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February Favorites

Another February has come and gone. I know most think that January drags on but I found it to go quickly. For some reason, February seemed SO long. It's odd, because I was very busy last month so you'd think it would have felt fast! Anyway, not a huge favorites list this month. I haven't shopped as much in January and February so I haven't found a ton of standouts. Though the list is small, these are all great! 

Slippers// Thes are a repurchase for me. I have purchased at least 4 times in recent memory. I love a good shearling slipper in the colder months. I love this one, in particular, because the sole is so flexible. I only wear these in the house so I prefer something thinner and flexible! I wear these out until they start to get holes in the footbed.

Tortoise Frame with linen mat// I caved and ordered this. We have a blank wall near our back door and I have searched high and low for art that speaks to me. One issue is that the size needed to be large and finindng something within my budget while also be large and also to my taste was just impossible. I framed a photo I took in Portofino and while I'm not a big photo-on-the-wall gal, I love how this turned out. The framing was done so beautifully and I love the photo- it evokes warmth and serenity. I'm just so pleased. 

Lipstick Gloss// I've shared this a lot lately. It's on sale right now with code SUMMERWIND. My sister was my influence on this. I love that it saturated like lipstick and shiny like gloss! It's just so good. 

Collared Sweatshirt// I don't know that I have ever included this cotton sweatshirt and I can't believe I haven't because it's something I wear weekly. It's a small brand out of the UK and known because Princess Diana allegedly wore the brand back in the 80s or 90s. The sweatshirt is the type of quality you can't find much anymore. It's a thick but soft cotton- it reminds me of Comfort Colors a bit but even better quality. I wear a size 2- it runs really oversized but in the best way! 

Shorts Lounge Set// The very BEST. I love the pants version and this is my first shorts set and they are just as wonderful as the pants. The fabric is silky smooth and almost cooling and the shorts are so roomy and comfortable. I cannot sing the praises of this set more. 

Gold Double Hoop Earrings// These are an inexpensive Amazon find and I'm blown away by the quality for the price. They are a simple pair of earrings but so pretty. I find myself wearing these a lot. 

Raffia Ballet Flats// These are SO comfortable. I have them in gold from the holiday season and now for spring, they are done in a beautiful Raffia and piped in leather. They are classic and beautifully but the padded footbed is what sets them apart for me. The sole is flexible and not stiff. They are beyond comfortable! 

Pro Bond// If you do your own nails at home and want them to last longer, use this first. It extends my at-home gel manicured immensely and has become a can't-miss step. 

Splatterware Mug// This is such a high quality mug and feels so substantial in my hand. The splatterware is so well done and feels very 'artisan'. It's a bit pricey for a mug but worth it, in my opinion, for the joy it brings me each morning. 

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