Saturday, May 8, 2021

Saturday Shopping

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! If you are a mom, happy Mother's Day! I have been spending the weekend getting caught up on chores and prepping for some majorly busy weeks ahead! Last night I had my favorite sushi spot for dinner and then tomorrow I am hosting a Mother's Day dinner! 

Before I share all of my favorite finds from the week, I wanted to let you know that Anthropologie is having a 20% off sale. You get 20% off your entire purchase if you are an AnthroPerks member. It's free to join- I have been one for years! 

Anthro Sale

Saturday Shopping

Friday, May 7, 2021

Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Jalapeno Martini

Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Jalapeno Martini

Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Jalapeno Martini

Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Jalapeno Martini

Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Jalapeno Martini

Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Jalapeno Martini

Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Jalapeno Martini

Cocktail Recipe: Pineapple Jalapeno Martini
Pants are J. McLaughlin last year, similar version here// Shoes are Old Caverley, similar here

Kicking off the weekend with a fun and super easy cocktail recipe! It's light, refreshing, and the perfect thing for the upcoming summer months. 

Here's what you'll need:
- Sliced jalapeno 
- Pineapple Chunks
- Lime 
- Tequila of your choice

1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle a few cubes of pineapple, a few slices of jalapeno (make sure seeds are removed), and a quarter of a lime. 

2. Add 2oz. of tequila. 

3. Add ice and shake until chilled. 

4. Pour into a coupe or martini glass and garnish with some pineapple cubes. 

I'm not normally someone who loves a pineapple drink as I find them to usually be too sweet, but since you're only muddling a few cubes, this keeps the drink light and refreshing. It's potent like a martini, though! Keep an eye on your jalapeno to make sure no seeds get into the mixture- that's when things can get really spicy!! 

This is something you can make in a big batch if you are hosting guests. You can just add the pre-made muddled mixture and tequila to a shaker and that makes things quick and easy to serve. The longer the lime, jalapeno, and pineapple sit together, the better! 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Shop the Outfit:
This has been the best week EVER even though it has been raining non-stop!! Last night, we took our first dance lesson. We were not planning on taking lessons originally, but we thought it would make a fun date night. We had a blast and can't wait for the next one! 

Did you all enjoy a margarita for Cinco de Mayo? I made a really fun tequila cocktail that I will be sharing here tomorrow to kick off the weekend- it turned out to be SO delicious. 

I am hosting Mother's Day dinner so I have a lot of errands to get done tomorrow to prep! I haven't bought flowers in so long so I'm really looking forward to arranging them and setting a beautiful spring table. I've said this a bunch but my mom really is the best and so I can't wait to host a lovely evening for her!! 

I tackled my closet cleanout that I do every season. I got rid of lots and tidied up my closets. It felt SO good to do. I also got new bedding for our bed (my fiancé accidentally bleached ours). So I'm also going to be washing all of that and getting the new bedding put on the bed. I have this weird love for clean bedding. Washing linens and putting on new sheets, etc. brings me SO much joy. Like probably one of my favorite things ever. 

My sister is coming into town this weekend which is so exciting. She is staying almost an entire month. I am so glad to have her home for so long!! 

Wearing: I got this basic white sweatshirt to wear with things like skorts and shorts during the spring/summer months. It's lightweight and just a really nice classic for under $100. 
Eating: I saw 'Taco Bell' and had to get these. I ordered them in my Walmart grocery delivery. They are similar to the Moon Cheese and all of those cheese crisp snacks and they are SO good. One thing I don't love about a lot of those snacks is that they are a bit oily but these are not at all! I would definitely get these again. 

Drinking: Stay tuned for a fun cocktial recipe tomorrow! 

Sale: These beautiful leather ballet flats look SO similar to my Chanel flats and are a fraction of the cost! 

 I started watching the new 90 Day Fiancé spinoff and I am loving it, ha!! 

Listening: If this is not the best song ever created, I'm not sure what is. 

Loving: This is the very best hand cream I have ever used. Like I thought I was using great hand cream, but this is NEXT LEVEL. I use it nightly as it's pretty thick and doesn't sink in quickly, but it has totally changed the skin on my hands for the better. I would highly recommend this. 
Wanting: I just ordered this blue and white skirt and I am SO excited about it. It is STUNNING! 

Traveling: We are going to the Outer Banks for a wedding in June! We really only have one 'free' night, but wondering what you would all recommend for dinner there?! My fiancé used to go on vacations there as a child, but I have never been! 

Quoting: See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

East Coast Long Weekend Travel Locations

So last week I put out a call to all of you on Instagram to share your favorite getaway in the United States that you can go to for just 2-3ish nights. We are trying to plan a mini-moon. We were originally going to do Nemacolin last April and the more and more my fiancé and I think about it, the more we want to go somewhere we have never been before (we have been to Nemacolin many times). We will eventually go on a full honeymoon when we can get to Europe- hoping for next spring! 

So for our little minimoon, I asked you all to come up with a locale that you love and I asked for it to be on the Eastern half of the US because we didn't want to have to deal with super long flights and time changes if we were only going for 3ish nights. 

The snafu that we have been hitting is that a LOT of these beautiful resorts that we'd love to visit are FULLY booked for 2021. I kid you not. I was shocked at first, but I'm so glad that all of these places are getting great business! So that really puts a limit on our choices. We even looked into Nantucket, which we have been many times (and love) and almost ALL houses are rented and even most of the hotels are booked solid (although not totally so we are keeping this option in our back pockets). I am just dying to go to Blackberry Farms in Tennessee and they are booked for the rest of the year!

I know a lot of you have asked for this list, so I wanted to get it up as quickly as possible because if you are planning on going somewhere, book ASAP. We are honestly already looking into booking 2022 small weekend getaways just so we are able to ensure we get rooms at some of these places... we normally don't plan out weekend getaways that far in advance but it is looking like it is necessary!

So first, I'm going to start off with some of my suggestions of places I have already been and love and would be perfect if you'd like to plan a few night getaway! There are a TON of suggestions but I really looked through so many of them and they're worth posting about. This list is meant to be a good jumping off point and then you all can go through the options and research from there! 

My Recommendations:
- The Greenbrier, West Virginia 
- Nemacolin, Pennsylvania
- Old Edwards Inn, North Carolina
- Montage Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina
- Ritz Carlton Reynolds Lake Oconee, Georgia 
- Omni Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania
- The Homestead, Virginia
- Belmond Charleston Place
- Inns of Aurora, New York
- Harbor View Hotel, Martha's Vineyard
- 76 Main, Nantucket 
- 21 Broad, Nantucket
- Zero George, Charleston

Your Recommendations:
- Blackberry Farm, Tennessee 
- Sea Island (this was my second top choice but it's fully booked!), Georgia 
- Salamander Resort, Virginia 
- Gasparilla Inn, Florida
- Inn at Little Washington, Virginia
- The Sanctuary, South Carolina
- Glendorn, Pennsylvania
- Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod
- Grand Hotel, Michigan
- Congress Hall, New Jersey
- Inn at Perry Cabin, Maryland 
- Miraval, Berkshires
- Blantyre, Massachussetts 
- The Ocean House, Rhode Island 
- Grove Park Inn, North Carolina
- High Hampton Inn, North Carolina (this is a Blackberry Farm property)
- The Cliff House, Rhode Island
- White Elephant, Nantucket 
- Mohonk Mountain House, New York 
- Jekyll Island Club, Georgia 
- Greyfield Inn, Georgia 
- Cliff House, Maine
- Mayflower Inn, Connecticut

You all gave SO many recs. I couldn't include them all or else the list would be totally overwhelming, but I included all of the most popular ones. The ones bolded are the options we loved the most and have been looking into or had been looking into before we found out they were booked entirely. The Cloister on Sea Island was the #1 most recommended location and a close second was The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island in South Carolina (which is one I had never heard of before!). 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Serena and Lily Blake Coffee Table Review

Serena and Lily Blake Coffee Table Review

Serena and Lily Blake Coffee Table Review

Serena and Lily Blake Coffee Table Review

raffia coffee table
This post  has been a long time coming as so many of you over the past year have asked about my Serena and Lily Blake Square coffee table in natural raffia! I got it almost a year ago so I feel like I've owned it long enough to be able to create a thorough review. 

I had been looking for a raffia/grasscloth coffee table for over a year when I had finally decided to order the Blake Square Coffee Table. In decorating our home, the two hardest things for me in terms of finding furniture had been a coffee table and I'm still looking for a dining table 2 years later.  I really loved the look of a raffia or grasscloth coffee table and like many of you, I was skeptical on if it would be good quality. 

I asked you all on Instagram stories if you have any questions so let's get to those! 

Does it scratch easily?
It looks as good as the day we got it delivered. I have not had any issues with wear and tear. It's held up nicely. I have not noticed a scratch or rip in the raffia/ grasscoth and it looks good as new. 

What happens if you spill red wine on it?
I have not spilled red wine on it, so I don't know for certain. However, I have spilled a martini and water on it and it just beads up and doesn't soak in. I have been able to wipe it dry with a paper towel. It has never left a mark or stain. It has five coats of lacquer on it so I would imagine this would be the case for most liquids. In the care instructions, it just says to wipe up spills quickly with a dry cloth. It's raffia but the coating really makes it durable. 

Does it hold dust?
No!! THANK HEAVENS!!!! This was my biggest gripe with my last coffee table that I had. It was like a magnet to pet hair and dust. This coffee table is like night and day compared to my last. I dust it with a microfiber cloth like I do with the rest of my furniture but it never shows any dust or pet hair at all. This is probably the attribute that pleases me the most with this coffee table- it's very low maintenance. I would seriously have to dust my old coffee table daily, and this one I dust it once a week and even then, it doesn't really even need that. 
Serena and Lily Blake Coffee Table Review
Are you planning on getting a glass made for the top?
I have had it on my to-do list for a while now. For those that don't know why this person is asking abotu glass, the glass would protect the top of the table and it is common to have glass cut to protect the tops of furniture's surfaces. However, I honestly dont' know if it is necessary. I'd rather not have the glass because I really like the way it looks without it. So while I was considering it, I probably won't now just because it has held up so nicely. 

Is it sturdy?
This person was specifically asking because she said her kids climb all over the furniture. I don't know if I would necessarily let children crawl all over a raffia coffee table, but I have sat on it and there are no issues. It's made of hardwood. It is SOLID.

I see it is textured, can I put drinks down on it?
Yes, it's defintiely textured because of the raffia but not enough to affect putting anything on its surface. I always use coasters on every single furniture surface regardless of what it is made out of, though. My mom was a stickler about coaster usage growing up so it is engrained in me. I even used coasters on my dorm room furniture in college. However, if you don't use a coaster, it will be just fine sitting flat like on any other surface. I would use one if the drink is sweating or if you have something like hot coffee or tea, just to make sure you are protecting the surface- but same goes with any piece of furniture. 

Why did you choose the natural color?
The Serena and Lily Blake coffee table comes in 3 raffia colors: natural, indigo, and fog. I love the natural color as it is such a great neutral. I have wood floors, a colorful rug, wood furniture and a brown leather couch, so I wanted something neutral and light to brighten up the space a bit and something a little less traditional. The fog would not have worked in my living room and I loved the indigo (navy blue) and it would have worked nicely, but again, I wanted something to brighten things up!
Is the coffee table big?
It's big but I measured to make sure it was the right dimensions for my space. Always measure! The coffee table is 47"W x 47"D x 15.5"H. They also have a rectangular version that is 48”W x 24”D x 15.5”H. So it has a bit of a smaller footprint. They have an entire 'Blake' collection of pieces that are all wrapped in the raffia and finished with lacquer like a dresser, console, nightstand, side table, and mirror

For us, the size is not only perfect for the space, but it's great for when we host guests. It can fit charcuterie boards, candles, people's drinks and even space to play games if we want to! 

Have you noticed the color changing due to sun expsoure?
As you can see in one of the photos above, we have big windows and get a ton of light inside of our house each day. It's one of the things I love most about our home. I have not noticed the raffia on the coffee table changing in color at all. Again, it looks as good as the day it arrived! 
Serena and Lily Blake Coffee Table Review
Is it worth it?
Whenever I review anything, I always get asked is it worth it and I always remind everyone that 'worth' is so subjective. To me, it is 100% worth it. I have been so pleased with how it has held up, the quality, and the look. It was the perfect piece for my living room! 

Other Serena and Lily Coffee Tables I Love:
Thank you to Serena and Lily for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

The One Dress You Need This Summer

Shop the Post:
If there is one dress you get this summer, I think it should be this one. Online stock photos and even these photos in this post do not do the dress justice. It's a thick cotton fabric and cut in an a-line shape. On paper and even in the stock photos, it kind of seems like a 'basic', casual striped cotton dress. 

But, for some reason, the way this dress moves and drapes has a very elegant vibe to it that is hard to describe. Because of the shape and fabric, it is also SO comfortable. It's the type of dress you want to throw on during the hottest of summer days to stay cool but still look great. 

It's so well made. the cotton is nice and thick and the stripes line up at the seams. What's even better is that you can toss this dress in the washer. It's low maintenance!

I would suggest sizing down one size as it runs big. It's a bit stretchy, but it's not meant to fit tight. I guarantee you will see me in this dress every single week this summer. I haven't ordered the black, but I want to because I think in black it could look borderline 'dressy' with big earrings and espadrilles. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Saturday Shopping

Friday, April 30, 2021

Spring Gardening Finds

Shop the Gardening Items:
The weather is finally starting to consistently be warm (as I say this, it will probably snow, ha!). So I've been in full-on 'gardening' mode. 'Gardening' is a big reach, really. I bought myself another hydrangea plant for my birthday and have to transfer things into new pots... but it makes me feel like I somewhat know what I am doing. Since we are still having cold temps at night, I've been bringing my plants in each night. It's kind of a pain, but when I see them all sitting together, I feel accomplished! 

Last year I just started off with basil and it started doing so well that I added in one hydrangea plant. I was actually about to throw away my hydrangea plant from last year because I just assumed it was dead. Well, it started sprouting leaves!!! I was so surprised it survived winter in a planter! 

So this year, I added another hydrangea plant. I've also restarted my basil indoors. I really want to try and grow some other herbs, too! It makes cooking so much better always having fresh herbs on hand. My mouth is watering just thinking of tomatoes, burrata, and fresh basil. I am thinking of adding cilantro, rosemary, and mint. 

If you told me a few years ago that I would be planting things and caring for them, I would have said you were crazy. I have never had an interest in plants or gardening. Actually, the only reason I ever even started growing basil was that the plant cost less to buy than a pack of basil, so I figured why not! But now that I have figured it out a little, I find it to be really enjoyable and the outcome is SO pretty. 

Shop the Items:
I just transported my hydrangea from its plastic pot from the nursery to this adorable planter. I got everything I needed from Walmart. Walmart Home has such a good selection of everything you need for creating an outdoor oasis. 

I was literally using a cup to scoop dirt and kitchen scissors to cut my plants. So I upgraded and got this Pruning Set and Gardening Tool Set. I now feel a little more legit! Planters can be SO expensive, it is wild! I found this one and loved the look of it and was shocked to see how affordable it was! 

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, April 29, 2021


Holy cow it has been a week and it is not even over yet. I have been the busiest I have been in a very long time. I like to be busy and constantly working/doing things, but boy, I forgot what that was like!!! I barely had time to even open my Instagram app, ha!! Not too many snaps from this past week as I feel like when I am on my computer a ton, I never do anything worht noting. 

I'm am looking forward to the Derby this weekend and we are also getting my favorite sushi this weekend, too! We have a decently 'busy' May to look forward to as well! Can you believe we are at the end of April? I feel like all I do is talk about how quickly the time flies but honestly, I cannot believe it. It really makes me feel so OLD!

I got this sweater from Amazon and it might be one of the best finds in terms of clothing. It's such a classic and really nicely made. I got a size medium. I have been wearing it non-stop! 

Eating: I have a love for hot dogs and these from D's six pack and dogs were just to die for. YUM YUM YUM! The one on the left is one I 'created' but the one on the right was a 'Cuban' hot dog. 

Drinking: This canned vodka soda was amazing. 

Sale: Did you all know the Theory outlet is online?! I had no idea until recently and they have great prices on a lot of timeless items and wardrobe basics. 

 Did you all see the first few episodes of a new season of Handmaid's Tale?! I haven't watched yet. It's one of those shows you kind of have to be in the right headspace to endure so while I'm excited, I'm also not exactly in a rush! 
Loving: I'm really not a huge lipgloss person, I much prefer a balm or lipstick, but this lip gloss in the color Ma Puce is SO good. It feels super hydrating and not at all sticky or goopy. It's really smooth and easy to apply. 
Wanting: Love this lace top so much! 

Pittsburgh: On Friday, we went to the Standard Market downtown with friends and it was really great! We sat outside, it was a little chilly but they had heaters so we were perfectly warm. I had a tuna bowl which was good and everyone else got chicken sandwiches and they also said they were great. They had a watermelon cocktail that was SO good, too. Definitely a fun place and worth the visit! 

Traveling: Did you catch my Old Edward's Inn and Highlands, NC travel guide

Quoting: 'The most important decision you will ever make is to be in a good mood.' // See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina
I'm sharing all of the details from our trip last week! My fiancé planned it for my birthday this year since last year was my 30th birthday and it was spent in lockdown. This definitely made up for it and we had the best time. I didn't realize how popular this resort is- I had so many of you saying you have been and loved it or have trips planned in the coming weeks and months and are so excited! 

I wanted to get this travel guide up as quickly as possible in case it helps any of you all in planning! I also wanted to note that all of these photos were taken on my iPhone. I wasn't planning on creating a travel guide as this was the first trip my fiancé had taken together on our own since 2019 so it was really important to me to be off of my phone and be very present/not creating content so the photos were just quick snaps and are not up to my usual travel guide standards. But this post was highly requested so hopefully, it can help in planning your future trips! 

Where did you travel?
Last week we went to Highlands, North Carolina. Highlands is an adorable mountain town very close to both the Georgia and South Carolina borders. Highlands itself is the CUTEST town. It has a Main Street which is lined with the most charming little locally-owned shops and restaurants. 

How did you get there?
We drove from Pittsburgh. However, we actually only drove from the lake in Hiawassee, GA, which is an hour to get to Highlands. I cannot believe that we haven't been to Highlands before because of how close it is to Hiawassee! If we would have driven straight from Pittsburgh to Highlands, it would have been a solid 9-hour drive. Last Friday, we stopped in Charlotte to stay with my sister and her fiancé, and then we all drove to Hiawassee Saturday morning. We stayed at the lake before our trip to Highlands because it's such a long drive and by doing this we would be able to arrive the day of our reservation without having to wake up at the crack of dawn and driving 9 hours that day. We also drove back from Highlands to Hiawassee once we checked out so we would have another day at the lake to relax and have fun. My parents were also at the lake so they could watch Henry as Old Edwards Inn does not allow pets. 

But, it's my understanding that Highlands is a pretty 'easy' drive from cities like Charlotte and Atlanta. I put easy in quotes because the roads are SUPER windy.

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina
Cottage Deluxe King Room
Where did you stay?
We stayed at the Old Edwards Inn in a cottage deluxe king room. There are a LOT of room options at this Inn!! Now that I have been there, I 'get it' but it was a little confusing on their site. All of the rooms are really beautiful so I guess you really cannot go wrong. The resort has a decently large footprint in the town, but it's very easy to walk the entire thing in just a few minutes so even your location, in my opinion, doesn't matter too much. The options are The Inn, Hickory, The Lodge, Falls Cottage, and Residences. 

The Inn is the main building where the restaurants and bar/lounges are. This is set up more like a traditional hotel with several floors of rooms and a beautiful (small) lobby. I would think this would be the most desirable location during the winter months because you would not have to leave the Inn to get to a restaurant. 

Hickory is located right by the pool and fitness center and right across from the spa, so if you plan to do a lot of swimming or exercising, this might be for you. Each 'section' of rooms has different looks to them so I think if you're trying to decide, looking at the photos on their website will be the most helpful. 

The Lodge is where we stayed and I asked my fiancé what made him choose it and he said it was literally the only room available, haha! We loved our lodge room so much. These have separate outdoor entrances so it almost looks like you are staying in your own cabin in the woods. I think it is like 2 or 3 'cabins' all stuck together as one 'unit' but it all felt so private, I really couldn't tell definitively. You can also park right out front of your room which is convenient (not that we really ever needed our car while we were there because it was all so walkable). It all felt very private. The ceilings were vaulted and we had our own little screened-in porch and that let out to a spacious back patio that was fenced in and felt very secluded. In the mornings, they provide complimentary morning coffee service, but just to note, you have to go outside to get to Art's which has a front desk and concierge as well as a bar and lounge area (of course you can also have it delivered by room service). It's just steps away so it's not like you have to trek, but you'd have to bundle up if it were cold outside! Also to note, the coffee was great- this is something important to me when I stay anywhere. It wasn't too acidc or watery. Our room was beautifully appointed. It had heated floors in the bathroom (which is always the best) and Frette linens on the bed and in the bathroom. It was spacious and well decorated in a tasteful, casual way. 

Falls Cottages, are from my understanding, like larger Lodge rooms. We didn't really venture over to the cottage area because that was behind the lodge area so we didn't really have any reason to wander over there. 

And then lastly, they have residences which are stand-alone houses which would be good if you are going with a big group. They also have another property called Half Mile farm and it looks equally as fabulous- I want to go there and stay in one of the cabins... it looks like something out of The Holiday! 

Where did you eat?
There are 8 different locations you can eat on the property: Madison's, Hummingbird Lounge, Art's at the Lodge, The Spa Cafe, The Wine Garden, Four65 Bistro, and The Grill Room. We went to 7 out of the 8 spots (we didn't make it to the grill room). That's just what is on the Old Edward's Inn property, there are restaurants and all of that outside of the Inn but we spent most of our time at the actual inn as we were only there for two nights!

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina
Madison's is located in the Inn and is more upscale and feels dressier. We ate there for dinner one of the nights and we both agreed it was truly one of the most spectacular meals ever. The food was top notch and the service was just as wonderful. We made friends with the sommelier as he was from Pittsburgh! He was fantastic and I was so impressed with their selection of wines- we ended up getting a bottle of Billecart Salmon to celebrate, and I would not call the champagne obscure by any means, but I don't often see that on wine lists, so I was just really into their selections! This is the kind of place you can order lots of courses, take your time, and get all dolled up (and not feel overdressed). It was pure bliss. It's only open to hotel guests for breakfast and dinner and I think it is open to the public for lunch. 

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina
The Hummingbird lounge is also located in the Inn and is the most handsome lounge. It's like a true old-school lounge with wood paneling, velvet, plaids, a fireplace, and big windows. It felt like there should have been a jazz trio playing in the corner. You can order drinks here and the full Madison's menu. I am personally glad we actually ate at Madison's vs. the Hummingbird because it has a different vibe, but it was really enjoyable to have cocktails there. 
Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina
The Spa Café is for spa guests only, so we ate after our massages. You can eat in your robe. It's a typical spa menu with lighter fare like chicken salad, charcuterie board, etc. I got asparagus soup and it was absolutely incredible!! 
A Paloma at Art's
Art's at the Lodge isn't really a dining area but more of a bar and coffee lounge. It's upscale cozy in decor and had two nice big fireplaces. They serve coffee in the mornings and cocktails in the evening. 

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina
Wine Garden
The Wine Garden is only open seasonally because it is outside but this was one of my favorite spots because it is just so beautiful. Tables with umbrellas and a little waterfall and beautiful flowers all around. It's well worth eating here. The food was incredible. I had a pimento cheese burger and oh my goodness!!! 
Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina
Four65 Bistro
Four65 Bistro feels slightly separate from the rest of the Inn, I think it might be separately owned but it seems to be on the Inn's property and that is what you can order while you are at the pool. The food is Italian. Think Neopolitan pizzas, sandwiches, etc. It was absolutely delicious. We shared a pizza and sandwich and both were just delicious. The cocktails were great, too. The atmosphere was very pretty and looked very different from the rest of the Inn's property. 

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina

What did you do?
There is a lot to do in this area, but we really booked this trip more for total relaxation. There are lots of waterfalls you can visit and hikes and fishing and golfing, but we didn't do any of that. 

We spent a morning/afternoon at the spa which was incredible. We did a couple's massage and it was truly a treat. The spa is pretty large and luxurious and they had a ton of options to choose from. 
Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina

We relaxed at the pool one afternoon. It is heated so even though it was decently chilly outside, we were more than happy in the warm water. They also have a hot tub which was really nice. While we were there, we had the entire pool to ourselves. 

We walked around the entire town one afternoon and went in and out of all the adorable shops. They had a cute Christmas shop where we snagged an ornament to remember our trip! They had everything from cheesy little gift shops to beautiful high-end furniture stores and even a store that was basically a mini Saks. They also had a shop that wasn't on Main Street called The Summer House and it was filled with the most beautiful interior decor you could imagine. Loved that store so much! 

We also went to Clayton, GA, which is about halfway between Highlands and Hiawassee. The town is SO cute. It's about a 30min drive from Highlands, but I highly recommend it if you have the time. It's similar to Highlands in that there are a lot of little small businesses and café's/bakeries/restaurants. I especially loved Butler's Galleries in Clayton. It was a huge antique store and they had SO much good stuff. We also heard Cashiers is cute, too, but just didn't have the time. 

Is this kid-friendly?
We didn't see any children while we were there but I don't see why you couldn't bring children. They had some lawn games set up outside in one area and the pool doesn't have a deep end so I would think kids would enjoy those aspects. I obviously do not have children, so I'm really not the best judge for this. I wouldn't say it necessarily looks like a place that caters to children, but I don't see why you couldn't bring them and why they wouldn't enjoy it! To me, it seemed more of a romantic getaway or a getaway for girlfriends. 
Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina

Travel Guide: Old Edwards Inn Highlands, North Carolina
This was our little patio
Anything else we should know about?
Old Edward's has nice perks and detailed service. When you check-in, they give you a glass of champagne, my fiancé had it in the reservation that it was my birthday so when I went to the spa, they brought us over birthday champagne (all complimentary), and at turn down one night, they had a birthday card on my bed with roses. They also give you free Dove ice cream bars whenever you want. This made my fiancé so happy! You just ask for one and they bring you one wherever you are. Such a fun little perk. 

One thing to note is that we went on weekdays because that worked best with our driving schedule and going to the lake. I would not necessarily recommend going on a weekday. If we go back, we will without a doubt go on a weekend. This is because a lot of shops and restaurants are closed on Sundays and Mondays and there are usually live music spots around the resort but only on Fridays and Saturdays. Even in the Hummingbird lounge, they had a big grand piano with a sign advertising music on Fridays and Saturdays. 

On that same note, since it is in a mountain climate, we would like to have come in summer. At night (and even during the day), it was pretty cold. I also packed like an idiot so that was my fault. Or, on the other hand, we think fall would be incredible for the foliage and the overall cozy vibe of the inn. I think Christmastime would be ideal, too, because of the charming town. 

We also both said 2 nights was not long enough, we think 3 nights would be the perfect amount, so we'd likely book 3 nights next time. 

My only piece of constructive criticism (and it's really very minute) is that they had the same cocktail list at every single place. It would have been fun if they had a different list at each place to make it feel more separate. There were also a lot of menu items overlapping at each restaurant. Don't get me wrong, everything we ate was phenomenal, but I think to differentiate the areas a little more would have made things even better.

Another thing to note, it's pricey, but they have another place called 200 Main which seems to be similar but with lower rates- we never saw it (or at least I don't think we did). Outside of the Old Edwards Inn group, there is The Park On Main which we walked past and it looks SO cute. It's dog-themed and you can bring your dog! They also seem to have less pricey room rates but it looks really nice, too! 

Overall, I would highly recommend Old Edwards Inn and Highlands, North Carolina as a whole. We had the absolute best time. It was so relaxing and the perfect, romantic getaway to celebrate my 30th birthday 'do-over'! We will certainly be back and hopefully sooner than later!

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