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September Favorites

September Favorites

Another month has come and gone! We have less than three months left in 2023. We are nearing so close to the year end, which is when I pull items from each month's list to make a yearly favorites list... It's the end all and be all of the things from the year!

Cashmere Tee// This is a closet staple for me. It has a generous, loose fit and is so cozy and comfortable. I love to layer it under things like blazers or just wear it on its own. The cashmere is SO soft, and I feel that the price is reasonable for the high quality. 

Concealer// This is the best concealer I have ever used. After hearing me rave about it, my mom ordered it, and she agreed. It's SO creamy and blends into my skin so well. I have stopped wearing foundation because this concealer works so well. It's buildable, so you can start with light coverage and build up to more if you like. The way it looks just like my skin, though, is the craziest part. It is unlike anything I have used before. 

Navy Lounge Pajama Set// This is the loungewear GOAT for me. I love the soft fabric; it's thicker than the traditional Pima cotton but not overly warm. The fabric drapes beautifully and is so stretchy. I feel put together enough to walk Henry in this, but I love sleeping in them. I size up to a medium, but this set is roomy and doesn't shrink like the Pima cotton, so you don't have to size up if you prefer a closer fit. 

Eye Cream// This eye cream came in a PR package and is pricey, but I will order another as soon as I finish this. It's like traditional super hydrating eye cream, but it's tinted and makes me look like I am well-rested. I have pretty bad dark circles, and this is now something I put on every morning; it makes me feel good about myself! 

Lip Stain (in natural berry)// I've loved this lip stain because it stays on for so long! The natural berry color is a pretty deep red without being 'too much.' This is drying, so I always put a gloss or balm overtop. 

Hand Soap// I ordered this on a whim and, unfortunately, love it. Unfortunately, because it's pricey for hand soap, it smells SO GOOD. This would make a lovely holiday gift for a luxury lover, and it's under $45. You can use the code SUMMERWIND at checkout to save about $6. 

Hot Honey// We have been using this for over a year, and I use it so often! I love it on pizza but also for a cheese board and really anything that calls for honey. It doesn't have a strong peach flavor; I just find it tastes better than Mike's Hot Honey. 

Built In Bra Tank// These tanks are amazing. They are so similar to Lululemon but cost a lot less. They also have a built-in bra, and I feel the bra is good enough to work out in. Love wearing a matching set with this top and leggings for a workout. 

Chicken Sausage Patties// I bought these on a whim, and now I buy 2 bags at a time when I go into Trader Joe's because they are so good. They have pretty clean and minimal ingredients, so I feel good about eating them. They taste like a fast food sausage patty. Sometimes, I just eat them alone; they are that good! 

Zip Up Jacket// This jacket is one of my favorite things ever. This fabric is unreal and unlike anything I have felt before. It's so smooth and soft but has a nice weight to it. I love the full-zip and the loose and roomy fit. 

Nerds Gummies// OK, maybe you shouldn't get these because these are just pure sugar and are not good for you, but my gosh, are they GOOD. My girlfriend had a bag of them, and I tried them and was hooked. They are fruity, chewy, and so sugary. 

Shorts// These shorts are SO comfortable. They're rather long, and I'm 5'6", but they look nice. I wear them often, though I imagine I must retire them soon because it will be too cold. I think I'll probably order the sweatpants for winter. 

2023 Monthly Favorites List:

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