Tuesday, September 5, 2023

August Favorites

Another month has come and gone! Just 4 months left of 2023, which is just WILD! September is when I really start to put the pedal to the metal on holiday mode, and I can't say I am ready for any of that yet, especially since we are nearing 90 degrees today! 

Here are my top favorites from August, and at the end of the year, I pull items from each month's list to make a yearly favorites list... It's the end all and be all of things from the year!

Lip Balm// I hesitated on putting this onto my list until I was 100% obsessed with it because it is pricey. You can get 10% off your first order by signing up for emails, which cuts the cost. I am annoyed that I love this so much because I always get hooked on pricey lip balms! This one feels SO good on my lips. It's super hydrating, and the color is very natural looking. It doesn't really plump my lips like the revision lip balm I've shared a bunch, but I wouldn't really wear the revision lip balm unless it was bedtime because of how sticky it is. This Lip Plasma is for daytime or nighttime use. The thing I notice the most is the hydration, which decreases wrinkles ever so slightly. I want the clear and the flush next. 

Pima Tee// I've had a few of these tees for a while now and love them. They're inexpensive and 100% cotton. They are definitely a workout/casual tee and are cropped, so I just find them to work best with high-waist athletic shorts and leggings. The fabric is so soft. I got a medium, it's definitely oversized but it does shrink a touch in the dryer. 

Noodle Bowl// These bowls are the *best* size for salads. I probably would not have picked them out just seeing the image on Williams Sonoma's website because I don't think you get a good feel for the scale or the quality. They are stunning in person and huge! The best part is that I got them for $10/each on sale! A steal!

Silk Teleties// I absolutely love these!!! I am already a huge Teleties fan- they are all I use, so I love the silk added to the exterior. They look like a scrunchie, and I prefer to use them over the regular ones! 

Crew Socks// These are soft and comfortable and have the crew sock look without a ton of extra length at the ankle! A good basic at a good price. 

Comb// My Mason Pearson brush is superior to any other brush I have used. I am not sure that this comb is better than any other comb out there, but it is gorgeous, and I have loved carrying it in my small handbags to have on hand if my hair needs to be touched up and my small brush won't fit. This will be one of those great gift ideas if you have a budget under $50 and need something 'fancy' to give someone who has everything. 

Floral Set// I have this set in stripes from the summer and love them, and this floral set is the cutest. I wore it this past weekend on a bachelorette, and my sister ordered them right then and there when she saw them. They are so comfortable, soft, well-made, and adorable. I hope they keep making this style in different prints. 

Perfume// This is the best perfume I have ever smelled. It's feminine and masculine all at once. You can definitely smell the citrus, peppercorn, and bergamot. I will order a new bottle before I finish this one because I don't want to be without it! 

Jeans// I love these jeans! They feel trendy because they have a wider leg at the bottom, but they stay slim at the upper thigh, so they're flattering. They have a bit of stretch for comfort, too. 

Marietta Angeli// This is the wine that has me loving Zinfandel! I had no idea I liked it until I tried this! The only way I can describe this wine is that it tastes like an incredible cabernet. It's so drinkable but has such a bold, deep flavor. 

2023 Monthly Favorites List:

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