Monday, November 30, 2020

Gift Guide 2020: For The Home

Gift Guide 2020: For The Home
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Happy Cyber Monday! There are lots of sales to be had, so see below for links to more sale content. My biggest tip for Cyber Monday is that if you see something that you purchased from last week/this past weekend go on even bigger sale, it's usually worth it to call and see if the company will price adjust it to the better price. I have done this many times over the years and no one has ever denied me the better price! 

Now onto today's gift guide. I wanted to get this one live today as a lot of these items are on MAJOR sale right now for Cyber Monday. 

This is the first year I have done a 'for the home' gift guide. It feels fitting as we have all been spending much more time at home. These are all items we use regularly and bring me joy at home. Many of these items are not only pretty but also very useful, too! You'll notice I put together two collages because I had too many items that I love and wanted to share! I really tried to make this as varied as possible. There are items at all different price points and I think some of these items could be a good gift idea for people who might be harder to shop for- whether that's your mother-in-law or your aunt or sister or even your boyfriend! I've got stocking stuffers and gifts for him on deck, stay tuned! 

Bone China Mug// I wrote an entire blog post about this mug and why I love it. I never thought I'd write so many words about one mug, but here we are. It's SO good. 

Bud Vase// I have and love this bud vase. It is so simple and so beautiful. You could give this to someone and add in flowers! 

Bamboo Flatware// We have this flatware and love it for everyday use. It makes me feel less guilty for not polishing the silverware as often as I should.

Cast Iron Skillet// This is something my fiancé would rate as a number 1 gift. I got him one last year for Christmas and he uses it many times per week- you can cook practically anything in it! There are all different sizes and they are all very affordable, especially compared to how expensive some pans can be. 

Coffee Maker// I wrote a whole blog post about this coffee maker because it is AMAZING! We use it every day. 

Nespresso// I can't believe the price on this! It's not only low for just the machine but you also get the milk frother and 62 capsules. This is the exact machine we have, too, and it is wonderful. It's a treat to be able to make cappuccinos on the weekend! 

Down Blanket// You all know how I feel about this down blanket throw. It is wonderful and would make a great gift for anyone on your list. 

Echo Show// We have 2 Echo shows and love them. They work with Alexa and I love that they have a screen. They also have a good speaker so we can listen to music as well. I'd say we use the one in our kitchen the most. You can watch Amazon Prime video on it, you can play Jeopardy- we do that while cooking dinner which is so fun, get the weather, listen to the radio, etc. We even have it set up to turn our lights on and off! 

Martini Glasses// We have these and they get SO much use. We both love martinis and these glasses feel so sophisticated and fancy! I also want these- they're just so beautiful! 

Cabbage Plates// I love lettuceware/cabbageware whatever you want to call it. I have started collecting a few Bordalli Pinheiro pieces here and there and they are just so fun and whimsical! 

Spatula Set// This is such a good gift for anyone- I don't even cook that much (my fiancé does most of the cooking) and even I think these spatulas are game-changers. There is a spatula for any cooking situation in this set and the way they are shaped is so different than a typical spatula. Plus, I really like having a few variations in size. 

Cocktail Picks// I love these cocktail picks. They are beautiful so you can display them and they are functional. We mostly use them for martinis, but you could use them for appetizers, too. 

Chargers// These are inexpensive and while they are plastic, they do not look like it. If you have a big table you are setting, these are so pretty and there are a lot of different colors and styles. I have 3 sets now. 

Cane Tray// We have this in our bathroom to hold our daily essentials and it is so pretty! 

Scalloped Amazon Basket// We have these scalloped baskets and I love them for decor or even using as a bread basket! 

Spode Pasta Bowls// These are the plates that we use the most. It's like a hybrid between a bowl and a plate and they work with pretty much any meal! Plus, they are gorgeous. 

Rattan Placemats// I love these when I'm setting a table in the spring/summer. The shape is beautiful and the quality is so nice. They're a good neutral and add texture to even the simplest of tablescapes. 

Dog Old Fashioned Glasses// My aunt got my fiancé these glasses for his birthday and he is obsessed. He will usually make an old fashioned or even just do bourbon on the rocks in this glass. I have used them for various cocktails as well and just think they are so cute for any dog lover. 

Sensa Wine Glasses// We love these glasses. Even my fiancé loves them and he's not really 'into' glassware like I am. They are Olivia Pope sized but are not globe-shaped like OP's iconic glasses. For those of you who don't watch Scandal, that basically means that these are large wine glasses, ha!

Monogrammed Tissue Box// There is not a 'naked' tissue box in our house haha! I love buying monogrammed tissue box covers. They're something a lot of people don't know about and they are definitely not necessary so it can be a fun gift to give. 

Gift Guide 2020: For The Home

Shop the Gifts:

Grill Tools// My fiancé is obsessed with his grill. I say 'his' because I have never used it, however, I reap the benefits of delicious food, that's for sure. He got himself these tools and he loves them. They are high quality and sleek looking. 

Cyrstal Cut Stemless Wine Glasses// I love our Waterford cut crystal stemless glasses so much. You can use them for wine or for cocktails. We even use them for water. They are so versatile and just stunning. I can't believe a set of 4 are on sale or $60, regularly $200.  

Monogrammed Lumbar Pillow// I love this pillow! We have it in our guest bedroom right now and it's so beautifully made. It looks like something you'd have done by an interior designer for a fraction of the cost. 

Mint Julep Cup// We have several mint julep cups and use them all over the house as pencil cups, vases, toothbrush holders, etc. Oh, you could also use them for actual mint juleps, too! 

Scalloped Frame// I have this frame and love it SO much. It's a little bit more modern than a typical gold frame but also has a 'grand millennial' feel to it at the same time. 

Dutch Oven// We love our Dutch oven! We don't really use it much in the summer, but it's great for cooking things like sauces, stew, etc. We went with Staub because I read that the little nubs underneath the lid help to redeposit moisture into whatever you are cooking and Le Creuset does not have that feature. Otherwise, through everything I read/researched, they seem to be pretty similar! 

Smiley Sponges// I have been using these sponges for so many years. They make such a good hostess gift if you tie one onto a bottle of wine. A great stocking stuffer, too! These sponges stay stiff in cool water and then soft in warmer water. They last for quite some time and never scratch anything. 

Frame TV// I love our Frame TV so much this is the second gift guide it has made this year. You can read a full review of the TV, here. Basically, I would not usually think a TV is a great gift, but this TV is art/decor plus a really great TV. The way it hangs against the wall and the fact that you can change the color of the bezel is just really cool. 

Silver Bamboo Frame// I have so many of these. The price is great and the quality is also perfect. I also have given these as gifts countless times because they are on Prime and so easy to get in quickly! 

Wine Chiller// This is something that we don't have but that I would like! It's an insulated cover for wine that you can bring to a picnic or anywhere you are outside of the home (even if just on your patio). It keeps wine chilled so no need to lug around a cooler if you are just taking one bottle. Thinking this would be great for rosé in the summer to bring to a BYOB spot. 

Outdoor Blanket//This is on my wish list. It's pricey for a blanket so I am hoping RTIC comes out with something less (they make such nice stuff that looks like Yeti for a lot less). This is a picnic blanket where the underside is waterproof. We did a lot of picnics this summer and we really enjoyed doing them and this would have been so nice to have! 

Beach Towels// We have these and they are SO nice. I always think beach towels make a good gift for someone that has a home by the water and hosts lots of overnight guests. You need a lot of beach towels if you live on a lake or at the ocean or whatever it may be! 

Embroidered Napkins// I am of the thinking that you can never have too many linen napkins. My mom and Grammie have always had such amazing napkin collections. My great grammie was a seamstress and so she would always create the most beautiful napkins for my mom and Grammie! I aspire to have a collection like theirs someday. 

Oil Dispenser// We don't have a pretty oil dispenser but this is something I would personally love to have. I really like to create my own marinades and dressings from scratch so I have several different bottles of oil that I use! This would be a cute gift paired with a good bottle of olive oil! 

Solar Tealights// I stumbled upon these and couldn't leave them off the list. They are little tea lights that are solar-powered. What a smart idea and they are so pretty. My parents have the most beautiful back patio so as soon as I saw these, I thought of them. Anyone that has a great outdoor space would appreciate these! 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Lilly Pulitzer Cyber Sale + More

Lilly Pulitzer is having a SALE! You get $20 off for every $100 you spend! Here are some of my latest Lilly favorites. This green dress is a front runner for Christmas Eve! 

Tortoise Sunglasses (also on sale)

In other sale news, new Dudley Stephens fleeces have been added and are up to 30% off with code BIGSALE! 
I scored these leopard boooties for just $32 (and free shipping). I had my eye on them last year but since they were leopard, I felt like I wouldn't get enough wear out of them for the price. But at $32, what a steal!! 
I ordered this tweed jacket. I love the cream color and the longer length. It will for sure be a closet staple for years to come. 

This Faux Fur Vest is something I have been talking about constantly because it is SO good. My mom, grammie, and Aunt all ordered one for themselves after they saw the vest in person. It's so elegant and just instantly elevates even the most simple outfits. This is a photo from this past week and I wore the faux fur vest with an otherwise super plain/simple outfit. 

Our Christmas tree is still on major sale under $200. It's free shipping, too, so if you are still looking for a faux Christmas tree, this is such a good one, especially for the price. You can get same-day delivery for $10 or do free curbside pickup, too!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Small Business Saturday 2020

Small Business Saturday 2020

Today is Small Business Saturday and it's a great reminder to shop small. There are SO many wonderful small businesses and this year has been so rough for many small businesses so it's important to support them when you are able! 

I shared these two gift guides as the first two guides for holiday 2020 and they all highlight and focus on items from some of my favorite small businesses and brands. You can click 'original post' so you can read my comments about the brands and the items!

How to Help Without Spending Money 
 Maybe you are not buying gifts this year or not spending as much as usual, but there are still ways you can help to support your favorite small businesses that don't involve purchasing anything. Here are some easy ways... 

- Share their account on your Instagram stories or in your feed to create awareness for their brand with your followers. You can do this on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media site!

- When you see their posts pop up in your feed on a social media site, don't just mindlessly scroll past. Engage with their content by commenting on their photos and liking things that they post. 

- If you have purchased from them in the past, a positive review on a site like Yelp is always appreciated and helpful. 

- In that same vein, if you have purchased something in the past and are really impressed with it, think about posting a photo of your item and sharing it with your network. 

- Use the power of word-of-mouth and chime in if someone is looking for a recommendation for a local business. If you love a business, talk about them with your friends and family. 

Leave A Comment With Some Small Businesses You Love! 
If you are going to shop small, check out the comments from others so we can all discover new brands to love! 
I also wanted to share some of my favorite restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. Gift cards make such nice holiday gifts. Even if the recipient does not feel comfortable dining out right now, it will be such a treat for them to use in the future or even for takeout! 

Little Tokyo// This is my #1 favorite restaurant ever in Pittsburgh and my #1 favorite food/meal ever. They have the best sushi, in my opinion. We get takeout from here multiple times per month. It's my obsession. Their shrimp sauce is to die for, I love their Dean roll and their spicy salmon roll, they have the best seaweed salad, and my fiancé loves their hibachi. 

Dianoia's// One of my favorite Italian restaurants. Their gnocchi in a bread bowl is life-changing!!

Cucina Bella// They have the most incredible Neopolitan-style pizza and the best meatballs ever. We also love their antipasti, and their Nocce salad (Atella is a close second). 

Totopo// One of the best casual Mexican spots, in my opinion. They also have delicious margaritas and queso. I usually get fajitas but also love their Choripollo. Their happy hour is crazy because you can get their appetizers for half off from 4-6pm and they do that for takeout (it's daily). You can also get their margaritas to-go which we often do. They have a sister location in Shadyside called Tocayo which is similar and equally as delicious. 

La Prima Espresso// This is my favorite coffee in all of Pittsburgh. You can stop in a buy a bag of beans for a coffee lover! 

Jade Grill// This is our favorite Chinese. The chicken lo mein is the best I have ever had. They make their noodles homemade in-house! 

Noodlehead// Oh my goodness the pad see ew is one of my favorite things ever. We are also obsessed with their pork buns. 

Poulet Bleu// If you give/get a gift card to Poulet Bleu, wait until you want to eat inside. Their interiors are straight out of a Nancy Meyer's movie. Besides that, they have the most delicious French food. This is one of my favorite date night spots. 

Mineo's Pizza// This is a divisive Pittsburgh topic right here, but I think Mineo's is the best pizza in Pittsburgh! They ship their pizzas, too!

Chikn// The best chicken sandwich, in my opinion. 

Driftwood Oven// Oh my goodness their pizza is amazing. They have so many different kinds but it's really the dough that is a game-changer. 

The Porch// We love The Porch for their brunch. We have never had a single bad thing from The Porch for brunch. Plus, they have two locations! 

Tessaro's//Arguably the best burger in all of Pittsburgh. Plus, it has a very Pittsburgh/hometown vibe that I love so much. 

Nicky's Thai// We love Nicky's! Such a huge menu with so many different options. 

Home// We haven't been to their new location yet, but when it was in Smallman Galley it was our very favorite. So many great homemade meals with updated twists. 

Mediterra Cafe// A new location in Mt. Lebanon just opened and I have already been several times. Their food is absolutely incredible as are their baked goods. So perfect for breakfast or lunch. The interiors are gorgeous and so cozy. 

Iron Born// Their white pie is my absolute favorite. It's Detroit-style pizza so be ready for something a little different, but SO good. 

Walters// This is such a fun spot in the warmer months as they have tons of outdoor space with games and music. Their southern BBQ is also phenomenal. 

Taco Diablo// This is on Beverly in Mt. Lebanon and we love their tacos and I personally love their quesadilla. We get takeout from there a lot and it's always delicious and easy to order a bunch of tacos and share with a group! 

Round Corner Cantina// This is such a cute spot, especially in the summer with their adorable outdoor courtyard. I absolutely love their guacamole and their margaritas. 

I know I am likely forgetting some of my favorites- Pittsburgh has SO many great restaurants and an amazing food scene, so please chime in in the comments below with a favorite restaurant of yours in Pittsburgh and why you love it or your favorite dish from the restaurant! 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Best Of Cyber Week Sales

This post is all about items I own and love that are on sale for Cyber Week. I know the sales can be overwhelming so I really wanted to share a smaller, very curated list of things I love, recommend, and would make great gifts. 

15% off and Free Shipping. Spend $250+, get 20% off, Spend $500, get 25% off. Use code TISTHESEASON. 

I love this tote and have several. The leather base and straps are nice and sturdy and give the tote a luxurious look while the nylon is virtually indestructible and easy to clean. The interior is lined and has 6 pockets. It is a large tote so it is perfect for traveling. 

The clear pouch is on my under $100 gift guide and is truly one of the best gifts, in my opinion. You can personlize it with different colors and designs plus your initials. I keep mine in my tote at all times and it holds necessities I would need throughout the day. Love this little pouch so much. I also think it would make a really good bridesmaid gift- something a little different and very useful! 

Select pajamas on sale. 

My favorite pajamas and they have very few sales per year. The fabric is so soft and the cut of the pajamas is so comfortable. They really aren't the most beautiful pajamas I have ever seen, but the comfort outweighs the look of them greatly. I really only buy them during sales now as they are relatively pricey for pajamas! 

30% off everything with code HOLIDAY30. 

This top is SO cute and flattering. It's beautifully made and a great piece to wear with jeans to feel a little more 'dressed up' than your typical sweater. 
30% off with code SHARETHELOVE. 

I'm mad I just bought these at full price a week or two ago, but they truly are the best glycolic acid pads. I use one each night and it definitely prevents fine lines and helps with any discoloration or acne scarring. I also find that they help me personally keep acne at bay. I use the 20% which is STRONG, so I think if you are new to glycolic acid to start out with a lower strength. 

30% off, no code needed. 
This is such a beautiful coat and I feel like it's a really good value because you get two different coats. On one side you get a beautiful plaid and the other is a muted french blue. Both sides are gorgeous but really do give you different looks. 
40% off, discount shown in bag. 

I've shared these jeans many times in the past and they are still my go-to white skinny jeans. They are so comfortable, they are very high wasited, they are not at all see through, they have nude pockets so nothing shows through. They are stretchy but still keep their shape with wear. I could not recommend these more. I suggest sizing down one size. I wear a size 2 and in other pants/jeans, I typically wear a size 27 and sometimes a 4. 
30% off everything, 25% off fine jewelry, no code needed. 

The Kendra Scott team sent me this necklace in honor of their Pittsburgh store opening in Shadyside this spring and I literally have not taken it off since. It's so beautifully made. It is dainty but not fragile and the diamonds pack a sparkly punch. I really like how it layers with my other diamond necklace. This is still a splurge, but if you are looking to give the gift of fine jewelry, this is a really great piece and at the sale price, I think you get a really great value, too.

$50 off one pair, $100 off two pair, $150 off 3 pairs, and $200 off 4+ pairs. Use code SARAHFLINT-BMSM at checkout. 

These have become my most worn shoes, easily. They truly go with everything and are so beautiful and well made. They are also insanley comfortable. I could not recommend these shoes more. They are pricey, but worth every penny in my opinion. 

50% off with code BFSTEALS. 

I am wearing this vest as I type this and it's amazing. I called it my #1 purchase of 2019 and I honestly don't know if I have found anything in 2020 that tops this vest. It's warm, elegant, and while it is fake fur, it definitely looks much nicer than any faux fur I have ever seen. It has a swing fit and hits a bit below the hips so you could wear it with leggings. I wear my true size small but it runs very roomy so you could easily size down one size. The faux fur is SO soft to the touch it's amazing. My mom, aunt, and grammie all 3 have this as well. 

20% off with code TOGETHER. 

I held off on this coffee table for a while because it was pricey, but I eventually caved and purchased it and I am so glad I did. This cofee table is so well made and huge! I plan to have a piece of glass cut for the top, but so far have no had any issues without it being covered with glass. These placemats are also included in the sale and I use them all of the time. I love the natural and neutral color of them, they're casual but not overly, and they add a really nice texture and dimension to my table. I use them often. 

Up to 30% off with code BIGSALE. 

So much less than designer sunglasses and yet so well made. These have been my go-to sunglasses for the last few months. I love the oversized fit and the classic tortoise! 

Cyber Week Sales and Codes Needed

Cyber Week Sales and Codes Needed

Cyber Week Sales and Codes Needed

Cyber Week Sales and Codes Needed

Cyber Week Sales and Codes Needed

Anthropologie// 30% off everything, free shipping $50+. No code needed. 
Athleta// Up to 60% off, no code needed. 
Barrington// 15% off and Free Shipping. Spend $250+, get 20% off, Spend $500, get 25% off. Use code TISTHESEASON. 
Club Monaco// 30% off everything with code HOLIDAY30. 
Dermstore// Up to 30% off with code SHARETHELOVE. I use these Glycolic Acid pads every night and they are the best! 
Draper James// 30% off sitewide. 
Jack Rogers// Up to 80% off. No code needed. 
J.Crew// 50% off full-price and an extra 60% off sale using code EARLY.
Lake Pajamas// Select pajama sets on sale. 
Lands End// 50% off sitewide with code SYDNEY. 
Lilly Pulitzer// Printed ornament with every $75 spend through 11/28.
Lisi Lerch// Up to 60% off and free shipping. 
LL Bean// 15% off your purchase with code THANKS15. 
Mark and Graham// Up to 50% off and free shipping with code MERRY. 
One Kings Lane// 25% off sitewide, prices as marked. 
Ralph Lauren// 40% off orders of $125++
Sarah Flint// $50 off one pair, $100 off two pair, $150 off 3 pairs, and $200 off 4+ pairs. Use code SARAHFLINT-BMSM at checkout. 
Serena and Lily//20% off everything with code TOGETHER 
Shopbop// 20% off $200+ with code SHOP20
Talbots// 50% off entire purchase
The Company Store// Up to 40% off with code BLKFRIDAY20
Tory Burch// 30% off full-price, up to 60% off sale items on all order $250+ with code THANKS.
Tuckernuck// 20% off entire site, 25% off 500+, 30% off $1000+, use code BIGSALE. See my roundup post, here. 
Tula// Up to 40% off. Use code SYDNEY for 15% off. 
Vineyard Vines// 30% off sitewide using code FRIDAY.
Williams-Sonoma// Up to 50% off and an extra 20% off clearance with code EXTRA. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

J. Crew Cyber Week Sale

The J.Crew sale is going strong. They are always having a sale, so this is nothing shocking, but 50% off full-priced items and an extra 60% off sale items is a darn good sale. This is especially great when you are buying pricier items like shoes and coats! I actually scooped up a few things I had my eye on like these faux leather leggings

A J.Crew tip for women is to check out the men's sweater section. I love shopping their men's sweaters for myself as they are usually cuter/more classic and better made than the women's options. Like this sweater is very Home Alone 90s and would look so cute on men or women. I'm also considering this cardigan for myself. SO cute. 

I have a few of these sets and they are 'old faithful'. They are lightweight, cute, comfortable and look great wash after wash. I love the plaid print. I have both size small and size medium and I would say they run pretty roomy. I personally prefer my pajamas roomier, but I prefer the small over the medium size as they are plenty roomy! 3 years ago, we wore a set as our Christmast morning pajamas! 
This is such a nice, classic, closet staple. The fabric is thick and high quality and the bateau neckline is super flattering. This is one of rare J.Crew items where I would be more than happy to pay full price. It's a shirt I wear often and has hold up so well throughout a ton of wear. 

This is super similar to a Patagonia Better Sweater, but roomier in the sleeves and overall has a less slim fit. It's really nice quality and has a soft fleece interior like the Better Sweater. I love that this has pockets! 

This is SUCH a good find. It's so high quality, but a lightweight, crisp cotton. It is longer in the back and has a split hem. It has a true tunic fit and it's roomy in the body and arms. I personally like the roominess of it, but I think if you want something a little more fitted, size down. I think this looks like something Ralph Lauren would sell for double the full price. 

This cardigan is super stretchy and soft. You can definitely tell it has a bit of alpaca in it because it feels luxuruious but also won't wrinkle because of all that stretch. This runs pretty oversized and cropped. I would suggest sizing down if you want more snug fit. 

Sweater dresses can always be hit or miss because they can be so bulky and unflattering but this is such a hit. The sweater is warm, soft, and cozy, but still flattering and comfortable to wear. This is the perfect thing to wear with bare legs if you are in a warmer climate or with tall boots and tights if in a colder climate. This runs true to size and while it isn't tight, it's also not really 'roomy' either... it hits that perfect in-between which is what makes it so flattering. 

Whenever I talk about these boots, I call them 'stylish Uggs' because that is basically what they are. The inside is coated in shearling, just like Ugg boots. The outside, is suede so it needs to be treated before you wear them out in the snow/weather, but once you do that, they are great winter boots. The sole is much thicker on these boots vs. Ugg, so these are silghtly more useful. I wear these and my LL Bean boots interchangebaly and often on a ski weekend. My mom has these boots, too, and loves them. Her feet are always cold and so these are a real winner for her. 

I've had this coat for 5 or 6 years now. It's SUCH a nice coat. The wool fabric is so thick and warm and the shape is a swing-style and flattering and comfortable. I wouldn't necessarily pay full price for this coat (I got mine on sale way back then) but it's well worht the sale price. 

More J.Crew Items I Love On Sale:

Sale Alert!

I'm partnering with Walmart to let you all know about their Black Friday events going on now through 11/29 (online). The entire Champion line, which is known for lounge and athletic clothes is on sale. I snagged this great pullover and these navy leggings and I can guarantee they will get so much wear. I'm one of those people who, as soon as I get home, I change into comfortable things but they still need to be cute enough for me to walk Henry in and run to the grocery store if need be and Champion has some cute items for affordable prices perfect for lounging in!

I shared this vest last year (I'm wearing a size small) and it's under $10 and comes in several colors. It's cozy and cute! 
Ray-Ban sunglasses are up to 30% off! It's rare that this brand goes on sale. I have several pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses and wear them often. This pair, I've had for over 8 years and they are as good as new! 

The aviator style and the Clubmaster sunglasses are my top two favorite styles and the ones that I wear most often. They are unisex! My dad also has both of these pairs and they look so great on him! My fiancé prefers Wayfarers

More Sale Items I Love:

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