Thursday, August 30, 2012


I usually post my OOTD's on Instagram (@SummerWind41490)... for the days that I forget to post it's either one of the 3 things... A) I forgot, B) I wore norts and a tee, or C) I was running behind. Some readers have been requesting that I post my OOTD's on Summer Wind as well, so here you go!

Gingham Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Shorts: J. Crew 
Bangle: J. Crew
Watch: Daniel Steiger 
Sandals: Stephen Bonanno

Navy Tweed Blazer: J. Crew
White button down: Brooks Brothers
Postage Stamp mini: J. Crew
Shoess: Black Aldo pumps (I switched to Jack Rogers flats mid-day)

Shirt: Needham Lane
Denim: Talbots
Blazer: Talbots
Sandals: Target 

On me:
Tank: Macy's
Necklace: Bellevue Collection
Clutch: Kate Spade 
On Mom:
Wedges: Bass

Dress: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Sylvia Benson
Monogram Necklace: Swell Caroline 

These are just some looks I have been sporting recently. What have you been wearing lately? More OOTD's to come! Have a fabulous day!


So I have entirely repurpossed the word "curate". No, it has nothing to do with collecting art...and I may have turned it into a verb. I am talking about curate-ing your closet. At age 22, gone are the days, I need Forever21 tops to frequent fraternity parties.While I will still pop into Forever21, I am talking about picking pieces for my closet that are quality, timeless and lasting. I have always had this attitude when it comes to clothes, but I am looking for pieces that I can wear in the working world and outside of work. 

I have learned in the last few months, that when you are looking for quality, you need to expect a higher price tag. That's where the whole "quality over quantity" thing comes into play. I've made several lists of what I am willing to spend on and thought I would share with you! 

A silk-lined, navy blazer with gold buttons is a necessity. It is truly timeless and classic. You can pair it with denim for a relaxed look or a pencil skirt for work. Another great place to find a high quality, well tailored blazer is Brooks Brothers

Structured Leather Bag
This is another big one. While I love my Longchamps/VV Totes/LLBean Totes... sometimes those just don't cut it in the "Real World". A structured leather handbag is the perfect dose of sophistication to add to any ensemble. I love the bag Annette sent me from Pink Tulips and have found many professional and fun ways to incorporate this handbag into my wardrobe. As a side note.. did you hear that in an upcoming Pretty Little Liars episode, someone will be carrying a Pink Tulips bag?! So exciting! 
Perfect Pumps
These can't be too high, but also don't need to be kitten heeled. If you find a pair you love and that are comfortable, buy them in several colors. I think nude, black and brown are the most useful colors. These can be worn for work and play (I've learned that it is almost necessary to splurge on a pair of nice pumps just for comfort-- the Cole Haan heels have Nike Air technology which makes it worth the splurge!).
Signature Scent
I have switched through a ton of perfumes in my 22 years (remember Abercrombie 8 and Hollister August?!), but I have decided to use an entire bottle before I purchase a new one.  Having a signature scent will get people to remember you and when they smell the scent elsewhere, they will think of you. Right now, my scent is Bulgari BLV, but my all time favorite scent is Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise
Lip Color
My mom always reminds me that I need something on my lips. I really think the nude lip look is unflattering on everyone. Whether it's a sheer gloss or a bright red lip, I always try to make sure to have something on my lips. It warms up your face and makes your makeup look a lot more natural. I love Dior Addict, Sephora  brand lipgloss, Kiehl's lipgloss, Revlon Lipbutter, and Estee Lauder lipsticks. 

What are items in your wardrobe that you have curated over the years? What is the one thing you are glad your splurged on?! What am I missing from my list? Have a fabulous day! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

KAS New York


Recently I came across KAS New York and fell in love. I love the classic silhouettes, bright colors and fun prints. These are definitely party ready frocks for any occasion. I'll take one of each, please!

Scroll through to see other KAS New York pieces! I think this brand is the type of clothing that you can throw on and look fabulously chic without adding accessories.. makes getting ready super quick and easy! Which ones are you loving? Have a fabulous day!

**please note that this post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Annie Griffin Collection

I've posted about Annie Griffin Collection a few times in the past because I am absolutely in love with all of the pieces each season. I really don't think they have created something that I dislike (see past posts here and here). 

Annie Griffin is all about creating gorgeous, well-made clothing. The clothes are classic with a stylish twist. For example. The lovely ladies at AG sent me this gorgeous skirt... 

Isn't the Chelsea skirt adorable?! It is made of silk faille and has a thick waistband that is very flattering and nips you in the waist for a skinny mini look! I love that the skirt isn't super short-- it is the perfect length. I love the champagne color, however, for fall, the Chelsea in burnt gold is perfect. I plan on wearing my Chelsea year round. For a summer look, I paired it with a Ralph Lauren OCBD and orange ballet flats, but for the winter, I think this will pair well with tights, heels and a fun top for a party ready look. 

I was also sent the Abbay blouse in watercolor stripe and it is not only gorgeous but also very functional. This top is perfect for an office look-- just throw a cardigan or blazer over this top and you are set for work. I also think this is a fun party top as well... I picture it with black skinny denim, pumps, and fun jewels and you're all set for a night out. The Abbay also comes in a fall perfect hunter green color! The Abbay+Chelsea= a showstopping outfit. 

Pop into one of the over 150 boutiques that carries AGC to try on different styles and find something perfect for any occasion... To find a boutique near you, click here

So how can you win your own outfit from Annie Griffin collection? Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget. Click the title of this post and then wait a few seconds for the Rafflecopter widget to load. I apologize for the inconvenience but this makes it much easier and more time efficient to choose a winner! A huge thank you to the ladies at Annie Griffin for making this fabulous giveaway possible! Good Luck!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hair Advice Needed!

via Tumblr
My hair is too long. I know some people would say "your hair can never be too long". However, I believe that hair can definitely get to a point where it is too long. My hair is definitely the longest it has ever been and it has become an issue. I know everyone reading is probably thinking "just get a haircut" but I really dislike haircuts. I love the healthy feeling of my hair after a cut and the style, but curling newly cut hair is always a long learning process. 
I'm usually creative with my hair and love to curl and straighten it, but lately I have just been pulling it in a pony. I'm in a rut... 
So, I need your help! I have super thick hair and need a cut... I usually always get 2 inches trimmed off but I'm thinking this time I need about 5-6 inches off... what do you tell your stylist to do when you get your hair cut and not just trimmed? Usually I request straight across in the back and angled around my face in the front, but I'm thinking I need something more updated? Let me know your input!! Have a fabulous day! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Styling a Murfee

Remember back in May (does that seem like a lifetime ago to anyone else?!) when I posted about a graduation wishlist? Well, since then I have acquired several of the items on the list. The most recent acquisition being a Lilly Pulitzer Murfee from the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale (the FB drama from that gave me quite the Tuesday night entertainment). Lilly Pulitzer needs to create a @LillyPulitzerPRGirl Twitter handle so she can teach us "new" PR gals how she handled the situation "behind the scenes"!!!

Well, I ended up scoring a Callie skirt for cCm on the actual Lilly site, but I also checked out In The Pink and ordered a Murfee for myself! It hasn't arrived yet but I am patiently awaiting a visit from the UPS man!! I know many of you own a Murfee scarf (or several) already so share how you wear yours! Here are some of the ways I plan on wearing my Murfee:
I got the Skye Blue Conched Out Murfee and think it will be a great transition piece.


I think the trick with the Murfee is to keep your outfit simple. Let the Murfee do the talking. Pair it with simple jersey knit dresses, boyfriend denim, button down shirts, or dress it up while at work. I also think it will pair well with several of my quilted jackets come cooler weather! How are you wearing your Murfee and what did you score or what did you miss out on at the Lilly sale?! Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Working Out With ThomasKelly: Exercise to Errands

I am a big advocate of working out in cute clothes. I remember in high school for cheerleading, I used to make sure everything matched and that I didn't necessarily look like I was sweating. In college, I was a bit more relaxed in that I wore a lot of sorority t-shirts. But, I have quickly found that if I run around the "real world" in norts, an oversized fraternity t-shirt and Jack Rogers... I get some weird looks... apparently that "look" never caught on in the real world (I can't imagine why ;).  

Enter ThomasKelly, a new active-wear brand that caters to the preppy set.This stuff is CUTE. I got stopped on my run because people were asking where I got my outfit... yeah, that cute.

I got my mom to snap some photos of some post workout stretching so please excuse the sweaty look that I'm sporting. I love the Ladera leggings. They are so soft and the seams are almost invisible. Plus, I love that when you cuff the bottoms, gingham is on the other side! The leggings are also great because it is always so hard to find leggings in colors other than black! This navy color is fun and brightens up your workout.

I love the "T" back of the Malaga Mix top. It makes for an easy-to-move-in top. The top also has a built in sports bra which is really convenient and super comfortable. The Malaga Mix is topped off with a fun pink ruffle too! I also love that with the entire line, you are able to mix and match. Plus,this outfit combo is definitely appropriate for running around town. The thought behind ThomasKelly is "Exercise to Errands". If I was still in school, I would have definitely worn this outfit to class and then to the gym-- I was always very hesitant about wearing "sweats" to class, but these are not your average sweats!

Click the above picture to better see the gingham cuff on the leggings and the subtle pink ruffle on the top. What do you think of ThomasKelly? Are you eyeing some of the pieces for your next workout? What do you usually wear to workout? Have a fabulous day! 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


If your back to school budget is less than fabulous, here are a ideas for pieces to invest in that will help to update your current wardrobe...and make it POP!

  • Get glam lips with Revlon's lip butter.. I have it in cherry tart and peach parfait and they are perfectly moisturizing but still have a good amount of color. I really think that playing up your lips is a way to change any look! (scroll through and click the above pictures to see info)
  • A colored driving loafer is a fun twist on a classic wardrobe staple. I love orange for fall but also think a deep purple shade would look great!
  • Leopard anything. Need I say more?! 
  • Plaid accents are great for fall and great for sprucing up your wardrobe... I love the J. Crew invitation clutch and a classic plaid wool scarf. 
  • Bows on anything are another great wardrobe addition and perfect way to add a lady-like touch. I am loving all of Kate Spade's bow items like the bow bangles
What are you adding to your wardrobe this fall to add some punch and interest? Have a fabulous day! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Crushing on Gold and Green

It's crazy to think that fall is just around the corner. Signs of fall? For me, signs of fall are cooler nights, earlier sunsets, country club pool's labor day celebration, football preseason and crickets at night. (and getting closer to having Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!!)

Gold and Green

Fall is by far my favorite season. I consider fall to be late August through December...I guess that's the college student in me that hasn't quite left yet. I know that at school in Virginia, the temperatures wouldn't start getting cooler until late October, but here in Pittsburgh, fall kicks in right when October hits. One of my absolute favorite fall color combos is a deep green (olive/hunter green) and gold/brown. I love the richness of the color combination and how it just fits in well with the cooler weather. 

Scroll through for some fun green picks. What color combinations are you loving for fall? Have a fabulous day! 


Friday, August 17, 2012

cCm's Dorm Room

cCm is officially in college and as of yesterday, a sorority girl! So proud of her! I wanted to share her dorm room because it is super tiny (I didn't think dorms could be any tinier than the ones that I had at JMU) but she still managed to make it look great!

All of her stuff ready to be moved! 

So excited!

cCm and mom setting her up

The room is tiny but cCm managed to fit a ton of stuff in the closet area!

I love her PBTeen bedding! 

Her desk is so small... I would have been freaking out about that but cCm doesn't seem to mind!

It's official... she's a "college girl" now. 

Have a fabulous day! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pink Tulips

The lovely Anette from Pink Tulips sent me the most gorgeous leather handbag last week and I am in love! A little excerpt from the website:
"My name is Annette Cook, and I grew up in a small Connecticut town where the school colors might as well have been pink and green. Lilly Pulitzer was regarded as a Goddess. When The Preppy Handbook was published, no one in town thought it was a joke. But while I no longer wear polo shirts with the collars starched up, I will always have a soft spot for the finer things that celebrate that identity – crisp lines, oh-so-perfect color combinations, and the persnickety attention to detail that is visible only to those who recognize good quality."- via Pink Tulips
I am not kidding when I say that I gasped when I opened the package. The bag is all leather with red ostrich tabs and a gorgeous striped fabric lining. The hardware is all gold. It reminds me of something that you would see Betty Draper sporting in Mad Men. It is the perfect timeless, classic, ladylike handbag. Whether your 22 or 62, this is the perfect handbag... See for yourselves...

This was before a night out. My shirt was over-the-top so this bag helped to tone down the sequined shirt. 

Isn't the lining so unique and fun?!
The bag was the perfect thing to dress up an oxford shirt on my way out to lunch. 

Mac tried to steal the bag once or twice... I think he's jealous. 

I tried to get him to give it back... 

To top it all off, this fabulous bag is made right here in the U.S.! If you have been reading Summer Wind for a while now, then you know that I feel strongly about supporting products made in the U.S.A. The bag is simply gorgeous and looks and feels luxurious. Plus, the ever so stylish Sarah Vickers of Classy Girls Wear Pearls also sports her Pink Tulips handbags from time to time!

My Pink Tulips wish list is quickly growing starting off with the mini clutch.

Then the whimsical tapestry bag.

And this gorgeous forest green number.

Have you shopped Pink Tulips? What is your favorite bag? A big thank you to Anette for sending me this gorgeous handbag! Have a fabulous day! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Georgia On My Mind

There were 4 dogs there at one time... I got everyone's attention with a little treat. 

pVe and I with our "to-go" drinks

me, tBh, bVe 

Picture of a picture

Cousins: tbH, jBf, pVe, bVe, me, cCm 

So basically, as you can see, I lived in my Shep Shirt. It has become one of my wardrobe essentials! Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

School Storage

It is bittersweet that I am not headed back to school, but of course, I have to share some fun school related things... 

It's SCOUT's Collegiate Week and all this week on Facebook they are having special promotions and giveaways (as a side-note, did you know that SCOUT is headquartered in Washington, D.C... one of my favorite cities!!). 

 Remember my post about SCOUT? This past year, I used the Daytripper as my go-to school tote. It was perfect because it fit everything I needed but wasn't oversized. It was also waterproof so I was never worried about being caught in the rain or getting dirty. Basically, SCOUT is the perfect storage solution and travel companion for any college lady (hey post-grads can love it too!). Here are my picks for each year of school...

The Junque Trunk is the perfect thing for a college freshman or someone living in a room where having your bed on risers is a necessity. These bins are BIG and can hold a ton but are much nicer quality than those plastic bins that you'll find at Target.. they will also look adorable under your bed instead of the eyesore of tupperware that everyone stocks up on.

If you are looking for something to store clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. the Stand and Delivah (the names are too fun!) is one of my favorite options. It folds flat for easy storage and also has handles for easy transportation (this is a great one to keep in the car as well). 
Most turn 21 their junior year. If you fall into that category and love tailgating, then the El Deano is perfect for you. It's not too big and is insulated so you can tote all your favorite beverages around-- you may be a very popular person traveling around with a mini bar in your bag! 

By the time you are a senior you have your move in and storage down to a science. The Fast Getaway rolling duffel is the perfect senior year bag. Whether you're headed home for the weekend, to visit friends at another school or headed off to your very first job interview, the Fast Getaway will fit the bill. 
What is your favorite SCOUT product? Are you headed back to school with SCOUT? Have a fabulous day!
**This was not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own

Monday, August 13, 2012

Grosgrain Watch

I've had this Brooks Brothers watch for about 2 years now and it is definitely a staple in my wardrobe.I think that a ribbon watch is a "prep essential". Whether you choose Timex or Patek Philippe, there is a ribbon watch for any gender, price range or age!

Plus, half of the fun is picking out and collecting fun bands to choose from. Brooks Brothers has some fun ones, but I love the band that Country Squire Haberdashery sent me... it's reversible! Eliza B. also has some really fun designs.

Do you have a classic grosgrain watch? Where do you find your bands? I'm always looking to expand my collection!!! Have a fabulous day!

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