Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday Shopping

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Last night we had a small dinner at our house which was lovely and today we are just taking it easy and I'm catching up on a bit of work! 

Friday, February 26, 2021

The Little Things IV

La vie est faite de petits bonheurs. That's a French saying that roughly means 'life is made of little moments of happiness. I've always loved this phrase and it is something I think about often- even more so now than ever before. 

Back in 2014, I wrote a post of my little things' and every few years I'll publish a new list. I haven't published a new one since 2019 so I figured it was time.

If you are new here, these lists are incredibly random filled with tiny little moments that happen in everyday life that provide me with happiness and joy. Hopefully, this will guide you into your weekend with a smile on your face, too, and if you feel so inclined, share a little happiness in the comments! 

The shine from the wood floors after they have been freshly mopped. 

The hum of the dishwasher in a silent kitchen after your dinner party guests have gone home. 

Laughing so hard you cry. 

Freshly pressed napkins. 

When the light is *just right* for a magical photo. 

The first time you are able to open your sunroof in a long time. 

Emptying the Dyson vacuum and being equally grossed out and satisfied at the same time. 

When you hit the flower jackpot at the grocery store. 

The warmth from seat heaters in your car. 

Freshly cleaned jewelry sparkling in the sun. 

At Orange Theory when they say 'last all out of the day, empty your tank'. 

Finding a really good candle at Target. 

When the mailman gives Henry a treat. 

The second after you finishing washing, blow-drying, and styling your hair. The work is done. 

When you recognize someone's handwriting on a card you get in the mail. 

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies from our generous neighbors. 

A gift from someone special that says 'I really know you'. 

Watching bubbles dance in a glass of champagne. 

No line at Trader Joe's. 

Hands being warmed from a hot mug of tea after being out in the snow. 

When you wake up just before your alarm. 

A bagel the morning after a night of a few too many cocktails. 

The smell of a blown-out match.

When Bruster's has my favorite flavor. 

A spritz of Jo Malone Wood Sage and Seasalt, even if in sweats. 

Weekend coffee delivered to my bedside. 

When your gas tank says '0' and you make it to the pump just in time. 

The green blanket. 

Henry watching me pull out of our driveaway from the window. 

Finally finding a pair of sneakers that are a perfect fit. 

When you are in your car in the winter and it's cold outside but you can feel the warmth from the sun radiating through the window. 

When your steak is cooked to perfection. 

When Christmas catalogs start arriving in the fall. 

Extra dirty martini at a swanky bar with blue cheese olives and ice crystals.

Looking around a room filled with all of your loved ones and thinking 'how lucky am I'?... I cannot wait to be in filled rooms again.

Costco trips. 

When you shave your legs after a few days of neglect. 

The click-clack of Henry's paws trotting around on the hardwood floor. 

Pittsburgh unfolding as you drive out of the Fort Pitt tunnels. 

The contentment of a snow day when you have nowhere to be. 

The 'hurt so good' soreness the day after a really hard workout. 

Thursday, February 25, 2021


Pajamas// Slippers (on sale)

This week sped by! We have had 'warmer' temperatures this week and it was been so wonderful! I got in a very long walk with Henry yesterday and just soaked up the sun- glorious!! The snow was still melting so it was wet and muddy and Henry got SO dirty so he's headed for a bath today. I am always happy when he is clean!

This week I've spent a lot of time creating content, which I love but it always takes me away from posting on social media. I've also been getting in some of the spring things I ordered and I am SO excited to share some of them with you all. Some were duds but I also found some really cute things.

Wearing: Just got a PR package in from Print Fresh which makes beautiful 100% cotton Pajamas. They are so crisp and comfortable and the prints are beautiful. They just launched spring prints and this is one of them! I love the colors! They gave me a code for you guys to use for 15% off: SUMMERWIND. They have robes and nightgowns and all different styles- I think this would be so fun for bridesmaids! 

Eating: I made this smoked salmon pasta the other night with a few tweaks based on what I had in my refrigerator and it was SO good and beyond easy to make. I love anything with salmon so this will be a staple from here on out! 


Drinking: Did you catch my pickle martini recipe from Tuesday?! I will probably make one this weekend! 

Sale: Nordstrom has 240+ pages of sale items right now. Crazy!! 

 Have you guys seen the trailer for Cruella?! It looks so good! 

Listening: I accidentally made my 'Dinner Party' playlist private for a while and had no idea! So linking it here again so you all know it's public again. Sorry about that! 

Loving: Many of you often ask about my signet ring that I wear on my pinky. I found something really similar with diamonds and the price is truly amazing! 
Wanting: This tote. You guys, I love handbags, but it's really totes that are my weakness. So for this one, you can have it monogrammed, but what I think would look extra nice is to get a tone-on-tone monogram (which is possible if you put it in the notes at checkout) so that the monogram blends in with the canvas of the bag. So chic and subtle! 

Pittsburgh: A fun article about some delicious breakfast sandwiches in Pittsburgh. I am dying to try 350 breakfast biscuits in the southside!

Quoting: “We cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa //See more of my favorites, here. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Pickle Martini Recipe

Back in April, I shared my dirty gin martini recipe. It's very simple and a go-to cocktail for me. In the past 2 or 3 months, though, I have been preferring pickle martinis to olive martinis. I first discovered a pickle martini many years ago at Soba (a restaurant in Pittsburgh). They used to make their own in-house pickles and the pickle martinis were fabulous. They have since done away with them (unfortunately) so ever since I've made my own at home. You can sometimes find bars and restaurants that will make you a pickle martini. If I am in the mood for one, I will often ask. 

Anyway, I shared the recipe in a quick video on Instagram stories this past weekend and so many of you were into it! I thought I'd create a page that you can refer back to should you ever want to make one. 

Here's What You'll Need:
- Gin (I use Hendrick's)
- Pickles and juice (I use Grillo's pickles/juice- SO good and fresh)
- Vermouth (I use Martini and Rossi)

1. Fill shaker with ice. Add in 3oz Hendrick's Gin, 1 oz. pickle juice, and the tiniest bit of vermouth. I eyeball the vermouth but it's probably around a teaspoon. 

2. Shake vigorously. I know I'm done shaking when my hand is too cold to keep going, ha!! Then you pour it into your martini glass. If you shake hard enough, you'll get ice crystals which is the goal!  

3. Garnish with pickles. 

I find a martini is all about preference. You kind of have to play with the measurements until you get it how you personally like it.  A note about Grillo's brand pickles: they have a very fresh dill flavor to them. I think it makes the martini taste out-of-this-world delicious but it's not for everyone. You can also just replace gin with vodka if you prefer that- it works interchangeably. 
Pickle Martini Recipe
Top: Greenbrier (WV), Merchant and Trade (NC), William Penn
Bottom: Polo Bar (NYC), Le Mont 

One of the frivolous things I have missed SO much since last March is sitting at a swanky bar that has a jazz trio and sipping a martini. We loved going to Eddie V's bar with their live jazz and it was always so much fun to get all dressed up for a night out! 

Martini Accessories:

Monday, February 22, 2021

Pearl Embellished Clothing and Accessories

Pearl Embellished Clothing and Accessories
Shop the Pieces:
I have always loved pearls, that is no surprise! For me, day-to-day I mostly wear pearl stud earrings. However, I've always loved to collect more 'special' pieces that are embellished with pearls. Whether it's a cardigan or a hair clip, there's something simple yet elegant about pearls! I am rounding up some fun pearl items I have been coming across in the past few weeks. It seems that there are so many beautiful options out there!

And how about this pearl embellished dress? It's way out of my budget, but WOW! Also out of my budget are these shoes, but what showstoppers! 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saturday Shopping

We made it to another weekend! My parents are doing something very exciting this weekend and I cannot wait to share- I am about equally excited, ha!!! Last night we had a small dinner at our house which was great. Today I plan on doing a little work and then lounging a bit. I just started Firefly Lane on Netflix and am loving it so far! 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Getting Dressed Brings Me Joy

Sunglasses// Suede Booties (on sale)// Bucket Bag is old-school Coach
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Back in high school and college, I got dressed every single day for class. Not because that was the norm but because I always wanted to. In college, especially, I always lived by the motto 'dress well, test well'. I truly believe in that mentality to this day. When I am dressed in what I personally feel good in, I feel more confident and in turn, feel that it helps me to perform better and enjoy whatever task is at hand. 

I've learned a lot about myself over the past year big and small- I'm sure many of you feel that same way about yourself. Although frivolous, this year has solidified the fact that I truly enjoy dressing up and getting 'ready' each day. 

Don't get me wrong, I love pajamas, sweatpants, slippers, and robes. There is truly comfort in those pieces and oftentimes I feel good fully embracing that comfort- especially in the colder winter months! I've had many a day in the past year where I switch from pajamas to sweats and back to pajamas again. But, truthfully, I feel more myself when I am dressed in an outfit that makes me feel put-together. I feel ready to take on the day, even if I'm just sitting in my house. 

I know for certain that if I'm having a bad day or even just an 'off' day that if I take the time to get dressed, it makes me feel better, too. I can truly feel the shift in my mood. 

I am not the most creative person. But back in March/April when I wasn't getting dressed as often or putting together outfits for trips and events, I felt creatively stunted (I still have those days!!). It took me a while to realize why that was. I found other ways to channel that creativity- hence all of the fun tablescapes I have shared over the last year! I took to paint by numbers (no, seriously) and that was fun, I enjoyed taking care of a few plants (my basil was something I was so proud of HAH!), but after a few months, at the end of the day, I realized what I was really missing was putting together outfits. 

I think some of you also must be feeling this way in terms of putting together outfits, too. When I asked you all for requests for content in March, I was truly surprised to see that many of you wanted to see 'good old-fashioned outfit posts'. I was excited to hear that and also in that I was not alone in longing for fashionable, put-together outfits! 

I started Summer Wind back in 2009 because I wanted to share and chat about fashion. It has always been an interest of mine. I remember clipping things out of magazines when I was in early high school and hanging them up on a bulletin board in my room. My sister brought up Polyvore- do you guys remember that? I used to LOVE putting together outfits on that platform!!

Fashion and getting dressed and sharing outfits is something I enjoy. It is something that makes me happy. I've always known that but it has taken some time this year for me to really figure out how much it means to me. 

Although fashion can often be seen as frivolous to many, I am a big believer that nothing is silly or dumb if it brings you joy and happiness...especially during this past year. That's really the real message that I wanted to share today. For you, it doesn't have to be getting dressed but it's just knowing those little things you can do during the mundane days that make you feel like yourself or pull you out of a little funk. Because truly, over this past year, there have been many days where I have not been inspired and have not felt like myself. It's hard to stay positive and excited and inspired when the days run together- it can feel mundane and just plain dull! I am just so glad to know of little things that are sure to cheer me up and get me back to 'myself'. 

Over this year, I've learned to take any little dose of happiness I can get. So I will continue to get dressed more often than not. Not for the internet, not for my family or friends or neighbors, but for me! The outfit shot I am sharing at the top of this post was taken this past weekend on a day where I had literally nothing planned but to go to the grocery store. But I said you know what, I'm putting on something cute! 

I'm wondering if there are things like this that you know bring you joy and instantly make you feel like yourself? I'd love to know! Another one of mine is skiing. I really feel alive when I am skiing! A few more: creating tablescapes, exercising, practicing gratitude, wrapping gifts, creating/fine-tuning a great playlist, arranging flowers, and (no surprise here) cleaning/organizing. I'm sure there are more but those are what I can think off of the top of my head. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021


Can you believe there are only 10 days left of February?! I am ready for March and hopefully, slightly warmer/sunnier weather.

I cannot tell you how much I miss taking Henry on long walks around our neighborhood. Of course I walk him now but our walks are much shorter and I am wearing alll of the layers. I so look forward to being able to step outside with him and not bundled up! The long walks with him always make me feel so at peace and calm! 

This week I got a new iPhone. I had the XS Max and honestly really liked it and never felt any rush to upgrade. Well, my phone took a dive off of our kitchen island, and I guess hit just at right speed and angle to completely shatter both the front and back of the phone. So I ordered the 12 Pro Max and set it up on Tuesday. I know the camera is supposed to be a lot better, which I am excited about, but honestly it feels a just like my old phone!

I also started to get some new thing in for spring which really got me excited in terms of wearing cute outfits for warmer weather! 

Wearing: My favorite lightweight lounge pants are BACK! And they now come in such a pretty pale blue! They are so soft and comfortable but thin/lightweight so they are perfect in the warmer months when you have the air conditioning on. Love them so much! They run true to size (but a nice roomy true to size). 

Eating: Pickles are one of my very favorite foods ever. If you had me choose between a pickle and a brownie, 9/10 I would choose pickles. Oh Snap pickes (the ones that come in pouches) are my very favorite pickles... but a new contender just popped up on my radar. I saw them at Target the other day and they just looked good so I had to get them. The brand is called Grillos and I got the dill pickle chips. They are SO fresh tasting and have a nice crunch to them. 10/10 recommend. 
Sale: LK Bennett is having a huge sale. Their pieces are like my ideal wardrobe- very prim and ladylike styles and always well-made. I can't get over how low some of the prices are!! 

Sale II: Vineyard Vines is having a big sale! So many great items and big markdown. I love this neutral cashmere sweater (looks so much like La Ligne) and this eyelet maxi is stunning. 

We watched The Cecil Hotel documentary on Netflix. For about 2.5 episodes, it was really good, but then it kind of went down hill from there. We still watched the entire thing, though! I also watched the third To All the Boys I've Loved (also Netflix) and it was so cute- simiar vibe to the other two.. this one had a very predictable plot line, though. We had a big TV watching week/weekend- we also started Yellowstone (Peacock) and we can't seem to get into it! We have heard rave reviews, though, so we are going to keep giving it a chance! 
Wanting: I am really not into the puffy/frilly sleeve trend, however, this is one top with some big sleeves that I would make an exception for. It comes in several color options and I love each one!! I also absolutely love these gold rope sandals- kind of Hermes-esque but the gold is just so fun! 

Pittsburgh: It's officially lent and that means FISH FRY TIME! I love a good fish fry and you do not have to be religious at all to get food! Here's the list
Smelling: I got this candle at Target the other day and it smells SO good. It's like woodsy and cozy without being heavy. Amazing for only $20! 

Quoting: 'Growth is growth no matter how small.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Best Moisturizers for Your Hands

The Best Moisturizers for Your Hands
Shop the Products:
It seems like every week here has been starting off cold and snowy! This winter we have had a lot more snow than in the past several years and with the cold temperatures, the air is SO DRY. It's like my skin can't get enough moisture!! Last week I shared my favorite moisturizing lip products so this week I'm sharing some of my favorite hydrating and moisturizing products for my hands!

The Best Moisturizers for Your Hands

Udderly Smooth// This was a find from my fiancé. To be totally honest, I would have never given this a chance if I saw it in the store based on the name, haha!! However, this stuff is amazing!! It has a slightly different texture than traditional moisturizer and when you apply it on your hands, it dries and sinks in almost immediately. This is what I use if I'm on the go or need to touch something immediately afterward like my phone or computer. It's hydrating but not the absolute best, but if you remember to apply often, it makes such a difference. The selling point with this one (at least for me) is how quickly it dries! It is also really inexpensive! 

Moroccan Oil// I've been using this for many years. The brand sent me a press packaged a long time ago and I've repurchased each time I run out. The scent is the classic, wonderful Moroccan Oil scent and it's so moisturizing. I find it a little slow to sink in so I typically reserve this before bed. The scent is also calming. The formula feels lightweight which is another thing I like and what sets itself apart from a lot of other moisturizers. If you felt it for the first time, you might think it wouldn't be super moisturizing, but it totally is! 

Hand Relief// This is the classic Aveda smell and for me, it's really energizing. I like to put this on in the morning as I'm drinking my coffee. The scent is like aromatherapy and makes me excited for the day. This also takes a little time to sink and the feeling of it is very heavy and thick. Once it sinks in, it doesn't leave an oily residue or anything but this isn't something I'd apply when out and about.

Dry and Brittle Nail Strengthener// This is a great product for bare nails. It just looks like you have clear nail polish on them. If I know I am going to get a manicure later in the week, I will apply this all week and I feel like my nails end up being in the best shape for a manicure. 

Cuticle Oil// This is a holy grail product for me. I have tried a lot of cuticle oils and I love this. It doesn't have much of a scent and it rubs in so nicely and truly makes a big difference in my cuticles. This dries/sinks in pretty quickly, too. I typically do this right before bed before hand moisturizer. 

Shea Butter// I've been using this since high school. It has a 'powdery' scent to it that skews nostalgia for me. It is SO moisturizing. It definitely takes a bit to sink in but if your hands are really in trouble, this will solve the issues. I keep a small size in my bag at all times (especially in the winter months). The scent is very 'neutral' so even my fiancé loves this. I also love the lavender scent. It's pretty strong but soothing and smells very natural- could be a great option for nighttime since lavender is known to be calming. I also feel like the tube/branding is very chic if that matters! 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Statement Earring Organization

Statement Earring Organization

In an effort to organize all. the. things. I have now organized my earrings... very specific! I am someone who, for the most part, wears diamond or pearl studs. I just prefer the simplicity of simple, small studs. However, over the years I have amassed a ton of statement earrings. 

Statement Earring Organization
I had always stored my earrings in these lucite boxes. They work out nicely because they keep them from dust but I can also see what my options are. However, the box was getting too full and therefore, it took me minutes to find a match when I would be getting ready. 

So then I ordered this flat, hanging organizer. It works SO WELL for my earrings! I definitely wouldn't put any fine jewelry in this organizer, but for fashion jewelry, this is truly a game-changer. I like being able to see all of my options, this takes up virtually no space and there is plenty of room to grow as the other side also has pockets. Going through all of my earrings was great, too, because I got rid of soooo many pairs I no longer wear. 

I think this type of organizer is great if you live in a small apartment with minimal storage space and countertops. It's funny because this is such a simple and inexpensive switch but it made a world of a difference for me in terms of getting ready and the fact that this created more drawer space for me! 

This past year has really been a huge year of organization and tidying and I have fully embraced it. I've found cleaning and organizing is something that truly makes me happy (as odd as that sounds) and always get excited when I find such a simple and inexpensive fix! 

I'd love to know if you have found any really simple and useful organizing items or tips? Part of the fun of organizing is sharing! 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Saturday Shopping

Happy Valentine's weekend! I hope you are all enjoying the day and maybe have something special planned for your Valentine's Day! We are going to one of our very favorite bakeries this morning and then relaxing and catching up on some chores. Tonight is our Valentine's celebration and we are cooking steak and lobster, yum! Enjoy some of these fun items I came across and loved from this week! 

Friday, February 12, 2021

Spring Tablescape + Rosé French 75

Spring Tablescape + Rosé French 75

Spring Tablescape + Rosé French 75

Water Goblet// Pink Coupes (linked similar) 
Shop the Table:
Happy Valentine's Day weekend, friends! Do you all have any fun plans? We are cooking in on Saturday and celebrating just the two of us then and then we are headed to my parent's on Valentine's Day. It's a tradition that we go over to my parent's as they always cook something delicious and host a fabulous night. We have had COMICAL past Valentine's Days so we have vowed to stay in and cook (not even do takeout HA!!) for every Valentine's! 

I put together this tablescape and while we will eat at this table for Valentine's Day, I wanted to create something that leaned more towards spring than any one holiday. I am hoping that what I created inspires any of your spring tablescapes in the coming months. I wanted to use our plain white Nantucket basket dinner plates without layering any other plates to show you that you don't need to collect tons of plates to create a beautiful table. 

Setting a table is kind of like putting an outfit together. Using a white dinner plate is like wearing a pretty white dress and then adding in fun earrings, a colorful bag, etc. 

This also serves as your PSA... I am not sure if this is in all locations, but this weekend, Whole Foods is offering 2 dozen roses for only $20. I got these pretty pink roses from Whole Foods as well as the filler and I was so please with what I created. The selection at WF was out of this world good. They had so many more options compared to places like Trader Joe's and Fresh Market! This likely all depends on where you live, but seriously, if you are in Pittsburgh, head to Whole Foods!! 
Spring Tablescape + Rosé French 75

A French 75 is one of my most favorite cocktails and a great cocktail to serve over Valentine's weekend. It's gin and champagne with a touch of lemon! If you haven't tried it, it's a must! It's often served in a champagne flute or coupe so I thought it would be the perfect thing to serve it in my pretty pink vintage coupe glasses I found in Georgia a few years ago! 

My only edit would be to use less simple syrup than they call for. I eyeball it, but I don't like sweet drinks so I do a tiny bit of the simple syrup! This is something you can easily make in a batch for several drinks, too! 

Thursday, February 11, 2021


I hope you are all having a great week. We went skiing this past weekend which was lots of fun! This week has been pretty darn mundane (shocker). We started off the week with lots of snow and last night it started snowing a lot again!! My camera roll is basically filled with ridiculous photos of Henry and the 'green blanket'... I'm honestly not sure which one of us loves it more! 

I had fun testing out new-to-me makeup products, creating a fun spring/Valentine's Day tablescape to share with all of you, and started to plan some March content (which is crazy!!). I haven't been shopping much in terms of clothing in the past month or so but spring items are starting to come out and some of them are so cute, I just couldn't resist ordering! I will have to share when they come in if any of them are hits! 

Drinking: This tea is one of my newest favorites. I am trying to branch out and try new teas and 'peach' is normally not something I would go for. However, I was so pleasantly surprised that I loved this tea!! The peach flavor is very subtle and tastes very fresh and there are ever so slight hints of cucumber... it tastes like something you would serve in a spa and has been a real afternoon treat for me this winter! 

Sale: This kit is not on sale, but the value is crazy good! It has so many of my favorite products! 

Listening: If you're doing Valentine's Day dinner, this is my go-to dinner party playlist! 

Loving: Joanna Buchanan sent me these gorgeous cocktail picks! I am so excited to make a cocktail using them. They bring me SO much joy! 
Wanting: I absolutely love these blue and white porcelain appetizer plates and oh my goodness this dress is spring perfection! 
Pittsburgh: We love Driftwood oven, which is known for their pizza, but seriously, the Italian sandwich is one of the best things I have ever eaten. If you are in Pittsburgh, this is a must-try! 

Quoting: 'Aiming at greatness if different than being better than someone else.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

White Dresses for Brides

There are so many white dresses on sale right now! I wasn't planning on posting this today but moved things around because I kept stumbling on SO many gorgeous white dresses heavily discounted. I tried to keep all of the options under $500 and included eveything from casual to ball gown. Even if you are not a bride, some of these are casual enough you could wear them for a fun dinner in the summer months!! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Best Moisturizing Lip Balms

The Best Moisturizing Lip Balms
Shop the Products: 
It's a cold week here in Pittsburgh and it's looking like that is the case in a lot of other areas of the country, too! This is the kind of cold that I definitely do not enjoy; the kind that sends chills down to your bones. I mean does anyone enjoy single digits?! It looks like our low for Sunday night is below zero- ick!! 

When it gets this cold, the air becomes even dryer and I am always shocking myself all over the house. The dry air also leads to chapped lips, super dry hands, and EVERYTHING gets so dry. 

So during the winter months, I try to use ALL things moisturizing. From skincare to hand lotions to lip balms, the more moisture, the better, in my opinion! 

I am rounding up my top favorite products for lips that I find to be the best for moisturizing. I've tried a ton of lip balms over the years and these really seem to be the best. Let me know if you have a good recommendation in the comments, I think lip balms are fun to try and I love testing out a new brand or lip balm product! 

The Best Moisturizing Lip Balms

Medicated w/ SPF// This is my go-to for every day. The 'medicated' part of it doesn't smell and you can't taste it, unlike some other medicated lip balms. This one also has SPF 15 which I really appreciate. Since they are so inexpensive, I keep them EVERYWHERE: in the kitchen, my handbag, my car, beach bag, ski bag, etc. This is a true chapstick feeling as it's not thick and not goopy or heavy. I reapply often. 

Lip Glowy Balm// This is my newest favorite. I've long been a fan of the Lip Sleeping Mask and this is basically the same thing but in a tube (which is much more sanitary!). I'm not sure if they are the exact same product, but the lip glowy balm feels every so slightly thinner in consistency. This is also more expensive as the tub you get has much more product for the price, however, I really like the tube for my bag and honestly just in general because of the ease of application. With that said, I still use and like both. This is so nice and hydrating, it works better than most lip products I have ever used. If you have really dry lips, this will cure them in a few uses. 

 Baume de Rose// This is one of my favorites to wear out in public and on-the-go. It's easy to apply and looks really pretty. It's not tinted but the sheen is like a toned-down lip gloss. It just makes my lips look so much healthier when it is on! This smells like roses. I don't like rose scents too much, but it's a high-end rose scent where it really smells fresh. It's not overpowering so I don't mind. This is very hydrating and the texture is silky smooth- the texture is unlike any lip balm I have ever used. 

Lip Sleeping Mask// This mask is my holy grail lip product. It's 110% worth the hype. I use it nightly. It's really heavy and thick and very hydrating. There's no reason you can't use it during the day- it's called a 'sleeping mask' but you can wear this whenever. It just looks like you have vaseline on your lips. The berry is like a very light pink color but it's not tinted once it is on your lips. I loathe the tub application, though not enough for me to stop using it. I have been using one tub for over 2 years, there is so much product in the little tub! I will always rebuy this. I think they call it a 'mask' because it's not quick to absorb. I put this on at least 30 minutes before my head hits the pillow because it will transfer to the pillow if I don't give it plenty of time to really sink in and even then, you still have a layer on top of your lips that can transfer. 

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