Tuesday, August 1, 2023

July Favorites

Happy August. Well, this summer is surely flying by! Does anyone else feel that, too?! I swear, it will be fall before we know it. Honestly, I'm OK with it because that is my favorite time of year, especially for fashion! 

As a reminder, I round up my favorite things at the end of each month (it can be anything from a good wine to a great lip balm), and at the end of the year, I make a My Favorite Things list, and all of the items on that list are narrowed down from each of these monthly lists! 

Travel Jewelry Case//I Love this jewelry case so much. The print is a collaboration with Cartolina, and you all know I can't resist blue and white. This travel case is so high quality. Inside, it is separated into two sections. There are zippered envelopes on each side that you can remove so that you can just use the zippered envelopes if you are going on a quick getaway, or you can keep one side with the envelopes and one size bar for larger jewelry like chunky bangles, watches, etc. I also love that my sunglasses fit perfectly in the compartments, so you could also use it for that or even to hold beauty items. It's such a beautiful case; if I lived in a small space that couldn't fit a full jewelry box, I'd go for something like this! 

Detachable Phone Grip// This is basically like a pop socket, but it's cuter, slightly smaller, AND you can put it on and off as many times as your heart desires. It's like a really strong suction cup. I like having it around to use as a stand to prop my phone up or just to hold my larger iPhone more comfortably. 

Face Wash// I've been using Tula's face wash for years now. It's what I keep in the shower. It's a great face wash. However, I think I prefer this now that I have tried it. I asked my husband about this, too, because he also loves the Tula, and we share face wash, and he agreed that this Elemis face wash is better. The smell is great but not too strong, and it leaves my skin feeling very clean but not dried out. The Tula and Elemis face wash run around the same price, so it really comes down to preference, and I think Elemis is coming out as the winner for me. Also, bonus points for the pump on the bottle instead of a squeeze tube. Use code SUMMERWIND at checkout, and you will get the best discount available (that goes for all the brands on the entire website!)

Packing Cubes// I have had very old packing cubes that were half falling apart because they were just an OK-quality set from Amazon, and I am definitely guilty of stuffing them full. These packing cubes are SO much nicer. I didn't even realize how bad mine were until I got these. The zipper is strong and much thicker, so they're less likely to have issues when being stuffed. I'm a notorious over-packer, so I appreciated the different sizes. The adorable print is just the icing on the cake. 

Athletic Tank// This is such a great, inexpensive workout find (on sale right now for under $10)! This tank is lightweight, comes in many colors, and is slightly cropped but will not expose your stomach. I love the racerback and the higher neckline. It's high quality, and you just can't beat it! Get your true size!

Gold Hoops// I love these little gold huggie hoops. They have a thicker width than most other hoops I have ever worn, and I love the look, so much so that I'd love to invest in real chunky gold huggies in the near future! 

Scattergories// This is such a fun game and so easy to do with a big group of people. It really makes you use your brain, and sometimes it can be so hilarious. It's appropriate for all ages. 

Sandals (also this color)// I love these sandals. I want to be a Birkenstock gal first and foremost because of the comfort. I also think some people just look so chic wearing them. Like, I see women wearing them with leggings going to and from their workouts, and they look fabulous, and I think if I did that, it would look awful... they just don't feel me for some reason. Anyway, I got these, and they have Birkenstock vibes but feel a lot more like 'me.' They have a nice comfort footbed that is made of rubber material, so you can just hose them down. The quality is great, and they run TTS. 

Claw Clip// I swear by teleties and this clip is amazing. It is made to not break, which is amazing because I have broken so many clips over the years. The large one can hold my hair which is also impressive because so few claw clips can! 

Swimsuit// I saw this swimsuit in a boutique on Nantucket, and I don't think they had my size, but I loved it. When I got home, I was still thinking about it, so I searched online and ended up finding it on a major sale for like $50ish! It's so well-made and flattering. It's also very comfortable. I would say the cups would fit an A-C in the size small and medium, so maybe size up if you have a larger bust. I got a medium because the small was sold out. I often size up in swimwear to a medium, but I think the small would have been a better fit as the material is very stretchy. 

2023 Monthly Favorites List:

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Laura Baker Busic said...

That sounds like my dream evening!! Like you, I live very close to my parents and I am SO incredibly grateful to be able to spend so much time with them. The older I get, the more I realize how lucky I am!


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