Thursday, March 31, 2022


Are you all having a good week? This week has been so-so. Nothing too exciting to report! I am going to one of my favorite spots for dinner tomorrow night which will be fun and then I also have quite a bit of work to do this weekend as I am trying to get ahead a bit because I am traveling a lot/have a lot going on in April and May! 

This past weekend was my sister's shower! They had a couple's shower cocktail party and it was so much fun!!! I was so glad to see Callie and Timmy so happy and having the best time! 

Wearing: The only thing I can link between the two of us is our shoes- sorry for the black and white photos but the lighting was horrible haha! My shoes are Lilly and I love them and Callie's are Manolos

Drinking: On Tuesday, I shared a cocktail recipe that is similar in taste to a pina colada but is lower in calories!! 

Reading: This article is about Meta's push for Reels on Instagram (if you don't know, Meta is now the parent company of Instagram, Facebook, etc.). With 13 years of experience in this industry, I have SO much to say about this entire article and overall topic but for now, I'll just say that it is worth the read whether you are in the world of social media creating content or you consume content on social media.

Sale: The Sephora Sale starts tomorrow. It's a tiered sale that spans almost two weeks and you can shop depending upon your status. The tiers are... 

April 1// 20% off for Rouge Members
April 5// 15% off for VIB Members
4/7 10% off for Insider Members 

The sale ends on April 11th! I'll be back here with some of my favorites and will be on stories sharing favorites, too. 

Watching: I finished season 2 of Bridgerton yesterday and was totally underwhelmed. The sets and costumes and all of that were so well done, per usual, but the storyline was a little flat for me. I just started Love is Blind season 2 which is totally one of the most ridiculous reality shows on Netflix. I actually cringe as I watch the show, but it's sure as heck entertaining, ha!! 

Listening: Would That I by Hozier.  I have been playing it over and over. It's SO good. 

Loving: I'm excited about the Stoney Clover x Target collab! It launches on April 2nd! I think the stuff is so fun and cute for summertime! 
Wanting: I'm going through a period where I want everything, hahah! But mostly pretty colorful sundresses! 
Wanting II: Do you know what I spent a lot of my free time doing this week? Researching plants. Tis the season! I think I am going to order these planters, btw! 

In my 'old age' I have come to love plants and I have a slight interest in gardening but am not good at it/not knowledgeable enough. I have a nice big windowsill above the sink in the kitchen and the windowsill is deep enough to hold medium-sized planters. I love having plants on the windowsill and have kept various ones alive year-round. I kept my fern alive for like 2 years which I am proud of (LOL), but I think it got sick because it started to smell REALLY bad so I ended up throwing it away. Right now I have a kalanchoe that has been going strong since 2020 and then some sort of cyclamen plant that was from fall 2021. The cyclamen looks like it could be on its last leg and my kalanchoe has grown so tall and large but it hasn't flowered in like a year. 

Anyway, long story short, I want to kind of start over with the windowsill and be strategic about what I choose. The plants that I have had on the windowsill before are just random ones I will get at Trader Joe's if I see something I like and don't really pay attention to whether or not it will fare well on my windowsill. 

Maybe some herbs? Maybe some sort of ornamental topiary? I think a maidenhair fern is pretty! I am literally ALL over the place! Do you all have any recommendations? This is for indoors with full sunlight. I can't really seem to find anywhere to actually purchase a topiary or a beautiful indoor plant. I feel stumped! 
Amazon Rec: This small metal contraption is meant to hold hangers! It is one of those things you never knew you needed until you get one. It keeps all of my extra hangers neat and tidy and it makes it so easy to just grab one! These are my favorite hangers that you can buy in a pack of 50! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Smelling: I'm so curious about this foam body wash! I love a mandarin scent and love foamy body wash so I think I'd like this! 

Traveling: I'm headed to Amelia Island and Palm Beach in April (two separate trips) and I am so excited!

Quoting: Social media is designed to make you think: 'Maybe I should be somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else.' But if you always think your happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are. // See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Barrington Yacht Club Tote Review

Yacht Tote (gifted)

I really think that Barrington's Yacht Tote is one of the best large tote bags out there.  I have mentioned it and linked to it quite a bit over the years. I got my first Yacht Tote back in 2016 which is kind of crazy that was 6 years ago and have used it non-stop ever since. 

But first, before we get into the Yacht Tote details, Barrington is having a sale and it starts today and goes through tomorrow 3/31. You can take 15% off using code BUNNYHOP.

What I Use The Tote For Most Often...
I mostly use this tote for travel. It doesn't matter if it is far away or 30 minutes down the road, or whether we are road tripping or flying, the yacht tote is likely coming. I also use it for shoots. Sometimes I will shoot several outfits and when that happens, I need to bring all of that with me so this is the tote I use to do that! 

Air Travel
If am flying, I use it as a carry-on (the zippered one) I usually slip my Goyard tote down inside of the tote along with my computer, camera, jewelry, makeup, and any expensive handbags. Those are typically the items I never check. There is always quite a bit of room left in the bag. It easily slips right under the seat in front of me on a flight and no one has ever told me my bag was too big to carry on or whatnot. I would imagine if you absolutely stuff this bag so that the seams are practically bursting, that it might be harder to slip under the seat but I've never had an issue. It's always nice to leave a lot of room in the tote so I can bring anything I buy on a trip into that bag! It's also nice because those 6 interior pockets make it easy to stay organized and easy to access things that I need quickly like my wallet or passport or phone charger. 

I really like that the leather on the bottom of the bag makes the bag sit flat and upright on the floor even if there is nothing in the bag. It sits on top of my carry-on in the airport easily so I don't have to always have it on my shoulder while at the airport. 

Car Travel
If I am driving on a road trip, this is typically what I pack all of my clothes in. I usually do one bag with shoes/handbags/makeup/jewelry/etc. and then one bag with clothes. For a weekend getaway, I can fit everything into one tote. I use the pockets for things like underwear, bras, socks, etc. to keep organized. 

This is really random and specific but my husband wears size 13 shoes and I don't know if you have ever seen a size 13 pair of shoes, but they are like boats. HUGE. They take up so much room in the closet, haha!!! Most totes literally do not fit his shoes but with the yacht tote, I can easily fit a pair down into the bottom of the tote! So it's really great for both of us when it comes to traveling. 

What is it made out of?
Where the bag is printed, it is made of water-resistant nylon fabric. It feels rugged and mine has never stained. The inside is lined with a cotton-like fabric... probably a polyester. There are 6 pockets inside. 3 on one side and 3 on the other side. The pockets are also made of cotton-like fabric. The handles and bottom of the bag are made of high-quality leather. The leather is thick and durable. You can choose from several different leather color choices. Overall, this bag can totally take a beating and look good as new day after day. 

Zip or no zip?
The bag has an option to add a zipper. I have both and I prefer each for different things. For flights, I love the zipped to keep my belongings more secure but for everything else, I don't zip it! 

Would you carry this as a work tote?
Probably not. It's really big and unless you work in an industry where you need to carry a lot of stuff, I'd go with something smaller. 

I think this would make a really great gift for a high school graduate that will be going back and forth to college, a mom that will need to carry around a lot of stuff for her kids, someone who travels with only a carry-on for work/pleasure, a newlywed going on their honeymoon, etc. It's really versatile, I really think anyone and everyone could make good use of this Yacht Tote!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Lightened Up Pina Colada

Although we just had a bout of snow here in Pittsburgh (shocker!), we are headed towards warmer temperatures! With that in mind, I am always on the hunt for a fun summertime cocktail. I love a good pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, etc. but they are so high in sugar and calories so I usually have one or two each summer as a treat.

I love to make 'lighter' versions of some of my favorite drinks and I think I created a really good pina colada with fewer calories and less sugar than the traditional beverage. 
You'll need...
- Coconut Rum*
- Whole Foods Pineapple Passion Fruit sparkling mineral water 
- Lakewood Organic Coconut Blend 
- Juice of a half of a lime

*I used Big Spring Spirits Coconut rum which is made right here in Pennsylvania and it's higher in alcohol content than a typical rum, so this recipe is based on using this exact coconut rum! 

Pour 2 oz coconut rum, 1 oz organic coconut blend, and juice from half of a lime over ice in a cocktail shaker. 

Shake, shake, shake. 

Pour over ice in a pretty glass. 

Top off with the pineapple passion fruit sparkling water. 

I would garnish with pineapple to make it pretty, but didn't have any on hand when I was making this! Now, this is not a frozen drink and it's very light, it's not super creamy like a pina colada, so be prepared for those differences, but the actual flavor is pretty darn close to a pina colada! It's delicious! 

I also think this could be really good with tequila, too, for a sort of spin on a margarita!  

Monday, March 28, 2022

Swimwear for Summer

I love finding a fabulous swimsuit with a coordinating coverup. I've been on the search lately as I have two separate Florida trips coming up in April, which will be lots of fun! 

So I thought I would share with you all the suits that have caught my eye as well as some of the gorgeous coverups! 

I am daydreaming about the warmer weather because in Pittsburgh it has been downright FREEZING the past several days. It's snowed a bit each day this past weekend and let me tell you, I am very much over this winter weather!

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Saturday Shopping

Friday, March 25, 2022

Cable Knit Cashmere Cardigan On Sale

Cardigan (currently 40% off)
 Sneakers (use code SUMMERWIND20 for $20 off your first purchase of $100 or more)

Cardigan (currently 40% off)

I buy a lot of stuff from the men's section. I often find that the clothing is better made and/or more classic in style. Men's clothing tends to have a lot of blue and white stripes (which I love) and the roomier fit can skew casual but is always oh so comfortable! 

When I think about the men's things that I won, it's mostly basics (like a tee or sweater). I have definitely noticed myself perusing the men's section even more than usual lately. I just don't love a lot of the things that are 'in' for women right now and I've noticed it is even harder to find classics for women! 

I saw this cable knit Cardigan sweater and I knew I had to have it. It is a splurge, but I figured I would order it and try it out. I LOVE it. I could not sing its praises more. It's currently on sale for 40% off so if you're interested in it, this is the time to buy. It looks (and feels) like something Ralph Lauren would sell under their collection label for $900+. 

I am wearing a size small. It's roomy in the best way and even though it is roomy, I don't think it looks sloppy. In fact, I actually think it looks quite polished! 

This is one of those pieces that you will have in your closet for a very long time. Years from now someone will comment on it and you'll have realized you've owned it for 10 years! 

This sweater is very similar looking and in cotton so it's better for warmer climates and it is also under $100 on sale right now! A few years ago, Ralph Lauren came out with a similar cardigan and it was 3x the price. I love the nautical vibes! This one is about as classic as you can get- very 'Nancy Meyers on the beach'. Another absolute classic. Stripes are always a good idea.

Thursday, March 24, 2022


Loafers (use code SUMMERWIND20 for $20 off your first purchase)

How is your week going? Mine is going well! I've had quite a bit going on so I feel like time is just flying by! My sister's shower is this weekend so that will be so much fun! She's also doing an evening couple's shower so it will be similar to mine!

I was working on my April and May calendars this week and kind of organizing everything both for my job but also socially and wow are these next two months coming up going to be CRAZY. So many fun things happening! 

Wearing: This striped Sweater is a men's sweater and might be one of my best finds. It's a men's sweater and I got a small. I find it to be very generous but in a cozy, very comfortable way! The quality is amazing. So, so nice!!! 

Reading: Have you all read about this sports bra that is supposed to correct your posture? I honestly don't think I have the worst posture, but I have always felt like my sports bras make my posture worse because of how they fit. I'm curious about this! It's a lot of coverage so I feel like it's more like a longline sports bra top vs an actual bra. 

Sale: Reminder that the Saks friends and family sale is still going on through 3/29!

 Bridgerton season 2 comes out tomorrow! Is anyone else excited to watch? 
Loving: With the derby coming up in May, this is a really cute fascinator. I have the navy one and it's inexpensive and so cute! I'm going to the Pittsburgh Hat Luncheon in May so I am excited to have an excuse to wear something beautiful on my head!! 

Loving II: I ran into Target the other day and didn't see too much I was loving but these two decor items caught my eye! I didn't need either but thought both were so cute! 
Wanting: How fabulous is this skirt?! I'm not sure this is a want... I'm thinking it's more of a need... the most perfect tweed shift EVER. 

Amazon Rec: The best bra ever is now marked down the $30. It's my absolute favorite for everyday wear. It's SO comfortable. I find it runs small in the cup size so I size up one cup size. You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Traveling: I'm headed to Amelia Island in early April for a brand shoot with my friend, Abby, which will be so much fun! I have never been to Amelia Island before!

Quoting: 'A quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success bound with constant unrest.' - Albert Einstein // See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Best Wedding Guest Shoes Ever

The Best Wedding Guest Shoes Ever

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90
Dress (old)// Bag
Use code SARAHFLINT-SYDNEY50 for $50 off
Today's post is long overdue as I have been a fan of not only the Sarah Flint brand for years but the Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90 are *the* shoes that you need as a wedding guest and I'm here to tell you exactly why (this is not sponsored!!!).

Did you know that in 2022, there are supposed to be an unprecedented amount of weddings? I've talked to so many friends who are going to something like 10 weddings this year which is just wild! We are actually only going to a handful of weddings ourselves but the big one is my sister's wedding in May in which I am wearing these Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90.

My favorite part of any wedding is always the dancing! I just LOVE to dance... am I a good dancer? No, but that's neither here nor there. The worst part, though, is the time in the night when my feet start to hurt so badly that I have to go and sit down. I have very high arches and it's nearly impossible to find any comfortable shoes and it's even harder to find high heels that are comfortable for 8+ hours. 

Sarah Flint is a brand that has saved my feet. Seriously. I am slowly replacing all of my heels with the SF brand because they are so much more comfortable. I would often wear flats to events and parties just because I knew I wouldn't last the entire event in heels but now, with Sarah Flint shoes, I can wear heels, and not even just the shorter pumps, but like actual high heels without my feet hurting. 

I'm going to be super thorough in this review as the SF shoes are a bit of an investment but I am telling you, they are worth every penny and then some. The overall quality is as nice if not nicer than any other designer pair of shoes I have ever worn, I think these shoes could be sold for twice the price. 

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90 Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90

So this is why you need the Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandal 90 as a wedding guest...

- This shoe is made in different neutral colors and heel heights so it works with pretty much anything and everything. I personally prefer the gold as I find metallic to skew dressier. 

- In any other brand's shoe, I would choose the 60 (which is the lower height) but with SF, I'm so thrilled I can wear the taller heels without worrying about foot pain! 

- Have you ever worn heels and felt almost wobbly? These not only have a block heel which is easier to balance on and won't dig into the grass (if it's an outdoor wedding) but the block heel is inset so it doesn't feel clunky like some block heeled shoes can feel. I also love their perfect pump and wear them often. With the pumps, the heel actually has a steel rod in the center so you feel super sturdy as you walk. 

- The toe box is wider. I loathe whenever my toes start to pinch or even go numb. It can be SO painful. The wider toe box is a gamechanger. I have no idea why all shoe brands are not making their toe boxes like this. It's not noticeable in the shoe design at all, but my foot feels so much better. I actually think this is one of the most noticeable differences, especially in the perfect pump, which is closed-toe. But even with an opened toe sandal design, I've had the strap across the toes dig in and become painful. These Perfect Block Sandal 90s never dig in!!! 

- There is extra padding in the footbed which I think makes a huge difference, especially if you plan on wearing these heels for many hours at a time. I also think the higher the heel, the more wonderfully noticeable the padding is. 

- There is AMAZING arch support. You can see in the photos that the footbed is unlike any other shoe in your closet. There is like this little 'bump' at the arch and it's small so when I first saw it, I thought 'how is that going to make a difference' and lo and behold, it's a total gamechanger. My feet feel totally supported and I think this is another reason that I never ever feel 'wobbly' in Sarah Flint shoes. 

- The materials that these shoes are made with are such high quality. I am so rough on my shoes and I usually have to get them re-soled or touched up every so often but these barely show wear! And I'm talking about my most expensive shoes here! 

- The strap around the ankle is perfectly placed. Have you ever worn a pair of ankle-strap shoes and the strap hits you at a weird spot on your ankle and makes your legs look shorter? These hit at the perfect spot! 

Definitely read the 'About' section on Sarah Flint's website to learn more about the thought and attention to detail that goes into each pair of shoes. I strongly believe in this brand!

And, finally, my mom totally signs off on this post as she wore the Perfect Block Sandal 60 (which is just a shorter heel) for my wedding and will be wearing them for my sister's wedding! Any chance that my mom gets, she will rave and rave about her love for the Perfect Block Sandal 60. She is excited we will have matching shoes on my sister's wedding day!

You can use code SARAHFLINT-SYDNEY50 for $50 off your first order. 

Monday, March 21, 2022

Saks Friends and Family Sale

Shop the Look:
Today I am so excited to be partnering with Saks to share some pieces that I love! Saks has so many beautiful things and is the best spot for gorgeous dresses for all sorts of occasions. 

I personally have a lot on my social calendar for the next few months. Easter is just a few weeks away, my sister's shower is right around the corner, I have a few trips planned, my sister's wedding, a friend's wedding, and my birthday in April. A lot of occasions for dresses, that's for sure! 

I saw this dress and immediately knew I had to order it! Not only is the blue and white floral print right up my alley but I can never resist a dress with a full skirt. The bows at the shoulder (which are fully adjustable) were icing on the cake! This beautiful blue and white floral print is also available in a top

I wore this on our trip to Charleston and it got me so excited for spring temperatures up north! This dress is such a good Easter dress option. Some more great Easter ideas? 

- Love this yellow floral print and midi length. 

- I love the textured floral appliqué on this dress.

- A classic that you can wear again and again. I love the square neckline and the solid navy is so elegant!  

- A stunning white lace dress perfect for Easter or, a great option for a bride-to-be for a shower!

- Sophisticated in bubble gum pink! 

Today kicks off Saks Friends and Family Sale! You can take 25% off new arrivals, 20% off jewelry, plus 10% Off beauty & fragrance. Use Code BEAUTY10. Some exclusions apply. This sale goes through March 29th! 

More Dresses That I Love:

Thank you to Saks for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own! 

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