Friday, November 17, 2023

Gift Guide 2023: Gifts Under $100

Today, I am sharing gifts under $100! As a reminder, I will share stocking stuffers the first week of December, which will be $50 or less! That means this guide will mainly be $ 50- $ 100ish. 

Candle// This is the most 'boring' item on the list and I know everyone rolls their eyes at a candle, but this is one of my favorite candles that I burn year round. It's so crisp and fresh while still having a musky, cozy scent. This is a 3-wick, so it is large and really makes an impact! 

Customized Clear Pouch// I have this and always have it in my handbag. You can customize the top part with colors, patterns, and monograms. 

Phone Case w/ Ring// I have this case and love it because of how slim yet protective it has been on my phone. I love that it has a matching ring that you can add on the back, making it easier to hold the phone but also to sit the phone up on hard surfaces. 

Blue Tumblers// I love these glasses! I have them in green, and this is such a great gift for someone who is into housewares or might have just moved! 

Needlepoint Pillow// I think these cheeky needlepoint pillows are SO fun. You can choose a saying that really fits that person. 

Brush// I love Mason Pearson brushes. They are spendy and it was hard to find an option under $100 but my MP brush is one of those things I have always appreciated spending the $ on!

Lounge Shorts// The softest and most comfortable lounge shorts to ever exist. 

Pajama Set// I couldn't resist with a Lake set. They make the very best gifts. I often give them to family and friends for birthdays and holidays. 

Monogrammed Toiletry Bag// This is $110, so we are a little over budget but I have this toiletry bag and it is so good. Plus, it's a great small business to support! It does take up to 6 weeks to arrive, so keep that in mind and order only if you are okay with a post-Christmas delivery. It's cute to put a photo of an item in a card if a gift doesn't arrive in time! 

Sandals// I love these sandals. They have Birkenstock vibes but feel a little more 'me'. They are so comfortable, and you can get them wet. 

Monogrammed Leather Catchall// I always travel with this valet tray. It helps me to stay organized, and I always have a 'home base' in a hotel or rental! 

Eye Cream// The only night eye cream I have ever used that actually seems to make a difference in lessening my dark circles. This is a great gift for someone into skincare- men or women! 

Hair Conditioning Spray// This is annoyingly expensive for a hair product but it's SO good. After a shower, I spray it on and comb it through in damp hair. It makes my hair softer, shinier, and more voluminous. I can tell if I forget to use it. 

Light Up Magnifying Makeup Mirror// This is such a lovely mirror, and the light is SO bright. It holds a charge well, too! 

Face Palette// Love this face palette as it has pretty much everything you need in one. Great for travel or someone who is often on the go. I have this and use it weekly! 

Sneakers// The best sneakers. Every time I wear them, I feel 'cool'. They tend to sell out quickly so if you see a colorway you like, snag it quickly. 

Belt Bag// I have this belt bag and love it. It's spacious without being bulky and the neoprene fabric is so easy to clean! I love wearing it with sporty outfits! 

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