Monday, January 31, 2022

Wedding Guest Dresses

Apparently, 2022 will be the year with the most weddings the USA has seen since 1984! My sister is included in that number and I can tell how many of you are headed to weddings this year because I am constantly asked for wedding guest dress ideas or bridal outfit ideas!

I've been searching for months for some dresses as I have my sister's bachelorette weekend, a week in Charleston with my husband, my sister's bridal shower, my birthday, her rehearsal dinner, and we have another wedding right after my sister's in June! So many wonderful occasions to look forward to! 

I would share this topic more often since it is so highly requested but I have said this for about two years now but I really feel like there are no good dresses and if they are amazing, they're over $1000. It's very slim pickings and I keep wondering when that will change! Historically, right now is an awkward time for retail (usually the saying is any month with a 'J') so I am going to share my finds with you all, but I think if you can hold off for another month for a dress for spring weddings, you will see a better selection. I did find a few gorgeous things.

I also included some white dress options for the brides-to-be, there are some gorgeous things and I wanted to make sure I shared them with you all, too! I just couldn't find enough to make that a separate post, so they are mixed in! 

We had quite a few reasons to dress up in 2021, and in large part, I repeated what I already owned because I just never found anything I was head over heels about and also willing to pay the high prices for! 

The trends with all of the ruffles and big collars and puffed sleeves are just not me so I'm really struggling!!  I think Nordstrom Rack, The Outnet, and Saks Off 5th are all good places to look. They are spotty with sizes and low stock but you can really find a gem for a great price here and there if you look! 

Friday, January 28, 2022

Samsung Frame TV Review

I originally posted this in June 2020, but I am updating it since my decor has changed quite a bit and I got an updated frame for the TV! I know you all always have questions about this TV when you see it on Instastories, so I hope this helps to answer all of your questions! 

I never thought I would be reviewing a TV, but after sharing this TV on my instastories, a lot of you have had a ton of questions/interest coupled with the fact that I have never loved a TV more... so here we are! 

This is the Samsung Frame TV (we have the 55") and what sets it apart from most TVs on the market is that it is made to look like a frame/piece of artwork on the wall. The construction of the TV is flat so that when it is hung with its special hanging equipment (which comes with the TV), it sits flush against a wall just like any other frame in your home would. 

When it is turned off, the frame shows a picture that you are able to select from a database, so it constantly looks like a piece of art is on the wall rather than a blank black TV screen. It's very customizable as you can upload images off of your phone or even download items from Etsy and then upload to your TV. You can also choose a mat or no mat and play around with color and brightness to get it to look just right in whatever room you are in. 

A typical TV has black around the edges, and that is what comes standard on the Frame TV. However, you can customize the color of the frame by buying a Bezel (made by Samsung) that fits over the black 'frame' area. We originally got a white Bezel and I truly think that having a bezel makes it look even more like artwork and less like a TV. There are all different types of bezels to suit your interior style. I just personally liked white best because I felt like it blended into the wall. You can see the photos of the TV with the white bezel at the bottom of this post. If you order the Bezel on Samsung's site, you can get it with your TV for just $75 (I wish I had known to do this when I ordered our TV). Otherwise, for the 55", it's $150. 

The latest update that we did back in November was to swap out the white bezel for this gorgeous gold wood frame. They are custom-made in the USA and I could not rave about the quality of these frames more. It took 2 minutes to install on our TV and the frame is beautiful. I truly think it 'finished' off the look of our TV wall so nicely. It looks much more substantial and all-around better. These wood frames are expensive, but in my opinion, they are worth every penny. They have a ton of different styles and colors to choose from. I really like the simplicity of the one that I chose! 

I feel silly replacing our perfectly good TV up in our bedroom, so I'm kind of just waiting for that one to die (I've had it for like 7 years now- Vizio, a good affordable brand) and then move our living room TV up to our bedroom with the beautiful gold frame. Then I want to get a 65" frame TV for the living room area and another gold frame for it! 

The TV itself was SO easy to hang. It took us about 15 minutes in total and the instructions were easy to figure out. Everything you need to hang the Frame TV flat to the wall comes with the TV when you order it... before you order, double-check that yours comes with a mount as I have seen some for sale where it doesn't come with the mount!! 

In terms of wires, there is one wire that we are able to hide. The wire is super thin and clear. This is another huge pro for me with this TV than the many cords you need to hang a traditional TV. Because this cord is so unnoticeable, it's a great TV for those who rent and might not want to cut any holes in the walls to hide cords. Samsung designed it this way so you can set the power box elsewhere and everything plugs into that box rather than into the TV directly. We have the box down in the middle section of the console underneath. The console was an antique find here in Pittsburgh and it is by Henredon. We drilled a hole in the back of the console to accommodate for this! 

A lot of people have asked about our cable box and where we put that. We actually don't have one. I did a lot of research before buying a TV and found out that our cable provider (Comcast Xfinity) offers an app on Samsung Smart TV's (and Rokus) where you can stream your cable rather than having to use a cable box. You just have to have one box in your home to get this to work. So, our one cable box is with our basement TV. Even in our bedroom, we are able to easily stream cable TV without an unsightly box. Our bedroom TV is a Vizio smart TV and is not compatible with the Xfinity streaming app so we had to buy a $20ish Roku to get the bedroom TV to be compatible. I could take or leave cable, personally, but my husband couldn't live without all of the sports channels, ha! Our cable provider also charges a fee to 'rent' the cable boxes so it's nice to also be able to save that little bit of money each month from not having to deal with cable boxes. 

I'm not hugely into TV trends or the latest in electronics when it comes to TVs. I've always just used the Vizio brand as it is pretty inexpensive and has a nice picture and holds up for years. However, I knew that when I moved into this house that I wanted something for the main living room that would look nicer. It's a little pricier than many TVs, but in my opinion, it is SO worth it just for the looks alone. I. actually think the cost has decreased for the Frame TVs over the year, which is amazing. 

As for the picture, it is so crisp and clear. It is 4K. The colors are vibrant. We have had it for 3 years and have had absolutely no issues with it at all. As almost all TVs are nowadays, it's a 'Smart TV' so you're able to download a ton of apps and it has a bunch of different features on it. You can easily stream your phone to the screen which is a game-changer when I'm doing at-home workouts. It's all just very user-friendly. 

The sound was something that actually shocked me. With my Vizio TVs, I have always had to buy a speaker system because the sound was never great. I was planning on doing it with this TV but the sound is incredible. The room it is in is pretty large and the sound quality throughout the room is wonderful. Both of us agree there is absolutely no need for a surround sound speaker system. 

All-in-all, this TV gets a 10/10 for me. It's a little pricier than some other brands and models but well worth it in my opinion. If you're on the fence, get it and you won't regret it!
Samsung Frame TV Review
Samsung Frame TV// White Bezel (if you order via this link, you get it for just $75 with your TV)

Samsung Frame TV Review

Samsung Frame TV Review
These are the photos from the space in 2020! The chest is Henredon found at a local antique shop that has since closed. 

Thursday, January 27, 2022


Cardigan (use code SYDNEY20 for 20% off, code expires 1/28)

How is your week going? Mine is going well! Nothing too exciting to report this week. It has been SO cold here and it's supposed to be even colder this weekend so I have been hibernating, ha! I've really only left the house to go to Orange Theory. Pretty lame!!! 

Because it's so cold and there is so much salt that has been put out all over our neighborhood due to the snow/ice, I really only take Henry out for a quick walk (like 10 minutes max) and I think he's starting to get bored, which I can't blame him. The salt can burn a dog's paws so I have to be very careful with him while we are outside!! So I have been trying to play with him and create mental stimulation toys for him. I'm hoping it's helping him to burn off some energy! Last night we threw a ball in the house for like an hour to wear him out, ha!!! 

This weekend we are going to a concert and out to dinner which should be fun and then we are going to brunch at a new place that just opened up near home! So that will be fun! 

Wearing: The outfit in the photo above is what I wore out this weekend. It was frigid so I really bundled up for the occasion!

Reading: Have you guys heard about light masks? I love trying new skincare things and reading about them and I have been seeing a lot about them in the past year. They're pricey, so I'm not sure if they are worth it, but I've been eyeing the Current Body brand. Apparently, it's a favorite device among celebrities. It's supposed to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture and firmness. The reviews are almost all 5-stars. I'm so intrigued!!! 

Sale: I love the martini glasses that we got as a wedding gift! We use them often. They are currently on sale! These are our cocktail picks that we love, too. They are not on sale but make such a great gift! These snaps were from our Saturday night date night. We had drinks and snacks at home before we headed to our late dinner reservation! We played Uno and it was so fun! 

Sale II: Printfresh is one of my favorite brands for pajamas and right now they are having a wharehouse sale where you can get adorable pajamas for up to 50% off! 

We flew through Archive 81 on Netflix. It's scary/a thriller so just be aware!! It was truly kind of odd but we also loved it!!! It's filmed in Pittsburgh. 

Listening: I heard this song originally on TikTok and now I love it. It's almost just like ambiance but I feel SO calm when I listen to it. It's hard to explain! 

 Love these blue and white salad plates so much! This platter would look so gorgeous hung on a wall! Love these two-tone loafers for spring! I've been wanting this tie-dye sweatshirt literally since early 2020. It's not on sale for under $100! I am trying to resist, but I just think it's so cute. 

Pittsburgh: We went to Pusadee's Garden this past weekend and it continues to be the best (in my opinion) restaurant in Pittsburgh. The food is 10/10. I've seriously never eaten a bad thing there, their drinks are perfect, and I love the atmosphere. The service is wonderful, this time it was just OK, but overall it's truly the best! 

Smelling: I feel like I need to continue to rave about this hand cream. It smells incredible. I put it on every night and I literally look forward to putting it on. It has a calming smell to it and I still cannot put my finger on what it smells like. It's just so pleasant. I've been putting on so much hand cream. My hands are SO dry in the winter months so I've really been using this a ton. It's pricey, but this is a little luxury I cannot quit! I saw this quote on Pinterest and it really resonated with me. I love to savor the best tiny little moments in my day. As crazy as that sounds, putting on this hand lotion each night is one of those moments!

Traveling: I'm headed to Charleston for a little over a week next month. I'm so excited, I have been many times but it never gets old, it is so beautiful there! 
Recommending: How cute are these hand soap dispensers? I just got two for our kitchen! Just $10 each!

Quoting: See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Valentine's Day Tablescape

Tablecloth (mine is the color blush but that color seems to be sold out)// Placemats + Napkins

Home Stuff:
Ceiling light Fixture// Dining Chairs (fabric is perennials basketweave chalk)

Shop the Items:
I hesitated to title this post 'Valentine's Day' as there is really nothing in this tablescape that makes it 'themey', but I did have Valentine's Day in mind when creating this tablescape! I can't believe we are almost to February! 

As a couple, over the years, my husband and I have instituted the tradition of not going out for actual Valentine's Day. We have had a comedy of errors over the years so no, we always choose to stay in and cook instead! 

I'm not quite sure what we will cook this year! Last year it was a lobster roll and filet with some sides. But we just did something similar for New Year's Eve, so I am thinking maybe scallops! We just love seafood!

We also usually go over to my parents for Valentine's Dinner. They have a tradition of making beef wellington and it's sooooo good! My grammie usually joins us, too, and it's such a nice evening! So we will probably do our own dinner Friday or Saturday before Valentine's Day and then go over to my parent's on the actual holiday which falls on a Monday this year! The Super Bowl is also that Sunday so it will be a lot of eating that entire weekend, hah!!! 

I always make sure to set our table beautifully. Not only do I find joy in setting a table, but I think sitting at a beautiful table while at home makes it feel more special and more occasional! 

Some items to note from this tablescape... 

I love this Wicker Vase it is such a great price for the quality. It's not lined, so I just used a glass vase and set it down inside of the wicker. 

The beautiful scalloped Placemats + Napkins are an Etsy find. The Etsy shop has absolutely gorgeous linens. So many unique prints, colors, and designs. I seriously want one of each! I chose the pattern that I did because I felt like I would get a lot of use out of it. It is navy-based so it will work with all of my blue and white, but there's quite a bit of red which I thought could be cool during the summertime with a red, white, and blue theme. And the pink, I think works for this time of year and Valentine's Day! 

I bought a more affordable light fixture for our dining area from Ballard Designs a year or two ago. It was fine but it just looked cheap to me. I finally decided to upgrade to the one I wanted in the first place (this Ceiling light Fixture). I should have just splurged in the first place. It would have saved the headache of installing and uninstalling the other one! Anyway, it looks SO much nicer than the Ballard Designs one. I am so pleased with it!! 

These Tea Light Holders are such a find. I bought them on a whim a few months ago with nothing particular in mind, but they're so neutral that they work with a lot. I do a lot with taper candles and this is a nice break from those but you could easily mix them in with tapers, too! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tuckernuck Online Sample Sale

Tuckernuck Online Sample Sale

Today is the start of the Tuckernuck Sample Sale and it runs through 1/27 (that's this Thursday)! There will be over 1500 styles deeply discounted- up to 85% off!! 

I got in a few minutes early before 12 to shop and I have to say the sale is SO GOOD. Over 2000 items. However, things were selling out within seconds, so if you get in at noon, move swiftly! 

See below for favorites...

Monday, January 24, 2022

Wish List

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week! Today I'm sharing some things that have caught my eye in the past week or two. We are kind of in that limbo period between winter and spring items from retailers, but I'm actually surprised to see so many cute things out right now. 

I'm already feeling over winter clothing. It'll be necessary here in Pittsburgh through March, though, so I need to work on that, haha!! 

But we are going to Charleston for my sister's bachelorette party at the end of February and then my husband is going to meet me down there after the weekend is over and we are going to spend the week there, just the two of us! I can't wait and am looking forward to at least a bit of warmer weather... basically anything above 20 degrees! So I've been looking for things for that trip!

Friday, January 21, 2022

Dick's Sporting Goods Favorites

Dick's Sporting Goods Favorites

I hopped on a Zoom call earlier this week with Dick's Sporting Goods which is a nationwide sporting goods store. It's based here in Pittsburgh so it is very well known here and where we shop for anything sports-related. I have several friends that work at the corporate office! 

On the Zoom call we were able to see all of that Dick's Sporting Goods has to offer! They carry Carrie Underwood's Brand, Calia, which is a favorite of mine for athletic clothes, but they also carry brands like Nike, Yeti, Adidas, and more! 

My husband is Dick's Sporting Goods obsessed as they have such a big golf selection. They have a one-hour curbside pickup which is amazing and something we have used often. Last winter we needed last-minute ski goggles and used this service and it could not have been more convenient! You truly pull right up to the curb and they bring your items right to your car!

I am sharing some of my favorite items that can be found via Dick's Sporting Goods. Some items of note... these Tennis Shoes are the best and what I have been wearing to Orange Theory. They have a ton of support but are also lightweight and very cushioned. They fit in the rower, too, which is a huge plus! 

I have several of these Sports Bra and they are great basics. I usually wear when working out or skiing. They're very comfortable!

We got this Yeti Cooler as a gift a few years ago and love it. Make sure to get the '18' size because that's the only one that fits a full size bottle of champagne (very necessary, ha!!). 

Thank you to Dick's Sporting Goods for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!

Outfits Inspired by Bewitched

Shop the Outfit:
I love the 1960s sitcom, Bewitched. Love. I get so much fashion inspiration from the main character, Samantha Stevens. The fictional character is played by Elizabeth Montgomery and I think she is just absolutely stunning. 

I watch all of the seasons constantly as I find myself wishing I had her wardrobe. I soooo badly wish I could interview the stylists for this show. I have SO many questions. I personally prefer the earlier seasons in terms of fashion. In the later seasons, some of the 70s fashions start to creep in which is a little less my personal preference. 

One thing I notice when I watch the show is that her outfits could fit in well in 2022. While not on-trend in 2022, many of her outfits are just so classic, elegant, and simple. She's often in skinny pants and a sweater top for her more casual outfits. Most of her daytime looks are simple but she always looks so polished with her hair done and makeup on! 

I decided to start screenshotting outfits that she wears that I love. Some of them are harder to recreate because they are gowns or beautiful dress and coat sets that they just don't seem to make anymore. But the more casual ones are pretty easy to replicate. 

So welcome to my Bewitched journey. Today I'm sharing two looks and I'll share others as I become inspired! 
This first outfit I didn't replicate exactly. She was wearing red skinny pants and a red turtleneck. That much red is not really me, but I was mostly inspired by the cream chunky knit cardigan. So I decided to do black as the base of the outfit and then top it off with this gorgeous Cardigan

She often wears her hair in a ponytail with a bow so, of course, I followed suit. I don't often wear my hair in a ponytail but this has inspired me to start!

This outfit was super easy to recreate. It is easily something I would have worn without even seeing Samantha Stevens in it.

This Mockneck Sweater comes in a ton of colors and I love the mock neck and roomy fit. It was under $50 and really nice for the price. 

I think the one thing I really like about looking at Bewitched for outfit inspiration is that I don't feel pressure to wear whatever is currently on-trend. There is nothing wrong with what is on-trend, It's just not my own personal taste so I can do my own thing. I feel so good about that! 

Now I really want a pavĂ© diamond heart necklace. She wears it every episode and I just love it! 

While I don't think these outfits are necessarily groundbreaking, it was fun to be able to truly recreate outfits that were worn 60 years ago!

Thursday, January 20, 2022


Cashmere Funnel Neck// Faux Fur Vest (sold out)
(What I wore out on Tuesday)

I hope you all have been having a great week so far! Can you believe we are almost done with January? Next week is that last full week! I feel like this winter is flying by, which is OK with me because I am ready for spring! 

We got a decent amount of snow here in Pittsburgh Sunday into Monday so that was fun. I always love when we get big snowfalls as long as we don't have to be out driving in it! I find it so cozy and peaceful. The following days after are not the most fun because it all turns to icky gray slush! 

It is supposed to be in the single digits and even in the negatives this weekend so I am bracing for the cold. Normally, I'd try not to leave the house but we do have dinner plans at one of our favorite restaurants which I am really excited about. I will just wear layers, ha!!

Sunglasses// Sweater (on major sale)

Wearing: I am in love with these Sunglasses.They are under $25. I haven't bought a designer pair of sunglasses in so long. I have found so many amazing pairs on Amazon. The lenses on this pair are really nice for the price and I love the caramel frames! 

Eating: If you are local to Pittsburgh, do not sleep on the Market District personal chicken pot pies. They were SO good. Worth every single calorie! 

Drinking: We went out for an impromptu dinner on Tuesday night to one of my favorite places and I had a Lychee martini. I had never had one before but oh my goodness it was fabulous. It was pretty sweet and I typically don't like sweet drinks, but something about this was just fresh and delicious tasting. A real treat for a Tuesday! 

Sale: Tuckernuck is having its annual online sample sale on January 25-27th. The sale will have over 1500 items up to 85% off. They're offering a VIP access period on January 25th from 9am-12pm EST. So if you want to shop it before everyone else, you can purchase a ticket. Otherwise, it starts at noon on the 25th and you'll be put in a virtual line (similar to the Lilly Pulitzer sale). I haven't seen a preview of what will be included, but I will be doing the VIP access so I'll be able to put together a big post with all that you need to know before shopping at noon on the 25th! I'll try to pull photos of things I already own and love so I can share as much sizing and quality info as I can!  Shipping will be $5 and all sales will be final. In a final sale situation, if you are between a size, I always suggest sizing up vs. down because you can always tailor it down to fit! Their sale was really good last year but just a warning, things sold out FAST so just be ready to get in line and be ready to act fast. If you miss out on something, remember, it is just a sale, and also remember that just because it is on sale, it doesn't mean you need it! Here's their sale FAQ page for more information! 

Sale II: Addison Bay is one of my favorite resources for athletic clothes and their biggest sale of the year is happening this morning starting at 10AM ET through Friday, January 21. So many 2021 styles will be discounted 50-80% off! 

A new season of Summer House started on Monday night. We love watching this show. I used to watch a ton of reality TV and now this is one of the very few I have been watching over the past few years! It's on Bravo. So entertaining! We actually never watched Winter House so we are going to start that, too. We have been low on shows lately and haven't been watching much TV! 

Loving: Am I nuts or are these cute? I can't decide if I think they're awful or amazing? Part of me is leaning towards amazing.
Wanting: Ok how fantastic is this huge leather tote. It's so stunning. WANT! And this navy bag? Wow. 

Pittsburgh: We got about half a foot of snow on Sunday into Monday. I read this local news article of a boy's wrestling team shoveling elderly and disabled people in their community and it warmed my heart. In a weird day, it seemed 'old school' in that I feel like that sense of community and stewardship is missing in today's world! It was nice to see a group of young people setting a good example for others. 

Donating: Every month I pick a random animal shelter around Pittsburgh to donate to. There are so many and this month I found Senior Hearts which is a non-profit that focuses on rescuing senior dogs and getting them adopted. It breaks my heart to think about a senior dog not having a loving home. I remember Mac when he was getting older and I just can't even think of him having been in a shelter in his last few years. 

Quoting: See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Best Eyelash Curler

The Best Eyelash Curler Shiseido Review

For about a year, I have been using this Revlon eyelash curler. It was only $5 and works just fine. I have long eyelashes, but they're naturally very straight so an eyelash curler is really a necessity for me! I have been hearing amazing things about this Curler for so many years. It has a cult following. It's $22. Considering the mascara I love and use is $27, I don't know why, but I have always thought a $22 eyelash curler just seemed so expensive. But I finally caved and ordered it. 

You guys. It's worth every penny and then some. It works SO MUCH better than the Revlon one. I only wish I had gotten it sooner. It really lifts the eyelashes from the root and I feel like the shape works so much better around the contour of my eye. 

The Best Eyelash Curler Shiseido Review

This is a really awkward screenshot from a video, but I feel like you can really tell in a video freeze frame vs. an actual selfie photo because I'm being expressive mid-sentence, here and not posing. See how my eyelashes are so lifted? I think it makes me look a little more youthful, too, as I feel like it opens up my eyes a bit more. 

I could not recommend a product more. I have been using this for about a month and it's one of the best beauty products I have ever used. I now fully understand the rave reviews! 

Also to note, I did see the curler available via Amazon but I was wary to order from there because I read several reviews on Amazon saying it is fake. So I made sure to order from Bloomingdale's to make sure I was getting the real thing! Just wanted to make sure I mentioned that so you all get the real deal, too!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Pajamas I Am Loving Lately

Heart Pajama Set (100% cotton, will shrink in dryer, size up)// Slippers

In college, I used to live by this phrase 'dress well, test well'. For the most part, it really was true. I would always dress up for tests and I really think it helped me succeed. When it comes to pajamas, I love wearing sets. I just feel more put together and less sloppy and it has become a personal preference of mine over the years. There isn't a single night that I don't go to bed where my pajamas aren't matching. Sometimes I even go as far as to steam them. I know that probably sounds a little nutty, but it's the little things for me! The other night, while I was brushing my teeth, I thought of the phrase 'dress well, rest well'... HA! It cracked me up, but really, for me, it could not be truer. 

Anyway, I thought I would round up some of my favorite pajama sets for those who also love a good jammie set! During the winter months, I especially spend more time in my pajamas as I am typically inside my home more. 

Shop Pajama Favorites:

Monday, January 17, 2022

Amazon Home Finds

Amazon Home FindsAmazon Home Finds
Acrylic Easel (this is the 10.5")

Sometimes, I feel like I am placing an order via Amazon every other day. Mostly for basics, but I do find quite a bit of wonderful home items from time to time. I walked around my home and snapped some photos of some items that I have gotten via Amazon that are worth sharing! 

Do you have a plate or a larger frame that you want to display but aren't really sure how to do that on a tabletop? This acrylic easel makes it so easy! In theory, it seems modern/looks modern, but if you put something traditional looking on it, it kind of just blends into the decor and doesn't stand out at all! 

Amazon Home Finds

I am sharing this one because if they are on my instastories, I always get asked about them! They're nice, nothing crazy, they are just faux moss balls but I do think they add some nice color to my neutral coffee table! 

Amazon Home Finds
Coasters (also love these)

I love all things Caspari. They have the most beautiful colors and prints! These coasters are a favorite of mine but there are all sorts of prints to choose from. They also have such fun holiday stuff! 

Amazon Home Finds
I saw a similar floor lamp via Ballard Designs for $400. This one is under $100 and I think it looks so nice! 

Amazon Home Finds
Candles (my exact color sold out) 

I love getting all sorts of different colored candles and different shapes of candles on Amazon. They have so many good options and I think that changing up simple white taper candles can make for a nice tablescape! 

Amazon Home Finds

I got this little planter from an antique shop or something like that a very long time ago- I can't really even remember where it is from! I don't like fake boxwood but I love the preserved boxwood- it truly looks alive and real, it's crazy! These balls are so nice and substantial and a great substitute for a floral arrangement. 
Amazon Home Finds

I loved this decorative jar because it's slightly different than a classic ginger jar. It seems a little more unique and not as 'in your face' blue and white'. 

Amazon Home Finds
These are adhesive plate hangers and how I hang plates on the wall! It's SO easy as long as you follow the directions! 
Amazon Home Finds

I get so many of my favorite coffee table books via Amazon. These are just a few that I love but you can see another post I have done on coffee table books, here. I think coffee table books make for the best gift. There's a book on a topic for everyone and you can never have too many! A fun idea for a wedding gift is to give the couple a book of the location they are going to for their honeymoon! Someone moving away? A book from the town that they are leaving is the perfect thing! 

Shop the Items:

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