Thursday, September 30, 2021


I cannot believe we are on the last day of September. It will seriously be 2022 before we know it. This year has absolutely flown by. Each day that I look at the calendar, I just cannot get over it! 

The weather this week has been absolutely glorious. Like I just want to bottle this up and have it be like this forever. Sunny, 70 degrees, chilly mornings and evenings. Love it. 

In the past two-ish years, I've been really good at going to bed somewhat early and have become a morning person. Not like a 5am-morning-person but a 7am-morning-person where I actually feel well-rested and get a lot done in the mornings. However,  during the summer months, I have noticed that I fall into a bit of a rut in that I go to bed later than I'd like to. I then either wake up early but feel tired or sleep in later than I'd like. It definitely has to do with the fact that it stays light out so much later in the summer. I am hoping that as it has begun to get darker earlier that I am able to fall back into my early-to-bed routine! That's what I have been focusing on lately and haven't been all that successful to be honest, ha! So here's to hoping that I get back into my early sleeping routine in October! 

Wearing: This Cashmere Tee and Cashmere Lounge Pants combo is the best thing ever. I, unfortunately, have yet to see it go on sale so it's a splurge for both pieces but totally worth it in my opinion. It looks so chic and elegant and yet is the softest and coziest thing ever. I really want the set in navy but have tried to practice some restraint, haha! I'm wearing a small in both the top and bottom. They are quite roomy but I prefer the fit to be like that. 

Eating: Someone sent me this news and it is EPIC. Katz's deli and Hendrick's gin teamed up to create pickles!!!! I did think $15 for the jar was steep but figure it would be a treat. But then when I saw the $20 shipping charge, I backed out. Would love to try these however, their $35 price tag is keeping me away, haha! 

Eating II: This is a Whole Foods recommendation. Do not walk, run to try their coconut curry chicken soup. It's in the pre-made refrigerated section (Whole Foods brand) and oh my word is it GOOD. The perfect thing to eat on a chilly evening. 
Drinking: This weekend I tried a new-to-me cabernet from Marietta. And, shocker, it was delicious! Seriously I have not tried anything I don't like from Marietta!!! It's called Armé and I have been ordering it on It has a very different taste to it than the Game Trail that I love from them. This is dryer and has more of a 'bite' to it but just delicious!

 We are watching Friday Night Lights which is a show from the early 2000's. It's on Netflix. My husband said he had watched it in college with his roommates but I have never seen it. It's really good so far. Not the best thing I've ever seen but enough to keep me interested! 

Listening: Did you catch Monday's post where I shared all about the music from our wedding day? 
Loving: Sarah Flint's new linen collection is just STUNNING. 
Wanting: J.Crew has new arrivals and I feel like they are just all soooooo good this year. 

Smelling: I love Target's Hearth and Hand scent 'smoked woods'! I smelled it while I was in store and it was the perfect 'cozy' scent without smelling too fall or too winter! 

Traveling: I'm headed on a trip with my mom next week to a spot that has been on my bucket list! We actually had it on our list to go there on our mini-moon but it was unfortunately totally booked! This is a PR trip and I am so excited about it. I haven't been on a proper 'work trip' in quite some time and I'm so grateful that I'm able to bring my mom along! We will have a blast together!

Quoting: See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

What Home Means To Me

My parents have lived in the same house in Pittsburgh since shortly after they got married, which means my sister and I grew up in that house for our entire lives. It is home. I guess it is more figuratively now as I do have my own home and refer to it as my parent's house. But it's still home in a sense. 

We've lived in our home now for almost 2.5 years. I have been so focused on decorating it that I haven't really reflected on what I have created and I hadn't even realized it had been over 2 years already. Time flies. 

I love Nora Jones. The song, 'Peace', came on shuffle the other day. I usually keep music on in the background while I'm on my computer working but don't typically pay attention to the lyrics.

But there was one line I heard her sing and it caught my attention. I restarted the song and Googled the lyrics. The line that caught me was, 'Where the cares of the day seem to slowly fade away, And the glow of the evening sun, Peace when the day is done.'

Now if that is not a good definition of home, I am not sure what is. 

It made me pause and I felt myself reflect on this home. I love being here. Granted, I spent too much time here in 2020/2021, but I am so grateful for the 'homey' feeling I have created here. I had that feeling in my apartment downtown... but this has taken a bit longer to really craft considering it is about 4x the size. 

In the evenings, when my husband and I are done working, and we are having a glass of wine, our home is absolutely flooded with a warm glow from the setting sun. I hear the clunk of the grill lid being closed and the door flying open as my husband brings in our grilled meal. Henry's paws click-clacking on the wood floor hoping to snag a bite of what we are having. As the sun starts to dip, I turn on some of the lamps around our home and that glow from the sun turns into the warmest and coziest lamplight that my wine glass almost sparkles.  

I looked around the other night and realized that I felt exactly what Nora Jones was describing in her song. It's that longing to be home when you're far away or on your way home from a trip or a long day. There is pure elation when I slip into crisp bed sheets, grab a good book, and the warmth of Henry cozied up against me. It is not something you can photograph, but rather a feeling that's somewhat even hard to articulate with words. True peace. In a world where peace is often hard to find, I am so thankful I am able to find it in my home.

And then I realized, that's what I felt when I was growing up at my parent's house. You know when you are younger and you sometimes don't fully appreciate certain things? Now, as an adult, I appreciate it so much that my parents created such a peaceful home. It was the creek of old wood floors, the warmth of the kitchen on cold days, the flag bunting in the summer, the flicker of the candles while we ate dinner out on the back patio, the whirr of the fan in the family room, the rattle of the dishes being put in the dishwasher after dinner, and so much more. 

All this to say that there was no real point to today's post, but just a little bit of a reflection on this place I call home! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Casual Fall Tablescape

Blackwatch French Cuff Celine Top TUCKERNUCK

Blackwatch French Cuff Celine Top TUCKERNUCK

Blackwatch French Cuff Celine Top TUCKERNUCK

Casual Fall Tablescape

Casual Fall Tablescape

Casual Fall Tablescape

Casual Fall Tablescape

Meg Carter Brindille du Gui Earrings
On Me:
Dior Pumps (similar)// Earrings



Shop the Items:
This is a very random fact about me but I love pheasants. Besides dogs, I'd have to say they're my favorite animal. I just think they are so stunningly beautiful. During the fall season, retailers love to put out their pheasant-themed things and I go crazy for it, ha!!! So I actually scored these pheasant plates last year and are unfortunately sold out but I linked to a similar pheasant plate, don't you worry!

I set this very casual table for a dinner this weekend! My husband made his famous chicken parmesan and it's SO good. Trader Joe's was severely lacking in the flower department this past weekend but I made do with what they had and I feel like it turned out well! 

We STILL don't have a dining room table. My aunt and uncle generously gave us this table that they had in storage until we find one. I've literally been searching since I bought this house. I will find something I love and it's either out of my price range or an antique and not in good enough shape or it's in another area of the country and the seller is not willing to ship. I thought I found a gem a few weeks ago but upon further inspection, it was not in the best shape. I'm someone that is very OK with holding out so I get exactly what I want. So this will do for now. It's actually a really nicely made table, I'm just looking for something a little more formal looking! 

I'm working on putting together some inspiration for you all for Thanksgiving, too, so stay tuned! We typically have a more formal Thanksgiving table at my parent's house but this could be a good inspiration if you have something more casual!

Now let's chat about this beautiful Blackwatch Plaid Top.  I love Blackwatch plaid. Love, love, love. To me, it's a neutral that really pairs with everything in the fall/winter! This is very nicely made and fits true to size. I am wearing a size small. I love the stand collar, the gold button detailing and the french cuffs. It's a tunic length. I'll be styling it a bunch of different ways for the next few months, I think this top is super versatile. It's a tunic length but thin enough that you can also tuck it into pants and skirts! I'm also picturing my favorite faux fur vest over top of it!! 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Wedding Music and Pittsburgh Wedding Band Recommendation

Wedding Music and Pittsburgh Wedding Band Recommendation

Wedding Music and Pittsburgh Wedding Band Recommendation

Another wedding post today and we are talking about all of the music that we had on our wedding day. It's a lot of playlists/info so be ready to scroll! They are all going to be Spotify playlists. If you do not use Spotify, you can create an account. They have a free version that has just has ads every few songs. I really prefer Spotify so much more than Apple Music. 

I'm very into music of all kinds. I grew up playing the violin and piano. It was actually my Pappy’s (my mom’s dad) violin that we had restored and I played that until I was 18. My Pappy was very musical and actually in a band with handyman Negri (on Mr. Rogers) and my family always says that is where they think I get my musical side from! Music is a huge part of my life and I probably don’t really share that part much on here. I love jazz, reggae, classical, motown, rap, etc. A dream job for me would be to select and cut songs for things like movies and commercials. I think music has the power to change lives. I think music has the power to shape reality. Bob Marley said it best, ‘one good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.’

I put in a TON of thought when it came to all of the music throughout our entire wedding day. When you have almost 3 years to plan a wedding, you have time for this kind of thing, ha!!! I think music can make or break it all. Think about when you go to a restaurant at night. If the music does not match the vibe or even if there is no music at all, it can be a buzzkill. I actually think about this a even when I go into places like nail salons and grocery stores!

My basic tips for creating playlists would be to think of the occasion, the sound system, the instruments, the atmosphere, the people, etc. Smile Back by Mac Miller is one of my favorite songs of all time, but did it have a place at our wedding reception? No. My 95-year-old Grammie was present! We wanted a lot of Motown and for Motown you need a lot of brass, so we made sure our band had plenty for that. 

Another thing to keep in mind is if you’re doing live music like a band or a trio or whatnot, you need to choose the songs that play to their strengths. My favorite song of all time is Seven Bridges Road by The Eagles. The thing about this song is that it cannot really be replicated. I mean, it can, and it has, but this one recording of The Eagles harmonizing is second to none in my opinion. We skipped on having our band trying to replicate it but instead had that one play from a recording! 

Getting Ready

So this is just a fun one. Lots of songs that my sister and I love and just fun, upbeat things that we listened to while we got ready! It's a VERY random list but there are a lot of pop/fun songs you might want to pull from. Random meaning I have some of the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack on there because my sister and I LOVE it and know all of the words. 

pittsburgh wedding bagpiper
Church Ceremony
Processional// Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring J.S. Bach
Bridal Processional// Prince of Denmark's March J. Clarke
Responsorial Psalm// This is The Day M. Haugen
Gospel Acclamation// Celtic Alleluia O'Carroll and Walker
Devotion to Mary// Ave Maria F. Schubert 
Recessional Hymn// Fanfare J. Lemmens 

We had a bagpiper outside of the church and he piped as guests entered and exited the church! Inside, there was an organist and trumpeter. In our church, we were able to choose from a select list of music so we didn't really have too much wiggle room here but I was pleased with our choices!

pittsburgh wedding bagpiper

pittsburgh wedding bagpiper

pittsburgh wedding bagpiper
Cocktail Hour
We had a pianist for cocktail hour and I specifically requested upbeat jazz, I wasn't too particular for this one but I said to play songs from artists like Dave Brubeck, Ahmad Jamal, David Benoit, Wynton Marsalis, John Coltrane, etc. 

At the end of cocktail hour, we had the bagpiper (Adam) go into the cocktail hour room and that was the signal for everyone to make their way upstairs to the ballroom for dinner. I actually didn't know this until someone mentioned to me how amazed they were that Adam piped all of the way up the stairs. Which, is crazy because that takes SO much breath. Adam is SO talented. Again, if you need a bagpiper rec, let me know and I will give you Adam's information. Once everyone was seated, Adam played Scotland the Brave as we entered and then finished out the song for the guests! 

pitsburgh duquesne club wedding
This is what played during dinner. We did not have our band play during dinner. Our band has a dinner playlist that they use, but I am too particular for that, haha! They were great and were totally cool with playing our playlist instead of their own. This playlist was so curated and carefully crafted. I'm very big into big band music- I mean my entire website is named after my favorite Frank Sinatra song! I am also very into jazz. So this was kind of like my specialty. I feel like I have a really good mix here. It's not meant to be shuffled, I put these songs in a particular order! I specifically remember cutting our cake and 'This Will Be' was playing by Natalie Cole and I remember thinking 'wow I could not have timed this more perfectly' haha! 

You definitely don't have to be planning a wedding to listen to this playlist. It's upbeat relaxing and good background music. I listen to it often while I am working or having people over for dinner or even just doing the dishes after dinner in the evenings. 

pitsburgh duquesne club wedding
This is one of my very favorite photos because I love seeing people's faces!!! Look at my sweet parents!

pitsburgh duquesne club wedding
First Dance// Beyond by Leon Bridges
Father/Daughter// Summer Wind by Frank Sinatra
Mother/Son// Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

We were between You Send Me by Aretha Franklin and Beyond by Leon Bridges. Neither of us could decide between the two songs for the longest time. We ended up taking 10 weeks of dance lessons (SO FUN) and we landed on Beyond by Leon Bridges because we felt like that was a little less challenging to dance to, ha! It is special to us because one, we love Leon Bridges but the first time I ever played Beyond for my husband, we were driving in the car and when the lyrics 'I know that Grandma would've loved her
Like she was her own' played, he teared up. I am pretty sure it was before we were even engaged. It was so sweet. 

Summer Wind is special to our family and I think anyone in that room would have guessed that my dad and I would be dancing to Summer Wind. 

My husband and his mom (my MIL) danced to Landslide by Fleetwood Mac because it is the song that reminds my husband of his mom and dancing in their kitchen when he was little! So neither of us really picked the popular songs nor do either of those songs have anything to do with father/daughter relationships or mother/son relationships but they were important to us! 

If you are stumped on what to dance to, check out this blog post I did on Father/Daughter dance songs. There are a lot of songs on the list that you could also do Mother/Son dances to, too! 

Bachelor Boys Band review wedding
This is Anne!! I think this must have been them warming up!

Our Band
We had Bachelor Boys Band and I could not recommend them more. You guys. They. Were. INCREDIBLE. Truly, I am still in awe at how amazing they were. I still cannot believe how they took my notes on what to play/not to play and just absolutely KILLED IT! There are so many cheesy wedding bands out there and Bachelor Boys Band is definitely not one of them. They had so much energy and made it the party of the century. People were on the dance floor all night long, I seriously don't think I even left the dance floor once, ha!!! If you are looking for a wedding band, I would 10/10 recommend them. I specifically requested Anne Celedonia. She is a friend of a family friend and is an incredible musician. 

I told them no weddings songs/line dances like the electric slide or anything of the sort, I said nothing with profanity as we have people from all different ages and backgrounds, I asked them to stay away from pop/current songs as we wanted a lot of Motown. The playlist below is the one I sent them to give them an idea of the 'vibe' I was looking for. I didn't need all of those songs to be played (it's a short list) but I feel like it gave them a jumping-off point with what we were looking for! 

I also asked that they refrain from MC'ing too much. I don't love 'announcements' or things being narrated all night. I prefer a more natural flow and they did so well with having it all flow without all of the MC'ing. 

I actually only requested 3 specific songs for Bachelor Boys Band to play. As soon as the Mother/Son dance ended, they went straight into September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. Everyone knows that song- it's a crowd-pleaser and so upbeat. It is the perfect song to kick off any fun party. 

I then requested Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Our guests did not know this was coming. We have a long-standing Christmas eve family tradition of this song. You can read about it here, this post is already too long for me to explain. We passed around sheets with the words on it and everyone gathered on the dance floor and we all sung it!! It was seriously epic and one of my most favorite parts of the night. 

The last song of the night was not actually played by the band but was recorded. It was Seven Bridges Road by The Eagles (has to be this version). It is, in my opinion, the greatest song of all time. I feel like a lot of people my age/younger/maybe even older do not know this song. Early on when we were dating, I was floored that my husband knew about this song. So we always play it and sing it together. But, even better, our family friends always play this song when we get together- it was so meaningful for many at our wedding. My favorite part of the song is at 2:10ish as they end the verse. My girlfriend always does 'conductor hands' to show us when to stop that verse, ha! 2:13 to the end is the best part, in my opinion. Gives me chills. Every. Single. Time. I shared that my first favorite moment of our wedding was walking down the aisle, this was my second favorite moment. Everyone gathered around with hands around each other's shoulders and we all belted out Seven Bridges Road. I remember tearing up because it was the last song of the night, I could not get over how incredible everything had been, that it actually happened, and I couldn't get over the fact I had all of my family and friends gathered around us singing with us, it was all just TOO much. I will remember that moment for as long as I live. Perfect song to end with. 
Band Break

Our band took two 10/15ish minute breaks (well deserved, I'll say). So I put together a playlist to play while they were taking the break. They had a playlist should I not have provided one. This is where the pop/more current music came into play. I tried to pick all upbeat songs that the majority of people would know and also tried to include people's favorite songs that I knew of! We have another Christmas eve tradition of dancing in our kitchen to Kesha's Tik Tok so I definitely made sure that was played!
The Industralist Hotel Pittsburgh
This was from our site visit, I don't have any photos from this!!
We had our after party at The Industrialist Hotel in their 2nd-floor lounge. It was the perfect space for it! We didn't hire out music for this so we just relied on the staff at The Industrialist. They piped in Top 40/pop! 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Past Holiday Gift Guides

I have been receiving requests from you all to get my holiday content started! So then I did a poll on Instagram to see if that was what the majority of you wanted and I was pleasantly surprised to see the results saying that 93% of you said 'the sooner the better'!

I am so glad that you all feel that way, though, as the current supply chain issues, mail delays, and more create a bit of a stressful situation for holiday shopping. I've also noticed a lot of brands already starting to put out their holiday items. My biggest advice is that if you see something you really want whether for yourself or otherwise, don't sleep on it. I keep and have kept, a very good eye on retail for the past 12 years that I've been blogging and the biggest thing I have noticed this year is that items go out of stock so quickly because of lack of supply and then they don't come back into stock. I don't pay much attention to children/toy stuff but I have seen many articles saying there's a big shortage in the toy industry! I've also ordered a few furniture items and one of the items that I ordered in April has still not arrived and I have another furniture order that has a delivery date at the end of April 2022! I also think Black Friday/Cyber Week will still happen, of course, but I also think we will be seeing big sales starting much earlier than what is typical. 

Right now you might be wondering 'why am I seeing so much summer apparel still in the new arrivals section' of a site? That's due to all of the delays! I think we'll see a ton of summer items go on sale here soon. This is why I keep saying to check sites like Nordstrom Rack, The Outnet, and Saks Off Fifth, as they have things in stock. Also, you are probably noticing a delay in fall items and could happen for holiday items as well. I am thinking early November will be when we see holiday apparel really start to pop up but the delays and supply shortages are truly palpable. You also see a lot of brands trying to push pre-ordering, too, because of all of these delays. Pre-order is good because it can create less waste, but I also don't love the preorder model because sometimes I don't like to plan what I am wearing weeks or months in advance! Prices are being affected, too, and I have definitely noticed this. This is the most comprehensive article that I have found that explains it all in case you want to read more about it! 

I said this on Instagram, but I don't want to create some crazy sense of urgency, these are all just things and so at the end of the day, they do not matter, but rather I share this information with you all to just be aware!

An easy solution to some of these issues is to shop locally and/or items made in the USA... like my Wren Home collaboration

I am one that shops year-round for gifts. I just love giving gifts. It's one of my love languages. Whenever I see something go on sale that I know someone on my list will love, I snag it! Or if I see something little go on sale that can be added to my gift drawer, I snag that, too. So I'm usually in pretty good shape at this point. However, I know most people aren't like this and there is nothing more that I love than creating these gifts guides. It's really time consuming and I put my heart and soul into these as I only include items that I absolutely love and think would make great gifts. 

So to kick off gift guides, I thought I would share gift guides from previous years. A lot of these guides include classic, timeless gifts that are still in stock to this day. I also think it will help you brainstorm some ideas for those on your list! 

I'll start gift guides beginning the first week of October, so this is just a little teaser for now! 

This one is especially good for host gifts, newlyweds, and those who love to be in the kitchen. I have 99% of the items on this list! 

Lots of small businesses to support! 

Most of these items are still available! Keep in mind that something on the priced-out lists might be higher than what it says as there have been big price increases with a lot of items. 

These are the pricier items and I have everything on the list so it all has my stamp of approval! 

A lot of classics on this list that I have and use often. Most, if not everything is still available today! 

I have everything on this list! The only thing I would note is that I no longer use Grandelash as my skin had a reaction to it! 

This is always the most popular guide in terms of traffic! I need absolutely nothing but it's so fun to make this one! I still would love a water rower, ha!!! 

Amazon is usually my go-to when it comes to last-minute things just because of prime delivery. However, they have had delays so last-minute is going to have to be planned further ahead of time, ha!!! 

This was fun to read and look back on!! Sweet Henry!!! 

*I now realized I completely neglected the men last year, HA! I did not mean to do that. I also noticed lots of requests for men gift ideas when I asked what you all wanted to see this year, so I will be sure to do a nice big guide this year for all of the wonderful men in our lives! 


Under $100 is always a popular one!

So fun to look back on these and see that I did buy or receive a lot of the items on my list and if I haven't, they are still items that linger on my wish list! 

This is a good one! If you are doing monogramming or anything personalized, think about doing so now as that increases the wait time for items! 

Going to do this one again this year with lots of new great bottles! 

I did not forget about the men in 2019, ha! 2018 was a good men's guide, too! 

I have lots of fun ideas for this one this year! 

I feel like this is a really good list!

A good roundup with lots of choices! 

This is a fun one and can be used year round for engagements, weddings, etc.

Thursday, September 23, 2021


Wow, I can't believe it's already Thursday. This week has flown by and really for no particular reason! As of yesterday, we are officially in the fall season! It's now through Christmas is my favorite time of year!

I've been busier than ever as we head into Q4 and I am loving it. I have SO much fun holiday content up my sleeve for you all but it just takes a ton of time and planning which is the stage I am currently in! 

This week I also got our house in shape and I've been trying to figure out what we will be cooking and all of that because my uncle is coming to town and we are going to have him and more family over for dinner this weekend! I'm thinking my husband's chicken parm, it is SO good and this will be the first truly cool weekend we have had! It is just starting to feel like fall here. 

I also plan on doing a lot of work this weekend as we have a busy October and I want to try to get ahead. I have a baby shower for one of my girlfriends as well! So quite a bit on my plate this weekend but I'll take it! 

Wearing: I received this beautiful blue and white silky robe in a PR package from Haven Well Within, a newish brand that specializes in loungewear. It's stunning! 
Wearing II: I bought this dress on a whim and cannot get over how pretty and classic it is. You can see other items on my Amazon page, here. I have been inspired by Bewitched as I have been watching it lately. The clothes are simply stunning and this seemed like something Samantha Stevens would wear! It also inspired me to pull out my pearls! 

Sale: Serena and Lily is having a sale where you can take 20% off their entire site using code NEWSEASON. I love my Blake coffee table so much and would highly recommend it. They also have so many good new arrivals like this new artichoke pattern. They have also brought back their flannel pajamas which are heaven. They are really warm, perfect for the dead of winter, and unlike any other flannel, I have ever felt. Like insanely soft. They run very roomy so either get your usual size for a very oversized/comfy fit or size down for a closer fit. I got my regular size and like the oversized cut of them! 

 We started watching this Netflix show Squid Game. It's a crazy premise...kind of like a mix between Saw and Hunger Games. It is just wild to watch! I think we're only on episode 2. 

Listening: I've been playing I Freaking Love You by Rookie on repeat all week. I just discovered it and it's SO catchy and upbeat. 

Loving: These Meg Carter oak leaf earrings are SO cute for fall. 
Wanting: SO many good things coming out lately!

Smelling: This autumn plum candle smells amazing! I smelled it burning at a friend's house this past weekend. Normally, I would not have thought to buy something with the word 'plum' in it because that signals that it will smell sweet and this one does not. It's a cozy autumnal scent with warmth and handsome notes.

Traveling: Headed to Maryland early next month with my mom and I am so excited!! 

Quoting: 'Some people will get mad at you for not being who they want you to be. One of the biggest forms of self-betrayal is living your life by their rules instead of your own. Your task is simple: be kind, be real, be humble, keep growing, and unapologetically live your best life.' -Young Pueblo // See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Our Mosaic Wedding Linens at The Duquesne Club Pittsburgh

Mosaic Wedding Linens at The Duquesne Club Pittsburgh

Mosaic Wedding Linens at The Duquesne Club Pittsburgh
Our reaction as we saw the room for the first time. 

Mosaic Wedding Linens at The Duquesne Club Pittsburgh
If there is one thing I love, it's setting a beautiful table. My entire inspiration for our wedding was that I wanted it to feel like it was a romantic dinner party at a close friend's home. To me, that meant subtle touches of warmth, like lots of candlelight, a mix of textures, and nothing too over the top to create that familiar but elegant vibe.  Keep scrolling because I have TONS of photos to share with you all. 

One way I think that vibe was accomplished was through the linens I chose from Mosaic. Mosaic is a woman-owned business located here in Pittsburgh (in the Strip District) and a vendor I would highly recommend! While Mosaic is based in Pittsburgh, they ship products across the country and work with couples all over so you can work with them no matter where you live or where your wedding will be.

This has been such a long time coming! I am so excited to share with you all some of the decor details! This is also a reminder that if you are planning a wedding or event to think of your local vendors. 2020 and into 2021 has been incredibly tough for all of those in the event industry so supporting the event industry is so important!

You can read about my selection process, here, which is what I shared before our wedding, but I wanted to be able to share exactly what linens we used so you all could replicate it if you saw something you liked. I was able to link to everything since you can see the linens on Mosaic's site. They also have over 31 pages of photos from past clients and they're great for using as inspiration! I knew the vendors I wanted to use as this was a job for me at one time and I've worked with all of these vendors before, but for those of you planning a wedding or event for the first time, a way to see if the vendor is a good fit for you is to check out their work. I always think it's a great sign when they have a ton of work to show as it means they are well-liked! 

It turned out even better than what was in my head! I was so pleased... as you can see my face in the photos at the top of this post! Whenever you plan something like this, you see all the details piece by piece but to see it all come together and look even better than you expected is just priceless. 

I've worked with the owner, Susie Perelman and Mosaic in the past and know that the Mosaic team is knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and on their A-game at all times. They are very knowledgeable and make everything so easy. Not to mention, they carry SO many linens. It's truly mindblowing when going inside of their showroom. The selection is second to none and makes me want to host a million and one events!!! 

I'll share exactly what each Mosaic linen was called and if you have any questions, you can always reach out to Mosaic to inquire about availability, pricing, etc.

Cocktail Hour
Mosaic Wedding Linens at The Duquesne Club Pittsburgh

Duquesne Club Pittsburgh Wedding

Duquesne Club Pittsburgh Fountain Room Wedding

Wedgwood inspired wedding

Wedding Linen Rentals Pittsburgh

Wedding Linen Rentals Pittsburgh

Wedding Linen Rentals Pittsburgh

Party Mosaic Linen Rentals Pittsburgh Review

The first time I was in the Mosaic showroom to plan for our wedding, I immediately spotted this gorgeous white lace overlay. I mean it is just STUNNING. Mosaic is one of the only places in the country that has this linen right now and I feel so lucky to have been able to use it for our cocktail hour! I loved the mix of textures that we had going on with the glass top tables and the linen-covered high cocktail tables. I also liked that the white linens helped our little Wedgwood vases to really pop! The lace felt so soft and feminine in the beautiful fountain room.

Guest Tables
Party Mosaic Linen Rentals Pittsburgh Review

classic wedding decor

classic wedding tablescape

classic wedding tablescape

duquesne club pittsburgh ballroom

duquesne club pittsburgh ballroom

duquesne club pittsburgh ballroom

duquesne club pittsburgh ballroom

duquesne club pittsburgh ballroom

duquesne club pittsburgh ballroom

Susie recommended that we do a mix of textures for the guest tables. I definitely would not have thought to do that and it turned out so beautifully! Guests at the velvet tables actually commented on how soft they were, ha!!! Lamour has a beautiful sheen to it whereas the velvet looked more matte. I think overall, it just added more depth and interest to the room. You can get both of these fabrics in different colors to suit your personal tastes and vision. We did white hemstitch napkins. It all just flowed perfectly!  

Cake Table
wedgwood inspired wedding cake

This was the same as our sweetheart table. It's just so pretty and again, this was a table with some Wedgwood things on it along with our Wedgwood-inspired cake, so I wanted a linen that would let those pop. This did just that! They had a pin-spot on the cake and I just loved the way the linen glowed in the brighter light! 
Sweetheart Table
party mosaic wedding linens pittsburgh
With all of the lights on in the room and no candles lit during setup so you can see how the fabric changes in different light. 
party mosaic wedding linens pittsburgh

party mosaic wedding linens pittsburgh

party mosaic wedding linens pittsburgh

I loved this linen for our sweetheart table. Since we were the only table with a few Wedgwood items, this was another linen that allowed those to pop! Also, this looks SO good against the flicker of candlelight. It shimmers in the most sunning way and felt so fancy. I'll post a video on Instagram so you can see what I am talking about! 

As a side note, the sweetheart table was the best. We truly got to spend so much time together. We were able to sit back, take it all in, and fully enjoy our meal. The food was SO good. We kept saying all night how lucky we were and how we couldn't believe it was finally happening!

Cocktail Tables Around Dance Floor 
party mosaic wedding linens pittsburgh
Without Camera Flash 

party mosaic wedding linens pittsburgh
With Camera Flash to see how different lighting changes the look!

party mosaic wedding linens pittsburgh
Ivory Sparkling Sand (with sashes)

I love that we had cocktail tables around the dance floor as that let people take a rest from dancing but instead of going back to their table, they were able to enjoy a cocktail as they watched people dance. The ivory sparkling sand was a linen recommended to us by Susie and I LOVED it. When the dancing started, the lights became lower so the name 'sparkling sand' really came to life. The tables were almost illuminated in the low light with the candles on them. I also like the texture and slight print of them as it gave some depth!
party mosaic wedding linens pittsburgh

party mosaic wedding linens pittsburgh
Mosaic will give you swatches so you can work with your other vendors/decor to create something that all works together! It was so helpful as I was able to send the blue swatches for the guest tables in to be color-matched so that our menu cards worked perfectly with the linens!

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