Friday, December 23, 2022

My Favorite Things 2022

Rich Cream// Balsamic Vinegar// Mini Red Bag// Pearl Necklace// Agua by Agua Bendita Shorts// Cream Blush
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Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!! Do you catch the Eloise reference?! IYKYK! 

Today is the last blog post of 2022! Next week I am taking a break and then I will be back to my usual Monday-Friday 6am ET posting schedule! 

I'm wishing you all a joyous Christmas if you celebrate and a happy new year! Thank you all so much for visiting my little corner of the internet. Thank you for your kindness and support. It means more than you know! 

It's always hard to pare down a list that spans an entire year but I think concise is always better. There were so many great things this year and I always love sharing them with you. But I think these things are items that really take the cake for me. You can see last year's list which, to this day, if still filled with my favorite things. But for this, we don't do repeats. So if you see something missing, for example, the Lake cozy robe, it is because it was already on last year's!

Rich Cream// I hate that I love this so much but it's seriously one of the best skin care products I have ever used. I was sent a bottle of this in a PR package from CosBar and after I finished that bottle, I purchased another bottle. It is magic. My mom, who doesn't spend much on skincare ever, even agrees it is amazing. I bought her a bottle for her birthday. It minimizes pores, makes my skin glow, hydrates, and more. I love how it looks under my makeup, it makes everything so easy to blend. This is totally 100% worth the hype. 

Balsamic Vinegar// This is seriously the best balsamic vinegar. We use it for salads, marinades, dipping for bread, and more.  I realize it is significantly $$ than many balsamics you might find at your local grocer but once you've tried this, you will never be able to go back to grocery store balsamic! 

Mini Red Bag// I love this little bag so much. I should probably get another color at this point. Someone asked me if the red works with a lot since it's such a bright color and I find that it works with SO much. I wear it year round, not just around the holiday season! It's such a nice pop of color. 

Pearl Necklace// This pearl necklace is hard to see in the collage above, sorry about that, but I wear it SO much. It's just stunning. It's under $450 so if you are ever looking to treat yourself without spending $1000++, this is the perfect piece! 

Agua by Agua Bendita Shorts// These are sold out everywhere, unfortunately, but I had to include them. I saw a girl at the Colony pool in Palm Beach wearing them and I immediately had to order them. They have an elastic waist and just look so cute and vintage-like in the best way. I will also never ever tire of the pattern, I think it's one of the most beautiful patterns I've ever seen!

Cream Blush// This blush is so nice. The color (peony) is vibrant and I love how easy it is to blend. It really pops on my cheeks and stays on all day. It's also a clean product. I am not using all clean makeup but I would prefer to use a clean brand over one that is not. 

Unshackled Cabernet// If you like pricey cabs, this is such a good one and it's usually under $25. It's by the same makers of Prisoner and I am telling you, this drinks like a $50 bottle easily. The flavor is so full and so deep.

Lip Replenisher// One of the best lip products I have ever used. It took some getting used to because the formula is so thick and sticky. I almost didn't stick with it because of that, but I started noticing that I would wake up each morning after using this and my lips look so much fuller. It truly works and works well!

Tweed Dress// This dress is so classic and one of those pieces that just feels so ME! 

2023 Calendar// I've been using this calendar for seriously like 7 years. It is meant to be a wall calendar but I keep it on my desk. The daily squares are large enough for a few words, which is all I ever need, and I love the notes section to the right. Not to mention, it's just pretty to look at! 

Lip Plumping Gloss// I love this lip gloss. It's clean and it works so well to iron out the fine lines in my lips. It plumps them but it looks very subtle and natural. 

Flawless Filter// I saw this all over TikTok early in 2022 and finally caved and ordered it. It really is worth all of the hype. It gives my skin the prettiest glow. You can wear it on its own but I typically put it on under my makeup! 

Ginger Lime Poppi// I tried all of the poppi flavors. I like the raspberry lemon flavor but this ginger lime flavor is next level. I like to drink these when I need an afternoon pick me up. They're much sweeter than a sparkling water- kind of like Kombucha. 

Gold Pig Charm// My husband got this for me for Christmas but he gave it to me early because he wanted me to be able to go to our local jeweler and pick out a gold chain for it! It is SO pretty, I am obsessed with it. The jeweler complimented the quality when I went in to pick out the chain! A pig is meaningful in our relationship so this is something I will cherish always! 

Seamless Thong Underwear// This is the best seamless underwear! I love the fit - so incredibly comfortable. I once used the Target version of these, then Victoria's Secret, then Aerie. These companies kept changing the fabric and design when I would go to repurchase and so I am thrilled to have found this high quality underwear. Bonus is that the price per pair is so inexpensive! 

Travel Neck Pillow// This is pricier than most neck pillows on Amazon, but I am telling you, it's worth the extra $$ It's so soft and it rolls up into a small little packable bag. The cover is removable so you can wash it. It's so supportive. I would not have survived our flight to Italy this summer without it. 

Minimal Bra// This is the best bra ever. If you are like me and don't like much padding in your bras, this is for you. This is a no frills bra but the best basic. I go up a cup size in this.  

Cardigan// I really hope they continue to make this cardigan and my fingers are crossed it comes out in navy blue someday! It's so incredibly comfortable. It feels like I'm wearing a sweatshirt and yet it looks polised, almost like a blazer! It runs big so size down. 

Eyelash Curler// I love this eyelash curler. It has a cult-following for good reason, it curls my lashes like no other! 

Overnight Hydrating Mask// I LOVE this product. They call it a mask, and it could be because it's really thick, but I use it more like an overnight moisturizer. It's the best for really dry skin. It takes some getting used to because of how thick it is, but I am telling you, this is one of the best moisturizing products I have ever used. A little goes a LONG way. This is a pretty big jar and I use it frequently. I got it around March and I'm not even close to empty yet. 

Leather Tray// I always take this with me when I travel to hold my bedside necessities. It is so beautiful and makes me feel like I have my act together when traveling, ha! 

Teleties// The only thing I use to tie my hair back! They don't crease my hair and they never break!

Force of Nature Cleaner// I am passionate about this cleaner. It's a spray that you create yourself at home- it kills 99.9% of germs and it's safe to use with pets! It's something I feel good about using around our home. 

Beef Sticks// These are seriously the BEST quick snack or when you need a snack on-the-go. I love beef jerky, this is easier/more transportable. I keep them in my bag at all times for when hunger strikes! The flavor is SO amazing. I have very few things on auto order in my life but this is one of them. 

Silver Tray// I love this silver tray so much! I have it on a table in our living room. It is so beautifully made. 

Bath Towels// I love these bath towels. They are so lofty and wash nicely. I think the scalloped detail is charming! 

White Sneakers// I have worn these so much! They are so comfortable, can be machine washed, and have a feminine, slim profile so they look great with dresses! I wear these a lot for travel and walking around cities that I visit! 

Pillow// The best pillow. I've had mine for years. It's so fluffy and has kept its fluffiness over the years. It feels like a luxury hotel pillow!

2022 Monthly Favorites:

Thursday, December 22, 2022


I feel like I've done so much since last week's Lately post so this will be a packed one, especially since it is the last one of the year. Tomorrow will be the last blog post of the year. It will be my Best of 2022 list! I will return with posts on Monday January 2nd! 

We celebrated Henry's Gotcha day on Friday! Saturday, we headed to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra which was wonderful and so festive! We ended the night at Legends, which is a Pittsburgh restaurant on the North Side and it is SO delicious. It's Italian food, BYOB! 

My sister and brother-in-law came home for Christmas on Sunday so we have been doing a lot of family dinners and spending time together. Yesterday my sister and I got lunch, did some shopping, and got manicures! 

Per usual, we have our annual Christmas Eve bash at my parent's house which is always SO much fun. I look forward to this night every single year!

Wearing: Wore this out to lunch the other day! 

Eating: I just went to Athos in the South Hills of Pittsburgh which is a Greek bakery and cafe. It opened a while ago and this was my first time going. It was SO delicious! This is the avgolemon soup that was just the perfect thing for such a cold day. 
Drinking: I tried my first sip of Kombucha yesterday because my sister loves it and picked this one up at Whole Foods. I LOVED it. I have always turned my nose up at Kombucha without even trying it. I was so wrong! If you have ever had the Poppi drinks I have been talking a lot about lately, this tasted kind of like a stronger version of the Ginger lime Poppi. I don't think I'd drink a whole bottle of this kombucha at a time but a small glass of it would be a delicious afternoon beverage! 

Drinking II: I picked up some Moet (brut) the other day. I find it better than Veuve and it's at a similar price point. So if you're looking for something to snag for Christmas/Christmas Eve, try this! 

Sale: I felt these socks in the store and I had to buy them! They are SO incredibly soft and cozy. They have the look of classic crew socks but they are not a thick cotton like the classic version is! They're only $6!
Watching: I am watching the second season of Firefly Lane on Netflix and we just finished White Lotus season 2! I don't love Firefly Lane but I think it's good enough to keep my interest and worth the watch. I thought season 2 of White Lotus was excellent- so much better than the first season! It's on HBO. 

Loving: We celebrated Henry's Gotcha Day last Friday and we gave him this cookie I picked up in Savannah. He loved it! 
Loving II: I snagged this headband the other day when out and about. It was only $10 and I think that's a steal as it gave me major Jennifer Behr vibes! 

Loving III: I snagged these hangisi velvet flats from Net A Porter at 60% off. I am so proud of my savvy find! I LOVE them. They are exactly the pop of color I have been looking for. I also love that they are velvet as I feel they are not as fragile as the satin pair that I already have. They're still in stock here, but full price. I can't seem to find them on sale anywhere! 
Wanting: Not much on my radar this week!

Amazon Rec: I just ordered this lighted makeup mirror. It's supposedly a lesser priced version of the Simple Human one! I will report back! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Smelling: This winter spruce scent is SO good. The plaid packaging may look holiday-ish, but this scent is just a really good winter scent. It has a bit of 'fireplace' to it that I just love. This scent is on sale right now! 

Quoting: 'If you don't like something, just take away its only power: your attention.' // See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Goal of the Week: Organization

I only recently started doing this a few years ago but it has been so good for me. I take the last week of the year off from this blog. So my last blog post of the year will be this Friday 12/23 and it will be the best items of 2022. I will return to my normal Monday-Friday posting schedule Monday, January 2nd! 

I'll still be popping on via Instagram but don't hold myself to any standard of posting during that week. 

I don't have a vacation planned or really any other reason to take off other than to just give myself a break! I'm very regimented when it comes to this blog. I blogged through my wedding, honeymoon, travel, etc. The only time I really ever take a break is if I get really sick. All totally by choice, of course. So, the first year I did this was 'crazy' for me but it has proven so beneficial. 

It gives me a break mentally. This blog is my passion but it is a lot to keep up with and definitely weighs heavily on my mental health at times. I don't want that to come off as complaining, I promise I am not, I just want to be honest! It gives me a chance to get ahead. It's not really even that I don't work during that week, I'm just able to plan for 2023, work on content for the first week of the year, and organize my files, photos, etc. I also let myself sleep in and I focus on organization in our home. 

I feel like I need it extra this year because being sick at the beginning of December had me basically losing an entire week so I have felt a little scatterbrained and behind lately. I'm hoping this will help me to feel a little more caught up on all facets of life!

It's SO refreshing and rewarding to start off the year on such a refreshed foot and I definitely don't take for granted that I am able to take that week for myself! 

I thought I would share a few organizational tasks that I am hoping to complete next week:
- Take down the Christmas decor. I just ordered another one of these ornament storage containers. They are inexpensive and work so well! 

- I ordered this shoe shelf for our basement coat closet. We have so many shoes in the bottom of the closet but they always get jumbled up. I am hoping this shelf helps to organize things a bit better!

- Go through my cosmetics and get rid of a bunch of things. Store excess in these drawers. They were inexpensive and I think they should be the perfect thing!  

- Go through undergarments and toss things and get new of whatever I need

- Get our knives sharpened 

- Go through my clothing and fill up a big bag to donate/get rid of. 

- Put pre-addressed birthday cards in each month of my calendar so they are ready to be sent out for each loved one's birthday. It makes it so that I don't forget and am well prepared with a card to mail off! 

- Clean up my files because, after the holiday season, my files always become a bit of a jumbled mess! 

- Clean out the refrigerator 

- Clean out my car

Here are a few past organization posts in case you're looking for some inspo...

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Sparkle For New Year's Eve

What are you all doing for New Year's Eve? We are staying in this year! We have started this tradition where we go grocery shopping during the day and make a multi-course delicious dinner, open a nice bottle of champagne and go to bed at 12:01. This year, I booked us massages earlier in the day so we will be relaxed and well rested to enter 2023! 

My husband and I actually met on New Year's Eve 2016 at a NYE party so the holiday is extra special for us! I can't believe that was 6 years ago now! I was, in fact, wearing a gold sequin top when I met him and what's so funny is that he actually remembered what I was wearing when we met! I still have the top to this day and will never get rid of it! 

Though, I do have to say I love to dress up in sparkles and sequins for a New Year's Eve party. I thought I would share a few sparkly outfits from past years as well as lots of fun sparkle options for this year! 

*you may have to wait a few seconds for items to load! Thank you for your patience! 

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Saturday Shopping

Friday, December 16, 2022

Pupdate: Henry's 5th Gotcha Day Anniversary

Today is Henry's 5th Gotcha Day Anniversary! Since I rescued him, I don't know his actual birthday so this is also a birthday celebration. The vet estimates he is about 7... so probably 2 when I got him.

Henry means so much to me and I am sure you all can tell by how much I am with him and how often I post about him. He is my soul dog. He and I get each other on a deeper level. I know that sounds a little 'out there', but there is a reason for the saying 'dogs are man's best friend' because he is truly my best friend in the entire world. 

He is the joy in my every day. He helps me to see the good in the world and helps to ease my mind whenever anxiety takes over. 

I can only hope that I am giving him as much as he gives me!

It's crazy to think he has been in my life for 5 years. On one hand, that sounds like such a short time because I feel like he and I have been together forever. But on the other hand, so much in my life has changed since then. I got engaged, bought a house, got married, traveled to many places, and celebrated many of life's milestone's with the ones I love. He's been there for all of it! 

If you are ever considering adopting a dog, I could not recommend it more. We adopted our dog, Mac, growing up and it was the most rewarding thing ever. My parent's adopted Buddy not too long ago and he is just the best. My sister adopted their sweet girl, Bean, right around when I adopted Henry and we all love our pups so much. 

In that same vein, in honor of Henry's birthday, I wanted to highlight some organizations should feel so led to give back to an animal organization! 

First, we rescued Henry to what was formerly known as Tracy's Dogs. It has since then changed around to be Tracy's Paws Rescue. You can donate but you can also donate via their Amazon Wish List

Shelters that take in dogs that create Amazon Wish Lists need so many basic things. Cleaning supplies, food for the dogs, leashes, etc. 

Bridge To Home, is a local Pittsburgh-area animal rescue and you can donate, here. They also have an Amazon Wish List that you can find, here. 

Fur Kid Rescue is another local to Pittsburgh area foster care for dogs that they rescue and then get ready for adoption. I originally learned about this rescue because they have brought their pups to the Strip District so you can meet some of their pups up for adoption! It is SO fun to meet them! You can donate, here. You can find their Amazon Wish List. I donated quite a few leashes to FKR via their wish list to celebrate Henry! These types of organizations are how we got Henry. Some shelters euthanize dogs because they become overcrowded. It's truly heartbreaking. The first step to combat this is to spay and neuter your pets. But these rescues going into kill shelters and rescue dogs to free up space in the shelter so they don't have to euthanize any dogs. Henry was rescued from a high kill shelter. I cannot believe anyone would put him on an euthanasia list!

Receipt Excerpt

My donation, in honor Henry's 5th gotcha day and always in memory of our sweet Mac will go to Washington Area Humane Society. This is a local humane society where we got our sweet Mac, who passed away in early 2018. If you have the means, and feel called to support, please do! If you are like me, and prefer to support as local to where you live as possible, you can easily find you local animal shelter by googling your city/town and 'humane society' and donate there! 

I feel so lucky that there are organizations out there like these 4 that I have listed. There are SO many more that need all of the support that they can get so if you have any that you'd like to drop in the comments for others to check out, please do!

Thursday, December 15, 2022


Sweater (also comes in navy)

Hope you are all having a great week! Sorry for my unannounced absence last week! I ended up getting too sick to blog/instagram, really do much of anything but lay in bed for about 4ish days. It was horrible and probably the sickest I've been in a long while. So glad that is behind me, that's for sure! I think so much is going around right now and I just really hope for everyone that it doesn't mess up anyone's holiday plans! 

So this week I have been taking it easy and resting but also catching up on work... kind of bad timing for my job to get sick, but is it ever convenient!? So I was a little stressed out this week but all is good! 

I also had fun recording as a guest on a podcast that I will share more about in the new year! I will be running around today with lots of errands to do. 

Saturday we have fun plans to go to a concert and out to dinner with family and friends. I'm really looking forward to that since I had to cancel our plans last weekend! 

My sister and her brother-in-law come home for Christmas this Sunday so it will be so fun to have them home for so long. We are going to get manicures next week and get lunch and fun things like that! 

I thought I would share links to all of the gift guides from this season! I know today is the cut off for ground shipping and 

Wearing: I've been mostly living in lounge clothes this week and I love the Tommy John brand. I did a sponsored post with the brand back in early November and I now have 3 sets. Everything is so high quality and I think what sets this brand apart from other lounge brands is that their items are tailored so nicely. So while they are comfortable for lounging, they are a little more polished! 

Eating: I've always bought the Annie's white cheddar shells when I want boxed mac n cheese but I recently discovered the Cracker Barrel brand mac n cheese (boxed) and oh my gosh, it is SO good!!!

 While I was sick, I watched a random movie that was on TV called Kindergarten Cop which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was not really even watching the TV when it came on but started to pay attention to it as it went on. It's from 1990 and I can't say that I loved it but it was certainly a 90s movie. I mean worth the watch, it kept my attention enough. I also watched Santa Claus 2 and it was cute! I forgot about it. Nothing can beat the original Santa Claus but the second one was totally worth the watch. 

Loving: Tuckernuck sent me the cutest holiday napkins

Wanting: I have absolutely no idea where I'd put this mirror but I LOVE it! You know what else I have been shopping for but coming up empty handed? Red ballet flats. I've been debating on this pair for a long while but I don't know if I actually want patent and I can't really seem to find any other pairs that I like.
Amazon Rec: My sister let me use her blush last weekend in Savannah. It is literally the texture of like lipgloss (but not sticky at all) and you put it on your cheeks and it turns a color on your cheeks that works with your skintone. It's crazy how it works but as soon as she used it on me, I was hooked and ordered some for myself. You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Smelling: Southern Bungalow was so sweet to send me this fraiser fir candle. It smells absolutely DIVINE!!!! Just like a real Christmas tree- so fresh! If you haven't checked out this small business before, you must. Their candles are truly something special! 

Smelling II: Just ordered this diffuser for post-Christmas. It is my favorite scent and smells so fresh! 

Quoting: 'Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.' -Simone Weil // See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Gift Guide 2022: My Wish List

Gift Guide 2022: My Wish List
Shop the Items:
I truly cannot believe Christmas is 11 days away. This is the best time of year, in my opinion, I don't even love actual Christmas Day because then it means the holiday season has ended. So I'm trying to savor every moment right now and not get bogged down by to-do lists and all of that. I'm enjoying the classic Christmas movies, dressing up Henry in his cute plaid bow, getting excited about the festive plans that we have this weekend, and listening to Christmas music. 

Not to alarm anyone, but we are starting to roll into ground shipping cut-offs so if you still need to order gifts and want to get regular shipping/not pay for expedited, you're going to want to place your order today or tomorrow! Thankfully, we have Amazon for next week, ha!!! 

But anyway, I always close out my gift guides with another 'My Wish List'... basically a gifts for her type thing or if you're saving up ideas for yourself for the after-Christmas sales. 

A few items I wanted to highlight: I really want these Sneakers. I don't need them at all so I've held off for now, ha! I do need a new pair of slippers, I swear I wear out the shearling in my slippers each year. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm thinking these Slippers are what I'm going to get!

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Savannah, GA Travel Guide

Savannah, GA Travel Guide
I loved visiting Savannah so much! It was the perfect getaway with our family. My mom, dad, sister, brother in law, and husband all went for fun to be together during the holiday season and it was the perfect spot for just that. 

The city is so charming and just filled with beauty everywhere. I didn't bring my camera but really wish I had because I could have taken so many great shots. The Spanish moss on the live oak trees is truly just something else! Anyway, here is the run down of our trip!

Where We Stayed
We stayed in the historic district at a hotel that I won't name. It was in a really great location, a historic property, and they had a beautiful lobby area and fun daily happy hour with entertainment. The entertainment (pianist/singer) was lovely and the Christmas decorations were beautiful! I will say, I would not return. I just didn't love the rooms. They were very historical- the wood floors were not even so you have to appreciate that in a hotel. For me, I think I would have preferred something more updated. The towels and linens were not terrible but not great. The walls were razor-thin and you could hear everything. The hotel per night was not cheap so I was just expecting something a little higher-end room-wise. They have a cute little courtyard and the stay comes with breakfast but we found the breakfast to be not worth it and ended up skipping out on it entirely. We didn't actually spend much time in our room, though, so not a big deal but there were plenty of hotels that we passed all around town that I would check out before going here! 

How Long We Stayed
We flew in early Friday morning and flew out late Sunday so we had almost 3 full days and 2 nights which I think was a great amount of time. We definitely were not able to cover everything but it was enough to get a good taste of Savannah leaving us wanting to come back for more! 

How We Got There
PIT to CLT to SAV. It's a quick Uber ride to the historical district. 
Leopold's Ice CreamLittle Duck Diner
Leopold's// Litttle Duck Diner

Savannah, GA Travel GuideSavannah, GA Travel Guide
Vic's On The River

Collins Quarter Savannah
Collins Quarter

Artillery Bar// Wet Willie's

Six Pence Pub
Six Pence Pub

Savannah, GA Travel Guide
Myrtle and Rose
Where We Ate and Drank
Vic's On The River (lunch)
Myrtle and Rose (rooftop bar for drinks)
Collins Quarter (dinner, we had a res)
Leopold's (ice cream)
Paris Market Cafe (cappuccino and pastries)
Wet Willie's (touristy but fun alcohol slushies)
Public Kitchen and Bar (lunch)
Artillery (cocktail bar)
Circa 1875 (dinner, we had a res)
Little Duck Diner (breakfast)
Franklin's (coffee and pastries)
The Six Pence Pub (lunch/drinks)
Mellow Mushroom (quick dinner pre-airport)

I loved everywhere we went but my least favorite was Circa 1875. It was French food and I thought it was good but not amazing. Literally, everyone recommended The Old Pink House, which we skipped because my sister and brother-in-law have been there already and said the atmosphere is great but the food is just OK. Vic's on the River was by far my favorite meal! I would say Collin's Quarter is a close second. Artillery is a chic and fun cocktail bar- definitely a must. Loved Little Duck Diner so much, too. Casual diner vibes but is somehow slightly upscale, too. I also LOVED Six Pence Pub- British casual Ralph Lauren vibes. So well done. 

The Paris Market

Paris Market

An Incredible House We Walked By!

What We Did
TONS of walking. We never once took an Uber while there (except for to and from the airport), we walked everywhere. It's a very walkable city and the weather was just perfect. 

They also don't have an open container law so you can walk around with drinks and you can just walk into a bar or restaurant and get a drink to go. Really neat and was fun to do with the Wet Willie's drinks because it was such a warm day! 

Everywhere is so beautiful so it's worth it to just wander but Forsyth Park is a must and was one of my favorite sights. The fountain was just stunning and the trees with the Spanish moss leading up to the fountain were on another level. I mean truly out of a storybook. 

The shopping is so great! We walked all along the riverfront which is gorgeous in itself but it is lined with shops and restaurants. A lot are tourist tchotchke-type shops but many are cute and worth a pop-in! 

My favorite stop recommended by many of you was the Paris Market which is a cafe and a two-story shop that is so beautifully curated. I loved all of the Christmas decor. It was magical inside and a must! We also wen to the City Market which is lined with shops and restaurants. We loved the Spartina 449 shop- so so cute for accessories and jewelry. I remember seeing one in Highlands, NC, too. Courland Co. was darling with all of the housewares and embroidered linens. I also loved One-Fish Two-Fish which had gorgeous housewares. Honestly, I would just wander and pop in and out of things because there is so much to see just by wandering. 

There is so much more to do- lots of tours you can take, haunted/ghost tours and all of that. We just wanted to be outside all of the time because for us Pittsburghers, 75 degrees and sunny in December is unreal! I hope to visit Savannah again soon! 

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