Friday, November 30, 2018

Gift Guides: For the Pups

This is a new gift guide this year! I will have had Henry for one year on 12/16 so not only is it an anniversary but Christmas, too! Therefore, I'm going to spoil him with lots of treats and toys in his stocking this year. Last year, I wasn't really sure what to expect so I didn't really get him anything specifically for Christmas and this year I am so ready!

These are great for all pup owners but also great if you are looking for a gift to give a pet/pet-owner!

Dog Bowl// This is so cute and would match well with blue and white decor.

Collar// Let's be real. A dog only 'needs' one collar, but I have half a dozen for Henry. Sometimes they are just too cute to pass up and this seasonal one is just that!!

Dog Hat// This one is so good! I got it for my dad after our sweet Mac passed away and he loved it and wears it often. This Etsy shop has lots of different breeds to choose from! 

Dog DNA test// I think I am going to get this for Henry! Has anyone else done a dog DNA test? I soooo badly want to know what he is mixed with to make him as small as he is! My guess is Corgi, but I'd love to know for 'sure'.

The Other End of the Leash// This book is really interesting because it focuses less on the dog and more on the human around the dog. I love reading psychology behind things and this is just that!

Turtle// The brand Outward Hound is one of the best toy brands, in my opinion. These toys take longer for Henry to destroy and are well-made. This exact turtle I have gotten for Henry 3 times now and it takes him days, sometimes weeks to destroy! I have gotten other OH brand toys that are different shapes and he goes through them in minutes, maybe hours but this turtle is the best!

Hair Remover// This thing REALLY works. It's super inexpensive and great for any hair removal whether you have a cat or dog. It's a must!

Merrick's Powerbites// These come in a ton of different flavors and Henry loves them. They're small enough that you can give these treats frequently. 

Inside of a Dog// This one was so interesting because it is from a dog's perspective. It teaches you to understand dogs better and I think it helps to be a better dog owner!

Dog Advent Calendar// My mom got this for Henry! It can be found at Trader Joe's. There is a treat for every day leading up to December. So adorable.

Custom dog ornament// Isn't this so cute?! It's inexpensive yet personal and so special.

Dog Game// In the winter when temps are super low, Henry can get super bored having to stay inside more than usual. These games exercise his mind which he really needs. He is insanely smart and a working dog so this is like giving him a job to do and he loves it. It takes him a bit to figure a new puzzle out but once he does, he is pretty quick!

Personalized Leather Collar// This one is so chic and high-quality and I love that it comes in several color options.

Customized Leather Dog Tag// I got this for Henry in blue. It's beautiful and at just $7, it makes such a nice gift!

Nylabone Dogwood// This is by far Henry's favorite toy that occupies him the most. He chews on this for what seems like 30 minutes at a time! This dino is a close second place!

Cable Sweater// I totally told myself that I wouldn't be 'that person' that dresses their dog in clothing but Henry really does get cold in the winter and this sweater is SO cute.

More Gift Guides:
2017 Under $100 (most items are still in stock)

Thursday, November 29, 2018


I hope everyone had the best Thanksgiving! We had such a nice Thanksgiving, even though it was SO cold all day. We just stayed inside and enjoyed time together with some bubbly and turkey! Before Thanksgiving, my sister and I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! They are SO good! 

After Thanksgiving, I had my 10-year high school reunion and it was so much fun! I thought it might be weird or awkward because I graduated with 500 people and I only closely stay in touch with a handful of people but it was like it was yesterday! I honestly cannot believe it has been 10 years! The reunion made me thankful for where I grew up and who I grew up with!

My BFF, Eugenia, is getting married in February and I could not be more excited for her! Her shower was this past weekend and it was nothing short of stunning. It was so much fun to celebrate her!!

I loved sharing the news of my house! I am so excited! I can't believe I have to wait at the very least 4 more months. I am so ready to plan and decorate and get settled in. The thought of actually moving- packing everything, transporting all of my stuff- and getting settled in is a bit daunting (oyyy), but I know I'll get there! Let me know if you have any great home decor sites. I'm going to need a lot of furniture going from a small 1 bed/1 bath to a 3 bed 2.5 bath- another thing that kind of overwhelms me (in a good way!). 
Eating: Who else ate alllll the food on Thanksgiving?! Does anyone else make a 'bowl' out of all the food?! Everyone in my family thinks it is so gross, but I like mashed potatoes as a base and then add everything else on top- like a Thanksgiving version of Chipotle! 


Reading: 40 deep bathroom cleaning hacks. If you know me, then you know I love to clean and organize. These are some great tips! 

Sale-ing: If you can believe it, some sales are still going strong. You can find my sale content through these links:  The Best of Cyber WeekThe Best of Tuckernuck SaleThe Best of the J.Crew SaleThe Best of the Abercrombie Sale, The Best of Cyber Monday

  I re-watched Life Size the other night and talk about a good movie! Brings me back to my 10-year-old self just wishing I was Lindsay Lohan! Well, Freeform (cough, ABC Family, cough) is launching a Life Size 2 on December 2nd. You better believe I recorded it! 

Listening: My Christmas playlist has been on repeat and it brings me so much joy! 

Loving: The Skimm of the finance world, Finimize. You get an article to your inbox daily that keeps you up-to-date on everything finance-related. I've gotten very into investing and news that affects the investments that I make and this e-mail is a quick and easy way to get the news from the day!

Wanting: I'm all wanted out after all of those sales! But here are some great items in case you are looking to get yourself or someone else something! More gift guides to come! 

Traveling: I'm headed to NYC with my family! I am so excited to play tourist with them in NYC! We have all been to the city so many times but never during Christmastime so we are ready to soak in all the lights and decorations! 

Quoting: 'I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.'- Charles Dickens // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

40+ Holiday Outfit Ideas

40 dressy holiday outfit ideas

40 dressy holiday outfit ideas

40 dressy holiday outfit ideas

40 dressy holiday outfit ideas

40 dressy holiday outfit ideas

40 dressy holiday outfit ideas
Tortoise Clutch

Today I wanted to share alllll of the holiday outfit ideas. Most are dressy but I've thrown in a few cute tops and skirts! I'll be back with a post that features more casual holiday outfits, too, so stay tuned! 

Tuckernuck sent me this gorgeous LBD (runs big, size down)! I think if you are looking for one dress to wear often this holiday season, go for a little black dress. This is because you can so easily change the look and dress it up or down depending upon the occasion. I have had these plaid heels for several years now and they are the perfect thing to holiday-fy any outfit! I especially love them paired with all black. Whether that is with a dress as I have them styled here or even with a chunky sweater and leather leggings!

Besides my recommendation of this LBD, I'm sharing 40 other beautiful options within two widgets! 

There are pieces for every budget and for every dressier occasion. I think if you are looking for something to do double duty in your holiday wardrobe, a sequined piece is always a good choice because you can wear it now for holiday parties and then again for New Year's! Plus, how often do you get to wear something sparkly in your day-to-day life?!

I'll be in Florida next week so I'm bringing along this gorgeous plaid dress and this gold cocktail dress! I'll be re-wearing one of them for Christmas Eve- I can't decide which one, though. I'm also going to see Home Alone at the Symphony, going to my country club's Christmas Ball, and having out of town visitors for NYE, so I have so many dressy events to plan for!! Do you tend to dress up during the holiday season or do you stay casual?

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Your Guide to Giving Tuesday: The best ways to give this holiday season

ways to donate and give in Pittsburgh this holiday season
Now that we've surpassed Cyber Week, it's time to talk about something much more important-- and really what the entire holiday season is about and that is giving. I've posted this for the past three years, and it is still very relevant. I really think that this day should come before Cyber Week because it's truly more important, in my opinion. I've updated all of the information as well as added a lot more content to this post!

Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to giving. Give your time, your money, your love--whatever you have to give. It shouldn't just be today, but it's a worldwide effort to remind people to be generous. 

I've rounded up quick and easy ways (and not so quick and easy ways) to spread holiday love and cheer. How will you give this holiday season (and all year long)? Here are just a few ideas to get you started! 
Spread Love and Happiness:

Pay for someone's coffee or toll ticket behind you. My dad always pays for the person's toll behind us-- I've always loved that and do it myself now! 

Order a huge Chik Fil A platter, hoagies,  pizza, bottled water, etc. and hand them out to the homeless. Blankets/hats/gloves are other great items to hand out, too.

Volunteer to clean an elderly person's home. It can be challenging for the elderly to get around and many don't have the money for the help. You can also volunteer to drive them around so they are able to do their holiday shopping. Many don't/can't drive so even something as simple as this can be very helpful.. bonus points if you take them out to lunch, too

Tip your waiter/waitress your full bill amount. Servers are often people who work the hardest, show them your appreciation this holiday season.

Hosting a holiday party? Most people bring small gifts for the host/hostess. In lieu of that, let everyone know that donations to ______ charity will be raised in honor of the holiday season!

Do you know someone going through a rough time? Send them a surprise that you know they would personally like to help them through their rough patch. Whether it's homemade dinner and a movie or even just a bouquet of flowers, simple gestures like this show you care and remind them that you are there for them

Say a prayer. Regardless of your religion or faith, saying a prayer for someone else. It is free and can help so much.

Take baked goods/hot coffee/hot chocolate to your local hospital/police/fire station on Christmas Eve/Christmas day. Nurses, doctors, firefighters, and police are some of the most important people in every community because they keep loved ones healthy and safe and many don't get to take the holidays off. Show your appreciation with this small gesture.

Instead of mass printed photo cards, think about sending out handwritten notes to your loved ones letting them know why you are so happy to have them in your life. It's time-consuming and extra work, but handwritten letters mean so much!

If you have an Amazon account, remember to shop through Amazon Smile which automatically donates to the charity/cause of your choice.

Recognize those who help you on a day-to-day basis. For example, the valet guys in my building are great and help me daily. I like to let them know they're appreciated!

Help businesses you love in your community by going online and reviewing them... whether it be on Yelp or Facebook, etc. It helps a lot and will support your local economy! Plus it only takes about 5 minutes of your time.

Be a mentor to someone. Whether it's professionally or personally, be someone that can help a person pursue their goals and dreams and guide them in the right direction. I have so many great mentors in my life and am so lucky to have them. I'm also a mentor to several and it is so much fun to cheer someone on while they are pursuing their dreams.

Do you know a family who just had a baby? Offer to babysit (for free) so that they can get their errands done and have some adult time (or even just so they can take a nap!).

Take on an in-kind project. For example, if you are a web designer and have some extra time, help design a struggling startup's website. Or if you're an accountant and know a family that is struggling, offer to help them create a great budget.

Give to Organizations:
Me, Dani, Kassy, Aly, and Will volunteering at Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald House
In the past few years, the Ronald McDonald House has really hit home for me. My boyfriend's brother passed away from leukemia when they were growing up. To hear of the amazingness that came from the Ronald McDonald House is incredible and I donate to this cause several times per year. The goal is to provide families who have sick children in the hospital a place to stay for an extended period of time. This is so they can keep their other worries to a minimum so that they can focus on their child's health. At the house, meals are served daily, there are common rooms/playrooms for children, as well as each family gets their own private bedroom. The locations are very close to the hospitals, too.

Tracy's Dogs
I could sing Tracy's Dogs praises all day every day. They brought me my Henry and I will forever be grateful for that. Their website says, 'Over the last six years, TracysDogs has focused our rescue efforts on saving those dogs in South Texas with the greatest need - dogs in shelters with high euthanasia rates. Most have suffered some level of neglect, abuse, and/or abandonment. More than 4,500 dogs have been saved, rehabilitated and placed in loving homes throughout the country.' This is another organization that I feel very strongly about and donate several times a year. The work that they do is inspiring and to think Henry was ever in a situation of neglect, alone in a scary shelter, etc. brings me to tears any time I think about it.

Donate to Pittsburghers Affected by the Tree of Life Shooting
This is a great and reputable list of ways to donate. The way people have given back in Pittsburgh has been incredible and it's truly amazing to see so much goodness in the city that I call home.

Headbands of Hope
For every headband purchased, one is given to a child with cancer. Jess has donated to every Children's hospital in the United States! There are so many to choose from and would make a great Christmas gift.

I am a huge supporter of anything that provides warmth to those less fortunate. There is nothing worse than being cold during the winter and in Pittsburgh, the cold is unbearable at times. No one should ever have to be freezing. Another great idea is to bring your gently used outerwear to homeless shelters or places like Goodwill so those less fortunate can be warm this winter. Another great idea is to help a family less fortunate than you pay for their electric/gas bill in the winter months.

Shriners Hospitals for Children
The organization raises money for children's Shriner hospitals around the country who provide care to children with no cost to the families, specifically burn care, orthopedics, cleft lip and palate, and spinal cord injury treatment and care. My dad and grandfather are both Shriners! They've helped over one million children in need.

Pittsburgh Food Bank
You'd be shocked to learn how many people in your own city are hungry. A super simple donation of items such as cereal, canned tuna, canned fruits, vegetables, beans, etc. can save lives. Just throw in a few extra cans the next time you are at the grocery store and drop off at any of these locations. There's even a grocery list print out to help you with the items they are most in need of! For international donations, Lauren Bush Lauren's foundation, FEED, help those in need in other countries.

Washington Area Humane Society
This is a no-kill 501(c)(3) animal shelter and where we saved Mac, our Australian Cattle Dog and best friend in the entire world. I'm a huge dog person. If I could adopt all the dogs in the world and give them safe, warm, happy homes, I would. Since I can't, and most can't do that, adopting just one dog can help! If a dog is not for you, you can also donate your time or money to help! Another shelter in the Pittsburgh area is Animal Friends, which is also no-kill.

Meals on Wheels
This serves older Pittsburghers and those who are unable to prepare nutritious meals for themselves. It's a great organization and you can help by donating your time, money or in-kind donations such as food and/or kitchen supplies. Do you have elderly people in your life who could use the extra help when it comes to preparing meals? Cooking things like casseroles, pasta, etc. in big batches and separating them out into individual portions with cooking instructions on top can be a major help to those who are unable to provide for themselves.

I am constantly donating gently used clothing to Goodwill. There are many locations in Pittsburgh and Goodwill makes it very easy to donate. There are so many people out there who need warm clothing during the winter, and this is a great way to help your local community.

St. Vincent de Paul
Besides, Goodwill, I also donate gently used items to the St. Vincent de Paul society. There is a location near Whitehall in Pittsburgh. This helps those in need on a person-person basis and some of the stories are very powerful.

Children's Hospital
One of the worst things is having something happen to one of your loved ones. It's truly heartbreaking. If you are a Pittsburgher, consider donating to Children's Hospital. There are Children's Hospitals all over the country, so be sure to look up one near you if you are not in the Pittsburgh area.

American Red Cross 
They're always there when disaster strikes. Donate your time, money, blood, food, anything you can to help. You can even choose what you donate to. California has been devastated by the fires and any donation can help. You can also check out this article that lists many ways you can help. I donated to the American Red Cross as well as the Humane Society of Ventura County.

Dress for Success
This is one of my favorite charities that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women. You can donate money, clothing or volunteer your time. You can drop off clothing at 650 Smithfield Street Suite 1810 in downtown Pittsburgh (that's the Centre City Tower aka the building with the Huntington Bank Sign).

United Way
There are so many ways that you can help the United Way of Allegheny County and there are so many ways that the United Way helps so many of the people in your local community. From children to adults to senior citizens, there are programs that support every member of the community.

Donate Your Old Smartphone
The Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh collects old cell phones that can help women who have been victims of intimate partner violence. Your old phone is probably sitting in a drawer somewhere and could be a big help to someone in need! Check out the Pittsburgh drop-off locations here. I just got a new phone last week and plan on donating my phone!

Toys for Tots
Looking back on Christmases growing up, my sister and I were so fortunate to always wake up to gifts from Santa under our tree. Many are not that fortunate. Toys for Tots provides gifts for kids that may not have otherwise received any gifts for Christmas. I participated in this in college. One day I got to go pick up a child from his elementary school, and take him out for lunch and to shop! We went to Target and picked up all sorts of things that he wanted. When I found out he had a brother, we had fun picking out surprises for his brother, too! It was such a fun day and so enjoyable to see how excited he was!

If you are part of a charity or hold a specific philanthropic organization near and dear to your heart, leave the details in the comments so others can see and learn more! 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Big Announcement + Cyber Monday

Jeans// Shoes (similar)// Lip Color (confident lips)

Sharing the Cyber Monday deals up top (this post has more deals that I shared), but scroll to the bottom of this post for the exciting news!!! This Cyber Monday either the sales have stayed the same throughout this entire past week or some have gotten better! If you already purchased something and the sale is even better now, make sure to call the retailer and see if they will do a price adjust for you. Most retailers will!

Leggings (these are one of my most favorites)

These reminded me of The Great, but for a fraction of the price. I sized up to a medium for a roomier fit.

Shams (20% off, code MERRY)// Monogrammed Duvet (25% off, code: CYBER)
Throw Blanket ( 25% off, many colors)

These are my absolute favorite cords! They run true to size and stretch out a bit once you wear them. 

These are the exact Whitestrips I have been using! I did a campaign with Crest last week to share my experience and I'm still using them and love them! They truly work and right now they have extended the coupon for $15 off and Prime shipping! This is such a good deal!

Things I'm Loving
- The curling iron/straightener pouch that I take with me every time I travel. This one is just $11.
- Diamond initial necklace. I have this and it is so beautiful and dainty. Something you could wear daily. 
- The pajamas my family and I are wearing for Christmas!
- This Pamela Munson bag Originally $395, now just $165!

List of Sales
Abercrombie// 50% off the entire store. No code needed. See my Abercrombie favorites, here
Amazon// Tons of really good Black Friday deals.
Ann Taylor// 50% off everything, code: CYBER2018
Banana Republic// 50% off everything
Bergdorfs// Designer sale up to 50% off
Club Monaco// Extra 40% off sale, 25% off $150, 30% off $250, 35% $400, code: CMCYBERMONDAY18
Dermstore// 25% off, code: WEEKEND
Horchow// 40% off sitewide, code: HOLIDAY
Kate Spade// 30% off everything, code: GIVECHEER
Jack Rogers// 30% off your full-price purchse, code: CYBER
J.Crew// 50% off your entire purchase with code TGIF.
J.Crew Factory// Up to 80% off, code: ADD2CART
J.McLaughlin// fall sale, up to 40% off
Lisi Lerch// 30% off an $5 shipping
LL Bean// 20% of clothing and outerwear, code: THANKS20 
LOFT// 50% off your purchase and free shipping, code: CYBER
Madewell// 25% off your entire purchase, code: DEALWITHIT
MANGO// 30% off everything, use code: BLACK18
Mark and Graham// 20% off everything, code: FRIENDS
Neiman Marcus// Gift card with purchase, code: GC4YOU
Nordstrom//  Up to 60% off
Old Navy// 50% off your entire purchase
Ralph Lauren// 30% off when you spend $100+, code: THANKS
Saks// Up to 40% off
Serena and Lily// 25% off everything, code: BIGDAY
Shopbop// Extra 30% off sale items, WOW18
Talbots// 50% off one item, 40% off entire purchase 
Tory Burch// 30% off $250+ with code THANKS
Tuckernuck// 20% off sitewide, 25% off $500+, 30% off $1000+, code: GOWILD
Tula// 20% off with code SYDNEY, free full-size cleansing oil with any $40+ purchase
Vera Bradley// 30% off everything including sale items! 
Vineyard Vines// 25% off everything, 40% off sale styles, plus free shipping, code: HOLIDAY18
Williams-Sonoma// Tons of deals on everything from appliances to housewares. Use code FREESHIP for free shipping on all orders. Their online outlet is up to 75% off!

Cyber Week Guides:

See My Gift Guides Here:
2017 Under $100 (most items are still in stock)
Coat (just $60 and one of my favorites)
I'm building a home!!! 

I'm staying in Pittsburgh (not sharing the location for privacy reasons, also took this photo in the back of the house) but I'm still close to downtown! I am SO excited! I have been dying for more space. As much as I have loved living in the heart of downtown, I've felt so cramped in my small space. I know I'll miss the downtown lifestyle, but I'm so ready for this next step! 

I have also felt guilty ever since I got Henry since I didn't have a lot of outdoor space for him to run and play. It will be such a luxury to just let him outside on his own while I'm still in my pajamas sipping my coffee!

I'll be sharing more in the months to come. I don't move until April (ish) so it's still a while away but I want to share part of the process with all of you. Get ready for more home decor posts in 2019!

It's kind of crazy to think that when I started Summer Wind 10 years ago, I was in my freshman year dorm room and now I'm building my own home! During this process, I have kept thinking to myself, 'how am I 'adult' enough for this?!' Crazy how quickly time passes. 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Best of Cyber Week Sales

Today I'm sharing some of the best Cyber Week sales available. There are SO many sales (here is my full list) and it's hard to stay focused, so I'm being very selective in what I share! I did a few other Cyber Week guides, too, that are worth checking out: The Best of Tuckernuck Sale, The Best of the J.Crew SaleThe Best of the Abercrombie Sale.
Entire Outfit on Sale
Striped Tee// Jeans // Sunglasses // Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
Full Post Here

Sweater// BEST SWEATPANTS EVER!// Slippers (I got these slippers last year and I am obsessed!)
Seriously, though, they are so insanely soft and stretchy and warm. This gift would be the best for someone who already has everything. You'll be the happiest person as you lounge in these this winter! They run true to size. Sometimes I size up in joggers, but these are very roomy. I'd suggest sizing down if you are between sizes!

Black Friday 11/23 ONLY
Pajamas run pretty true to size. I have both size small and medium and once you wash them, they shrink a bit in length (sleeves, pants) but once they're washed, I find small and medium to fit similarly. So I think if you are worried about shrinkage, size up! 

Both on sale!

Entire Outfit is on sale!
Scarf (more print and color options!)

Everything is on sale
25% off sitewide, plus snag 40% off our best-selling Day & Night Cream in supersize
One of my all-time favorite Tula products. This really keeps acne at bay as well as brightens my skin! The supersize cream is such a good deal. This is my daytime moisturizer (sometimes I'll use it at night, but usually in the morning!). 

Mansur Gavriel Tote Sunglasses (these links takes you to the only place they are on sale)
Size up in both the tee and the pants! This is such a great work outfit but can pair each piece separately for many other occasions. See full post, here

 White Shirt ($16)// Faux Leather Skirt ($24)
Sunglasses (this link takes you to the only place they are on sale)// Goyard St. Louis GM
Chanel Flats (similar on sale, discount applied at checkout)
Lip Pencil (pillow talk)// Lip balm (berry)

Vest $39

Leather Jacket (such a high-quality leather jacket for just $139)
30% everything, code BLACK18

Coffee Table (regularly $400, now $239)

I own 5 of these. They are truly the best wardrobe staple, ever. Pricey, but so worth it. I fly with one of these, I wear one to formal events, I use this to keep warm in the winter. SO many uses!

Use code THANKS for 30% off. Both pieces run true to size. I love the monochromatic hunter green. I'm also obsessing over these bow flats!

Cyber Week Guides:

See My Gift Guides Here:
2017 Under $100 (most items are still in stock)

Friday, November 23, 2018

How To Get White Teeth For The Holidays

How To Get White Teeth For The Holidays

This collaboration with Crest could not have come at a better time. I have been noticing my teeth for the last few months because they are not as bright as I'd like them to be. I was putting together a gift guide and including Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips because they make such a nice stocking stuffer! At the same time, I was going to order some myself.

I've been a fan of Crest 3D Whitestrips for a while so I know that they truly work. Since I hadn't done anything to whiten my teeth in too long, I was long overdue! Not only was the holiday season coming up, but I have two fun trips planned and my 10-year high school reunion is tomorrow! So many reasons to brighten my smile! 
So, I started using the Crest 3D Whitestrips. There are 44 strips. 20 sets for your top teeth and 20 sets for your bottom teeth. You start seeing results in just 3 days and achieve full results in 14 days. Plus, you get 4 bonus strips (2 top, 2 bottom) that are the 1-hour whitening express treatment. The 1-hour express you wear for 1 hour and it removes years of stains! Crazy, right?!

I started my whitening treatments a week ago and I truly started noticing results after the first use. After using them for a week, my teeth are bright white and I feel so much more confident for upcoming holiday parties, travels, and my high school reunion! I'll continue using them throughout the holiday season. 

Crest 3D Whitestrips truly do not slip and take just a few seconds to apply. So once they are on, they stay put. They're not really noticeable so I don't mind hopping in my car while running errands with them on and you can even drink water while wearing them.

I have also been wearing them as I work on my computer! The strips are made with the same enamel-safe whitening agent that dentists use so it's safe on your enamel. I didn't notice any sensitivity at all! 

I took before and after photos and I think, in this case, the photos speak for themselves! The first photo was taken on day 1 before I used anything and the second photo was taken on day 4 after I had done 3 treatments. They look even brighter in person. You can see the yellow tinge that I had before is pretty much gone! There was absolutely nothing done to these photos except cropping them.

If you are interested in getting some Crest 3D Whitestrips for yourself or as a stocking stuffer, there is a great deal going on today only! You'll definitely want to take advantage of Amazon’s Black
Friday Deal of the Day that can save you over $13 on Crest 3D Whitestrips

Thank you to Crest for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

For shares that include a brand URL, please include the #ad hashtag in your social share.


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