Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Gift Guide: For The Cool Girl

Today I am dropping another gift guide and another one will be on Friday. I am trying to get them out ASAP since I know there are so many sales already going on, and I want you all to be able to take advantage! 

If you are new here, meet Callie. Callie is my only sister, 4 years younger than me. We are close and love each other very much; however, when it comes to our personal taste, it definitely differs! Callie is trendier, and since she is 4 years younger than me, she also tends to like more youthful things. She is into pop culture, travel, makeup, and cooking. She usually dresses more casually than me and is always in the know about the coolest sneakers of the moment. Her decor taste is an eclectic mix of midcentury, bohemian, and traditional, and she blends them all together so well. She is very creative. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and her pup, Bean. I often run my purchases by Callie because she is not afraid to tell it like it is. She is so loyal. I always tell Callie's story from when we were children. I had a blow-up toy ball, and the older kids in our neighborhood popped my ball to be mean. Callie, who couldn't have been more than 4 years old, scolded the older neighborhood kids for being mean to me! She has been sticking up for me ever since. 

Anyway, I had Callie send me a list of things she would like and then things she would recommend or gift and I have compiled what she sent me into a gift guide. 

I fully realize only some people love what I love (my tastes are pretty niche), and it can be hard to gift others things when you don't share the same taste. So consider this the 'cool girl youthful gift guide.' 

Gold Hoops// My sister influenced me with these hoops because I got them for myself. She always wears them, and she said they have not tarnished yet. They are inexpensive and would be a great stocking stuffer or favorite things gift. 

Shearling Slide Sandals// I had to ask my sister about these because I've always wondered why you'd want furry sandals; they seem too warm for the summer but not warm enough for the winter months. She said she usually wears socks with them and wears them around the house or to run her dog around the block or go somewhere like a coffee drive-through. She lives in a warmer climate, so she doesn't need as warm slippers as I do. 

Black Bag// I have heard about this bag. It's supposedly a Row look alike, which is only around $15/$20ish. Callie thinks it is a great option for someone who likes wearing the ever-popular Lululemon belt bag. This style gives you a similar look, but it's nice to be able to switch it up. She has the red and black and loves to wear it with athleisure. 

Face Mask// Callie says these are amazing and make a great stocking stuffer. She will bring them on our sister trip in a few weeks, so I can try. I love a good face mask. This one actually stays on your face and doesn't slide around. Her favorite is this blue mask, which is hydrating. 

Pottery Mug// Callie and her husband are into collecting unique pottery items, and this is one of her favorite pottery companies. I had never heard of this brand, and I also love pottery, so I started to browse a bit and what I found is not pottery, but these wine glasses are *so* cool and unique. My sister also told me about this cast iron ladle, which I think my husband would absolutely love. 

Personalized Bracelet// Callie loves this jewelry brand and she and her husband have the gold bracelets that you can get zapped onto your wrist! This personalized one is under $300 and adorable. 

Lip Oil// I have this lip oil, and now Callie wants it. I love the texture; it is so smooth, silky, and hydrating on my lips. 

Felted Merino Pullover// This looks so similar to a J.Crew sweater that I have and love. My sister has this in so many colors, and she always wears it. It's one of her favorite pieces of clothing. It fits true to size. 

Throw Blanket// The green blanket had to make the list. They have a few in their home, and I'm telling you, it's a must-have!!

Perfume Sampler// I finally smelled Byredo this summer in Nantucket and fell in love with the Bal D'Afrique scent. This is a cute sampler, so you can wear several scents to figure out which you love best. 

Tumbler// This is like a Stanley Tumbler but less costly and has a more streamlined look. 

Match Holder// A cut little decor item my sister has her eye on. Something like this pairs with a candle so well. 

Mary Jane Flats// Cute and comfortable flats perfect for trying out the Mary Jane shoe trend. 

Coffee Table Book// My sister just got this coffee table book and thinks it's stunning. We both agree coffee table books make such nice gifts. 

Cable Sweater// So cute and classic! I love to see this on her wish list. Callie says Lacoste is really making a comeback, and I totally agree. I never stopped loving it, but it has been extra good the past year or two!

Pajama Set// We are both Lake pajamas lovers. They are so soft and comfortable. They also make men's and kid's pajamas so they make a great gift for literally everyone. She wants this shorts set which I have and love for the warmer months. 

Cookbook// Since my sister loves to cook, she loves a good cookbook, and these make nice decor for the kitchen! 

Barbour Jacket//  I am envious that Callie can wear her lighter jackets for longer periods of time in North Carolina, so it makes sense she has a lot of lighter weight coats. This one is classic but on-trend at the same time. 

Woven bag// Love this brand and didn't realize they made some really cute smaller options. 

Electric Kettle// This kettle is so 'Callie.' It is modern, sleek, and chic. We both love to drink hot tea. She loves an electric kettle, and I love a stovetop kettle. 

Personalized Apron// I got my husband one of these for his birthday or Christmas one year, and he loves it. This is such a good gift for Callie, an avid chef; I am surprised she doesn't have one yet! 

Hanging Toiletry Bag// I have seen this in action on some of our trips. It's a hanging bag for your toiletries and it hangs so nicely and keeps your toiletries perfectly upright. Love the color options. 

Navy Cardigan// I now want this cardigan, too!! SO darling and classic! 

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