Wednesday, June 30, 2021

For The Bride

Besides wedding guest dresses, you all have been majorly asking for white bridal dresses and accessories. Whether you're headed on your bachelorette weekend or honeymoon, I've rounded up a bunch of special things that feel very bridal. Some are splurges, but there are a lot of great budget finds as well! 

I will say, I definitely don't think it's a must to wear white 24/7 as a bride. I think you can wear whatever you'd like! I personally just really like white on myself, in general. There are a lot of items, so you'll have to keep scrolling to see everything!! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

On The Beach

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Oh my goodness what a weekend!! Apologies for my absence yesterday... I was fully planning on working in the car ride down and back as we went to the Outer Banks this weekend. I was not, however, planning on getting no service (because I have to use mine or my fiancé's hot spot) for about 75% of the ride. And once we got to our hotel, our WiFi was so slow and our phones had barely any service- not even enough to be able to upload these photos! I was PANICKED because we had our marriage license interview over Microsoft Teams on Saturday morning, which we could only do on a computer, so we found a stronger spot and posted up there until the meeting was over. Crisis averted. 

So I spent all Monday playing catch up and today I feel like I can finally take a breath, ha!! And just when I feel like I am caught up, it's back to the car shop to get my car looked at AGAIN! Honestly, I'm just laughing at this point it's so comical! 

Anyway, now onto the photos above... We drove down to the Outer Banks (for a wedding) on Friday morning and had a whirlwind weekend. We stopped at JMU on the way down (totally spontaneous). It was so much fun to see my alma mater as I haven't been in so long! After a very long drive, we finally made it to the Outer Banks. We dropped our stuff at our hotel and went straight to the beach. It was so beautiful out. We had a great seafood dinner and then the next day, woke up, grabbed some breakfast, and then did our marriage license application interview. So we should be getting our actual marriage license in the mail in the next few days which is SO exciting!!!! 

Saturday, we hung out on the beach with friends. We lucked out because the weather was perfect! We headed back to the hotel, got ready for the wedding, and enjoyed such a gorgeous evening! Then, we woke up early Sunday and headed on the long journey home. It was such a quick weekend but I hope we can make it back to the Outer Banks sometime soon because it was so beautiful. We stayed in the Corolla area! 

This is like my dream outfit that I want to wear all summer long. It kind of reminds me of something a Nancy Meyer's movie character would wear. You all know how much I love this shirt already so I won't draw it out, but it's truly the best. 

I brought this Hat along and felt unbelievably chic because of the wide brim and the beautiful blue and white bow. Krista Robertson designed it in collaboration with Lisi Lerch and they were kind enough to send me one and it's just gorgeous!! I am alllll about anything that covers my face from the sun. 

Ok and last item I want to share with you all: these Sunglasses. I very randomly came across these during Amazon Prime Day. They're under $15. I typically like pricier sunglasses, but I do have several inexpensive pairs of sunglasses in my car, in my entryway, etc. just to have on hand. I thought these looked cute and wow, I didn't expect to love them as much as I do. I am going to order another pair so I can keep them everywhere. For the price, they are really nice. I mean they're no RayBans but for under $15, they're really great!

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Saturday Shopping

Friday, June 25, 2021

Red, White, and Blue 4th of July Water

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Cheers to Friday! With the 4th of July next weekend, I wanted to share with you all, a fun and festive drink that you can sip poolside or at your picnic... and the best part, everyone can partake because it's just water-based! 

It's red, white, and blue so it'll be festive and hydrating on a very hot summer day. It's super easy and I make it often in the summer because it tastes so refreshing. I'm serving mine in a pitcher but it looks pretty in a drink dispenser and you can even just make a personal glass for yourself! 

All you need is your favorite fruit. I used berries: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. The key to making it slightly different than typical 'spa water' is to first muddle some of the berries in the pitcher to release the juices. Then add in ice and water and stir. 

It's so flavorful. It's even a great trick to get yourself to drink more water throughout the day because it tastes so good! I think of it as a good alternative to Lemonade, too, since you still get that fruity, sweet flavor but without all of the added sugar and calories! 

Instead of flat water, you can also use sparkling water of your choice. I prefer Topo Chico. 

I was able to find everything I needed for my festive red, white, and blue water at Walmart. They have so many great home items like the melamine cups and such cute 4th of July decorations and other hosting necessities! Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own! 

Thursday, June 24, 2021


Holy cow, what a WEEK! Is it Friday, yet?! I've been dealing with car issues the past two weeks and the entire situation has been a real comedy of errors. Thankfully, my car is fixed and I just have to take it in once more next week and all should be good. Phew.

I've been absolutely slammed with work. It's like all is chugging along in a nice even flow, and BAM! Don't get me wrong, I love to be busy, and this is all good, but sometimes it can get overwhelming! It was one of those weeks where I'd cross off something on my to-do list but add 2 more! 

With that said, I have not taken nary an iPhone photo this week. My view has mostly been that of a computer screen! The photo above is a firework shot from our fun night at the Pirate game. I love when it is fireworks night- it was one of those perfect classic summer nights. 

We are doing the application interview to get our marriage license this weekend! They do it on Zoom now which is actually really benefitting us because we will be in North Carolina anyway, ha! I guess then they send us the actual marriage license a few days later. Crazy exciting to me because last time, we applied but didn't make it any further than that before we had to postpone!

Eating: This Mediterranean meatball recipe is on my list of things to make for dinner. YUM! 

Drinking: Have you guys heard of Waterdrop? I tried it after an Orange Theory class the other day and loved it! It's this tiny little square of powder you can put in your water and it is flavored... it's designed so you drink more water. It's calorie-free and sugar-free and has vitamins in it. Delicious. Like a little stronger than a LaCroix taste, but it tastes natural, not fake. Apparently, you can put it in sparkling water, too. I am going to get try that out! 

Sale: I usually buy my cashmere in the summertime because that's when it goes on sale- oftentimes, even the most classic pieces. Case-in-point, one of my most favorite cashmere sweaters of all time is on sale in all colors. Like major sale!!! I wear a size small. It's oversized and so luxurious. There are actually quite a few gorgeous Vince sweaters deeply discounted. Very worth the browse! I really like this neutral funnel neck textured sweater

 Ok 90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After is my jam right now. It is such a trainwreck but I cannot look away! It's one of those things you can put on in the background while you are working and don't have to pay attention too much. It's on TLC. Other than that, we haven't watched much lately. I've been hearing good things about Manifest on Netflix, so we might try that next when we have time to watch something! 

Listening: I've been really into the Sirius radio Sinatra station (it's channel 71). Since I've had to be in my car driving back and forth from car place to car place, I've had a lot of time to listen, ha!!! 

Loving: This gold trio bracelet gives me Bulgari vibes for WAY less. I'm not a huge fashion jewelry person but I really love this look for (way) less!! 

 How adorable is this navy and white swimsuit?! I'm also thinking of ordering this to wear for our wedding week since we have a few lunches/dinners. 

Pittsburgh: We had such a fun time at Revel and Roost last Friday night. I had never been before and we weren't planning on going in, but we heard great live reggae music from outside so we went in and had the best time! We didn't eat- just cocktails but they were really great. 

Traveling: We are off to North Carolina for a beach wedding this weekend. I am hoping for great weather and lots of fun! We always miss Henry when we leave, but he will be in good company hanging out with my parent's dog, Buddy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

National Wicker Bag Day

National Wicker Bag Day

National Wicker Bag Day

National Wicker Bag Day

National Wicker Bag Day

National Wicker Bag Day
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Did you all know National Wicker Bag Day was a thing? I did not until just now and I am here for it. I love love love a good wicker bag during the summer season!

I am going to be partnering with some lovely ladies on Instagram later today to do a giveaway in celebration of National Wicker Bag Day, so make sure you stop by and check it out and enter to win this J.McLaughlin Olivia Bag

J.McLaughlin is like the queen of wicker bags in the brand world. They always have so many beautiful clutches and crossbodies and more! They have a history of the wicker bag up on their site and I loved reading it. I didn't realize there was so much history to it! 

This post is not sponsored, but J.McLaughlin sent me this clutch, dress, and shoes so I wanted to style them up for National Wicker Bag Day! I was so excited because it is such a gorgeous bag and these pieces are just the perfect thing for the hot summer days! What I love about J.McLaughlin's wicker bags are that they always have the prettiest details! The inside of the Olivia clutch, for example, has the prettiest blue and white striped fabric liner. It makes for a pretty pop when you open it! 

The thing that I love most about wicker bags, in general, is that they are neutral so they really work with everything in my summer wardrobe. I also love the texture that they give to any outfit. I could be wearing a simple, solid cotton dress and paired with a wicker bag, it just gives some interest to an otherwise basic look!
More Wicker Bags I Love:

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Amazon Prime Day Picks

Dress// Espadrilles 25% off with code CYBER

I was not expecting much for this year's Amazon Prime Day and was not planning on doing this post, but after I've done some browsing, I'm pretty darn impressed with the selection and deals! I haven't really ordered a ton as I don't need much, but there are definitely a lot of items that I have ordered in the past few months and years that are worth highlighting. My full roundup of products is down below and you can see my storefront, here

The products are really random, but they're worth checking out! 

I think the most random item that I ordered are these biker shorts. I caved. I realllllly wasn't on board with the biker shorts trend, but at under $20, I figured why not give it a try! I ordered a Sloppy Joe's sweatshirt in white a few weeks ago and am still anxiously awaiting its arrival. The sweatshirt is bright white and I think paired with the navy biker shorts, it could actually end up being a cute look... I may be speaking too soon here, though. HA! Anyway, these bike shorts have a crazy amount of good reviews so fingers crossed! 

I also ordered these sunglasses... they were under $15. I prefer my 'nicer' sunglasses but I like to keep an extra pair of cheap sunglasses in my car and beach/pool tote as kind of a 'just in case' type thing!

I restocked these glycolic pads that I use every single night. I love them. It looks like they just got rebranded. It's not like you save a ton of money with these, but I go through them quickly so I was happy to save a few dollars. They truly minimize my pores!  

This is the mattress cover on our bed. I love it. We added a cover to extend the longevity of our mattress. I did a ton of research to find one that was affordable (I couldn't believe the cost of some mattress covers) and that was high quality and comfortable. This one is 100% cotton. A lot of the cheap ones, are made of synthetics which is what makes you hot when you sleep so I was so excited to find something so affordable with 100% cotton. We got down alternative because I have had down mattress covers in the past and I have been able to feel the feathers through the sheets and I didn't like that. This cover is SO soft and fluffy and really adds a luxe layer. 

My fiancé has this massage gun and loves it. For Prime Day, it's over half off which is a huge savings. It's a great gift idea for anyone that complains of sore muscles or who is super active. 

I ordered these undereye patches for my mom, sister, and I to use on my wedding day. These truly depuff tired eyes. I keep mine in the refrigerator for an extra dose of cooling. 

I also have this wireless fan. I was worried I would be hot getting ready on our wedding day, so I figured this might help! Some of you said you put this on your baby's stroller or on your Peloton bike! My parents just bought one after seeing me post about it (haha!!) because they said they want to hang it on their outdoor umbrella for a cool breeze on hot nights. For such a small fan it really is quite powerful. 

We have this gold floor lamp in our living room and it's great. It looks like a lamp Ballard Designs sells, but this one costs a lot less. I ended up ordering a Ballard Designs shade to spruce it up a bit and it looks great! 

The toothpaste I just wrote about on Friday is included. I've really been loving it.

We love our Roomba robot vacuum. It's the only thing that keeps me sane with all of Henry's shedding!

I bought this case for our Nintendo Switch. If you have a long car ride and need a break, this is fun to play! I seriously love Mario Kart, haha!!

Our car hammock seat cover is included. This is a pricier car hammock so for it to go on sale is great. It's so hard to find a hammock that is tan but this one is amazing quality! 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Golf Outfit Inspiration

Was this a practice shot or did I miss the ball?! Probably the latter...ha! 

Shop the Pieces:
We had such a fun weekend! Friday night, we did a double date with my parents and went to Hyde Park for dinner, and then headed over to the Pirate game! I haven't been to a sporting event in sooo long, it was the best time. The weather had been iffy all day, so we were glad it was not rained out! Afterward, we were going to head over to The Rebel Room for a cocktail, but they were having a power outage, so we walked past Revel and Roost and they had all of their windows open and we could hear a great reggae band inside, so we stopped in and had so much fun dancing to the live music! I had never been to Revel and Roost but it was a cool bar spot in Market Square!

Saturday, the weather was iffy again. It rained off and on all morning. We had our father-daughter golf outing planned so I was really hoping it would clear up by early afternoon. For about an hour when we were there, it was spitting rain, but then turned out to be a really nice afternoon/evening! Let's just say I was glad I did not spend time doing my hair for this and very glad I brought a hat, haha!! 

The father-daughter golf outing is something our club does annually on Father's Day weekend. They also have a father-son on another day... my fiancé and dad are going to play in it next year. My dad will be excited because my fiancé actually knows how to golf, ha!! My sister is the golfing sibling in the family... she was captain of the golf team in high school and is very good. Me on the other hand? I golf infrequently and show up for the vibe, the outfits, the company, and the cocktails, ha!! Luckily, my sister has a lot of old equipment so I just use her hand-me-downs for the day. Our family friend actually gave me these golf shoes because she had ordered them but they didn't work for her. I usually just golf in my tennis shoes, but it was fun to have actual golf shoes...I felt very legitimate, ha!!!  

Luckily, this event is played as a scramble so my dad is able to carry the team, although we did use my ball several times!! We played in a foursome with our family friends. We always have the best time with them. The dads went to high school together and the daughters have grown up together our whole lives!

It's a really cute event. They had pink balloons tied to the carts, they give the daughters cute little gift bags, and there is a dinner at the end. My fiancé and mom ended up coming halfway through and riding in a cart behind us so they could spectate and then have dinner with us.

I love seeing the little girls playing with their dads. Their outfits are always darling and it was so cute that they gave out a trophy to the youngest player who was just 6 years old! It's no pressure and lots of fun. Truly something our whole family looks forward to each year. 

Tuckernuck sent me a few pieces from their new sport collection to wear for the occasion. Athleticwear/athleisure wear is a dime a dozen these days and yet I feel like it all looks the same. Black leggings, solid racerback tanks, and tie-dye sports bras. 

Tuckernuck's collection truly stands out from everything else, in my opinion. Their pieces are unique in not only design but in the colors and prints that they use. In general, I don't think of sports clothing as 'special' but I really think their pieces feel much more special and stand out. 
Like for example, the collared shirt I was wearing had an adorable floral embroidery on the collar. One of the white skirts that they sent me has gingham shorts underneath that coordinate with the green piping on the outside of the skirt. 

I am extremely picky about the fit and fabrics that I wear for sports stuff. I do Orange Theory 3-4 days per week and that can get sweaty so I always look for a sweat-wicking material and all of these pieces are perfect like that. You can truly sweat in them and not worry about them falling apart wear after wear, wash after wash. 

The pieces run true to size. I am wearing a size small. If you are deciding between two sizes, size down as they are slightly roomy and have a nice amount of stretch. 
I thought my friend Nicole's hat was so cute. This has an extended opening to allow for a high ponytail. Brilliant! 

Used my trusty yacht club tote bag. Seriously best tote bag ever. It has 6 pockets inside and is so roomy. 

Vineyard Vines just sent me these because they launched a collaboration with Corkcicle! Aren't they so cute?! It was great to keep my drinks cold the entire time! 

Teleties, always. My hair was a MESS with the spitting rain and humidity! I have used these for years and have tried so many other brands and this is the only brand that has never broken on me! One time, I was in an Orange Theory class and my hair was in an invisibobble hair tie and it snapped mid-class. I freaked out because working out in a workout like OTF with long hair fully down is near impossible. Luckily, one of the coaches had a hair tie- she was working the desk so she didn't need it. So I was spared but seriously, having a hair tie you can depend on is important to me (as trivial as that sounds). 

This is a great lightweight, classic sweatshirt. It's perfect for the summer months! I got a size 38 and would say it probably fits like a medium. It's nice and roomy without looking totally frumpy. 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday Shopping


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