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Gift Guide 2023: My Wish List

Gift Guide 2023: My Wish List Gifts For Her

This is always the most popular gift guide every year, and it's so fun for me to make. It's just my imaginary wish list of things I would love to receive! 

This can also act as a gift guide for her at all different price ranges! Many of my other gift guides are mostly made up of things I already have and love, but all of these are things I have yet to try out! 

There's a second portion below this, so keep scrolling if you'd love more ideas! Thank you all so much for taking the time to check out my gift guides. I put so much thought and effort into these. I have spent months curating these things to ensure I'm not just posting what you may see on other style pages you follow!  When you shop using my links, I can make a small commission (at no cost to you) and support my small business, so thank you so much for your support. It means so much! I hope you all are enjoying these guides- they are SO much fun to create. 

Blue and White Rug// Love this rug so much! I was considering it for our bathroom but ended up with something similar. I wish it came in a runner size; I'd love it for my kitchen! The colors and abstract print are just lovely. 

Lacoste Dress// I absolutely love a classic polo collared dress but love the twist on it with the added buttons down the front. 

Sunglasses// I love a good inexpensive pair of sunglasses from somewhere like Amazon, but RayBan has the best lenses, and sometimes you just need a few stylish pairs of sunglasses with nice lenses. This style feels classic and trendy all at once. 

Yellow Gold Signet Earrings// Aren't these fabulous?! I have never heard of this jewelry designer before, but the brand is now on my radar. It is a unique, timeless, classic gift. 

Gold Espadrille Wedges// I have these in the lower style, and I've worn them so much that the lace up around the ankle has frayed terribly. I have this exact style in the cream canvas and prefer it to the style I have in gold. The added platform portion on the sole actually makes it more comfortable to wear versus the lower wedges! Gold is my most-worn espadrille color, too, because it matches absolutely everything. They're what I like to travel with when I can only bring a few pairs of shoes. As of publishing, these are 40% off! 

Savette Bag//  I don't really have many handbags on my wish list. I use a few handbags day-to-day, so any bag I want tends to be on the smaller side for evening wear. I just love the elegant shape of this bag. The gold hardware dresses it up a bit, and I love that there is no branding. It looks truly luxurious. 

Slippers// I've had these on my wish list for years, and this year might be the year. They are pricier than Uggs but cuter. I could not recommend Sarah Flint shoes more. I love every pair I have because they are beautiful and incredibly comfortable. 

Monogram Pouch// I have the larger version of this and use it as my makeup bag. It's beautiful, and I love that you can pick different prints and colors and personalization. It's also amazing because it's lined, so you can wipe the entire thing down! This would make a great gift, but if you want to have it by Christmas, you need to order it *now* as there is an up to 6-week delay since each bag is made specifically for your order. 

Gold Stretch Bracelets// We are headed to Mexico in the spring for a wedding and will turn it into a fun vacation with lots of family and friends. I'm not going to bring any of my fine jewelry, so I've been starting to round up some pretty jewelry to bring with me! I love the idea of stacking a few sets of these stretchy gold bracelets and think I'll get more wear out of them next summer to wear by bodies of water! 

Gold Flats// LOVE these gold flats! I've been looking for simple gold ballet flats for years and love how classic these are. I love metallic accessories because they match everything and dress up nicely! 

Black Boots// I've been eyeing a few pairs of tall black boots. I love the Western style but don't want to commit to a full-on cowboy boot because I think that becomes limiting in styling them. I love that these are the perfect mix of classic riding boots and cowboy boots. They're stylish and subtly trendy without worrying they will go out of style by next year. They are on sale through today, 11/2!

Silver Cable Bracelet// I just got these earrings, and I love them so much that I think I'd get a good amount of wear out of the bracelet! If you want a gorgeous, luxurious gift under $350, check out those earrings. I have been so pleased. My only concern is that silver scratches so easily, and bracelets tend to scratch more than anything else anyway, so I'm wondering if the bracelet will become dull over time and it would bother me? I didn't worry about that with the earrings because they don't really touch anything to become scratched. Either way, it's a stunning bracelet. 

Tea Ball// My aunt got me some loose-leaf tea on her trip to London recently, and I love it. The tea ball that I have is from Homegoods ages ago and doesn't work well. I love the style of this, and it has good reviews. A cute stocking stuffer idea for a tea-lover or to gift a box of tea and this as a host/hostess gift! Also, I keep reading 'tea bell' as Taco Bell... LOL. 

Kiehl's Squalene// This is one of my favorite skincare products. I just ran out of mine and need to replace it. I use it mainly in the winter. It's SO hydrating. It's thick, so you have to warm it into your fingers to spread better, but I put it on at night, and my winter skin gets so hydrated. It's one of the only things that will truly cure that awful dry winter skin that can often occur. This is on sale at Sephora until the sale ends on 11/6! 

Printed Shorts// I have two pairs of these shorts in different prints. They are my favorite shorts ever made. The fabric is lightweight and crisp, and I love the stretch waistband. It feels like you are wearing athletic shorts; they are so wonderfully comfortable. I love this slightly different style and pastel colorway. They are very pricey- even more so now than when I purchased my last two pairs, but they are the best. 

Lip Gloss// I have too many lip products. It is my favorite purchase, as I love trying different colors, formulas, and brands! It's so fun. This gloss has been on my radar for a while. A really nice stocking stuffer or gift for her that is under $50. 
Gift Guide 2023: My Wish List Gifts For Her


Tailored Sweatpants// I have the zip-up that matches these sweatpants (which will be on a future gift guide) and the shorts in the same fabric. They are the best sweat clothes I have ever owned. They are pricey for sweat stuff. I hemmed and hawed over ordering the zip-up because $168 for a zip-up sweatshirt was expensive, but it was worth it, and I loved it so much I went on to order the shorts. The fabric is called 'DoubleSoft' and is a special blend unique to the Varley brand. So when you see a similar look for less on Amazon to pieces like this, they're cute and look almost identical, but they don't have that DoubleSoft fabric, which is just amazing. I am a convert now and want Varley everything! 

Bikini// I mentioned above about our Mexico trip for a family friend's wedding, so I want to get a new bikini or two for the trip! I typically wear one-piece suits because most of the time, when we are at the pool, it is at our club, so I prefer to be more modest, but I am all about a bikini in a tropical locale! 

Sequin Boucle Dress// This dress looks straight from Samantha Steven's closet. IYKYK. It has that special 1960s mod touch that I gravitate to. I think you could wear simple ballet flats to dress it down enough to wear it to a luncheon, but easily dress it up for something like New Year's Eve or a wedding! 

Fleece Pullover// The cold that started this week reminded me how much I love warmth!!!! I love the color of this fleece pullover; it looks like a nice basic to wear with athletic clothes and is a great price. I'm all about layers when I go to and from Orange Theory! 

Velvet Flats// Aren't these beautiful? I am drawn to them not only because of their classic style but because I remember my mom wearing shoes SO similar to this back when we were growing up! 

Gold Handbag// I have been needing a gold bag to wear with cocktail dresses. Whenever we have a wedding or event, I want to reach for something metallic, but I come up empty-handed. I love the look of this, and the best part is that it is large enough to hold my phone. So many evening bags are stunning, but leave little room for a phone or anything else! 

Leather Phone Case// I recently got a new iPhone- the 15 pro max and have been enjoying collecting a few new cases. I love the sophistication of this leather case. It can be personalized, too! 

Plaid Jacket// Is this not fabulous?! I am a sucker for anything plaid and love a classic coat like this. What really drew me to it is the longer length. If you click over and look at it on the model, it's a bit longer than the classic quilted barn jacket style. 

Reversible Wipeable Placemats// As soon as these came out, I added them to my wish list. These are beautiful, but they are reversible, so you get two looks in one, which means less storage and saves $. On top of that, the real selling point is that they are WIPEABLE! I love pretty table linens but always hesitate to use our good placemats day-to-day. These look like beautiful linens but can easily be wiped down after every meal. This would make an especially lovely gift for an interior-design-loving mother with little children at the table! 

Black Headband// This is a Target find! I broke my black headband and need a nice basic headband, and this one looks perfect and is under $10! 

Gold Huggie Hoops// I think the price on these is spectacular for 14k yellow gold. I love the flat, wide shape of these huggies as they are classic but have a slightly more modern feel. 

Dog Coffee Table Book// Isn't this adorable?! I love dogs SO much- anything dog-related, and I am sold. It's a perfect little gift for a fellow dog lover. I'm telling you, you can find a gorgeous coffee table book for just about anyone's niche interests!

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Landlocked Mermaid said...

Kate Middleton is posted wearing that exact coat just this week!! xx

Kim Swales said...

Just wanted to say that I have that hand engraved gold signet ring. I got it during her Black Friday sale and I wear it every single day and get tons of compliments. It’s gorgeous and C is so lovely to work with. Great choice and I love that it’s not a mass produced item. It’s a small women owned business.


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