Thursday, June 30, 2022


My outfit is linked in yesterday's blog post!

Henry's New Giraffe Toy (hard to destroy)

Happy Thursday! So excited we are heading into a holiday weekend. We don't have anything big going on this weekend. Just hanging with some friends, sitting by the pool, low-key stuff! 

I'm proud of myself because this week I made time to clean out and organize our refrigerator. I would say I'm a pretty neat and organized person, but the containers on the door of our refrigerator were becoming ridiculous with so many sauces and condiments! I also was able to clean out the cabinets under my sink in my bathroom- that was also getting a little wild and it felt so good to tackle that. I am hoping to take some time to tackle under our kitchen sink this week. I'd say once every 6 months it needs a good re-organization. 

My husband has been super into the Ooni (which is a pizza oven) and so we are going to grab all sorts of different ingredients to make a few pizzas one night. So far we have just done a cheese pizza but now that he has perfected that, we want to try to mix it up. He seriously spent hours researching dough ingredients and then making the dough and perfecting his recipe. It was a lot of trial and error to figure out the best tomatoes for the sauce and the best cheese and all of that. It's crazy how it tastes SO much like our favorite pizza spots like Il Pizzaiolo and Cucina Bella. I want to make a prosciutto arugula one with balsamic drizzle! If any of you make pizzas frequently, let me know if there is a good pizza combo I should try! I love hot honey on pizza, so I think we might do pepperoni with hot honey, too. YUM!  

This week wasn't too busy so I made time to go to lunch with my parents, was able to hop on my rower a few times, take Henry on long walks, and make it to several Orange Theory classes. I was glad I was able to make time for some leisure and working out, last week was a little hectic so this was a nice change of pace! I find that when I make time for working out and walking outside, life is so much better- I sleep better, my mood is better, I feel better, etc.

Wearing: I am OBSESSED with this hat I tried on in Orvis the other day. I am ordering it in a size medium- it's a men's hat and so the medium is the smallest size that it is made. The large size they had in store was just too big. I would say I have an average size head, not totally sure, ha! Anyway, the quality is better than any other women's hat I have seen! 
Drinking: I have been loving an unsweetened black tea with a tiny splash of lemonade with light ice from Starbucks. It's so light and refreshing and just a nice little treat for summertime! 

Sale: There are so many sales this weekend, I think it might be worthy of a sale roundup so stay tuned. But on the top of my head, Bloomingdales is having a big up to 65% off sale, Gap is offering up to 75% off markdowns. 

I just watched the new YA/Teen show on Amazon called 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'. It's a book turned show and I have never read the book. Anyway, the show is good- nothing amazing, but good but what is amazing are the clothes that the moms wear as well as the beach house they are living in! Eye candy and worth the watch just for that! Also, we just started season 2 of Only Murders in the Building (which is on Hulu). We loved the first season. It stars Steve Martin and Martin Short and Selena Gomez- honestly, the three of them together are fabulous. I am also so excited to see part 2 of Stranger Things come out tomorrow! I guarantee over the long weekend my husband and I will find time to binge the entire part 2! 
Loving: These workout tanks have been on repeat this summer. I love them for on the rower (light impact) or just while walking Henry. It has a shelf bra with decent compression. I love the soft, stretchy fabric and the flattering square neckline. It is somewhat similar to the Lululemon align tank (which I also have) but I much prefer this! Right now, several colors are on sale. It runs true to size. 

 Wanting: I have been into anything that says 'plumping' lately when it comes to a lip product so when I saw this new lip plumper from one of my favorite makeup brands, I knew I had to order it! I used to think it meant bigger lips or an annoying tingling sensation and that to me is just never something I craved, but I read something about lip plumping products and basically, it said it helps aging lips look less wrinkly rather than actually making the lips look bigger. Kind of like an iron to hydrate and smooth out fine lines. Once I read that, I was sold. So now I want to try all of the plumping products! Anyway, this lip plumper is saying it's 7x more effective than the gloss that they sell. I love their gloss so that is what made me even more intrigued!! I'm hoping they come out with tinted versions in the future! 
Wanting II: This bag is high atop my wish list right now. So chic and classic! I have so many woven/rattan/wicker bags for summer so that's the only reason I am even hesitating! Ok and this blue and white dress?! I haven't shopped from this brand in ages but I absolutely cannot resist this dress!!!!! And how about this green printed dress? LOVE!
Amazon Rec: I love this Hand Lotion. I just ran out last week and always keep a second tube as backstock as I never want to be without it! It smells delightful and is so rich and creamy but sinks in quickly. I put it on every night. 

I also love this iPhone Screen Protector. I am (unfortunately) the queen of dropping my phone. I swear I am so clumsy and drop it 10x a day. These protectors are the highest quality I have found to make sure my actual phone screen does not crack. I just replace the protector when it cracks. This is a 3 pack which is great because I am able to have extras on hand so my phone is never without a protector! I've used others in the past and my screen itself has actually cracked so now these are the only brand I will use! 

You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Traveling: We are planning a trip to Rome and then we will be going on a cruise around Italy, France, and Spain (Portofino, Barcelona, Marbella, Cannes, etc.)! It's going to be a 2-ish week trip and I could not be more excited!!! You all will have to tell me where to stay in Rome- what area or what hotels are best? Neither of us has ever been to Italy! We are going to do 3 nights before our cruise and then 2 more nights after our cruise so we will have 5 nights total in Rome but I think we would like to try out 2 different Rome hotels in slightly different locations since there will be a split in our stay! I think we are looking to book a middle-of-the-road (price-wise) hotel for the first 3 nights and then get something fancy for the last 2 nights (or vice versa) but TBD! Any and all recommendations are welcome! 

Quoting: 'Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase.' // See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Best Neutral Summer Sandals

Striped Top (full review here, use code YOURULE for 20% off)// Linen Pants
Sunglasses(inexpensive from Amazon!)// Sandals// Wicker Bag

I got this Striped Top last year and the number of times I have worn some variation of this outfit is easily double digits by now. I've also had these Linen Pants for a while now and they're just so darn comfortable- like pajama bottoms almost! Both pieces run big- I am wearing size small in both which is my true size but I could have definitely sized down one or two sizes in both but I don't mind the oversized fit! 

But for today's post, I really wanted to highlight these brown leather sandals. I have found myself wearing them more than any other sandals this summer! They're a beautiful neutral brown leather that pairs with pretty much anything. I love that the footbed feels cushioned so they are comfortable to walk in. Sometimes super flat slides can be hard for me to wear as I have a really high arch but the cushioning in these is so nice. The bamboo buckle detail is so pretty and adds a nice mix of textures. The toe is slightly squared off which makes it feel a little elegant and elevated. 

I have the Hermes Oasis sandals and have had them for many years now. I considered buying the Hermes oran sandals in brown this year when I was in the Hermes store in Palm Beach but as soon as I got these, my desire for the Hermes sandals waned as I just really love these and think they are a good alternative and much less costly! 

They run true to size. I got a size 9. I shared that I wear a size 9 shoe in my Instagram stories once and I got so many DM's saying they were surprised about my big feet, HA! 

Anyway, the bottom line of this blog post is if you are looking for a high-quality, comfortable pair of neutral flat sandals, these are totally it! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Wish List

Wish List

I put together a fun little wish list for today! I always love to put these together because these are items that I want in the moment. However, sometimes when I look back on a wish list from past weeks, months, or even years, I think 'I don't love that anymore, I'm glad I didn't get it.' Or, the opposite happens, where I see something I didn't get and really feel like I missed out! Do you all know that feeling?

There's this ONE thing I missed out on many years ago and I swear it haunts my dreams. I look for these shoes on resale sites like The Real Real and eBay all the time but never find it in my size. They are Paul Andrew (which, I don't even think the label exists anymore) slingback flats in this striped print and have a beautiful, huge bow. They're probably from 2015ish, if I had to guess. They pop into my brain seriously almost monthly and I always check to see if they ever show up but never do. To this day I think they are the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen. I think I came across them originally after they had sold out in the first place and that's why I wasn't able to get them? Maybe they were too expensive for my 25 year old budget- I can't even remember but I just know I never got them! 

Anyway, just so interesting to see how things come and go on my 'wish list'. Do you have that one thing you can't get out of your head that you missed out on years ago? 

I think even if you aren't creating content around fashion/shopping but love to shop yourself, creating wish lists like these can help you decide on what to add to your closet and what to skip on. If something is over a certain price threshold, I don't act impulsively and instead sit on it for a while. Sometimes it's a week or two, sometimes it is months or even years. But more often than not, after that time period, the item falls off my wish list. The things that stay on month after month are the things that I know I *really* want! 

Monday, June 27, 2022

Classic Navy Gingham Sundress

We are headed into a holiday weekend at the end of this week which is always so exciting and has me breaking out all of my red, white, and blue! This past Friday evening, we went out to dinner with my mother-in-law who was in town and staying at our house for the night! We went to The Eagle, which is downtown and specializes in southern-style fried chicken. It's such a delicious restaurant and a fun atmosphere. 

I wore this dress to dinner as I had just gotten it in the mail from Sail To Sable! It's part of the Style Charade collection that Jenn created! She has the best eye and always designs such beautiful pieces and you can always count on Sail To Sable for high-quality clothing. 

for this dress, I am wearing a size small. I would say this runs very roomy but I got my true size small anyway. I could have sized down (which I often do in STS), but I was totally fine with the small. There isn't really any part of the dress that is fitted, it is more of a swing style! 

Friday, June 24, 2022


Dress// Sandals// Bag (lots of beautiful options here)
Shop the Outfit:

Today's post has nothing to do with the photos above, but I'm sharing them anyway because I just love this outfit. The dress is so perfect whether you are out playing a round of golf or running out to the grocery store or grabbing lunch with your girlfriends. It's a stretchy sports-like material so it doesn't wrinkle. In my opinion, this makes it great for travel, too! I'm wearing a size small and would say it fits true to size if anything size down because it is very stretchy! 

I thought I would share a thought I had with you all the other day while I was on the treadmill in an Orange Theory class. I do my most random thinking when on the treadmill but sometimes they are thoughts that are worth typing out and sharing! 

Many times while I am on the treadmill, I think about my to-do list and what I need to get done. Text/call someone, respond to certain emails, pick up something at the grocery store, write a thank you note, send a birthday card to someone, submit a draft for a collaboration, make sure a bill is paid, vacuum the rugs, schedule Henry a bath, make a dinner reservation, etc. There is so much to remember and somehow, it all floods into my brain while I am on the treadmill! 

As I get older, I feel like the responsibilities have become greater. No longer is it to just be a good friend, call your parents here and there, and clean a small apartment. Now, it's more dinners to plan out with friends, a larger house to keep up with and clean, more family events to attend, more date nights out with my husband, etc. Typically they are all good things, wonderful really, and I am truly and profoundly grateful for it all. 

BUT! It's a lot and sometimes I get overwhelmed. Keeping up with life can be a lot! It can be stressful even if it is all (well, mostly) positive. Friends, family, pets, home, social life, relationships, travels, work, etc. 

I am someone who wants to do it all. I want to go to every dinner party, learn to play golf with my husband, take Henry on very long walks, wear cute outfits daily, create the best content I can for my business, go on lots of trips, keep a spotless home, keep in touch with all of my girlfriends spread around the country, decorate our home, make time to watch the latest and greatest Netflix series, keep the refrigerator and pantry perfectly stocked, make sure all of my plants outside are thriving, cook healthy homemade lunches and dinners, participate in the neighborhood activities, organize all of the drawers and cabinets in my home... I mean I could go on and on and on!!

I think the number one thing that I have learned through the years is that I certainly can do it all. I am capable. BUT, again, there is always a but. I can't accomplish it all in one day or week or even month or even year! 

At one point, I would always be stressing myself out trying to fit it ALL into each of my days. My goodness am I glad I figured out that this was no way for me to live! 

I quickly learned that life is all about prioritization. I can do all of these things but just have to figure out what is the biggest priority and those priorities change. I think of priorities like the S&P 500. At any minute of any day, a priority can be shifting to become more or less valuable in my life based on what's going on in my life!

So now when I feel overwhelmed I take a minute to pause and create a prioritized list. I typically keep track of it all in the notes section of my phone. A simple example: sending out a birthday card is a time-sensitive thing but organizing under the sink does not need to be done this minute. 

In my notes, I typically have different sections. I don't really label the with a title, but there is just a page break to separate them but I guess if I had to create labels, they would be 'urgent, soon, and can wait'. So, something like sending out a birthday card would be on the 'urgent' list but it can also be on the soon or can wait list depending on when that person's birthday is. For example, my mom's birthday is October 21st and I would add sending out a birthday card to her on the 'can wait' list on October 1st, then move it to the 'soon' list on October 15th, and then add it to the urgent list on October 19th. See what I mean by the stock market? Totally oversimplified, but you can see how a priority moves and shifts!

This all sounds so obvious, but sometimes I need to remind myself that I cannot do it all in one day and that taking a minute to organize and prioritize it all is so helpful to keep that overwhelming feeling at bay. So hopefully this serves as a reminder to someone reading that you can do it all but just not do it all in one day! You know what they say 'Rome wasn't built in a day'!

Thursday, June 23, 2022


Are you all having a good week? This has been a pretty low-key week for us which has been nice- a quintessential summer week at home. We grilled some burgers, chopped up some watermelon, went on lots of walks, etc. 

Tonight I'm getting together with some girlfriends I haven't seen in quite a while which will be great and then this weekend we are going to dinner with some friends. I'm hoping to also get a few things around the house checked off my to-do list. 

Late last week, my sister came to town for her sister-in-law's baby shower! It was so nice to have her home. We went to dinner at Noodlehead (a personal favorite of mine). On a whim, we stopped by my cousin's cute new apartment in Shadyside! He is the baby of the cousins so it was so crazy to see him living on his own in an apartment! I forever think of him as a baby!! We then all went to Mardi Gras for their famous hurricanes. Listen, Marid Gras is an experience and it was wholly aggressive for a Thursday but we had such a fun time. One of those nights that turns into such a good memory. 

We walked out to the craziest sky. It was something like out of an episode of Stranger Things. It was part beautiful but the lighting and the way the clouds hung so low felt really eerie. You know in scary movies when something crazy is about to happen and the camera pans to houses with the neighbors all coming outside to their front yards? It literally felt like we were living that because everyone was outside looking up at the sky! Turns out they are called Mammatus clouds and they are super rare. They typically signal that a bad storm is coming or just passed. Luckily, we were spared! 
And as you know from Monday's blog post, I played in the Father/Daughter golf outing with my dad and then Sunday, we closed out the weekend with a BBQ dinner at my parent's house to celebrate Father's Day! Look how cute this photo is of my Grammie and Henry! He LOVES my Grammie. The photo at the top of this post is what I wore to Father's Day dinner! 

Wearing: I just rediscovered my love for this hair mask. It is SO hydrating. My hair can use all the moisture after I get it highlighted so whenever I wash my hair right after getting highlights, I use this! It helps so much with keeping my hair shiny and hydrated. I also bring it with me to the lake or beach and when I go in the water, I get my hair wet, get out and put this in my hair and let it 'bake' into my hair in the sun. 
Eating: I got this hummus at Whole Foods recently and love it. I typically love the honey habanero in this brand but they were sold out of it so I snagged this smoked white bean hummus and it's delicious. The smokiness is just so different!
Sale: These napkins are so cute and so well priced (on sale) for a set of 4!! I also love this tablecloth well under $100! Perfect for summer entertaining. 

Sale II: Matches is my go-to for the best sales on designer things. They are not always having a sale, but when they do, they have the best discounts compared to any other department store. I love this jacket, this cable sweater, this cute patchwork jacket, Frame jeans over 50% off, so many good Herno puffers on sale, lots of Agua by Agua Bendita on sale, too. 

 Have you all watched anything good lately? As I mentioned last week, we finished the most recent season of Stranger Things which was SO good and we are anxiously awaiting part II that comes out on July 1st! But in the meantime, we don't have anything to watch! I love having a show to watch here and there when we have downtime so I have been looking for some recommendations! 

Listening: This 'All Out 70s' playlist on Spotify is so good! It has so many of my favorites on it! 

Loving: Omg. This entire collection of blue and white lighting. SO unique! I also have been loving this soothing lotion. Do you all dermaplane? I do it every few weeks and my skin always needs something soothing right after and this has been my go-to for that! It helps so much! 
Loving II: The Pamela Munson x Shumacher collaboration is to die for!!!!! I love them all but I think the pink hydrangea drape is my favorite! 
Wanting: This is such a gorgeous white dress! If you have a beach house, these crab glasses are adorable! I also love this lightweight silk/cashmere blend wrap for warmer evenings where you still need a little something over your shoulders but not something as heavy as full-on cashmere! I also think the sheen is very elegant looking! 
Amazon Rec: These earrings are under $20 and I love them. For the price, the quality is actually not bad and they are a classic, dressier earring! I think these would be perfect to gift your bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Smelling: I'm definitely jumping ahead here with this recommendation but it's currently 25% off so it's worth the mention. One of my favorite fall candle scents is autumn plum by Nest and right now it's just $33 with code FAMILY25. My current favorite scent that I have been burning (also on sale) is Cedar Leaf and Lavender (it's least $$ on Amazon so that's why I linked to it there).

Quoting: One day, the mountain that is in front of you will be so far behind you, it will barely be visible in the distance. But the person you become in learning to get over it? That will stay with you forever. And that is the point of the mountain.” - Brianna Wiest // See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Cocktail Dresses For Any Occasion from Saks

Dress// Hangisi Pumps (and omg look at these)
Shop the Look:
Today I am partnering with Saks to share with you all some beautiful cocktail-appropriate pieces for your next fun event! 

Do you all have a lot of weddings and events in the latter half of this year? We had a busy first half of the year and it looks like it is shaping up to be the same way in the second half. I love a good cocktail party, though. It's so fun to get dressed up and I'm always looking for any reason to do so!

I recently saw all of the Jubilee coverage on social media of the royals all dressed up and looking fabulous and this Dress reminded me of something that someone that Kate Middleton might wear. It's a classic, ladylike sheath dress but the folded fabric around the waist adds some interest and even more structure! 

In the photos, the background looks like a cream but it's actually a beautiful pale pink so I felt like these Hangisi Pumps that I wore for my wedding paired perfectly with the Dress

Dress Sizing
I find that it runs small. I sized up to a 6 (usually a 4 in a sheath style dress like this) and the 6 just fit... I probably could have even gone up to a size 8. I found it to be snug around the rear end/hips. 

These Earrings are something I have had my eyes on for years and finally ordered them! They are even better in person. I personally prefer a statement stud vs. something that dangles and these definitely fit the bill. I also love that they are neutral so they can work with a myriad of outfits. 

Saks has SO many beautiful things for any event you have coming up. You can scroll down below to see some more of my favorites. They have some of my favorite best brands for cocktail attire and have everything from the dress to the shoes to the jewelry and right down to the bag! 

More Cocktail Attire That I Love:

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Red, White, and Blue for the 4th of July!

Red, White, and Blue for the 4th of July!

Happy first official day of summer! Speaking of summer, can you all believe that the 4th of July is right around the corner? It was just two weeks away as of yesterday! I really can't believe that we are almost to July! Our first wedding anniversary comes up on July 31st so now July will always hold a special place in my heart!! 

Do you all have any exciting plans for the holiday? On the actual evening of July 4th, we try to make it back to our house in time for fireworks as Henry is absolutely terrified of fireworks. Poor guy. So we like to be around to make sure he feels safe! Honestly, it's a little crazy around this time of year when people start setting off fireworks. If he hears them, he will not go out with us to go potty before bed. I always feel so bad that he is scared. Our dog Mac was also afraid of fireworks. 

But we also try to make it back to our house because we can see the fireworks outside of our living room window!!! We figured this out the first year that we moved in and it is seriously the coolest thing. We open our windows, have a glass of wine, play some music, and lay pillows and blankets on the floor to watch. Henry usually cuddles right up against me under a blanket! 

Anyway, I wanted to put together a little festive red, white, and blue roundup to get everyone excited for the holiday! This Navy Flag Sweater is on major sale and I have been eyeing it for a while now! 

Monday, June 20, 2022

Father Daughter Golf

Dress (comes with shorts)// Sweatshirt (same brand but mine is a few years old)
Shop the Look:
This past weekend was the annual 'Father Daughter' golf outing at our club. We have been playing in this for many years, and it has become quite the tradition! 

I'm not really a golfer. I mean we grew up doing 'Monday night golf' at our club in the summers where our dad would take us golfing and teach us. But, this is the first time I have actually ever played a full 18 holes. I usually just play 9. I have some good shots here and there but I'm never consistent and my form is less than desirable!  

I'm there more for the good company, cocktails, cute outfits, and all of that... less about the actual golfing part, ha! My sister is a really good golfer and I use her hand-me-down clubs that are many years old. My mom even golfs! I will say, though, that I would like to get a set of my own new clubs. The hand-me-downs are totally fine, but I can tell when I use higher-end clubs (like when I try out my dad's or husband's), how much nicer they are! 

Listen, with the number of cute golf outfits I have, you'd think I was an avid golfer, but I wear them to places like the grocery store, ha!! I think my favorite brands for golf clothes are Lilly and Tuckernuck

This day is always such a good time and something I look forward to each year. I actually love the driving part of golf but then when you get onto the fairway and putting- I'm just meh about that.

They play it as a scramble which is nice and keeps things interesting. 

I think my favorite part, though, besides being with my dad (my husband was there, too!) is that I get to bond with my dad over something that he loves and learn more about the sport. My husband is also golf obsessed (honestly obsessed is an understatement) and so it's nice to just get to know more about this sport that they love so much. 

I was thinking about this on Saturday, but if you want to get to know someone and what they're passionate about, following along in their hobby for a day or two is not only such a good way to learn but also to bond with that person and understand them more! 

We started around 1pm and even then it was CHLLY! It had just been 95 degrees earlier that week and I kept my Sweatshirt on the entire time and even had to put my puffer vest on for part of it. I had goosebumps the entire time! It was also so windy. There were a few times you could literally see the wind take hold of the ball in the air and totally pull it one way. It was wild. 

The Dress underneath is the cutest Lilly golf dress. The zipper pull at the neckline is a gold golf cart!!!! I am telling you, they have the cutest stuff if you find yourself on the course often. The details are just adorable. It has two zip pockets for balls, tees, etc. It also has hot pink shorts underneath that are not attached so it makes going to the bathroom so easy! I got a small and I wish I would have sized down to XS. At first, when I was wearing it around the house, I liked the size small that I got, but I think if you're playing actual golf, you'll want something slightly more fitted so size down! If you live in a hot climate, this dress is for you. It's such a nice lightweight, sweat-wicking, breathable fabric. Sometimes when fabrics are lightweight, they can feel 'cheap', but that is not the case for this! This is a well-thought-out, quality golf dress!

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