Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sasha Rhett

Last month, I did a post about a watch company, Sasha Rhett, that makes beautiful watches. Well, I've found out more about the company from A, who works for SR, and she happens to be a fellow Pittsburgh-er! Needless to say, this makes me fall in love with the company all over again (a little biased, maybe). Alexandra Daum is a Harvard grad and is the creator of Sasha Rhett. She hails from NYC and is known for her impeccable taste and style.
I have always been a watch person-- I think I can thank my daddy for that trait. I get a lot of e-mails from women asking what a good watch would be on a college budget, or what a good watch would be for everyday wear. Well, I think that Sasha Rhett is perfect for both of these. There are several faces to choose from, and then from there, the options are endless. You can have the classic brown leather band, or get funky with a metallic double wrap band.
Every time you chance the band, you give the watch a new look which is perfect for a woman's first watch. It's also perfect as a timeless piece because you can mold your style over time. This is the type of watch that is timeless because there are so many ways to make it your own.
They just came out with Spring 2011 colors and my favorite is the light blue ostrich. The blue is pale enough that it could almost work as a neutral with most spring and summer outfits.
Have you shopped SR? Are you as in love as I am? Which one is your favorite? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grad Gifts College Edition

With college graduation in the next few weeks for universities around the country, I figured I would post the perfect college graduation gifts. A few weeks ago, I did grad gifts for the high schooler, so if you need ideas, check it out here.
iPad 2: I can speak for myself, and I'm sure many other college students-- When I graduate, I'll have had my laptop for 4 years and I can assure you that already my laptop is extremely outdated. An iPad or a Macbook Pro would be the ultimate graduation gift for either gender!

A Nikon camera that takes excellent pictures is next up on the college grad list. This is because now that they have entered the "real world", they won' t be attending very many parties where they may break, lose, etc. the camera. This is the perfect upgrade from their regular point and shoot camera so they can start documenting their post-grad life! Again, this camera is perfect for both guys and gals!
If you know that your grad will be doing a lot of traveling whether it be for their new job, or for fun, a GPS is a great gift. I personally love my Garmin-- I set her to have an Australian accent and my whole family calls her "Sheila". I am not good with directions so I heavily relay on my Garmin to get me around Pittsburgh and all of my other travels. 
 For a girl, a piece of jewelry that she will have forever is probably my top pick. I know my parents have gotten me a piece of jewelry for every significant birthday or event in my life and I can remember each event with each piece of jewelry-- it makes that piece of jewelry even more special. Of course you could go with the classic David Yurman, however, getting something from your hometown jeweler will make it more special and personal!
For any guy (and girl!) entering the workplace, they need a good watch. You can get a nice watch that ranges anywhere from around $100 all the way up into the thousands. For a good quality but inexpensive watch, try Invicta. I have one and I love it! 
These are atop my list! What are you getting for your college grad this year? Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Tourist; Jolie's Jewels

I recently watched The Tourist with Angelina Jolie, and I can't say that I loved the movie, it was a bit slow, however, Angelina Jolie's clothing and exquisite jewelry kept my attention.
I love this neutral camel colored dress and shall she is wearing. The gloves make this oh-so elegant. 
How elegant does she look in this gorgeous cowl neck dress and big earrings. I've never been a fan of Jolie, but she definitely pulls off bright red lipstick well. 

Angelina Jolie looks stunning in this black gown and absolutely gorgeous diamond necklace. 
Look how elegant the train on Jolie's gown is. Absolutely stunning. I want this gown! 
Have you seen the tourist? What did you think? Have a fabulous day!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Several weeks ago, I asked all of you what jewelry I should wear for a formal that I had coming up. Well I have been meaning to post pictures and my jewelry decisions so here it is! I had a wonderful weekend in Baltimore...However, I had to keep blocking out all of the Ravens paraphernalia around the entire city.

We had a great lunch at the famous Pickles Pub. We got old bay wings that were SO good. My mouth is watering just thinking about them!
I loved the fact that many girls from my sorority got asked as well so I had lots of girlfriends to spend the weekend with! This is kNn and I in our room!
I decided to go very classic with a double strand of pearls, an engraved gold bangle, pearl studs in my ears, and deep red nails.
There was a great band that played all the best songs to dance to! The restaurant that the fraternity had rented out was great and right on the water with views of many sailboats--such a stunning view!
I'm so glad I had such a handsome date to dance the night away with! Have you been to a formal recently? I'm really glad I went with the classic pearls, so thanks to all of you for helping me decide! Have a fabulous day!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I got this great sailboat cardigan from Talbots, the shorts are J. Crew, and the nautical striped tank is from H&M. 
Here's a closer picture of the sailboat motif that goes all the way around the back of the sweater. It's too fun. 
I've posted about this embellished Talbots tunic before and how much I love it! I paired it with Ann Taylor Loft print shorts from a few years ago. This outfit was perfect for a breezy day. 
Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

21st Round 2

I've already posted a bit about my 21st but it was so fun I just had to do another post!
For my actual birthday, I wore this adorable Just Madras Hilary Dress. I LOVE the fit of this dress. I usually wear a 2 or 4 in J. Crew or Lilly Pulitzer and the small fit wonderfully-- with a little extra room for comfort.
Friday night, my parents and sister, cCm, came down to visit. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant with my family and girlfriends. I ordered a burrito and it had to be the biggest and most delicious burrito ever! Then, towards the end of our meal, everyone sang happy birthday, and brought out a giant sombrero and a tequilla shot (you can't imagine my face after that one!).
 On Saturday, my parents, cCm, bEw, and I all headed to a vineyard for my first wine tasting experience! I loved trying all the different wines and broadening my wine horizons.
Unfortunately, Saturday was a rainy and chilly day, however, I just had to take a picture on the patio with my BlackBerry because the view was so incredible!
I wasn't expecting any jewelry because when I get home, I am going to the jeweler to pick out something (I'm thinking either a ring or bracelet, most likely David Yurman). However, my parents are the greatest and got me this absolutely gorgeous set--a pave diamond necklace and pave diamond ring (for some reason I couldn't get a great picture). Just a fun fact: whenever you wear a teardrop shaped ring, you are supposed to wear the point-y end towards your heart.  I am thrilled and just think both pieces are gorgeous--what a surprise! 
Every year for my birthday, my aunt takes me out for a day of lunch, and shopping. I look forward to it every year. I can't wait to do it this year when I get home from school. However, she surprised me with many of my absolute favorite DVD's. Another season of Bewitched, Eloise (an animated version), Eloise at the Plaza, and Father of the Bride Part I and Part II. Needless to say, my DVD player hasn't been turned off in days. 
On Saturday night, we went back to my favorite sushi restaurant (seriously, I'm obsessed). We ate until we felt like we were going to burst. Then, I took my parents out with me to re-live their college days. They had a blast and loved the live band! I've heard a lot about "juice box wine" and wanted to try it out because I am a sucker for unique packaging (I go nuts in the water bottle section at Sheetz because of all the cool options)-- well, you can thank me for trying it because I suggest no one ever drink that. I threw it out after the first sip.
What did you do for your 21st birthday? I'd love to know? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Readers/Bloggers, Help Summer Wind out!

Readers and fellow bloggers, I am in need of your help! Tucker Blair, a needlepoint company, is hosting a Blogger Design Contest! The blogger designs the belt and then Tucker Blair uploads the picture onto their Facebook page. Whoever gets the most likes on their submission, wins the contest and gets the belt named after their blog and the belt goes into production! On top of that, Tucker Blair has also generously offered to donate $250 to the charity of the winner's choice. If I win, I plan on choosing the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) as my charity of choice. Just click here (!/photo.php?fbid=10150156013001039&set=a.10150152534206039.285691.10319066038&type=1&theater ). Once you get to the belt, all you have to do is click "like". Person with the most likes wins! 

Voting ends on Friday, April 22! I would really appreciate it if you have the time, to head on over to the Tucker Blair Facebook page and vote!! Thanks so much, I know you all are fabulous and I really appreciate it! Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


If you haven't been keeping up with Summer Wind, last Thursday was my 21st birthday! I had a wonderful birthday with my closest friends and then my parents came down for the weekend! I had so much fun!
On Thursday, my first stop was to the ABC store. I'm not really a fan of any liquor but I really wanted to get carded so I got all different sorts of airplane bottles! The guy that I checked out with could tell it was my 21st (because who goes to a liquor store and buys just airplane bottles?). I'd love to tell you what I liked out of all of them, but I haven't opened any of them yet!
Then we headed to my favorite sushi restaurant right near campus-- It was delicious! I also got to use my ID there! I got a "Passionate Mango" drink which was vodka, mango juice, and soda. I really enjoyed it. 
Then we headed to another bar near campus so we could hang out for a little longer. I had my first shot... this picture is post-shot.. Needless to say, that was my first and last.
I got some really great gifts from friends and family-- This one was one of the cutest. bEw knows that I love Eloise and he is a great artist so he drew me Eloise! How adorable and so perfect is that?
bEw even monogrammed the envelope to my card!
More pictures and birthday recaps to come! Have a fabulous day!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Girly Gingham

I got a question on my Tumblr asking how I wear gingham so I thought that would be a fun post to do because I l-o-v-e anything gingham!


Gingham by summerwind41490
I love gingham oxfords, especially Ralph Lauren ones. I have several from the boys section in a size 12 and they fit just fine with the sleeves rolled up a bit, but I also have some womens versions too. My favorite pairing with a gingham oxford is white chino shorts. I have 3 pairs, 2 pairs are from J. Crew (just different lengths) and one pair is from Old Navy (surprisingly they have a great selection of inexpensive chino shorts). If I'm going for a very laid back, casual look. I'll usually leave the oxford untucked, throw my hair up in a pony tail, and add some Jack Rogers. However, if I am looking to spruce up the look, I tuck my shirt in, add a silk tie belt or grosgrain belt, some pearls and a fun watch along with Jack Rogers and maybe even a headband or hair bow to complete the look. 

If you're not ready to try out the entire gingham look, get into it slowly by pairing a neutral outfit with something as simple as a gingham headband. Another great way to incorporate gingham is to get a Bermuda bag with gingham options! I have a great one from J. Crew and I use it all of the time! I just love it.

How do you wear your gingham and what are your favorite gingham pieces? Have a fabulous day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Post 21st

I had a successful 21st birthday to say the least! It's so fun to be able to go out with my 21 year old friends now! My parents are on their way down to celebrate all weekend and I couldn't be more excited!
Can't wait to share everything about my birthday! Have a fabulous weekend! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today is my 21st birthday!
If you need me, you can find me at the bar, gin and tonic and all... 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wanted Wednesday

 Not only do I want these gorgeous earrings but I think I NEED them..
And while I have Alexis Bittar on the mind, I think I'll take this ring too...
Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Salmon Cove

 A friend of mine from school recently brought to my attention Salmon Cove. After visiting their website, I knew I had to blog about it because they have wonderful, classic staples and accessories.
I have two favorite picks for women.The first is the pink and green short sleeved polo, because who doesn't need more pink and green in their life? I love that all of their polos have two colors on the collar; it really adds a unique twist to a classic item.
My next favorite is the blue check tote. I have a serious tote obsession and for $59 this is adorable and affordable; it's around half the price of a Vineyard Vines tote! I think it would be absolutely perfect for a day at the beach or on the boat!
Plus, I love the fact that the tote is lined in blue gingham and comes with a key-chain embroidered with the Salmon Cove logo. Too cute!
Salmon Cove not only has fun options for women, but they also have a men's line that is classic nd perfect for most any guy!
My favorite for the guys is definitely the quater-zip sweater-- I love a guy in a quarter-zip and this one is made from Merino wool!

Have you ever purchased from Salmon Cove? What is your favorite item? Happy shopping and have a fabulous day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Readers Answer: Go-to Summer Accessory

 I asked my readers a while ago on my Tumblr and Facebook page what their favorite summer accessory was and I got some great answers! I thought it would be fun to share what readers said!
Many of you said your Ray Ban sunglasses... I don't have a pair, but my birthday is on Thursday (eeeek!!) and they are atop my list. However, I need a new pair of sunglasses like I need a hole in the head. I already have a Lilly pair which are my favorite and several other fun pairs.
Wellies Make the World Go Round said that she loves her Eliza B. 1 1/2" Ribbon flip flops because they don't get ruined by the water when she is at the pool/beach/river! Just like WMWGR, I love my Eliza B. Flip flops!
What Miss Loves said that a Jackie Cardigan is her to go summer accessory because she has a job where she needs to be dressed conservatively and the Jackie Cardigan is great to throw over dresses and comes in so many different colors!
April Afternoon said that her go to item is Haviana Flip Flops! I don't own a pair but I've tried them on before and they are most definitely extremely comfortable!
Whales and Wayfarers says she loves her Vineyard Vines tote! I am on her side with this one, I loooooove my VV tote (pictured above)! It is so perfect to bring anywhere during the summer months. I use it as a purse sometimes, use it at the beach or the pool or even as a small overnight bag!
I personally love my trusty old Carmex but a lot of you said that you love Kiehl's lip balm for your sun chapped lips! I do love Kiehl's but I am still convinced that Carmex takes the cake.
 Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl says that her summer staples are bright sundresses, Lilly croakies, and Ray Bans!
Sweet Caroline says that she loves her J. Crew 3" chino shorts! She says she loves them because there is such a variety of colors to choose from. I love them too--My favorite pair is definitely an olive greenish color with hot pink embroidered whales, they are too fun!

So readers, what are some other things that you just cannot go one summer without? I'm always looking for some fun new ideas to have fun with this summer! Have a fabulous day and thank you to all of the readers who submitted their summer favorites!


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