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Gift Guide 2016: Best Gifts for Guys

Over 100 of the best gift ideas for men, guys, boys
Today we're talking all about guys... what a fun subject, right? Unfortunately, I find that they're a bit hard to shop for! Whether you're looking for a great gift for your dad, brother, uncle, boyfriend, finacĂ©, father-in-law, or husband of 20 years, I think this gift guide should cover all of your bases! 

You may also want to check out my 2014 and 2015 guides. All of the items are still relevant-- which just goes to show that choosing a classic, quality gift is always the way to go when it comes to guys! You'll see a gift collage below, and then I talk about each gift below that.... but I've also included many other options in many of the categories so be sure to scroll all the way down to see all of the ideas! There are over 100+ ideas (yes, this post took a reallllly long time). 

Sunglasses// Two of the most universally flattering and classic pairs: The Clubmaster and the Wayfarer.
Accessories// Whether it's a cozy scarf, a sharp pair of driving gloves, a custom wallet, or even something as simple as collar stays, these are all 'safe' gifts because you can never have too many! A lot of these items also make for really great stocking stuffers!
Ties// To me, a tie is so unoriginal... a snoozefest, really. However, many men have to wear a tie to work every single day, so they actually need them. I love the classic repp stripe ties the most, and I always prefer a bow tie over a regular tie! To make this a little more personal, I love that there are ties with sports teams. Helloooo Pittsburgh Steelers tie (that's quality and classic, not yinzer-y, if you know what I mean!).
Books// This New York Times custom sports book is a really cool gift. I want it for myself, ha! You basically pick any team (NFL, MLB, etc.) and it pulls New York Times articles about the team from the archives. It's handsomely covered in leather (you can choose from 3 colors) so it looks great sitting out, too. Scroll through the widget above for some more books guys are sure to love!
Watch// I've long pined over Omega's Seamaster watch since George Clooney wore it in The American. If you are on a budget, this watch is a classic and under $150. Bonus points if you get the watch engraved (my tank watch has my initials handstamped into the band, too!). Honorable mentions: Cartier Tank, Cartier Ballon Bleu, Rolex Submariner, Tag Heuer Aquaracer., Patek Philippe Calatrava, etc.

Clothing// I think unless a guy specifically asks/wants clothing, you should stay away from this because he can probably buy what he wants/likes for himself. Or you can always steer him in the right direction. However, for the fashionable guy, this makes for a great gift!
Outerwear// Whether the guy in your life is preppy or rugged, you can't go wrong with this Snap T fleece pullover. A major plus is that you can 'borrow' it becuase they're so cozy oversized! Basically any Patagonia piece is fair game. I've also rounded up a bunch of other classic outerwear pieces from dressy to casual! Another must? A Barbour jacket. If this is for your boyfriend/fiancé/husband, it's cute (cheesy, albeit) to make a tag that says something along the lines of 'you've got my love to keep you warm'.
Sports Gear// Whether he's into football, hockey, baseball, etc. there are SO many great gifts for the sports guy. I love the Mitchell and Ness brand of clothing- it's a bit higher end than your typical sports gear and has a vintage vibe to it. You can see me wearing a steeler's version, here (it's really for guys, but totally works for women, too). I really want this Superbowl IX sweatshirt! Also, something I saw on Pinterest that I just love is gifting your guy a ball (in the sport of his choice) and then writing a note on it in lieu of a card... on Pinterest they had things like 'reaons why you are a catch' (get it?). I just love that! 
Grooming Kit// I think this is something a lot of men don't really spend on, so it's fun to give them something new that they never knew they needed! The Art of Shaving kits are always really nice, but something like a Clarisonic would be great for your brother who may have troubled skin!

Housewares// This is great for a bachelor that just moved into his own place, or a guy that needs a little help in the decor department. I've also included some fun things like this homeplate doormat and something a little more practical like this espresso machine
Shoes// I think shoes can be somewhat of a personal thing, so leave this gift for someone you know really well. But I've rounded up allllll of the classics that are high quality. These loafers, in my opinion, are a must-have. The price for the quality is amazing and a shoe that works for so many occassions. Also, shoe kits can be a great gift, too (and something they may have never known they needed). I love this sneaker cleaning kit and this leather shoe kit.
Portable Speaker// This is for the avid traveler or the music obsesed. I have this UE Boom speaker and it's the best! It connects to your phone via bluetooth and you can play anything you'd like! I especially love that it is wireless so it's great to take on trips/on boats, etc. For someone who's looking for great sound in their home, this Bose Wave speaker is awesome. I have it in my bedroom and it serves as a clock and is connected to my bedroom TV so it acts as a better speaker, too.
Travel Bags and Accessories// Whether he travels for work or play, he'll always be in style! I love this leather weekender-- it's definitel a splurge, but wow! I have this one, which is still a splurge, but half the price of the one I featured. I love, love, love it. I use it as a weekender but also as a carry-on whenever I travel! Also, can we talk about this amazing spinner bag? Your phone can track its location, it has two USB ports to charge your devices and is sleek and simple. I. Want. This. Now they just need to invent one with your own built-in WiFi hotspot... one day! And lastly, this travel cocktail kit is genius. I would also love this! Honorable mention: Yeti Cooler

Honorable Mentions: A DSLR camera, drone, computer, phone, Kindle, Alexa, curved TV, GoPro, Tablet, fitbit, bike. 

Experiential gifts, not actual things, or 'things that you can't put a price tag on' are my favorite for guys like your dad, boyfriend, or brother. I think they mean more and show you pay attention to what they like/enjoy. It's fun to get your boyfriend a sweater you think he'll look great in, but does that really show him that you are paying attention to his passions and interests? Probably not. For example, I've started to take my parents/sister to DC for the weekend every Christmas season as my gift to them. We did this as a family when I was in college at James Madison, but since I graduated, we had stopped doing it while my sister was at Kentucky. So I decided to bring it back! It gets our family together for quality time and is something everyone enjoys. The memories are worth so much more than any 'thing' I could give to them.
  • A weekend trip
  • A season ski/snowboard pass 
  • Tickets to a sporting event 
  • A special edition bottle of their favorite liquor (Johnny Walker Blue label can be engraved with the guy's initials!)
  • A subscription (Magazine, Netflix, Blue Apron, gym, etc.)
  • Sports equiptment (skis, golf clubs, tennis racket, etc.)
  • Concert tickets
  • A custom suit or tux 
  • Signed Sports memorabilia 
  • Spa day (massages!) 
  • Tool Kit (bonus for you so he can fix things!) 
  • Experiential Date Ideas
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