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Gift Guide 2023: For The Guys

Gift Guide 2023: For The Guys

Today is for the men in our life! I find men so hard to shop for!!! As always, this guide is inspired by my dad and husband. Both love golf, skiing, traveling, dogs, a stiff cocktail, classic/preppy clothing and accessories, and sports. So, if this sounds like any guy in your life, this gift guide will help! 

Loafers// These are the priciest things on the gift guide, but honestly, I think they're the most beautiful shoes and the type of thing you have had for 20 years. They are the most classic pair of men's shoes that you can find, and my husband says that they are incredibly comfortable. Unlike me, I'll wear shoes that are a bit uncomfortable just for the look (fashion, baby), but my husband will absolutely not wear uncomfortable shoes, and these pass his test with flying colors. They're so handsome, I love it when he wears them! 

Golf Practice Mat// You have to have the space for this, so it's suitable for someone with a big backyard or at least a net (which is what my husband has), but it's a great practice option for golf aficionados. 

Knit NFL Hat// Love everything I have from this company, and they make really nice NFL team hats. Perfect for winter games! 

Belt// My dad and husband love needlepoint belts. I don't needlepoint but thankfully, they make already finished belts in many different colors and patterns! My husband wears the flags the most often as it matches with most of his wardrobe. 

Leather Weekender// This is something my husband needs, so I included it. He has an older weekender that was given to him for a groomsmen gift, and it's starting to fall apart. This one is so handsome! 

Fleece Lined Robe// I have this robe, and my husband always comments how much he loves it. I'm so glad they started making men's robes this year! 

Oxford Button Down// The best fitting shirts, I swear. My dad and husband have so many colors, fabrics, and patterns. My personal favorite is the blue and white striped oxford cloth. It's a total classic. 

Pickleball Set// We got this set, and we love playing pickleball! It's such a fun and social sport! 

Golf Polo// This is my husband's favorite golf shirt brand (along with Peter Millar). He has so many and wears them constantly! He also has the vest and pullover, and they just recently launched a fleece that he currently wants! 

Custom Pet Cufflinks// I've shared these a bunch, and I almost wasn't going to include them because I've included them in many past guides, but these are just too good to leave out. These are cufflinks, and the artist custom-makes each set to look like your cat or dog. The talent is unbelievable, and my husband's Henry cufflinks are one of his favorite things in the world now. 

Lounge Set// My husband fell in love with Lake Pajamas when we were in their store on King Street in Charleston, and he's loved then ever since. They have quite a few different men's styles to choose from but he loves the shorts sets the most! 

Gift Guide 2023: For The Guys

Packing Cube Set// My husband and dad are the neatest packers on the planet, I swear. I am organized and neat 99% of the time, but not when packing. Anyway, thes cubes are so helpful for compressing things so you can pack more in your carry-on. Also keeping shoes enclosed in bags when you travel is key so you don't get anything else in your suitcase dirty! 

Carry On// You can't go wrong with an Away carry-on. This is the exact one that I have, and I am so pleased with it. It's nice quality, and the wheels are buttery smooth. It comes in many colors! 

Fisherman Sweater// One of my husband's most-worn sweaters. He loves the fit and design and cream color that matches everything. This is such a timeless style, and you can find them from most men's brands; some are made from wool, and some from cotton! 

Plaid Cashmere Scarf// This was my scarf but my husband started to borrow it, and now he wears it often. It's so handsome and so soft! It looks great with a Barbour jacket but I also think it looks sharp with a camel coat! 

Sneakers// I love these sneakers. My husband and brother-in-law both have them. They're obviously very casual, but there's something slightly 'dressier'/ sleeker about them vs. traditional tennis shoes. 

Boots// These are so inexpensive and the quality is great. My husband loves the comfort and here in Pittsburgh, they are sometimes just necessary!

Cologne// This cologne is so inexpensive and smells sooooo $$. My husband has many colognes and we did a blind sniff test between a bunch of the ones that he has and this one was my favorite! I was honestly surprised. It has such a good depth to the scent. 

Ski Socks// My family all wears this brand. It's the best! A great stocking stuffer- you can always use a new pair of socks. 

Echo Show// We've had this in our kitchen for years and it's amazing. It plays music, obviously, but the thing my husband loves about it is that you can play anything on Amazon Prime Video so it is basically like a mini TV. We sit it on the windowsill of our kitchen window and he loves to watch Suits while he cooks or washes dishes! We often play Jeopardy when we are cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and it's fun! 

Golf Flask Set// This looks like a tee holder but it's actually a little flask that you can attach to your golf bag!

Garment Bag// I love my garment bag so much, this one is a special edition by one of my favorite artists, Drawberston (Donald Robertson) and I love the dog prints sooooo much. I just know my husband would love this, too!! 

Slippers// My dad and husband's favorite slippers. You cannot go wrong with these for any guy on your list- grandpa, dad, brother, boyfriend, etc. 

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Anonymous said...

I have been looking for that exact Smathers and Branson belt for my husband for ages, and am never able to find a size 34.
Thanks to you, I just ordered it and was even able to get gift packaging. Wonderful gift guide!


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