Saturday, December 29, 2018

Saturday Shopping

Happy weekend, everyone! It's the last one of 2018 so let's make it a great one! This weekend, we have friends in town from NYC and Boston. I have lots of fun things planned and am looking forward to celebrating New Year's Eve together. 

I wanted to share some things I came across this week. I'm so ready for some great athleisure looks and adding more color into my wardrobe in 2019! 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Top Posts of 2018

top posts of 2018
As we wrap up 2018, I'm sharing the top posts from this year! I deep dive into analytics each week but it's fun to take a look at the big picture. I considering Summer Wind to be a true lifestyle blog that mixes fashion, beauty, and so much more and it's nice to see that mix within the top posts from the year! 

Goyard Review (this is the highest trafficked post in the history of 10 years of

Most searched words on
- Hair
- Makeup
- Paris 
- Athleisure
- Workout
- Goyard
- Jewelry 
- Necklace

- Diamond Necklace
- Amazon
- Pajamas
- Home
- Bedroom
- Halloween

Top Instagrams of 2018

I share this with you all to say that if you have a topic you'd love for me to cover in 2019, please feel free to e-mail me:! I'm always open to content suggestions and want to deliver the best content to all of you- things you actually want to read!

Thank you to all who stop by Summer Wind throughout the year. It means so much and connecting with all of you brings me so much joy. Summer Wind is my passion and I hope you can see that here! Here's to lots of fun content in 2019! 

Thursday, December 27, 2018


I am so happy to be back online! If you are a loyal Summer Wind reader, then you know me missing Thursday and Friday's posts last week was kind of crazy for me!

I pride myself on consistent posting here on Summer Wind. There are few things to throw me off my schedule. In the past (almost) 10 years of blogging, it has been such a rarity for me to miss a post let alone TWO in a row!

Well, I got really sick. Really really sick. Last Monday I started to feel off and ended up taking a nap in the late afternoon. It was all downhill from there. I got hit with the flu and holy cow, I have never been so sick in my entire life. At one point, I literally asked my dad if I was going to die. I'm dramatic, but I honestly felt the worst I've ever felt.

It wasn't really until Christmas Eve that I started to feel myself. Christmas day was the first 'real' meal I had eaten in 8 days. I still have a cold and am still trying to shake that 'weak' feeling but honestly, I feel great compared to last week!

Moral of the story: go get a flu shot!! This flu is SO bad and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

In other news, we had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas! Christmas Eve is always my favorite night. My parents host a huge party with family and friends and we have so many great traditions.

This week I am going to take it easy. But, I'm also going to catch up with some friends. I also have so much cleaning to do because we have friends coming to visit for the weekend and New Year's Eve holiday. It will be so much fun.

Tomorrow, my sister, cousin and I are going to get our nails done. I missed my appointment last week and have been stuck with an old dip manicure- if you could see my nails you would gasp- they look SO bad. They're so grown out, I've been so embarrassed!!

Then tomorrow night we are going to one of my favorite bars in Pittsburgh, Monterey Bay. They have the most gorgeous view overlooking the city! The out-of-town guests arrive on Saturday morning and I have a full itinerary of Pittsburgh-fun for everyone! I'm so excited to finally be social. It really stunk having to miss the symphony and the country club ball, so I'm looking forward to all of the fun ahead!

Wearing: This blouse was such a splurge but I just love it. It's so classic but the scallops make it more fun and girly.

Sale-ing: I shared some of the best after Christmas sales, here. I also shared my favorites from the Net-A-Porter sale, too!

 Do you have any shows or movies that you recommend? I have been show-less for too long!! 

Listening: My top songs of 2019. Always such an eclectic mix! 
Loving: I just love this plaid dress! I wore it on Christmas Eve and before while in NYC! Right now it is on sale and you get an extra 30% off with code WHALE18.

Wanting: Nothing- but I'm so ready to look at some non-festive clothes/ accessories! Ready to ditch the red and start fresh in 2019! 

Pittsburgh-ing: This weekend, we are doing all-you-can-bowl at Arsenal Lanes in Lawrenceville. I haven't been in years and am so excited. If you have never done it, it's from 9pm-12am and you can bowl as many games as you want. There is a 6-person max per lane but you can book multiple lanes. It's like a nightclub inside, though, with a great bar and fun music! 

Smelling: These holiday pine candles and hearth candles smell SO good. They smell like Nest candles and right now are on sale for just $17. This is usually when I will stock up on holiday candles so I can get them discounted for next year! I usually never pay full price. 

Quoting: 'Risk is the downpayment on success.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas + Sales

I'm BACK! Sorry for leaving you all hanging like that- I'll be back in tomorrow's Lately post to update you all where I've been! In the meantime, I wanted to share this great New Year's Eve outfit inspiration in case you have some fun plans! 

This year, we are doing the 'ticket-to-a-bar-thing'. It's not necessarily what I was dying to do but we have friends in town for the weekend and New Year's holiday so we wanted to be extra festive! Plus, any excuse to dress up is ok in my book!

This is a great look if you don't want to be all decked out in sequins. Plus, let's be honest, it's cold outside so any way to wear a sweater is always welcome! This is such a fun neutral outfit and because it's neutral, you can wear both pieces in so many different ways throughout the winter. 

Besides New Year's Eve, I wanted to highlight some of the post-Christmas sales that are happening right now. I wasn't planning on sharing them but many of them are SO good and are worth shopping! 

Abercrombie// 40-60% off the entire store. See my Abercrombie favorites, here

Club Monaco// Up to 60% off when you take an extra 30% off sale. My favorite cords are included in the sale. They run true to size. I have this cashmere cardigan in several colors. It's so gorgeous! I love the back on this silk top. And I want this cashmere sweater so badly-such a gorgeous pink color!

J.Crew// Extra 50% off sale styles, code: BIGGERSALE. So many new items added to the sale. I can't believe the classic puffer vests are only $18. This classic tweed dress is just $40- a great officewear staple. This fleece is amazing (I have it) and is just $60!

Lisi Lerch// Last chance sale! 50% off select styles!

Mark and Graham// End of year sale. Up to 75% off!

Neiman Marcus// $50 off $200, $100 off $400, code: DECSAVE

Nordstrom// Save up to 50% through January 2nd! 

Ralph Lauren// up to 40% off sale styles. 

Serena and Lily// 30-70% off. These towels look just like Matouk but for much less!

Talbots// Red hanger sale. 40% off markdowns. 

Tory Burch// extra 25% off sale, code: EXTRA. The Clara bow shoes are included in the sale!

Tuckernuck// Extra 20% off sale, no code needed. Barbour is included! This sweater that I always rave about is also included. 

Vineyard Vines// Additional 30% off sale styles, code: WHALE18

Williams-Sonoma// Winter clearance up to 75% off. 

Net-A-Porter Sale

Every year around this time of the year, Net-A-Porter holds an up to 70% off sale. In my opinion, this is one of the best sales of the year and where you can score deeply discounted designer items- or just really high-quality cashmere for a lot less. 

The thing about the Net-A-Porter sale is that there is SO much stuff. It gets overwhelming. So, I have decided to share all of my favorites in today's blog post. I literally went through everything so you don't have to! I'm being very selective, though. I'm only sharing things that I think are classics, high-quality and good buys for the price.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Luxe Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $200

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

I am so proud of myself this year! I really did well in getting all of my shopping done quickly. However, do you ever have a few gifts that you either forget to get or add a recipient to the list 'last minute'? It seems like that happens to me each year and it has happened again!

Today I'm partnering with a retail favorite, Nordstrom,  and I'm sharing a list of things that make really luxe gifts (but still all under $200) that you can get last minute from Nordstrom. They're also pretty versatile so no matter what the recipient's style, they will love these things just the same! 

Lettucewear Pitcher// I am obsessed with this pitcher and think it would make the perfect gift for any Dodie Thayer or Tory Burch fan. I also think it would be great for new homeowners or newlyweds. Use it as a pitcher, but it also makes such a gorgeous vase.

Little Giraffe Blanket// I first found out about this brand when attending a baby shower and once I felt the Little Giraffe baby blanket, I was sold. Not only do they make really great baby shower gifts, but they also have throw blanket sizes and even larger sizes. They are SO soft and cozy. Plus, I love the satin edging and texture. I'm in the camp of 'you can never have enough throw blankets' and therefore, they always make such a good gift.

Diptyque Candle// This is always such a luxe gift. I keep a few on hand to give as gifts throughout the year. They are pricey but I think they make for such a nice gift because they are so frivolous! It's something you might not buy for yourself and sometimes, those are the best kinds of gifts. Plus, this is something that you can gift to someone that seemingly has everything!

Blue and White Mugs// I love the look of these mugs and they are so beautifully presented in the box. At under $100, this is such a nice gift!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

1-Year With Henry and His Breed Report

At midnight on Saturday, I had to take Henry to the emergency room. His stomach was distended and he was not himself. It was so scary because I had no idea what was wrong with him. He stayed the night in the hospital and I was able to pick him up the next evening. I felt SO bad for leaving him because he was very clearly nervous as well as in pain. I wrote this post before he went into the hospital but it's all the sweeter now that he is out and doing well! 

Exactly 1-year ago, Henry came into my life. You can read the first post about him, here. I haven't really shared that the entire adoption process happened SO fast. 

I came across Henry in an online search. I had been casually browsing for dogs for months and not super sure about the whole idea. I also had a very specific look/breed in mind and it was surprisingly hard to find in my area. I was also set on adoption. I truly believe in adoption and would not do it another way. 

I found Henry, who was then named River, ha! I remember freaking out and sending his photo to everyone. I applied for him on December 7th. On December 11th (a Monday) I had finally heard back that my application was being reviewed and my references were being contacted. The next night I received a call. had been at a Christmas party and stepped outside of the party. I actually remember this vividly. I was right outside in Market Square when the woman called and told me that I would be adopting Henry!! I cried. I was SO excited and so nervous and just couldn't believe that I would be responsible for a living thing. It was probably the most 'adult' I have ever felt. 

I went straight home and started ordering alllll of the dog things on Amazon. The following day, I paid the fee for Henry and all of the arrangements were set. All of that happened in less than a week. It was nuts!

Henry came from Tracy's Dogs, a non-profit that rescues dogs in high-kill shelters- many of them are on euthanization lists. The organization is incredible and I now donate several times a year. 

A hiccup came when Henry was to be delivered on Saturday, December 16th. Tracy's Dogs actually drives a huge truck around the country to deliver the dogs to their new owners. So you can't really schedule the day- it is a one-day thing! 48 other dogs were also being adopted the same day as Henry. I was panicked because I had a flight on Friday the 15th for the weekend in Martha's Vineyard for one of my best friend's wedding. I could not miss it and was so worried they were going to cancel Henry. 

Luckily, they allowed my boyfriend to go pick him up for me. Looking back, I'm so sad I missed his gotcha day. Tracy's Dogs does an incredible gotcha day and it's really something special. Luckily, they live stream every gotcha day on Facebook so I was able to see Henry being picked up while I was at the cocktail hour for the wedding. I could not wait to meet him. I was obsessively texting for photos, videos, and updates all night long, ha! I joke with my friends that were getting married that day that I will forever remember their anniversary! 

So, I actually didn't get to meet Henry until I was picked up at the airport late Sunday night. At first, Henry did not like me! I got in the car and wanted to hold him and Henry wanted nothing to do with me. I was sad but I chilled out because I could tell he was frightened. He had gone through so much.

That night we took him to my parents so they could meet him and so Mac could meet him. The videos that I have of Mac and Henry first meeting are one of my most cherished videos. I miss Mac daily and to see the video of the two of them is so comforting and I'm so glad Henry got to know Mac. 

After that, it was just me and Henry! As soon as he started spending time at home and just being around me, he totally warmed up and after a few ,days we were the best of friends. 

Since we don't know Henry's birthday, we are celebrating his gotcha day as his birthday. When I adopted Henry, he was estimated to be 2-3. I just took him to the vet last month and the vet estimated that he is a bit younger... so right now, he is around 2.5. I was really glad to hear that! 

Besides his age, I wanted to know more about him. The way Tracy's Dogs described Henry before I met him is that he was an Australian Cattle dog that had been left in the dryer for too long and shrunk, ha! They were referring to his tiny stature and short little legs. Most people ask if he is a puppy because he is so small but looks just like a blue heeler. Tracy's Dogs guessed he was mixed with a corgi, which has always seemed accurate- others have guessed that, too. 

Because we don't know what Henry is mixed with to make him so small, we got the Wisdom Panel dog DNA test. It's like 23 and Me but for pups. I had done the 23 and Me for myself and I loved it so I was excited to learn more about Henry. 

I actually would have NEVER guessed what he is mixed with, although, now in hindsight, it totally makes sense. Henry is 50% Australian Cattle Dog, 25% chihuahua, and 25% herding dog. Chihuahua! That shocked me! But, when I google chihuahua and blue heeler, sure enough, a dog that looks SO much like Henry pops up (this is a good example photo) and it makes sense. It doesn't seem like a popular mix but they are calling it a chi-heeler, ha! 

It also makes sense because Henry was found by Tracy's Dogs in the Palm Valley Animal Shelter which is about 30 minutes from the border of Mexico. I've never been to that area but it is my understanding that there is an overpopulation of stray animals in southern Texas and shelters are unable to keep up with all of the strays they are picking up daily. Apparently, many animals in that area are not spayed or neutered which causes an overpopulation problem. Hence, dogs get put down regularly because these shelters do not have the capacity to keep them.

In 2016 Palm Valley euthanized 22,000 dogs (source). Henry was a pup going down that awful road and the only reason he is alive and well today is because of Tracy's Dogs. In May of 2018, Palm Valley announced (source) that it will be working towards becoming a no-kill shelter. If you take anything away from this paragraph, that is to ADOPT (and spay and neuter your pups). 

Now that Henry has been with me for 365-days, I could not imagine life without him. I always say this and it is so cheesy but he truly makes every single day better. Even the bad days are good because of my sweet Hen. 

It just melts my heart to see how much he loves me and how much he loves my friends and family. He is truly the most velcro dog ever. He is at my side at all times. Even when he lays on the couch, his body is either laying on me or right up against me. He lays on my feet when I'm at my desk and he sleeps right up against me at night. When I get up to switch rooms, he is right behind me following me right into the new room. 

He is the funniest with my mom. He is truly obsessed with her and loves her so much. He spends a lot of time at my parent's house because I'm often at their house or because they are babysitting him while I am traveling. Whenever he first sees my mom, he goes wild for her. It's too funny. 

He has all of his commands down perfectly, he is well behaved when he is left alone and is not timid or skittish at all anymore. It's kind of crazy to think how timid and scared he was for the first few weeks. It is almost hard to remember now that he is so comfortable and happy. 

My parents always say that Henry hit the jackpot because I spoil him so much. But I truly think that I hit the jackpot. We always say that we can't imagine that there could ever be a dog as loving or loyal or as well behaved as our sweet Mac, but Henry almost lives up to it. Almost. No one will ever replace my Mac, though.

So happy gotcha day/birthday to my sweet, Henry! Here's to many more!

More Henry Content:

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Gift Guide: Amazon Prime

Gift Guide: Amazon Prime
As we reach nearer to Christmas, dates for shipping by December 25th are passing us. Yesterday was the last day for USPS Grond shipping to be delivered in time for Christmas. However, Amazon Prime is always here to save the day. 

Today I'm sharing great items that are available with Prime shipping (2 days or less- a lot of products are being shipped 1-day with a $35 minimum). Everything on this list is under $100 and most are priced as stocking stuffers (under $20!). 

Dove Shower Foam// This is one of my favorite body washes and it's really inexpensive. This would be a great stocking stuffer. It smells wonderful and the foam is so great!

SD Card// This is my favorite SD card because it is SO fast. Give this to anyone on your list that has a camera and they will appreciate it. You can never have too many SD cards and this one is the best!

The Good Neighbor// I am so intrigued by Mr. Rogers. As a Pittsburgher, I feel pride for having him in our city. But I also think there is still so much everyone- adults and children- can learn from Mr. Rogers. This is a NY Times bestseller!

Phone Stand// This is kind of silly but it's also something I actually use quite frequently. It gives my phone a 'home' on my desk, but I also will set it in the bathroom or in the kitchen and use it to watch things or even just go through instastories while I'm doing things like curling my hair or washing the dishes. 

Pet Hair Remover// I use this daily and it truly works to remove pet hair from everything from your clothes to upholstery. It would make a great gift for anyone that has a pet!

Fill It Pocket// I love this! It's a stretchy pocket with adhesive on the back so you can stick it to your laptop. I use this to hold my portable hard drive. It's especially helpful when I'm working from my couch 

Bistro Napkins// These are so great for the price. I love these bistro napkins because they are casual but classic and are great for everyday use. I am a huge fan of cloth napkins-especially when having guests over- so I'm always collecting different sets of napkins. They can be expensive and these are so inexpensive that you don't have to worry about ruining them because they can easily be replaced. 

Travel Mirror// This mirror is amazing if you have ever needed to do your makeup on-the-go. I cannot tell you how often I have done my makeup in the car (while someone else is driving or while I'm parked) and having a great mirror is such a game changer. This is an easy one to just keep in your handbag and makes a great gift!

Ice Roller// This is like a recommendation from every blogger, but it's a legitimate one. It is so great to have in the mornings if your eyes or face is puffy. Not only does it feel wonderful but it really does help to rid your eyes of the bags. 

USB Power Strip// I always carry this when I travel. The extra long cord turns even the shortest charging cable into a long one. Plus, you can plug up to four cables in the power strip. It's small so it doesn't take up room in your bag and it is super lightweight. Lots of different colors so if you get them for sister/brothers, you can get them different colors so they can tell them apart. It also has a universal socket so you can use it abroad, too. 

Real Techniques Brushes// These are so good and pretty much the only brush brand that I own. They are super inexpensive but work so well. 

Invisibobble Hairties// I've mentioned this many times but these are my favorite hair ties. They really do work. I have tried a bunch of the knockoffs/drugstore brand and these are worth the extra few $$ because they're so much better and don't break. This set of 9 sold out at Sephora SO quickly and they have it on Amazon now for just $18- that's a savings of $6! 

Sponges// I have recommended these sponges for years now. I know it's kind of weird to recommend a sponge but these really are the best. The sponge is quite hard when it is dry and it stays stiff in cold water. In hot water, it turns into a very soft sponge so you can really control it for the type of thing you are cleaning. They are also scratch-free so you can use them on anything (I can verify this!). 

Velvet Hangers// This set of 50 is such a good price and the hangers I use in my closet. The velvet keeps clothing from slipping off the hangers. You can always use more hangers!

Tula Products// Did you know that one of my favorite skincare brands is available on Prime?! This is one of my favorite products for anti-aging!

Beautiful Playing Cards//How fun and pretty are these playing cards?! 

OPI Polish// One of my favorite polish brands and Bubble Bath is one of my all-time favorite shades. 

2019 Calendar// I have used this calendar for 3 years now. I love it. I just lay it on my desk under my laptop and update it as needed. I love the size of each 'day' so you can fit a lot in. Plus, it is high quality and the designs are beautiful. 

Sharpie Pens// These are my go-to pens. I love color coding when it comes to to-do lists and calendar-keeping. The colors don't bleed and the tip is fine and never 'smooshes' down.

See all of my other gift guides, here. 

Things on sale:
- These Matouk towels are pricey, even on sale, but worth every penny. They are the most luxurious thing you will ever feel. At $12 off, you'll feel at least a little better about buying them. I bought them full-price and would do it again- they're that good.

- I just ordered these boots for myself! They're a little out of my style comfort zone but I'm hoping the print will help to break up all the black that I wear during the winter months.

- The cutest little chinoiserie cachepot that would make a great vase.

- There are only a few sizes left in this dress but I scored it on sale and I am so excited. The dress is so classic and very Jackie O.

- I so badly wish this sweater was still available in my size. It's stunning. Snag it while you can-on sale plus an extra 30% off.

- A super soft and nautical navy cashmere throw. A great gift or for yourself!

- This cashmere wrap is 40% off and comes in a ton of colors.

- This silver tophat ice bucket that is 50% off (under $50). Looks very Ralph Lauren but without the Ralph pricetag.

- This bag is under $50 but looks so much pricier.

- Gorgeous Ferragamo sandals.

- This puffer is still on sale. It's one of my favorites. Lightweight and easily packable but still warm! 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Free Shipping Day

Can you even believe we are just 10 days from Christmas Eve?! I wanted to share this post because I know a lot of people still have some shopping to do.

If you didn't know, in the retail world, today is coined 'Free Shipping Day'. This is retail's last big push before Christmas to make sales online.

Besides the free shipping, this is also the last day for a lot of retailers to also ensure Christmas delivery, so basically shop now or forever hold your peace.

Today is the last day to ship USPS ground to get anything in time for Christmas, so keep that in mind, too, if you have some gifts to ship!

Some other dates you may want to remember:

December 17// Last day to ship FedEx standard
December 18// Last day to ship UPS 3 Day Select,
December 18// Last day to ship (for free) Nordstrom orders for Christmas delivery
December 20// Last day to ship Priority Mail and 2nd Day Air
December 21// Last day to ship UPS Next Day Air

Because of that, I am rounding up all of the gift guides I have done this season. There are 9 right now! Tomorrow I will add one more that focuses on things available on Amazon Prime 2-day shipping!

The gift guide is shown and then there is a direct link to each gift guide below!

For the Jet-Setter

Thursday, December 13, 2018


I honestly can't believe it is already Thursday. This week has absolutely flown by. I can't believe we are just 12 days from Christmas. Quite honestly, my countdown usually revolves around Christmas Eve. It's my favorite night of the entire year and it is a tradition we have done since I was a baby. 

This year, I have so much (in so few days) leading up to the actual holiday. Tonight I am getting dinner and drinks with my girlfriends. We have all been so busy between work and the holiday season so it will be nice to spend some time together! Sunday is Henry's Gotcha Day so it will be all about him! 

Next week I have Home Alone at the symphony, our country club ball, and my sister comes home. I am so excited! My aunt and uncle will also come into town for the holidays so whenever we have everyone in town, we do dinners every night together which I love. 

That also means I'm most likely either in pajamas/sweats or dressed to the nines. There is not much in between in the next few days, ha! 

Wearing: You all know I am pajama obsessed and my obsession continues. This set is just so cute and SO soft!

Drinking: I am definitely going to try and create this pomegranate ginger paloma. It sounds AMAZING. 

Reading: Love this article that shares the holiday memory the year you were born. Very fittingly, mine is Home Alone- one of my all-time favorite movies.

Listening: My December playlist is so good. I merged it with my November's playlist because I had abandon November for Christmas music, ha! It's mostly fun and upbeat and a nice break from Christmas music if you need one!
Loving:  My little Christmas pup! I just love him and always miss him so much when I am away. Sunday marks exactly 1-year since I adopted Henry. I have a post about him coming up on Monday sharing the results from the dog breed DNA test we did!

Wanting: Not having a Club Monaco close by is probably a blessing in disguise (for my wallet). Since Club Monaco carries a lot of neutrals and basics, I think it's hard to really get a sense of the textures and fabrics just from their website. When I was in NYC I fell in love with this coat and this sweater. They both looked so cozy and luxe while still looking polished and versatile. Obsessed.  This leather mousepad is the most ridiculous thing I have ever wanted. I can't bring myself to spend $98 on it, so I will just stare at its beauty online. But seriously, it really is gorgeous... for a mousepad. 

Smelling: This is THE BEST holiday candle and affordable, too! I've been burning it all month! 

Quoting: 'Wealth consists not in having great possessions but in having great possessions but in having few wants.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Gifting: I wanted to include my gift guides in this post because I know a lot of you still haven't finished your shopping! Tomorrow is the cut off for USPS ground shipping in time for Christmas, so just keep that in mind. I worked really hard on my guides to make sure they weren't overwhelming and included products I have used and loved or items I have given as gifts in the past. They are highly curated! Saturday I'll have a roundup of items you can have shipped quickly via Amazon Prime!

See My Gift Guides Here:
- For the Jet-Setter
- My Wishlist
- Gifts for Him
2017 Under $100 (most items are still in stock)

Cyber Week Guides (a lot of the items I highlighted are still on sale, so that is why I am still linking to them):

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Gift Guide: Jet Setter

Gift Guide: Jet Setter
As one who travels a ton, this gift guide includes a lot of items that I own and love. I've included a bunch of different price points- so whether you are looking for a small stocking stuffer or something a little more luxe, this guide has got you covered. 

Marysia Swimsuit// I just recently started buying this brand of bathing suits. I now have three and I could not love them more. They are pricey but they truly look and feel high-quality and the designs are so chic and unique. 

Straw Tote// I just recently got this and I love the simplicity with the grosgrain handles. I also love that this can fit a ton so it could double as a personal item on a flight. 

Cashmere Travel Wrap// Definitely my #1 must-have travel item. I take one on every single flight I go on. Whether using it as a blanket or balled up as a pillow or wrapped around my neck for neck support, this thing is so good.  Less pricey version

Kona Eye Stick// I just got this product and I love it. It depuffs your eyes so it is great for a post-flight nap. Not to mention, it's in stick form so you can literally put the stick right under your eyes for a more hygienic application. 

Baume de Rose// Best lip balm ever. It's pricey but if you try it, I promise you'll be able to tell the difference. Plus it smells delightful. I chose to share the crayon version because again, this is for traveling and the regular pot that it comes in just isn't as hygienic as the stick.... can you tell I loathe products that come in jars?!

Jack Rogers Sandals// I truly wear mine almost every single day of warm weather. They are my favorite sandal. I wear them so much in one season that I usually get a new pair each season. They go with everything and although they are casual, if you get them in a metallic color, I find you can dress them up a bit more!

Olay Whips with SPF 25// Love this sunscreen. I wear it daily under my makeup but it's especially great if you are skiing or by the pool/beach. 

Silk Sleepmask// I have this and use it every single night. I also take it with me on flights. It's luxurious and soft but also blocks out all of the light. I've gotten my boyfriend hooked on them, too, and he now has one.

SK-II Mask// This is an expensive mask considering you only get one use out of it. However, there is tons of extra serum in the bottom of the pouch that you can get 2 or 3 uses out of it. I'm not really one to do a mask that you can truly see on a plane, but I am not opposed to doing one on an international flight. If you are going to do a mask, though, this is it because it truly makes my skin glow right after using it. 

Ear Buds// I have these and love them. They are basically knockoff beats for a fraction of the cost. They work so well and have a nice sound. I have the Bose headphones that drown out noise but I find that they are so annoying to travel with since they take up a lot of space in my carry-on so I almost always carry these Bluetooth headphones. 

Chic Sunnies// How fun are these?! I want them!

Packing Cubes// If you aren't using packing cubes, you are not doing it right. Seriously, packing cubes are a total game changer. I have been traveling a lot with a carry-on and the only way I would ever be able to do it is with the packing cubes. You can stuff things inside and everything will stay in place. They're just brilliant. 

Laundress Travel Kit// I don't know about you, but I always spill. I am pretty sure I spill more when I am wearing lighter colors, too, I am cursed. but how annoying is it when you are traveling and you spill something? This kit is so handy and also great if you are traveling and have access to a washer/dryer. 

Portable Charger// This portable charger is one of my favorites because the cord is actually attached to the charger. So you don't have to carry a cord, too- works so nicely in small clutches! 

Tile// This one is so inexpensive and is great to put in your luggage. That way, you can track your luggage should it ever get lost. You can also tell when your bag will come out onto the carousel at baggage claim because you will get notified that your tile is close to you! 

Ole Henriksen On the Glow Cloths// I carry the small set of these with me wherever I go but they are especially nice when traveling. After long flights, I use one of these cloths to refresh my skin. Whether it is before I put my makeup on or just to clean my skin, these are so good. I have the 100 cloth bag at home and use these almost daily!

Custom Framed Photo// This is such a cute gift idea. You can have an Instagram photo printed and custom framed for just $39. If your recipient went on a trip recently, it would be so thoughtful to have one of their Instagrams framed! You can see in the example photo in my collage, I used the Instagram photo I took while in NYC at Rockefeller Center! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Everything I Wore in Florida

Last week, I packed my bags and headed to Florida for a fun trip! We sailed on Celebrity's newest ship, the edge for just two days and then extended the trip for two more days to relax and soak in some vitamin D! I'll share more photos and trip details in a later post! 

I  know we are leading up to Christmas right now, but still thought I would share these outfits because I love them all so much. They're great inspo if you have a warm weather trip coming up or if you live in a warm climate. 

This first outfit that I am sharing is my absolute favorite. It's like the tropical version of Carolina Herrera's signature look. This is one of those Lilly pieces that I will keep forever because it's so fabulous! 

Also available in pants and a robe and more prints, too! This would make a really great gift. You purchase by piece so you can mix and match. I love waking up in these pajamas because although it is winter, the bright colors will remind you that summer will come eventually!

I mentioned on instagram that this is my Meredith Blake inspired look. I just needed a bright red lip and oversized sunnies and it would have been complete. But this dress is so gorgeous. It would be great for a bride-to-be but it's also something you can wear now with either nude or black tights. Plus, the fabric is a 'year round' fabric so it's a good buy. 

The texture on this dress is so gorgeous! My country club's Christmas party is next weekend and I am thinking this just might be the winner for that! 

 I got this swimsuit on sale at the end of the season this year and I was so glad to have finally been able to wear it. I think it is SO chic and you can easily pull the strap to the side so you can avoid awkward tan lines.

Sunglasses// Hermes Oasis Sandals (similar)

I call this my Samantha Stephens dress (from Bewitched- best show!!). It totally gives off a 70's vibe and I am so here for it. Because it is black you can wear it now but also year round. I love the embroidery and beading around the neckline. 

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