought their first home or moved into their first apartment! We utilize cocktail tools often and especially this year as we have been making a lot of cocktails at home vs. out at bars and restaurants. 

Silver Tray// Such a cute little tray that could be used in the bathroom or on a chest or as a jewelry catchall. You could add in some pretty candy and wrap it with cellophane and a bow! 

Woodfire Candle Set// This is set is something I bought in early November and it comes with 3 candles. The size of each candle is much bigger than a typical votive and it smells wonderful. It doesn't have a crazy holiday scent to it so I think it works for all winter season. You can put one in each stocking if you have a bunch to fill or give as a set... a cute hostess gift or just something nice to give! Even with the smaller size, the scent fills the room very well. 

Gel Kit// For this, you have to buy online and pickup in-store. 

Scalloped Basket// I love this basket and use it all of the time for tablescapes or just holding fruits from the store on the counter. You could fill this up as a gift basket with things for Christmas morning from your local market. 

Packable belt bag// When I walk Henry, I often use a belt bag to hold my phone as I like to be able to have my hands free. This also might be a great gift idea for a mom with small children as they often need their hands free as well! 

Cashmere Travel Wrap// On sale right now for just $99, this is such a luxurious gift at a really reasonable price point! There are 12 colors to choose from. I'd personally select a neutral! 

Suede Boots// These are stunning and also by a brand favorited by Princess Kate. They have a water-resistant treatment on the suede, which is important if you live somewhere snowy! I want these!! 

Leopard Print Slippers// I think slippers are always a practical, 'safe' gift. I wear through my slippers within one season sometimes (even if they're great quality) just because of how much I wear them. I also totally believe you need different slippers for winter vs. summer! 

Carving Set// This is a great gift idea for possibly the host/hostess of your holiday meals or maybe for someone who does a lot of entertaining. Wusthof is a really quality brand- we have a knife set by the brand and they are fantastic. 

Infused Olive Oil Gift Set// A great gift idea if you are stuck on what to give someone. I also think it's the perfect fit for anyone who loves to cook! 

Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers
Shop the Stocking Stuffers:

Playing Cards// How cute are these?! 

Tealight Votives// I love the scallops on these... an inexpensive little gift for someone who loves to set the table! 

Rechargeable Lamp// This is a mini lamp that is wireless and can be recharged. The perfect little thing for an outdoor table. I got this for my mom as part of her birthday present and she loves it. 

Key Ring// I have this and it's not really the highest of quality but I really like it attached to my LV keyring wallet and my car keys when I'm running errands. It makes me hands-free and also right now, I specifically bought it so I could use hand sanitizer without having to hold on to anything. 

Placemat and Napkin Set// So many cute prints and patterns and the price is so affordable. 

Chanel Lip Balm// I asked for the 'Intense' color for Christmas. I have the 'deep' color and it is really moisturizing and is just great everyday lip color. 

Toothpaste// For someone who appreciates good dental hygiene (hopefully that is everyone, haha!) but also appreciates pretty labels. At $10, it's relatively pricey compared to drugstore brands, but this is the kind of thing I LOVE to find in my stocking- something I might not necessarily ever buy for myself!

Oven Mitt// Such a cute little oven mitt. Pair this with something else cooking-related like a spatula and it makes a cute little host/hostess gift. 

Ice Roller// I have this and use it often. It really works to depuff and feels SO good in the mornings. 

Wine Aerator// A great wine tool to have on hand. We use it every time we open a bottle! 

Hand Cream// My go-to hand cream. I put it on every single night and it smells wonderful. The scent is light and not overpowering. 

Cozy Socks// I have several pairs of these to wear around the house and they are so soft and just so nice to have in the winter. 

Heated Eyelash Curler// I don't have this but would definitely love if it came in my stocking! It apparently heats up and lifts your lashes! 

Cashmere Shampoo// The only thing I use to wash my cashmere!

Sanitizing Device Wipes// Talk about a very 2020 appropriate gift! These wipes are individually wrapped so you can stow a few away in your handbag. You can use them to wipe down your phone, keys, etc.

French Sea Salt// A little luxury that the recipient will be able to enjoy for months to come! 

Basic T-Shirt// Such a good basic at a good price (just $14). They also make this for men! Size up at least one size because it does shrink quite a bit in the dryer. 

Bananagrams// I love this game! We have played it so much this year and it can be played with only two people. 

Lip Sleeping Mask// I use this every single night. It truly hydrates my lips better than any other lip balm there is! 

Face Cream// Everyone from a skincare snob to your dad will love this rich night cream. It's basic with no fancy ingredients but oh my goodness does it hydrate my face SO well. I am never without a tub of this and my fiancé uses it too! 

Luxardo Cherries// My dad and fiancé love old-fashioned cocktails and these are the only cherries they use for their drinks. They're $20/jar, which I personally think is a little expensive (for cherries) so I always like to put a jar in his stocking as a treat! I wonder if they would like these cherries because they come in a blue and white jar LOL!

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