Monday, February 18, 2019

January Favorites

We are over halfway done with February, so I'm certainly late to the game with this one! I completely forgot December, too, but I'm ready to get back on track with these because they are one of my most popular posts each month and I love writing sharing my favorites!

Nespresso Cafe Istanbul// This is one of Nespresso's newest pod flavors and I love it. It is so strong and bold and not too acidic.

Trader Joe's Mediterranean Salad// This is a newer favorite from TJ's! It's a bagged, chopped salad and it is SO good. The dressing is light and fresh and it has all of the fixings that a classic Mediterranean salad has! I add kalamata olives and salmon for a nice, healthy dinner!

Ugg Boots// It was crazy cold in January and the only thing I reach for when it's below 0 are my Bean Boots or Uggs. But my Uggs are preferable because they are just SO cozy. I know they aren't the most glam looking footwear, but seriously, if you don't have a pair, get a pair. You'll be so glad you did!

Arsenal Bowling// If you are in Pittsburgh and haven't checked out this Lawrenceville spot, you are missing out! Call ahead to make a reservation- it's all you can bowl 9pm-12! They play such good music and have a full bar!

Crewneck Sweater// It's embarrassing how much I have worn this sweater. I'm thinking I should probably order another one in a different color. It's so cozy and soft! Right now it is on sale!

Don't Kill My High// I've had this song on repeat all month long. It's so upbeat and fun! If you are looking for a good song for a HIIT workout, this is it!

Puzzle Cube Dog Toy// This is one of Henry's favorite toys right now! It's such a fun, interactive toy and keeps him playing for a while.

Dog DNA Test// I bought this to do on Henry during a Black Friday sale and it was SO much fun to get the results. Henry is 50% Australian Cattle Dog, 25% chihuahua, 25% 'herding dog'. I loved finding out he had chihuahua in him because I had always thought it was corgi that makes him so much smaller than typical Australian Cattle Dogs.

Meghan Dress// This is not only a beautiful LBD but definitely has Meghan Markle vibes due to the exaggerated boatneck! I love it because it is so classic and ladylike!

Dirty John// This is a Bravo series that is about a man who meets a woman on a dating website and he is basically a con artist/psycho. I watched the entire thing in a matter of days. The acting was terrible but the crazy storyline is enough to keep you watching! 

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