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Last Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers

Last Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking stuffers to arrive in time for christmas
Glass Tumblers// Pickleball Set// Body Wash (smells like Le Labo Santal)

This is the *very* last gift guide for the year. PHEW!!!!!! We made it! We are less than a week away from Christmas! There is a mix of items for men/women/unisex options so there is a little something for everyone on here! 

I'm not sure if the Prime shipping differs depending on where you live, but on my end, all of this is Prime, so you can get it before Christmas, sometimes I had to change the colors and sizes to make sure it was Prime, so keep an eye on that when you are adding things to your cart to make sure it will arrive in time! 

Also, I have an Amazon page I am constantly updating with my finds if you want to check that out! 

Curling Iron Travel Cover// I've had this travel hot tools cover since high school and I still use it every single time I travel. It is practical and cute and has clearly held up very well!

6 Pack Crew Socks// These are the crew socks you see me wearing all of the time! They're just high enough to be on trend without being slouchy or too much fabric! They are so comfortable and such a great price for 6 pairs of socks- you can't beat that! 

Coffee Table Book// This is such a gorgeous coffee table book. The exterior makes for beautiful decor or to add to a  library and the inside is filled with eye candy. A great host/hostess gift for a bly and white lover!

Steamer// I don't know what I'd do without this steamer! I use it on my clothes, linens, table linens, and more! It is so efficient and easy to use. I love that it's like an iron-steamer hybrid because the metallic flat panel gets hot so you can press things, too! 

Gold Bangle Bracelet// I have two of these and love to stack them! They're kind of a splurge for costume jewelry but they're so heavy and high quality. I've had mine for a year-ish and they have not tarnished and look as good as the day I got them! 

Glass Tumblers// I have these in green but I'm not eyeing them in clear and green to have a mixed collection. They are incredible quality and so gorgeous! Use them as everyday water glasses or to set a pretty and colorful table for guests!

Pickleball Set// I just started playing pickleball this summer and while I'm not great, it is so easy to learn and so much fun! This set is inexpensive and has everything you need for a game for 4! 

Body Wash// This body wash is inexpensive and in a large bottle and smells like Le Labo Santal! This is great for both men and women!
Last Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers

Twisted Huggie Earrings// I just got these, and they are adorable. The perfect everyday huggie hoop!

Light Up Pocket Mirror// Love this to keep in a handbag or to pack for travels when you need a magnifying mirror or might require more light! 

Scalloped Coupe Glasses// I think these are so adorable and perfect to give by itself or paired with a bottle of bubbly!

Lip Balm Mask// I give this as a gift so often because it's amazing. I use it at night, and the texture is goopy, so it takes some getting used to, but it's so hydrating and really plumps my lips by morning! I am constantly repurchasing this! 

Preserved Boxwood// I have this from a few years ago and it sits perched below our TV added the perfect amount of greenery!

Family Christmas Book// I have had this book for 5 years now and I love it! It's a low-commitment memory book, and it's already so fun to look back on!

Needlepoint Sunglasses Strap// I got these for my husband this summer and he loves them. He loves needlepoint belts and I thought he would enjoy these for our on the boat/jetski during the summer! 

Last Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers

Diffuser// This is one of my all time favorite scents, cedar leaf and lavender! It is the perfect year-round scent as it has that fresh lavender top note but you also get a cozy vibe from the sandal wood! 

Sweater Shaver// This is a good gift for someone who seemingly has it all. It's practical and one of those things you may not even know you need! I use my sweater shaver on anything that gets pilled and even use it on upholstery! It works like a charm without damaging fabric. 

Light Up Magnified Makeup Mirror// I love this makeup mirror. The light is SO bright and holds a charge for a very long time. It's all around great quality. 

Lap Desk// This is kind of a silly to say but this has been a game changer for me. I work from home and I sit at my desk but throughout the day, I like to move around the house for a change of scenery. Well, my desk is the only place where I sit with proper posture for computer use. Otherwise, my posture isn't great and in turn, my back sometimes hurts. This has helped improve my posture so much when I am sitting anywhere but my desk. I did a lot of research because there are seriously hundreds if not thousands of lap desk options on Amazon. I love that this one is lightweight and compact but still plenty large enough for my large MacBook. I also like the soft cushion underneath for comfort and it is quick and easy to adjust. 

Dry Shampoo// Love this dry shampoo. A bottle lasts forever and it smells incredible! You just tap the powder into your hair and it works so well! 

Ruffled Bowls// Aren't these adorable?! Perfect for morning oatmeal or serving dips or snacks! 

And if you are still looking for more, here are some of my last-minute gift ideas from years past. Most are still in stock and I still would recommend all of these! 
71 Last-Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers

Amazon Last Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers

71 Last-Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers

Amazon Prime Last Minute Gift Ideas For Him

And if you are still shopping, here are links to all of my other gift guides. Some brands are still offering free shipping in time for Christmas, but a lot aren't, so pay attention to that, or you might have to pay for upgraded shipping. It all depends! We are certainly down to the wire; I can't believe it! 

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