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May Favorites

Neoprene Backpack// Whole Foods Sourdough Bread// Scoop Back Swimsuit

I'm really late in the month for the roundup of my monthly favorites, but better late than never! If you are new here, let me give you a quick run down! I round up my favorite things at the end of each month. It can be anything from a good wine I tried to a new lip balm I love. At the end of the year, I make a My Favorite Things list, and all of the items are pulled from these lists! 

Packable Hat// This hat is gorgeous and classic but also packable. I recently, and not so gracefully, shoved it into my tote when I was flying last week, and it came out of the bag looking good as new. It's stylish and provides nice sun protection. 10/10 recommend. 

Obagi Cream// I love Obagi products, so I guess I'm not too surprised that I love this face cream. I ordered it during the Dermstore sale (you can use my discount code SUMMERWIND for the best discount available) because I needed a new night cream. The texture of this cream seems lightweight but once I put it on my skin, it just glides on and feels so hydrating. It's truly the perfect night cream as I wake up, and my skin feels so soft and hydrated. It kind of reminds me of one of my all-time favorite night creams by Aveda, the Tulasara Sleeping Mask, but I think I prefer this one- I can't quite confirm, I think I'd have to compare side-by-side, but this stuff is really good. 

Checked Suitcase// I LOVE this suitcase. The quality is top-notch, and it's less costly than brands like Away and Monos. We have both the 26 and 28". They are a checked size and have so many great pockets. Not only are they high quality, but they are great looking, too!  

Mascara// This mascara is incredible. Lancome sent me a box with a bunch of mascaras, and this is the one I have been layering over the primer. It separates my lashes, stays on all day without smudging or flaking, and looks fantastic. It's one of the best mascaras I have ever used. 

Mascara Primer// This mascara primer is next level. I was using the L'Oreal brand version, which was great, but this is the best. The most significant difference I notice between this and L'Oreal is no clumping. There's a big price difference between the two. I was gifted my first tube but plan to repurchase it after I finish it. It's really good. 

Black Tank// I have raved about these tanks for a while now, and I can't remember if I put this one on a favorites list yet or not. This athletic material is soft, smooth, and sweat-wicking. I love the square neckline that is present on both the back and front as well as the little shelf bra that is just enough support that I don't feel like I need to wear anything else underneath. I wear these tanks with athletic skorts to take Henry on our daily long walks and run errands. It's such a cute and simple athletic look. 

Black Eyelet Lace Dress// This dress is under $50. I got it in black, but it also comes in solid white and solid pink. It's stunning. It looks so elegant and fancy and fabulous. You could totally wear this to a casual wedding or cocktail party. It's such a timeless classic. 

White Tee// This is a $10 tee, and I think it's fantastic for that price. I have a few I have purchased over the past two years. It is super lightweight and has a boxy/cropped style to it (not too cropped, so you can still tuck it in if needed). 

Floral Shift Dress// I preordered this at the very beginning of February. It was supposed to arrive the first week of April but arrived 4 weeks late. I was a bit annoyed as I had ordered it for myself as an early birthday present and planned to wear it for my birthday dinner and then again for a few things I had on the calendar toward the end of April. I emailed their customer service to inquire, and they couldn't give me an ETA for the dress for a while. Obviously, I have plenty of clothing, so it wasn't really a huge issue, but it annoyed me with the brand- this wasn't a cheap shift dress, and the brand is supposed to be 'luxury.' However, when I got the dress in the mail, I could truly confirm it was worth the wait. It is absolutely stunning. The quality is remarkable. It's rare to find things made like this anymore. The shift is cut so classically and is just a timeless staple I know I will wear for years to come. I would *love* it if they would make it in a solid black or solid navy... or really any solid color, for that matter! A big fan of this brand and can't wait to order more. 

Neoprene Backpack// I love this backpack. I was so anti-backpack for the longest time because they seemed too sporty/not fashionable but not only are they practical and make life easier at times, but this one is streamlined and classic in a fashion-forward way. It's so well-made; I know I'll have this for so many years to come. The bonus is that it fits my large laptop and has padded straps! I am a backpack believer now!

Whole Foods Sourdough Bread// So random to have a loaf of bread within this collage, but I am obsessed with Whole Foods sourdough bread. I think it's the best grocery store bread ever. I buy a loaf almost weekly. 

Scoop Back Swimsuit// I have a few of this style of swimsuit from years past and now the pretty navy block print pattern. I hope they bring this back in more colors and/or prints this season. It is my favorite cut of swimsuit. I love the low back. The suit feels modest but also youthful at the same time.

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